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Good News From the Anyone-But-Obama Front

I always like to hear good news from the anyone-but-Obama front, don’t you?

This column by Josh Kraushaar at the National Journal reminds us of the tremendous upside we’re looking at REGARDLESS of who gets the GOP nomination.

And from my perspective, that’s what this is all about … booting Obama and securing solid majorities in both chambers of Congress. I’m still hoping for the RECONSIDER to materialize, and would be fine with a Gingrich surprise dash to the nomination. But I will campaign my heart out for ANY GOP presidential nominee next fall. And I believe that any candidate who owes his or her election in part to the foot soldiers in the Grizzly Coalition should be willing to be held accountable by that coalition. That’s something we can do, even if our preferred candidate doesn’t get in.

Here is Mr. Kraushaar’s take …

For conservative commentators concerned that this crop of Republican presidential candidates won’t spur a conservative revolution, think again. The likely Republican nominee—Mitt Romney—might not be in the mold of Ronald Reagan, but 2012 is shaping up to be a year when the GOP is positioned to enact a conservative counteroffensive. Republicans are in good position to sweep the presidency and Congress next November.


If Romney is the nominee, he’ll have a substantial war chest, plus assistance from outside groups, including the deep-pocketed American Crossroads. Given the Republican side’s intensity and the liberalized campaign finance rules post-Citizens United, it’s hard to imagine the GOP nominee struggling financially. For the president, his poll numbers matter more than his financial figures.


A newly-released USA Today/Gallup poll pegged the president’s job approval in the swing states at a meager 40 percent, with Republicans significantly more enthusiastic to vote than Democrats. Drill down to the most likely presidential voters, and the GOP advantage expands. News outlets are calling these states toss-ups, but state-by-state polling suggests Obama would lose most of them if the election was today. If Obama’s national job approval rating doesn’t climb to around 47 percent, that “toss-up” category could well bleed into traditionally Democratic states.


Republicans have put at least nine Democratic-held Senate seats squarely in play, while only two Republican-held seats are at serious risk of flipping. Factor in the president’s unpopularity and consider that a disproportionate number of races are taking place on Republican-friendly turf, and Republicans stand a decent chance of improving upon the 53 Senate seats they held after their 1994 revolution.


Romney is far from a movement conservative, but if conservatives’ goal is rolling back Obama’s policies, the ideological intensity of their standard-bearer may be less important than that of the candidates who will be sharing the ballot with him. If Romney is elected, there’s a good chance he’ll have a conservative cavalry under him eager to spur the types of changes not seen since President Reagan’s first term.

Read the whole thing here.

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  • palin45potus

    I don’t see it without Sarah.

    It’d be like the Penguins trying to win without Sidney Crosby

    The Patriots without Tom Brady

    The Beatles without John Lennon

    The Mormons without Brigham Young

    The Lutherans without Martin Luther

    You get the picture!

    • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

      Good list. I’ll just speak to one of your "withouts" … the Mormons have been surviving and even thriving for more than 100 years without Brigham Young! We’re still doing good stuff, and we have had many dynamic leaders since Brigham Young, although none have matched his overall impact.

      I say, you go to battle with the "army you have" … and I will gladly keep writing and fighting for Gov. Palin’s principles.

      • palin45potus

        I threw that in there fully aware of your LDS membership!  I was making the point about how larger-than-life characters are awfully instrumental in getting big things done, often inspiring others to accomplishments they never dreamed of before meeting that inspirational leader.  I put Brigham Young in that category.

        Incidentally, I also put Sarah Palin in there as well.

        • Lor Mazz

          I cannot believe people are making a big deal out of mitt being a mormon. i am a cons. sarah palin rep. and i would vote for him. he flip flops BUT he seems like a decent person a good husband and father. not like we are talking about bill clinton here. he seems to have morals. although the abortion & gay marriage issues bother me more than anything. but he can beat obama.

    • Quiet_Righty

      McCartney was more important to the Beatles’ popularity and commercial success. Lennon was the favorite of snobbish rock journalists, who bent over backwards to portray him as the intellectual of the band.

      • palin45potus

        I knew that one would get some play! :)

        I debated which one of them to put.  I knew I had to put The Beatles in there somehow!

      • IsraeliCojones

        As it turns out, though John Lennon was systematically credited with him, McCartney was the real Beatles’ songwriter.

