The Reconsider Project

If you are willing to make a financial contribution to Governor Palin’s reconsider project, e-mail us at with the amount of the contribution that you are willing to make.  I’ve been advised to get a better sense of how much we would be able to raise before we dive in as this fundraising drive is different from the other Organize4Palin fundraising efforts that we undertook on this blog.

By either Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, we will have a good idea of how much we will be able to raise.  A lot of you brought up good concerns about the billboard idea and it’s clear that many of you have a lot of experience in advertising.  Once we get a number by Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, I’ll get in touch with those of you who have done this type of stuff before and then we’ll make a quick decision as to what project will be feasible given our resources.

If you have ideas for the reconsider project and have researched the costs and the amount of time it would take to get it going, continue leaving them in the comments or shoot us an e-mail at the tips line.  Optimistically speaking, our hope would be to get something,  whether it’s a billboard/ad/whatever, up right before the Thanksgiving holiday right but probably more realistically, the more plausible timeframe we’re looking at is immediately after the Thanksgiving Holiday.

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