The Palin Movement By the Numbers – Can You Feel the Power?

It’s pretty clear that in just three years Governor Sarah Palin has inspired a powerful force within the American political landscape … Let’s consider the “numbers” as they say:

3.2 million+ Facebook friends (plus multiple FB groups)

682,000+ Twitter followers

78,000+ Team Sarah members

Thousands of dedicated Palin volunteers on Organize4Palin … (CT For Palin has a great O4P blogroll)

Dozens of active Palin-inspired blogs (Over the years Josh Painter has assembled a great Palin-friendly blogroll)

Several Palin-friendly blog radio programs (Mr. L’s Tavern, Roderic Deane, SarahNETRadio, Grizzly Hour)

What have we accomplished SO FAR?

In the 2010 midterm elections last November, Sarah Palin supporters helped fuel a surge. Working in all 50 states, we helped spur record turnout (82 million voters) which led to massive defeats for Democrat incumbents: Overall, the GOP gained 63 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives (the largest seat change in a midterm election since 1938). Republicans also netted six seats in the U.S. Senate (all of whom were endorsed by Governor Palin).

In fact, Governor Palin endorsed more than 90 individuals in 2010 with a 67% success rate, including one state secretary of state, two attorney generals, six senators, seven governors, and 37 newly elected members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Moreover, the GOP gained 680 seats in state legislative races, breaking the previous record of 628 set by Democrats in the post-Watergate elections of 1974.

Republicans took control of 29 of the 50 state governorships, and now control 26 state legislatures compared to just 15 for the Democrats.

Governorships 2011 (eight blue governorships facing re-election in 2012 vs. just five GOP governships)

Radio host Mark Levin rightly described Sarah Palin’s 2008 VP rallies as planting the seeds of the Tea Party movement … The conservative enthusiasm Palin generated, even in a losing campaign, led ultimately to the town hall engagement in 2009, the marches on Washington, and historic midterm success in 2010 – a result almost no one could have predicted two years earlier.

But if the harvest was monumental in 2010, it promises to be even better in 2012.

What are we going to do NEXT?


On November 6, 2012, 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be contested, in addition to special elections to fill any vacated seats. Of those 33 seats, 23 belong to Democrats (or Independents who caucus with the Democrats), and just 10 to Republicans. Moreover, those 23 Democrat seats are primarily in red and swing states – unlike the midterms when most of the contested Senate seats were in blue states.

Big senate gains could tip the balance toward a GOP-controlled Senate or possible Super Majority. Consider the battles that will be fought in the following states for Democrat seats:

New Mexico
North Dakota
West Virginia

A swing of 12 seats would mean the GOP could take a 59-41 advantage in the U.S. Senate. There is a long-shot chance to win a super majority, especially as six of the 23 Democrat Senators up for re-election are retiring, resulting in open-seat challenges.

Thirteen governorships are also up for grabs (eight of which currently belong to Democrats), in addition to the opportunity to build on majorities held in state legislatures and the U.S. Congress, where Republicans hold a 242-192 edge, the largest number of Republicans holding office in the House since 1949.

So much is at stake in 2012, in addition to replacing President Obama.

Restoring America requires building a constitutional conservative governing majority. Think if we had Sarah Palins and Scott Walkers in all 57 states????

Part of our big task ahead, no doubt, will be holding the GOP accountable should we manage to assume control of all three branches of government, and continue dominating state government.

The numbers are there … if we’re willing to continue deploying.

Keep your Grrrr On!

See you at Grizzly Fest.

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