Proposal Letter to Sarah Palin from C4P Readers

Guest Submission from James Mahaffey

Dear Sarah Palin,

We are a group of bloggers who regularly post at “Conservatives4Palin”.  We are all in agreement that the most important thing for us to do is to be respectful of your decision announced on Oct 5th that you would not be seeking the Presidency this year.

We all have faith that whatever your new project based on promoting conservative candidates for the Senate, the House, and the Presidency is going to be the focus of your efforts going forward.  And we are sure that your efforts will be considerable in returning the country to it’s conservative roots.

However, we’d like to politely point out that the last position, that of replacing Obama as the President, won’t be accomplished by just any candidate.

The candidate will have to have a clear agenda, easily understood, and one that contrasts well with Obama’s visions for America.  Their own vision, which is shared by millions across the country, who are willing to do yeoman’s work, if the right leader is there to inspire them to greatness.

Your hero Ronald Reagan had these qualities, and these traits carried him through all the tough times, to his ultimate success as one of our Greatest Presidents.

Mrs. Palin, we humbly suggest that while we have looked high and low for a leader like Reagan since he rode off, we haven’t found that replacement.  At least until you came along, and reminded us of what we’d been missing for all those years between Reagan’s farewell speech, and your RNC convention speech. You have the combination of a “Big Vision” and a “Steel Spine”, and that’s a rare combination

I know that the GOP big $$$ donors aren’t enthusiastically rushing to you to run.  But do you know just how deep the passion for you is among your supporters?  The reason we want to see you run as the possible replacement for Obama is that it’s not enough to settle for just a GOP Presidential win, when in you, there is the chance for Greatness, In our opinion.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to reconsider your position regarding a Presidential run in 2012.  If you wanted to, you could make serious noise as an Independent Conservative candidate, but we have heard your thoughts on 3rd parties, so we don’t pursue that path.

If you reassess the field, and see that there is no one there who can challenge Obama, we give you our promise to be your troops in the field from the first day of your campaign until the last.

Respectfully Yours,

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