        But as Quiet_Righty reminds us, he was too much of your "boy next-door" to please rock critics.

    • Benthoven

      Yeah – just look at the Colts without Peyton Manning.

  • SonOfOriginalTed

    Given that we’re only left w/Romney and a leaderless Tea Party is already sinking, how can Palin NOT run?

    • barracuda43

      You say the Tea party is sinking?No way.It is strong as ever.You have to remember a lot of us work and have families.I promise you as a Texas Tea partier it is as strong as ever.

      • ProudAmerican247

        I totally agree! 

        ALIVE & WELL!

        "We’re HERE!  We’re CLEAR!  GET USE TO IT!"……Sarah Palin

    • PCR1

      It’s not a matter of "can", it’s a matter of "wanting".

      She does not want to run, she said.

      • wpmwindsong

        Sarah did not eliminate the potential of a draft. She did not say that she would not accept a draft if nominated like LBJ said in his announcement not to seek the Dem nomination.  She also indicated that in her discussion with Glenn Beck last year.  And her favorite founder is Washington because he was a reluctant politician. 

        • ProudAmerican247


          She left the door wide open…..

      • IsraeliCojones

        With all due due respect, PCR1, she never said she didn’t want to run. She said that she "will not be seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for President of the United States".

        You can’t always do (or get) what you want, in life. Being driven to make a choice one way or another is not saying anything about what you wanted or not in the first place, or even what you want when making this choice: you can make a choice because you have no other option..

        • ProudAmerican247

          HA! Israeli~

          Didn’t see your comment until I posted mine. We are thinking along the same lines except I do believe she may be seeking the nomination through other means.

      • ProudAmerican247

        Actually, Sarah said she ‘ I will not be seeking’ the 2012 ‘GOP nomination’…

        Those words don’t sound like she doesn’t want to run to me; just that she isn’t "seeking their good opinion", so to speak. MV.

        • patriot173

          ProudAmerican247: Agreed! I cannot possibly understand how Sarah can manage with, and extinguish that raging "fire in the belly" to run for POTUS! It must be burning her insides out!  If  Sarah doesn’t run for the gold, I don’t see how she could possibly live with her decision….for the rest of her life……Sarah you MUST get in it to win it NOW!…..please, please, please….on my knees begging and praying…..

          • ProudAmerican247


    • Lor Mazz

      Too late 2 states she could have won SC & Iowa are months away face it she is not running so its time to move on.

      • Rich

        You are definitely on the wrong site.

  • Joey Newton

    Kraushaar?   Have I heard that name somewhere lately?

    • wpmwindsong

      No relation apparently according to Rush.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    A contested convention would be interesting.

    ……..And here is the kicker. If we do go into the August convention with no candidate holding a majority of the delegates, then the door is open to non-primary candidates being nominated after the first inconclusive ballot…….

    • Quiet_Righty

      I have someone in mind. Folks loved her speech at the ’08 convention.

      • ProudAmerican247

        Does the first name start with ‘S’?  And does the last name start with ‘P’?

    • section9

      Palin has to be IN THE GAME to be seriously considered in a brokered convention. If she’s not, no one will care.

    • David Zimmerman

      As former VP candidate, I’m sure Sarah Palin will be a prominent speaker at the convention. If her speech is anything like 2008, delegates may bolt and switch their votes to her. (Just dreaming)

      • Robert Simmons

        The last thing the old guard wants is Sarah to speak at the convention. The old guard wants all small government types to go away unless they can use them to buy a few votes. Sarah represents a threat to the cronyism they have set up over the years.

      • ProudAmerican247

        May your dream come true!

      • Lor Mazz

        OH FOR SURE. she gets the crowd fired up.

        • pbrower2a

          She also energizes the opposite base. Do you remember the "Real America" speech! She praised rural America as genuine in contrast to urban and suburban America and effectively  lambasted most Americans. She may have been far out of sight of any urban skyline, but she was in Ohio and the channel numbers on the microphones were "4″, "6″, and "10″. Ohio is a huge state in its political importance, but it is small enough geographically that the only channels "4″, "6″, and "10″ belong to the network affiliates in Columbus, Ohio. Her anti-urban demagoguery did not play well in Columbus, a giant city in its own right, a veritable Sodom and Gomorrah for having the nation’s largest university, lots of foreigners and minorities, plenty of gays and lesbians, and oodles of eggheads. Footage went elsewhere — and it didn’t play well in places like Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo, or Dayton either. Or for that matter, Indianapolis, Richmond, Charlotte, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and Omaha.

