Reconsider Project Ideas Open Thread

I’m putting this thread up a little earlier because a lot of our readers are putting forward ideas on how to turn the reconsider movement into something more visible and tangible than tweets, blog posts, and letters to the Governor.  The most prominent ideas are basically to do a fundraiser so that we have the money to buy ad space in a major newspaper or buy space for a billboard in a big city asking the Governor to reconsider.  If you are interested, leave your ideas in this thread and we’ll see if they are plausible.

While I’m in the reconsider camp, there are several questions that I have right now:

1) Will we be able to raise the money considering that many in the reconsider camp are of the mindset that they would privately love it if the Governor reconsidered but won’t publicly or visibly ask her to because doing so in their opinion would not be entirely respectful of her October 5th decision?  This more nuanced segment of the reconsider camp believes that tweets, blog posts, and letters asking her to reconsider are ok but placing an ad in a major newspaper or billboard in a big city is way too aggressive. 

I would hate to start the fundraiser only to discover that there’s not enough money to accomplish our goal because many in the reconsider camp wouldn’t chip in to such an effort out of respect for the Governor’s October 5th decision.  For the record, I respect the reasoning that this corner of the reconsider movement is using even though we disagree on the degree of visibility that the reconsider movement should have.

2) What if the Governor says in an interview that she’s not reconsidering after we start this hypothetical project?   In my personal opinion, I think it would still be worth it to pursue the project because a visible and prominent reconsider movement would increase her viability for 2016 after Obama likely wins re-election against the current field.  Also, it makes perfect sense for her to deny reconsidering since publically claiming she’s reconsidering would only open up a can of worms for her if she eventually decides not to run.  However, I’m curious if you guys would want to continue with the project if the Governor denies she’s reconsidering in an interview.

3) Aren’t we just setting ourselves up for more disappointment?  Right now, we are discussing a prospect based on really nothing more than our hopes.  If in the end, the Governor does not enter the Republican contest even if we are able to get an ad in a major paper or put a billboard up in a major city, what then?  After all, it wasn’t as if her support wasn’t visible and prominent prior to October 5th, even though it could be argued that visible and prominent support even after she announced she wasn’t running means more.

In any event, leave your ideas here and we’ll see where this heads.

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