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Mitt Romney: "I’ve Been as Consistent as Human Beings Can Be"

A little Friday morning comedy courtesy of The Hill:

"I’ve been as consistent as human beings can be," the presidential candidate said in a meeting with the editorial board of New Hampshire’s Seacoast Media Group. "I cannot state every single issue in exactly the same words every single time, and so there are some folks who, obviously, for various political and campaign purposes will try and find some change and try to draw great attention to something which looks like a change which in fact is entirely consistent."

I’m not sure if Romney actually believes this nonsense, or if he thinks Republican voters are stupid (given his status as frontrunner, he may be right).  Or perhaps he considers his consistent inconsistency to be "entirely consistent".  I would have paid big money to see the looks on the faces of the editorial board when Mitt uncorked this billowing cloud of methanous gas. I’m guessing at least one of them had to rush home for a change of drawers.  In any event, this is either extremely funny or extremely scary.  I know I laughed when I read it.  Loud enough that my wife ran into the room to see if I was OK. (Incidentally my drawers didn’t need changing, though it was a near thing).  However, it won’t be so funny if Republicans nominate this guy.  If this is how Mitt plans to rationalize his many years of flip-flopping on practically every issue under the sun, Obama won’t need half of the billion dollars he’s planning on raising for his re-election campaign.

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  • devitor

    We can add Gingrich to this illustrious list. Another RINO. Pamela Geller pointed out seven reasons why yesterday.

  • Jack Franklin

    Doug, if there is a future problem (or anyone that you may know), people may be able to tap into the government’s new diaper program.  If rumor has it that Mitt supports this bill, and later denies it, he can always say he was in favor of turning them inside out, thereby his intent was actually to support "recycling" and a "green" (in this case yellow) initiative.  His message might appeal to OWS which then might turn out to be the enthusiastic ground support that Mitt has been so desperately seeking.

    • Nichama

      Subject: Collective Anthropomorphic Nouns

      The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for the various groups of animals. We are all familiar with a Herd of cows,
      a Flock of chickens,
      a School of fish and
      a Gaggle of geese.
      However, less widely known is:
      a Pride of lions,
      a Murder of crows
      (as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens),
      an Exaltation of doves
       a Parliament of owls.

      Now consider a group of Baboons.
      They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates.
      And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?
      Believe it or not ……. a Congress! (Look it up. I did.)
      I guess that pretty much explains the things that come out of Washington !
      You just can’t make this stuff up.
      Go green – Recycle Congress in 2012 !!!

      • Jack Franklin

        Nichama, I love it!  This would make a great media ad, no wait, heck just go viral.  I bet someone with tech savvy could piece something together.  It would be sooooo fun! 

        Here’s an idea for comic relief… "THIS CONGRESS HIJACKS BUS EN ROUTE TO TEA PARTY RALLY"  Could something like this be created where the audio was changed?

        Any other thoughts, if anyone cares to get creative?

        • Nichama

          Hey Jack I love your ideas. I wish I had the computer smarts to bring them to ‘life’.
          Here’s to creative, and able, Palinistas.

          • Jack Franklin

            Nichama, let’s see if someone rises to the call.

        • Nichama

          The video is too perfect. Loving it alot.

  • TexasRayGunner

    “I’ve been as consistent as human beings can be"

    Yet more proof that Romney suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder – he is as consistent as "human beings" (plural)  can be.

    • lanahi

      Hey, he’s right…his flip-flopping is consistent.

  • n4cerinc

    Is he pulling the fallible card?  

  • Nancy6

    Romney: I’ve been as consistent as human beings can be.

    Things that make you go.

  • petalpusher

    He’s a total disaster and his little dig against Sarah the other night on CNN was uncalled for and unecessary. I’m afraid we’re doomed to have him as our candidate and I’m terrified of what the results will be, especially now that Ron Paul is making rumblings of running as a 3rd. party choice!!

       Not good.

    • JApost

      what was the dig he said about Sarah on cnn the other night?

      • Guest

        pp is not C4P….look at the history

  • stlouisix

    The establishment RINOs don’t care one whit about this country, which is why the likes of Boehner saw the results of the 2010 election as more of a threat than Comrade Obama’s willful destruction of America from within.  Boehner and his ilk have a higher priority than the survival of America, which is why they went out of their way to political neuter as many of the incoming freshmen as possible into buying into their worthless establishment lies in order to secure their own personal little fiefdoms, the will of the people be damned!  Witness this purported bipartisan letter begging the unconstitutional super committee to raise our taxes because of a debt crisis intentionally caused by the pathological lying communist masquerading as president in the White House. 

    How the heck did that super committee ever see the light of day, Boehner and McConnell?  Easy answer, they couldn’t have without your direct complicity! 

    What kind of nonsense is it in putting a dagger to America’s national security by FORCING cuts to a military that is already being hollowed out by the Obamunists at their every whim instead of rightfully denying Obama the political oxygen he needs to survive by cutting off his funding for America’s destruction in the House which was on the table before Boehner did his Judas in nullifying the results of the 2010 election?

    In short, it’s not just Obama and his politburo of thieves who have to go but the entirety of their RINO establishment enablers who would have us unconscionably believe that we have to work with a consummate evil whose end is to destroy the America of our founding fathers, and in the process the American dream for our children, grandchildren, and future generations of Americans yet unborn, i.e., our posterity whose chances of surviving the abortion mentality of the aforementioned evil that has this country by the jugular, and which must be completely eradicated if America is to survive, is slim to none!

    Recall that the The Preamble to the United States Constitution is a brief introductory statement of the Constitution’s fundamental purposes and guiding principles. It states in general terms, and courts have referred to it as reliable evidence of, the Founding Fathers’ intentions regarding the Constitution’s meaning and what they hoped the Constitution would achieve.

    "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

    I don’t call adhering to the tenents of this Preamble going out of your way to make it easier for Comrade Obama and his ilk to retain power!

    • kalkasam

      Great letter.  You need a column.

  • Rich


    Mr. Rove, et-al do not understand how stupid they really are.

    Mr. Romney will sink on the Romneycare & Obamacare issue alone. All of the rest of his flip flopping will truly finish him off… there is NO logical reason for ROVE and his hacks to support Romney. None.

    Sarah is the clear alternative and was able to bring the party together in 2010…unlike anyone else?

    Please Sarah, reconsider, if not for us, then for your children.

  • Guest

    If all humans were as consistent as Mitt Romney is…then humans would all have to be wearing diapers and pray to God that they didn’t sneeze!

  • blackbird

    That was great Doug, thanks.

  • FromMinnesota

    I just posted a new cartoon on "Obama vs. Romney" at

  • Dagobomb

    Consistently taking 72 different positions on any subject depending what he thinks is going to get him votes.

  • AmsterdamExpat

    What an absurd thing to say. Did he steal the remark from John Kerry?

  • nkthgreek

    Was that lawyer-speak? Kinda reminds me of Bill Clinton’s, "What do you mean by the word ""is"."

  • Bob Honiker

    Could it be that he actually can’t remember what he believed yesterday? All that spinning probably means he is dizzy most of the time.

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