          She could have taken a little geography lesson that explains that people are where the concrete is — not where the corn, cotton, and cacti are.   

  • amaze830

    I am concern that the conservative base will not be enthusiastic about the 2012 election if Romney is nominated as the Republican candidate.  This means we may not win back the Senate and we may lose some Republican Congress people.

  • SarahFan

    Romney? Are you kidding me?What a loser.

  • Steve_Flesher

    Save this for me if we have no other choice.  ;-)

    I am giving Sarah one more week.  But I do love Newt as well.  I see Sarah at least being offered some kind of WH position from Newt than she would with anyone else.  Not that she’d accept necessarily.

    Actually, I think Bachmann did an amazing job in the debate tonight for the first time in a long time — even better than Romney.  But Newt still did the best.

    • Quang Do

      Why did Newt take money from Fannie Mae/Feddie Mac?

      • Benthoven

        I don’t care. Warts and all, Newt’s still the best of what’s left. Sad, isn’t it?

        • Lor Mazz

          Newt & Mitt. Cain is insane.

      • wpmwindsong

        He didn’t "take" $300,000 from FM/FM.  He was not in government at the time and was hired as a consultant to report on the business plan of FM/FM.  Do we know even what he reported?  Maybe he was only explaining the original intent of FM/FM as someone familiar with its inception and had nothing to do with the subsequent sub-prime stuff.  Just asking.

      • Guest

        Influence.  Quid pro quo.  While Newt was not in office at the time he had influence and at the time, the Bush administration was trying to reign in F & F.  

      • Betsey_Ross

        He said last night that he was a consultant and that they didn’t do what he told them to do.  Obviously.  Of course he was trying to save it, but they were hell bent on getting whatever they could out of it.  Those places are still a mess because the elite are using it for their own, personal cookie jar.  It’s been the case for years. 

      • $8196935

        He answered that last night in debate.
        He was a consulant several years ago , told them where they were going wrong and proved right.

        From a liberal site
        October 13, 2011 –  Barney Frank Responds To Newt Gingrich’s Calls For Imprisonment

        At Tuesday night’s Bloomberg / Washington Post? debate, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich—never one to shy away from hyperbole—called for the imprisonment of Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA). Frank, former chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, was accused by Gingrich of being lobbied into preserving the fundamentally unsound government sponsored enterprises of Fannie Mae? and Freddie Mac whose collapse contributed mightily to the 2008 mortgage crisis and the onset of the “Great Recession”

        Frank was quick to respond on MSNBC’s “Hard Ball” with Chris Matthews
        “When you think you are the intellectual leader of the free world and you find yourself struggling to pass Michele Bachmann? in a poll in Iowa, it is unsettling,” Frank said. Touché.

        Frank is the consummate politician and a Democratic leader in the House; he knows exactly how to parry an attack (albeit among friends like Chris Matthews).
        While calling for the imprisonment of an elected official for making, perhaps, poor or even politically motivated decisions while in office is a bit excessive, Frank’s culpability in the 2008 financial crisis is nevertheless debatable.

        Frank, himself, looked a little foolish, when he first responded to Gingrich’s accusation of malfeasance as Banking Committee chairman when he called the collapse of Fannie and Freddie and the Community Reinvestment Act “Republican Failures.” Frank, as chairman, repeatedly struck down calls to investigate the low or no down payment mortgage lending that was facilitated by government sponsored enterprises like Fannie and Freddie with his usual partisan flare. In 2003, Frank said that “I want to roll the dice a little bit more in this situation towards subsidized housing.”

        Frank’s defense is, essentially, that he ignored the 17 public warnings from the Bush Administration that Fannie and Freddie were heading towards insolvency—but, you know, he was a Republican and could have stopped him. Short of putting Frank in jail, I’m not sure how this would have been accomplished.

  • susiepuma

    I’m still not voting for any of them……………………………………………..

    This is crap from the media to convince Conservatives which are about 41% to vote for Romney – perhaps when hell freezes over……………….and maybe not even then

    • Quiet_Righty

      I want the GOP nominee to be selected at the convention, following another blockbuster speech by Sarah. Chances are that we will then not see Romney on the ballot on Election Day.

