Why Gov. Palin Stands With Israel

Guest Submission by Escaped Teleprompter

Sarah Palin’s support for Israel may be curious to some, but actually is entirely consistent with the fundamental principles that are recognized as quintessentially Palin.

1. Support our allies and thwart our enemies. In this regard, the welfare of Israel, as America’s best ally in the troubled Middle East, demonstrates to the world the benefits (and potential drawbacks) of a small country aligning itself with the United States. This principle is key to a robust foreign policy because it sends a clear message to the world that it is worthwhile to be a stalwart ally to the United States, while showing that defying the United States is a losing proposition. Of course, Obama’s and Carter’s policies of snubbing our allies and coddling our enemies have the exact opposite effect.

2. Protect the underdog against the powerful; the vulnerable against the would-be predator. Israel is surrounded by large, populous countries that do not
recognize its right to exist, and which seek its demise. Iran’s Ahmadinejad has even overtly declared that the annihilation of Israel is a national priority. The United Nations should have assumed this role of protecting small countries against large aggressive neighbors, but instead have perversely sided with the aggressors against Israel. Palin stands with Israel because she recognizes Israel’s vulnerability and precarious position.

It should be noted that most American Jews are supporters of Democrats even though Democrat leaders such as Obama have become increasingly supportive of Israel’s enemies. For Jewish leaders on Wall Street, in Washington and Hollywood, left-wing ideology trumps the welfare and safety of Israel.

This was not lost on Prime Minister Netanyahu, who received Palin like a head of state while at the same time snubbing a delegation of J-Street, the Left-wing American-Jewish organization.

Conservative Jewish-American groups such as Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin face a formidable challenge in tilting the Jewish-American community to a more rational political alignment.

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