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The Youth’s Thoughts on Governor Palin’s Announcement

Guest Submission by Madeleine McAulay

On Tuesday October 5th, all Palin’s supporter’s hearts were a little broken. We all had our hopes set high, and prepared ourselves for the best, but when we heard Governor Palin’s Statement, read by Mark Levin, our hearts sank. Many of us expected a “Gotcha” to come afterwards, but we were then met with reality. Governor Palin was and is not going to run for President in 2012.

Within minutes, my Newsfeed was full of articles announcing the news, but I myself was, as a friend put it, “numb.” I slowly scrolled down my Twitter feed, and saw hateful rhetoric from people who just minutes before were Palin supporters (or so-called). I couldn’t help but wonder how someone could flip their switch so quickly. I, myself, wasn’t angry. Actually, I was the opposite. I was met with an understanding heart.

Part of me was a bit disappointed that the “Mama Grizzly” wasn’t going to run, but I was more overwhelmed with Respect. The fact that Governor Palin refused to cave-in under pressure, and that she was willing to take the heartache and put her family first, shows very clearly she has her priorities in order.

If people would put themselves in Governor Palin’s shoes, and look through the eyes her family, there is no way they can truly be angry. Everyone grew to love the Palins in 2008, but we also remember the disgusting things that were not only thrown at her, but also at her children. I do not blame any of them for not wanting to go through that again, at least at this time.

One thing is for certain, Governor Palin is not going anywhere. She will have a huge impact on the upcoming elections, and she will continue to be a voice for Conservatives. I trust the Governor and her decision, and I know that God has a perfect and divine plan that will be even greater than anyone can imagine.

Governor Palin has inspired so many, even a fifteen year old like myself, and she will continue to do so. When she said she will fight to restore America, she wasn’t joking. She understands the future is at stake, and she understands we all have a job to do.

Governor Palin is standing strong, and I am standing right next to her. It is time we put our differences aside, get off the couch, put our “big-boy pants” on, and work hard for the future of America. The fight has not been won; therefore we will do what Americans do best: fight until we win! 2012 is quickly approaching, and we all must have one goal on our mind, “Defeat President Obama!” (And of course, we can all have a little hope for 2016! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!)

In the words of Governor Palin’s Father, “Don’t Retreat; just Reload!”

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  • jon

    Using her family at this point in OCTOBER  as an excuse not to run … Are you kidding.  IMHO I thought she was going to annnounce in Korea … WOW … I still hope she changes her mind

    • Blackwater

      Chuck, her brother though as late as a week ago that she was running. We should respect Sarah. Look, the woman has never, ever lied to us. EVER.

      She says her family weighed in, so that’s that.

      I wouldn’t think she would reconsider, but whether she does, or not, I’ve been a 100% supporter of hers since 2007, I ain’t changing now. I’ll support her in whatever she does.

      • jon

        You see that is the problem … its October … Way too late in the process for this type of decision.   The reasons she gave were the same back from day one … Be honest if these are her reasons not to run  … Gov Palin should  have done this in April … even as late as July … You are talking about running for President of the United States … All along Palin never said I am leaning against running …just undecided but given many signs she was in … Remember the day after she went to the Iowa State Fair she ran in a mini- Marathon "Race" then went to New Hampshire … Get the picture … That is what I am saying her decision now so late in the process not to enter the race I believe  to be sincere will have a negative ripple effect come November 2012 … Look I want her to reconsider at run for President …  Finally, her family will still be effected  as before since she will be campaigning for others … Ok I am said my peace  … God Bless to You All

        • Jen4Palin

          It’s possible that her entire family was never on board and she had been hoping to convince them, which just didn’t pan out. It’s also possible that new threats arose that we aren’t aware of. I am still very disappointed, but I don’t think it was just a petty excuse.

      • mainelysteve

        I believe her family fears for her safety, and frankly, so do I.

  • jon

    I don’t know if Palin or her people read these posts … Gov Palin needs to let the people decide … if she is not the choice … plenty of time for her to campaign for others.