    • lanahi

      With Romney at the head of the ticket, conservatives will stay home en mass, and we will lose the prospects we had in the Senate and lose some in the House, as well as losing the Presidency.  AND we will lose many of the state races, like we did this week.
      That’s what a Romney nomination means.

      • imo123

        I do see Romney as a loser.

        • Lor Mazz

          I sure hope not. It is a LAME field. But with as bad as things are i think he could win its close in FL, OHIO & PA, romney is close cain is losing big time. What is it about Cain. I liked him at first but he is clueless.

    • wodiej

      Right on.

  • Quang Do

    About the debate on CNBC 11/10/11:
    Perry is ‘Texas’ TOASTED during the debate. He could NOT remember
    Dept. of Energy as one of the departments to be abolished. He is NOT
    ready for prime time.

    Cain is being haunted by his past sexual harassment.

    Romney is still a flip flopper. He is still trying to find out who
    he really is and what he really stands for.

    Why did Newt take money from Fannie Mae/Feddie Mac?

    • John_Frank

      He answered the question about 300k in the debate last night.

      No, he did not do any lobbying. He was asked for advise; and he told Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that what they were doing was wrong; i.e. the business model was wrong and they needed to stop, or it would end in a disaster. He said they ignored his advise. He also said that all of his contracts made it clear that he would not do any lobbying.

      Simply put the lobbying story is a Democrat smear and a lie.

      • Guest

        No John.  Politicians are not paid for advice.  They are paid for influence.  

        Think about it.  Why would Fannie and Freddie pay Newt for advice on a business model?  He was not an expert on economics or business.  And why did they dole out millions to politicians and lobbyists?  For advice?  Get real.

        Newt was paid for the same reason other politicians and former politicians were paid, for influence.  It is all a part of the quid pro game that is played every day in D.C.  

        • John_Frank

          Well, the former Speaker clearly stated during the debate that he was not paid for his influence and that he did not lobby or use his influence.

          • BrianT51

            And we all know a politician would never lie about money, right??

        • ProudAmerican247

          Don’t be fooled, people.

          Newt is Establishment, pure and simple.

    • patriot173

      As above stated, Newt warts and all, is heads above the rest of the pack of clowns for POTUS. Sarah’s word, "Newt will clobber obama in a debate!" Sarah’s word is good enuff for me! As for the Newt’s past: "Faaageddaboudit!" POTUS 2012 that is the goal!

  • Nichama

    Here’s the mid-week update on the OWS ‘disgustables’  or WHY WE FIGHT!–

  • PCR1

    I don’t like Mitt Romney, but if he were nominated, and were he to have Governor Sarah Palin as his VP candidate, he’d sweep the floor with Obama.

    Sarah had lifed a dead-in-the-water McCain by his hair to a 10% lead overnight in 2008, just think how she would bring out the conservative Tea Party base in 2012.

    On the other hand, she’s been there, done that….

    Still, for the country’s sake?

    • lanahi

      No way.  Romney would have her attending state funerals and such, not changing DC, and she would be tainted for a long time by associating herself with a corrupt administration. He’d be far worse than McCain…at least McCain would have listened to her.

      • PCR1

        I don’t know what Romney would do, but I do know that McCain would not have paid the slightest

        attention to her if he had won.

        • wodiej

          and how do you know that? What other presidential candidate in the Republican party has put a woman on their ticket? NO ONE.

          • PCR1

            True, I’ll grant you the point.

            But also, no GOP presidential candidate had considered – right up to the very last minute – nominating an ultra liberal democrat – Senator Lieberman – for VP running mate.

            Also. bear in mind that McCain had very seriously, and again had almost – switched to the Democrats.

            Only the fear of not being reelected in conservative Arizona had kept him from switching parties.

            Incidentally, I voted for the McCain/Palin ticket. 

        • Lor Mazz

          DO you think the morons who begged perry to run are kinda disappointed???  :(

    • ProudAmerican247

      Romney would be afraid to tap her.

      He’d be too worried that she is damaged goods and would destroy his chances.

      Boy, would he be making a BIG mistake!

      He’ll play it safe, thinking he has it in the bag that way.

      He won’t be our nominee if we have anything to say about it!

      AND WE HAVE A LOT TO SAY!!!!!!!

      • Lor Mazz

        No he knows the power she has.

        • ProudAmerican247

          Even if Romney realizes that, the Establishment will make it clear that she had better not be chosen as VP, if he wants to be president.

