Governor Brewer: “Governor Palin Would Be An Insightful And Fearless Ally [Throughout The Battle That Was To Come]”/Open Thread

Governor Brewer’s book, Scorpions for Breakfast, is out today with a foreword from Governor Palin.  She wrote the following about the 2008 GOP nominee for Vice President:

The cavalry came charging to the rescue in the form of Sarah Palin….Governor Palin also brilliantly analyzed President Obama’s failure to respect or understand the Tenth Amendment…Throughout the battle that was to come, Governor Palin would be an insightful and fearless ally…I will forever be grateful for [Palin’s] courage in standing with me in this fight.

Tammy Bruce writes in Newsmax in an article about Herman Cain “that Sarah Palin supporters watched and defended her for years against multiple, unfounded and very often obscene attacks ranging from her being a bad tipper to being a murderer….
While all lies, of course, the real test for Palin was how she responded to such vile accusations. She not only survived, she set the standard and illustrated how having your feet firmly planted in what you believe and who you are will carry you through.”

What else is going on today?

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