    • Guest

      You a mind-numbed robot, Jon? Sarah Palin has a lock on your mind that you can’t choose your own candidate for yourself? Why should Sarah campaign for any of the other candidates? Can’t they win by themselves? Why do they need her?

      • jon

        I want Sarah Palin to be President of the United States in order to have the POWER to shape & change policy.  For example as President Palin she can implement a policy to end Obama care.  Citizen Palin can just post her opinion on Face book … Which by way did not stop it. 

        • Guest

          So electing Conservatives to the House did not affect policy then? There are two ways to erect change, Jon. The route of most seeming power is the presidency. That’s how you want Palin to go. Since she will not go that route, you undermine, belittle, and seek to discourage. The other path to power is to affect the outcome of many elections, to serve the needs of the many rather than the one. That is the path Palin has chosen. Therefore, she will work to elect genuine Conservatives and will sublimate her own desire for power in order to achieve change at a deeper level than the presidency. Last I looked, the three branches of government were coequal and were supposed to serves as a system of checks and balances. How far could Obama go with a Congress that refuses to implement his ideas? Do you remember the GOP victory of 1994 when Bill Clinton was forced to end welfare as we know it? That was the power of the many checking the one. That is Palin,s goal. In the event Obama wins but the GOP has the House and Senate, even the radicals and Communists and Islamists he might seek to promote to our courts will not make it through.

          • palmerguy

            Remember folks this lady is a TEAM player

          • friskyness

            ok, but if Rino’s are elected, Obama’s plans will go through. Because Rino’s do not fight!


    Wonderful piece……there may be hope for our younger generation yet, ;

    • MT4Palin

      My sentiments also.  Wise for her years.

  • HuntingMoose

    I did not see hateful talk after the 10.3+ disappointment earthquake hit us.

    Ok. We had a surge in trolls but leave them out of the equation.

    True, some reacted a bit stronger but that comes with the territory and can be expected if you drop the news so sudden and with limited build up and explantion that we mortals can understand.

    If my comments where not understanding enough so be it. That is how I felt.

    My reaction may be like a little child who had expected the trainset or that doll but the parents decided to give me new boring shoes that were more important.

    And I really dont think that Sarah is upset of any of the reactions of any of the real supporters when put in perspective.

    I wish her and todd well and strength dealing with her decision and am pretty sure she is actually the one that is most disappointed in the decision she had to make herself.

    My level of disappointment is nothing compared to what she must be going through behind the curtain. And on top of that she has to deal with the knowledge that her choice inflicted so much disappointment with her supporters.

  • jon

    The reason that Gov Palin was successful in the Midterms in helping others get elected was that the perception that Sarah Palin had the potential/anticipation to run for President in 2012 … translation … Title … President of the United State = Ultimate POWER … Now that is gone .. Sadly people are mistaken to believe that she will have an impact  with no real POWER … One example … When Gov Palin gives her speech in Korea … now that she is not running for President … do you think ..Be honest that any world leader cares … no … It could be the best plan on earth … but she has no POWER to carry it out.   This also applies domestically…   even if she was able to get more conservatives elected to Congress since she does not have the title President of the United States.  Someone else does … they will have the influence over these people not Gov Palin … I do wish that someone would pass this on to Gov Palin’s people … She is not only making a big mistake for herself but for country as well by not allowing the people to decide if they want her as President   … I am very concerned that this decision by Gov Palin will have a ripple effect that may cost not only the Presidency but Congress as well.. Gov Palin it is still not too late to reconsider … look how many times Gov Christie had to say no

    • Tlibo77

      Really your third post. Go away.

      • jon

        Why … They are positive .. Hey if the truth hurts to bad

    • JamesColumbiaMo

      Joan of Arc didn’t have a title, she was but a peasant girl, who ended up leading the French army into battle.  You don’t need a title to make a difference. 

      • jon

        Yes she did … You made the point …She assumed the role which is a title as head of the French Armies.  What I thought Gov Palin meant is the everyday person does not need a title …but in Gov Palin case to be effective to change policy in the United States she needs to be President which is a title   At some point in the food chain you have a top … the leader

        • ReneePA

          She is still leading the charge.  There is no reason to make her wrong for not doing it your way.

