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What’s going on this morning?

The Bret Baier “interview” with Governor Palin that Fox News misled about last night consisted of short clips with the Governor dating back to October 2010.

As for the reconsider project, I think the best route to go is to purchase a billboard that shows something along the lines of “Reconsider, Sarah, Reconsider” with her picture.  Given our past fundraising drives for Organize4Palin, I think a billboard is a lot more feasible than a newspaper ad given how expensive it is to get an ad in a major newspaper.  My understanding too is that a billboard can be kept up for a longer period of time as well.  It’s also good to provide a visual for the project.

What we’d want is for the billboard to be placed where it’ll get attention from the MSM and conservative media.  Our goal would be to increase the amount of discussion taking place about her reconsidering; the logic is that more people talking about her reconsidering will improve the chances that the Governor will indeed reconsider and jump into the race.

We’ll put together a more complete post and discussion about the Palin reconsider billboard in another post.  We’ll have to look at the costs associated with a billboard project.  The cities that I have in mind are Anchorage, Washington, DC, and Phoenix.  The first two are self-explanatory while the latter is the largest city in the first primary state where her name would actually be on the ballot in the event she reconsidered (though she would be able to participate in the Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, and Maine caucuses that occur prior to Arizona’s primary on the 28th).  Since December 9th or 10th is likely the last day that the Governor could enter the contest and still have a plausible chance of winning (the logic is that she’d need a strong debate performance in front of a large audience to win and she’ll get one on December 10th Iowa debate which will be aired on ABC), we’d try to keep the billboard up until then.

We’ll also want to set up a system where people can get back the money they contributed if the Governor does something before the billboard goes up that makes it 100% clear she won’t be reconsidering (e.g., she endorses another presidential candidate) or if we’re not able to raise the funds given that many, quite reasonably, would like the reconsider movement to be a private, rather than public, endeavor.

If anyone has any legitimate information about billboard costs and any other ideas about cities/locations, leave a comment and provide a link to what you have found or send an e-mail to the tips line.

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