          She would be ‘one step away’ of shaking up their cozy little world.

          They FEAR her and just want her to sit down and shut up.

    • Lor Mazz

      No Palin is top of the ticket or nothing. Romney Rubio would get FL for sure. Sarah is not goin to be second tier FOR ANYONE.

  • wodiej

    Well the fact that most of the obscene amount of money Romney and Obama will spend will be in only 12 states, why should the rest of us even bother or care? This writer is greatly underestimating the ire of real conservatives aimed at the GOP.   This is more of the RINO argument doo.  Give the RINO one more election to usher back in conservatism.  How many elections have conservatives been buying that fairy tale? My vote won’t count in the primary nor am I in a battleground state for the general election.  Why don’t our state representatives introduce a bill to make the primaries one date nationwide so all of our votes count instead of 1/4th of the country deciding who the president will be? Until they do, they can take their pandering and stick it where the sun don’t shine.  I will vote local and state.  At least I know that vote will count towards winning back the Senate, for what good it will do.

  • Michael Brock

    If Romney is the GOP pick I will write in Sarah Palin.
    Do not want same o same o.

  • n4cerinc

    Now that the media has been able to successfully create a narrative of Cain being a serial sexual abuser, they will now turn to Mitt Romney. 

    • wpmwindsong

      The media didn’t make up these women.  They are just reporting what was leaked to them.  Serial or not, Cain knew what was coming down the pike; and he did nothing about it other than hoping that it would just go away. 

      He certainly should have known that something only 12 years ago would be dug up if he got anywhere near front runner status.  Maybe, that’s why he wasn’t concerned.  He never thought he would get there.     

    • wodiej

      Cain created this situation himself.  

    • n4cerinc

      I am not declaring Cain guiltless by any means. For me, if a man so much as looks at another woman in an incorrect way, he is guilty of adultery. That is the standard I live by. So while these charges may not all be truthful, there has to be some truth in there and thus would make Cain no better than Bill Clinton in my book. But regardless whether that is the case or not, the media has accomplished their goal.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Sarah = the dream come true candidate.

    Newt =  best we have as an alternate.

    Romney = please God, no.

  • Terry Malpass

    With Palin, we were going to be at the polls when they opened. With Romney? IF I get off work in time and remember to go by and vote.

    There is a difference.

    I’d vote FOR Palin.

    What I’m left with is voting against Obama.

    Again, there is a difference.

    By the time the primaries roll around to us here in NC, the nominee is usually decided so my vote won’t count then.

    Heck, Purdue might even get reelected with Mitt at the head of the ticket.

    Nothing changes with Romney.

  • Vicki

    No how. No way.

  • danielvito

    This article is capitulation to conservative principles, No! Romneycare, are you serious! A "conservative calvry under him". What evidence is their that the establishment leaders in the house are conservative. They are about to raise our taxes by 11/23/11.

    This article is trash, quoting Karl Rove’s American crossroads as supporting Romneycare as a positive. What is happening to C4P.

    It’s Conservatives for Palin, not establishment republicans.

    • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

      So basically when Gov. Palin says in the general election it’s going to be "Anyone But Obama" you’re calling her a liar?

      I really have so little in common with many of the posters on this site anymore. I take Gov. Palin at her word. She’s not running for president and she’s going to work her butt off to help elect conservatives to local, state and federal offices. I plan to do the same thing. This country does not revolve around ONE person. We’re built on principles, and we’re going to have some less-than-ideal candidates.

      Gov. Palin campaigned her butt off for McCain (two times) and a lot of people took umbrage at that.

      McCain was considered more liberal than Romney in 2008, remember? But we all voted for him because of Palin, and I would have voted for him regardless of Palin because I studied Obama’s record in the summer of 2008 and became APPALLED.

      And if you think allowing an Obama second term would be better than Romney, I’d like to see you squirming when another Supreme Court justice dies or retires and is replaced by the likes of Justice Kagan for the next 40 years.

      Say what you will about Romney, but he would not nominate a Kagan.

      Oh, and Conservatives4Palin has never been a Draft Sarah site. We support and defend Gov. Palin and her principles.

      • danielvito

        Now your posting Pro Romney stuff!

        Unlike you I already voted for Romneycare when he ran for Govenor in 2002. I held my nose, that lesser of two evils stuff. So how was I repayed;

        *He bankrupted our state w/Romneycare. Not a democratic initiative, his initiative
        *He was 47th out of 50 states in job creation
        *He nominated the most liberal state supreme court judges
        *he raised ore gas tax

        etc. etc.