  • Tlibo77

    Thanks for your commentary.  Maybe fight like a girl means more than we ever thought.  So let’s listen to this young patriot.

  • Tlibo77

    The end of this story Jon.

    • jon

      Not going to work this time … Gov Palin have no politcal POWER … since she is not runnig for President … before she had the potential to run in 2012

    • Guest

      Jon’s intention is to sow doubt and move us away from The Guv. Doubt her reason for not running. Doubt the timing of her announcement. Doubt her ability to achieve what she says she can do as an outsider. Doubt her integrity.

      We got your message, Jon, and reject it. Thanks for your concern.

      • jon

        No I am speaking the truth. If you read my posts I want Gov Palin to reconsider & run for President.

        • Guest

          Then truth must be relative.

        • ReneePA

          It seems to be all about what you want which is rather childish.  Sometimes we don’t get what we want in life jon.

        • cec

          Jon you are as stupid as Palin

  • Guest

    "When she said she will fight to restore America, she wasn’t joking. She understands the future is at stake, and she understands we all have a job to do."

    That’s right, Madelyn. In these two sentences, you get what it’s all about. Sarah cannot fight to elect a Conservative slate and run mfor office at the same time. We have to join the battle if we want her. Let her campaign for up and coming Conservatives to replace the liberal, moderate, and faux conservative deadwood in Congress. Meantime, we can fight to make sure she’s DRAFTed and becomes oiur nominee. Let’s beat the system!

    • Mountain

      Not everyone will understand the difference between running for the nomination, and a draft for it.
      We can be compassionate as people work through their feelings and present ideas here.

      • Guest

        Compassionate Conservatism?

        Running is active. The candidate declares and does the dance.

        DRAFT is passive for the candidate but active for the people. The candidate has either not declared or has withdrawn and is doing nothing to seek the nomination.The people pretty much have to lay the nomination laurels at the candidate’s feet knowing that it may not be picked up.

    • larrygeary

      "Sarah cannot fight to elect a Conservative slate and run mfor office at the same time."

      Of course she could. In each campaign rally she could boost her candidacy and those of local Constitutional Conservatives running for office with no additional effort. It’s done all the time. And her "coat tails" would have caused many more CC’s to be elected.

      • ReneePA

        Could you do all that and take care of a family including a special needs child? 

  • John_Frank

    Madelaine, thank you for this elegant post.

    To those who are critical of Governor Palin’s decision, with all due respect you are looking at this through the wrong prism. If you look at her decision through the political prism of wanting power, then yes it is hard to understand.

    But that is not how Sarah Palin looks at the world.

    She is a mother and a wife. She is a devout Christian. She is a humble person.

    It is clear that she was gearing up for a run and up until very recently that was her mission. Her family was divided. Yes they would have supported her if she ran, but some members of her family did not want her to run.

    She prayed about it. She asked Jesus and the Almighty for guidance; and she received confirmation that the decision to play a support role was the right one.

    While I, like many others, am saddened, I respect her decision.

    I stand with Sarah Palin.

    • wodiej

      I am not angry w her.  My main issue is she should have announced it sooner.  She had to know long before now that some of her family did not want her to run.  And why is it ok for a woman to put her family first but ok if a man doesn’t?

      • Guest

        Wodiej, all the kids who could talk wanted her to run. However, she has another kid who may never be able to articulate like the others. Besides, when you are praying about a decision, you know you can’t operate with other people’s timeline. There is that tug of war between the flesh and the spirit in which what you want to do and what you are being told to do are opposite. So you wrestle, and you wait, and you hope and pray that the word you got was wrong or will change. It doesn’t. So you cry, and you rage a bit, then you go back and pray some more and hope the answer is different. But it is not. Gradually, you accept, and you bow down and worship. That can take not days only but sometimes months. For the more intensely spiritual version of this, think of Gethsemane.

      • friskyness

        Obviously she didn’t know.  Obviously she waited until the very last minute she could, hoping some of the family would change their minds!  Obviously, some people here don’t get it.  Obviously, Sarah made the right decision for her family, but not for the country.  Obviously, she will continue to be smeared and slandered. Obviously, the family will be sorry they didn’t pursue the campaign, because they will still be mocked.  You mind as well win the presidency while being mocked and get your revenge on those who mocked rather than be mocked and have nothing. 

