What Can We Do To Help Governor Palin Right Now?

I can’t wait to rush out tomorrow and buy my own DVD of The Undefeated … Meanwhile, Sandra Peppers has some great ideas for hosting viewing parties and more. This is a do-it-yourself effort. Everybody can play a valuable role. As Todd Palin commented on the interview with Steve Bannon last night … he was “blown away” at how much of Governor Palin’s record was covered, and covered well, in just a few short hours.

Guest Submission by Sandra Peppers

I know a lot of C4P peeps and “Palinistas” are disappointed and unhappy that Governor Palin has not announced her plans as of yet and quite a few are tense and frustrated and that is understandable.  We have a completely grassroots campaign without a candidate for possibly another few weeks.  People that support Mitt Romney or Barack Obama or Chris Christie or Rick Perry, etc. … don’t understand Sarah Palin supporters.  They don’t understand the deep commitment and feelings we have towards Governor Palin.

Some have called us nutty or freaks or other names. Remember … I am the one that has had the dream of Sarah Palin’s presidential inauguration for over 35 years …how much nuttier can you get?  That is because they don’t understand the kinds of feelings that we have for her or why.  Shoot … some of us don’t even know why we have the feelings we do about Sarah … we just do!  I think Sarah described one way when she was talking about how a Mama Grizzly feels about her cubs.  We feel the same way about Sarah and more.  She’s not just a politician to most of us.  And the left and some on the right will NEVER understand that.  Maybe some people felt this way about JFK, but that was before my time.

Sarah … We are ready to jump in and start with the boots on the ground part.  We are ready to get in the ring and start Round 1.  We are engaged and want to get to work.  We are ready to start making calls and making signs.  WE are ready to knock on doors and tell people WHY Sarah Palin would make THE best choice for President of the United States of America in 2012!  But for the moment we have our muzzles on and we are impatiently waiting to be unleashed.  We WILL wait for you because there IS no substitute. We will not settle or hold our noses again.

But there IS something that we can do RIGHT NOW!  And it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

The following are a few great ideas that WE can use RIGHT NOW to help Sarah whether or not she decides to throw her hat in the presidential ring:

The Undefeated” comes out on DVD on Tuesday, October 4th!  This is THE ultimate weapon we have in our arsenal and we will have the ability to use it in the next few days.  Some of us have already DVR’d it, and those of us who have can start even sooner.  Buy as MANY copies of the DVD that you can buy.  There are two different versions of “The Undefeated” available.  The “Exclusive” version that is ONLY available from Wal-Mart….and the “Standard” version that is available from Wal-Mart and other locations such as Amazon, etc.  The difference between the “Exclusive” and “Standard” versions is the “Exclusive” version has the CD/MP3 audio version of Governor Palin’s book “Going Rogue”.  The “Standard” version does not have the audio book.

Buy as many copies of the DVD that you can, even if that’s only one or two.  Even if you have only one copy you can still make a difference and have fun doing it.  I bought 44 copies of the “Exclusive” version and six copies of the “Standard” version from Wal-Mart.  The “Exclusive” version from Wal-Mart is not at this time limited in quantity purchased but the “Standard” version is limited to six copies per person.  From Wal-Mart the “Exclusive” is $14.96 and the “Standard” is $12.96.  The “Standard” version has free shipping as of today.  I paid approximately $2.20 per DVD in both tax and shipping combined.  For about a $100 investment you can get five of the “Exclusive” versions of the DVD including tax and shipping.

Once you have your DVDs then you can do a few things.  Since I got mostly the “Exclusive” version I am going to take the CD out of the package from the DVD and I have a 100 of those old empty CD cases lying around collecting dust and separate some of the CDs and the DVDs.  Put a label with YOUR name, email and phone number on the DVD/CD and then ALSO include on the label the O4P website, etc.  At the bottom of this page I will have a template that you can copy and print out.  Then loan them out to your friends and family and neighbors!