        He then sold his house moved out of massachusetts and left us w/a state destroyed

        Your defense of Romneycare is incredible. How far has this site fallen!

        • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

          You’re this close to getting the hammer, Vito. I don’t need your crap. I’ve paid my dues. I’m not pro-Romneycare … I’m pro Anyone But Obama. And if you can’t understand something as simple as that, you’re a …

          oh nevermind. I don’t want to start engaging in petty name-calling like so many of you.

          How far has this site fallen?

          Then start your own site. It’s a free country.

        • MarkRNY

          "How far has this site fallen!"

          How far has this site as you define this site fallen you mean.

          This site supports Sarah Palin, her message, her movement and her ideas. If you’re in a "I’m staying home and letting Obama get re-elected" mode, you’re no longer in step with Sarah Palin. She’s going to do every damned thing she can to get this Marxist street agitator the hell out of our WH no matter who the Nom is because she loves this country and its people.

          As much as I despise Romney as a man and as a candidate, thinking for a nano-second that he’s no different than Ner-O shows a pathetic lack of proportion and might betray the fact that those who do don’t really understand what Obama is. He’s in there to bring it all down–and he’s made a hell of a lot of progress!

          One of the reasons I haven’t been posting much is this mindset–she either runs or we let the head case Maoist win. That means it’s really all about you–not Sarah or the country. It also means that some can’t fathom making a difference outside of DC. If that’s true, the country’s lost already. It’s looking at the world through a Leftist lens. 

          I support Sarah whether she’s in or out of the running. I’ll pull the lever 3000 times for Mitten if (God help us) he’s the Nom and I could get away with it because we’re being intentionally destroyed by a foreign occupation right now. There’s tremendous suffering going on out there and it’s–intentional. It’s being built into our system by this…thing and his controllers. 

          Get the occupying power the hell out, then take care of business–and Nicole!–I’m with you! DON’T stop writing here! This is Conservatives 4 Palin and you’re a conservative 4 Palin. You’re badly needed.      

      • $8196935

        Good post Nicole.

        A Palin supporter from day one, but while Obama is pulling the country under and helping the spread
        of Radical Islam around the world not to mention Obama is in Campaign Mode 24/7, we need
        to get behind a couple of the candidates running and take it from there.

        It is just weeks before the primaries start and of the candidates running, I prefer Newt with his
        knowledge and policies on Foreign Affiars and National Security,
        But, if Mitt is the nominee, though not my favorite person and disagree with some of his views,
        there is no way I will assist in an Obama 2nd term by sitting home or writing in a name.
        I will vote for the Republicn candidate.

        Sarah has said, Obama must be defeated, why do some on this site not understand what she is saying.  Some here have select understanding.

        I don’t believe some on this site understand the debth of radicalism of Obama and the people around him.
        Obama is already end running congress and by Executive Order pushing his agenda for a Socialist States of America with no boundaries.

        Obama will bring in his Left Wing friends for vacancies on the Supreme Court and Federal Courts.
        If anyone thinks there will be a 2016 election, guess again.

        It is not becoming reading those who revert back to their childhood of if I don’t get my way I
        will just sit and pout.

        Obviously some here don’t have a problem with their children and grandchildren living through
        Obama’s Socialist to Marxist world.

        Sarah knows how we feel about her not in the race, she said she gave it prayerful thought
        along with her family not to run.  We wish  Sarah  was in the race but time is moving on
        and the conditions of The United States and the World need to be delt with but stopping
        Obama’s policies.

        We need to focus on the issues and what is going on, make work projects are  a distraction to
        the dangers we are facing.

        Apart from the also rans in the race and that includes Perry and Cain, those who
        say a Republican candidate won’t beat Obama is a self-fulfilled wish because they
        are saying they will sit at home or write in a name election day in turn gives Obama the victory.

        If that is what some here want, why don’t  they just join in the Obama campaign as that in the end is
        where they are at.

        Again thank you for some reality Nicole.

  • Polarbearpapa

    Mittens campaign slogan  "More of the same, just a different party name"………

  • FredHeadBill

    Sarah must reconsider or the senate and house will be under progressive control.

    There’s only one that make go door to door and call primary states in her name to get out the vote.
    I will not vote for more of the same or worst.

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