        • ReneePA

          Obviously no one has a crystal ball.

  • Amam Brito

    October 8, 2011

    Palin’s Withdrawal Means Obama Wins

    By Robert Eugene Simmons Jr.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the forces of smear, slander, and threat have finally claimed their intended victim.  With Palin’s announcement that she won’t run for president, the election is essentially over.

    The calculus is fairly simple: the media and GOP establishment want Romney to be the nominee.  Once a progressive is at the head of the Republican ticket, low turnout for Republicans will hand a narrow victory to Obama.

    So here is how the election will go.  The media hasn’t seriously opened up on Herman Cain, but most assuredly they will.  Cain has been in business for decades, and the liberal media will troll through every relationship, every business deal, every word he has ever spoken.  If that fails, the lies will start.  To see evidence of this, we need not look at far as Palin.  Rick Perry, another progressive, was attacked for something that someone painted on a rock on land his family leased out.  That narrative will be used to attack both Perry and Cain — Perry for having "allowed" it and Cain for making a big deal over "nothing."  Both narratives will be forwarded, potentially in the same program.  Once the liberal media goes through Cain’s past with a fine-toothed comb, they will doubtless find disgruntled business adversaries, accusations of infidelity, and more.

    If Palin had been in the race, the smear tactics would have failed, as the establishment and media threw everything they could possibly throw to get her out of the race.  Who knows what her personal reasons, in her heart of hearts, were for not running?  Perhaps she feared for the safety of her family.  At any rate, there is no other conservative that has as much of a head start on the slander as Palin did.

    All of the personal attacks will be done to assure that Romney gets the nomination.  The GOP bigwigs will do it because they feel it’s Romney’s "turn."  The media will do it because Romney will be far easier to defeat than a Tea Party candidate.  Because Palin has withdrawn, her endorsement will be of limited value, as she has drawn most of her influence from the mortal fear the establishment and liberals had of her becoming president.  Without that fear, her power will be practically inconsequential.

    The propulsion of Romney to the nomination is already in full swing, as evidenced by the trivial "scandals" plaguing the news cycle about Perry, Cain, Bachmann, and everyone else who is a threat to Romney.  At the same time, the media is being absolutely kind-hearted to Romney himself.

    Once Romney wins the nomination, the liberal media will open up on him just as they opened up on McCain.  Prior to McCain winning the 2008 nomination, he was the darling of the liberal media.  But after McCain took the nomination, everything changed.

    Unfortunately, Palin’s withdrawal has taught the media that this works.  Romney will receive the same treatment.  Everything the media has stored up on Romney will be released in calculated dribbles to keep the news cycle always focused on the latest Romney scandal.  Even Romney’s religion will be used to paint him as an extremist radical fundamentalist.

    Furthermore, Obama will eviscerate Romney in the debates.  When the subject of health care comes up, Obama will challenge Romney, who will have to reiterate the lame excuse for the statist intrusion he signed into law in Massachusetts.  Obama will also be able to point to Romney’s support of Brady and other gun control bills, state-run health care, and any number of other progressive-statist stances Romney has taken, or vacillated in and out of, in the past.  Obama doubtless has an excellent research team, and they will be in full force to try to destroy Romney.  This will suppress the voter turnout.

    This was the goal of the Democrat party in 2008, and it remains the goal in 2012.  In 2008 the Democrats dodged a bullet because they hadn’t counted on a Palin VP nomination galvanizing a dispirited Republican party.  Without Palin, or another charismatic authentic conservative, Obama would have swept the election in a landslide.  Romney choosing a conservative this time won’t work because the liberal media have found a foolproof way of destroying anyone they want to.  Palin won’t work for Romney, either, as she will be painted as not wanting the presidency; in fact, Palin’swithdrawal from the race has given her opponents considerable artillery-sized ammunition.