I am going to be taking my stack of DVDs and CDs to my next local tea party meeting and loaning them out to the members of our group.  I’ve already got several people saying they want to borrow one.  Please do not “rent” them out.  When you take your DVDs to the meeting and you loan them out … ask the person you are loaning it to if they know of someone else that might be interested in seeing the movie.  If they do, then ask them to pass it on to them and have them return it to you at the next meeting.  You can do this with ANY group you associate with.  The Young Republicans or Women’s groups or quilting bee or bowling team … it doesn’t have to be a tea party group.

Ask your group if you can have a viewing of the movie at the next meeting.  Or form your own viewing party.  Most restaurants have a back room area that they hold baby showers and different kinds of small events in.  Find out what you can do to have a viewing party at a local restaurant or pizza parlor.  You can order a variety of pizzas or appetizers and drinks and then divide the cost among the viewers.  This kind of thing is actually better when Sarah ISN’T an announced candidate.  Once Sarah announces, you can’t have a viewing party like this without FEC rules.  So it’s important to do this kind of thing sooner rather than later.

Have a small viewing party in your own home if you feel comfortable doing that.  Have kind of a potluck deal or dessert sampling … or wine or beer tasting and view the movie together.  This kind of event is better if you know the people you are inviting, of course.  You can do invitations and have them bring someone new kind of like how they used to do Tupperware Parties or Pampered Chef and those kinds of things.  There is a LOT of ideas online for these kinds of things.

If you own a business and have a TV in your shop, put the DVD in and let it go throughout the day.  Of course not all businesses or locations would be right for this kind of thing.  But if you have maybe an auto shop in a conservative state that has a TV in the waiting room…why not play the PG version of the movie?  Now I wouldn’t run the unrated version in a doctor’s office in Berkeley, but I think you can judge whether or not it’s appropriate for your business.

Ask your local beauty salon or day spa to play the movie for the day or while you’re in there.  Ladies …it’s the perfect length movie for highlights!!!  The holidays are coming up and people will be having get-togethers.  Whether good or bad, Sarah Palin is ALWAYS a conversation starter in almost ANY group and it is OUR job to turn the conversation around to her strengths and set the record straight.

Give the separated audio book CD/MP3 to a commuter friend … someone who doesn’t have the time to actually read her book but spends a lot of time in traffic or on the road.  Have them pass it on at work.  By dividing the CD from the movie you can reach twice the number of people.  Bring the audio book to the gym and give it to your workout buddies. The CD/MP3 can be given to just about anybody.

Take pictures of your event and submit them to your O4P group or to C4P or one of the other Palin support websites.  My O4P state coordinator, Thomas, is always telling us to take pictures for posting online because “if it’s not on the internet…it didn’t happen”.

Make your own yard signs and put them in your yard and ask your friends and neighbors if you can put a sign in their yard.  “Palin 2012” or make up your own sign.  The more “homemade” they are … the better!  One of the frequent posters here at C4P, John McKenna will give you a free Sarah Palin bumper sticker if you send him a self-addressed-stamped-envelope and you go to his website.

Anything we do to help Governor Sarah Palin helps us.  It’s an investment to me.  And the libs and establishment GOP will laugh but it’s an investment in the future of our country.  We KNOW she’s not owned by ANYBODY!  Not a title like REPUBLICAN and all the dues she won’t pay there.  We KNOW what she’s going to do on the economyWe KNOW that she is NOT going to be bought by any corporations!  And because she isn’t going to be financed by these big donors and bundlers that Rick Perry and Chris Christie and Barack Obama have been talking to … that leaves US!  We the People!  We don’t need to wait for Governor Palin to announce anything.  Let’s send Governor Palin a message by showing her how ready WE are!

Do you have any ideas on how to help now?  Please post them in the comments section or feel free to email me at Org4PalinSolano@yahoo.com.

Here is a template of what you can tape onto your copy of “The Undefeated” or “Going Rogue” audio book, or you can make your own.  Just copy and paste this into a Word Document or other word processing program.

Organize 4 Palin is strictly a grassroots organization of volunteers. This DVD was NOT paid for by a billionaire or financed by a corporation.  I paid for this DVD or CD myself because I believe that Sarah Palin’s message is worth listening to and it is important to me to set the record straight.  So PLEASE return this DVD or CD to me so that I can pass it on to another friend.  Thank you!


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