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What’s going on this morning?

You’ll want to watch tonight’s 60 Minutes.  Peter Schweizer, the Governor’s foreign policy adviser, will be a guest tonight discussing how much of Obama’s stimulus dollars went to his campaign donors, a point that the Governor has made for quite some time. You can hear more about Palin and Schweizer’s battle against crony capitalism from Stacy Drake in the following Grizzly Coalition Action Report.

Here’s more information about what we’re doing with the reconsider movement.  If you want to make a contribution, shoot us an e-mail with the amount that you would like to contribute at  We’ll have the numbers by Tuesday evening and we’ll know what we can afford to do at that time. The first night fundraising pledges were a lot better than I expected. I truly think that it helps the Governor’s political viability in the event she reconsiders or in 2016 if the perception is created that many people are pushing for her to reconsider.

In case you missed it, here the Republican foreign policy debate.

Here’s how the race looks according to CBS News and Marist/McClatchy:

CBS News
Cain: 18%
Newt: 15%
Romney: 15%
Someone else: 14%
Perry: 8%
Paul: 5%
Bachmann: 4%
Santorum: 2%
Huntsman: 1%

Romney: 23%
Gingrich: 19%
Cain: 17%
Paul: 10%
Perry: 8%
Bachmann: 5%
Santorum: 1%
Huntsman: 1%

If these polls are accurate, it’s plausible to believe that the Governor would be at the top or near the top if she did indeed reconsider before the “true” deadlines of December 9-10. The favorable ratings among primary voters for Romney, Cain, and Gingrich are all around 41-42% in the CBS poll and the final favorable rating among primary voters that CBS found for the Governor was 41% (CBS gives “favorable,” “unfavorable,” “undecided,” and “haven’t heard enough” as options). The last Marist/McClatchy poll was conducted pre-Perry collapse and it found that the Governor was tied with Mitt “peacetime” Romney.

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