    The net result will be a narrow reelection of Obama for another four years.  The only possible positive outcome would be a conservative-libertarian legislature and a total deadlock in government.  If the Democrats manage to take back the House and hold the Senate, everything we saw in the first four Obama years will be put on steroids, and America as we know it will cease to exist, buried under an avalanche of socialism.

    This has always been the goal of the left.  With a projected billion dollars to work on all of these local races, Obama will finally have the chance to make his socialist dream a reality.

    However, that Obama get another four years as an avowed Marxist is perhaps better than handing the presidency to a progressive Republican who would continue Obama’s statist goals in stealth.  Perhaps another four years of misery will finally wake up America to the utter failure that socialism is. Perhaps America hasn’t suffered enough punishment to change the system.  I wonder if it will be another four or four hundred years before people finally get it.

    • TheresaAK

      So, if she were to have been the nominee, it was said the Presidency would be handed to President Underdog…

      If she is NOT the nominee, the Presidency will be handed to President Underdog..

      Bottom line, damned is she does, damned if she doesn’t…

      The only part of the article I agree with….Obama and his minions are flaming Marxists…

    • shiftwalker

      ya sure…..lets just give up now……….wtf?

  • shiftwalker

    What the heck are you doing on-line at 1;30 in the morning? back to bed!!   :) just kidding…sorta   lol….Young people like you still give me confidence in  our future…..thank you !

  • larrygeary

    I applaud this article. As to Jon and other commenters, doesn’t it occur to you that circumstances can suddenly change? Something happened within the last two weeks that caused Sarah to reassess and decide that now was not her time. I was stunned, sad and angry at first, but the more I think about it, the more I understand that she made the right decision.

    I don’t believe she led us on; I believe we fooled ourselves and projected our wishes onto her. On the other hand, there is no evidence that she had put together a campaign organization or strategy, and was only looking into it in late August. She never followed up the initial bus tour. We really don’t know the backstory of what went on. I hope she tells us before a "disgruntled former employee" writes a book.

  • katiebee61

    Wow,  I am so impressed with this post by a 15 year old!    Gives me a lot of hope for the future of our country.

  • independents4palin

    What a nice post. Sarah Palin has and will continue to inspire people like this 15 year old. I wanted Sarah Palin to run too and still do, but she is made her mind up and I accept it fully and totally understand. I also believe the elites in the GOP would rig the polls and the votes to keep her from winning. Look at Wisconsin for example, clerks in certain countys sitting on votes and hiding votes. There is so much that needs to be cleaned up. The polls had it out against her on day one, she was ahead of Obama with independents but it also said that a majority didn’t want her to run. Her unfavorable ratings were down, heck even FOX News has been going after her and she is a commentator there. It really is disgraceful to say the least and to me Fox has gone down the drain. I hope she finally lets it rip and rips them all apart.

  • ReneePA

    That is exactly how I feel.

  • Jean_A


    Gov. Palin is so lucky to have you by her side.

    The future is bright.

    Thank you. 

  • PG Palin

    Sarah admitted that HALF of her family WANTS her to run.

  • AJ_K

    I hope this isn’t taken the wrong way, but I’m sure it will be.For those of you who were ALWAYS DELUSIONAL in thinking GovernorPalin was "RUNNING FOR SURE", are just as delusional now in thinkingshe "lead you on"..She said from DAY ONE to the LAST DAY, that she was DECIDING whetherto run or not. People who read "between the lines", now claim She was theone who had shown them all kinds of "signs" that she was running and had"lead them on". GET REAL PEOPLE. LEAVE HER THE HELL ALONE. You owe HER a
    HELL of a LOT, and SHE does NOT owe you ANYTHING.Get out there and start WORKING FOR CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATESTHAT ARE RUNNING.That is what Governor Palin wants YOU TO DO…

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  • Robert Lambert

    She says it would take a earthquake to get her to reconsider. That does not sound like it was a close call. What happened to the fire in the belly, a door cracked open she would plow through. SarahPac asking for money just before she said no. Were we misslead…YOU BETCHA!

  • Tlibo77

    Some post, since it is only your fourth.  Looking for a post to write about.

  • John_Frank

    Nonsense; and pure speculation. She has given us her reasons.

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