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U.S. Senate Candidate Sarah Steelman Tweets in Response to Gov. Palin’s WSJ Op-Ed

As part of our on-going efforts to watch the Senate races across the country, we’ve been keeping up with the candidates and their accompanying progress.  We mentioned Sarah Steelman (Missouri) a couple months ago.  She is campaigning in full force against Claire McCaskill’s fundraising machine in Missouri.

After Gov. Palin’s brilliant piece in the WSJ was published last week, candidate Steelman tweeted a link to it saying the crony capitalism in Congress must stop.  She also commented on her Facebook page:

That’s why I support term limits!

I think it’s noteworthy that someone running for a Congressional seat also advocates term limits for it.

Sarah Steelman caught my attention on Glenn Beck a couple years back when she ran for Governor of Missouri.  I am hoping she catches Gov. Palin’s eyes and ears very soon.  She’s a terrific candidate and the polls are treating her very well right now.  Replacing Claire McCaskill is as vital to our country’s future as replacing Barack Obama is.

Here’s the video with the Beck/Steelman interview back when was running for Governor:

[videoplayer file= width=590 height=366 /]

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  • JamesColumbiaMo

    I will be voting for Sarah Steelman here in Missouri.  She has a tough fight ahead of her though.  The establishment GOP wants Todd Akin to win the primary. 

    • Anonymous Anonymous

       Well, it’s a safe bet that whomever the GOP establishment want is the wrong candidate, so it makes sense that the other guy (girl!) is the right choice.

    • arcman46

      it’s time to break the back of the establishment Republicans.

  • patnatasha

    good luck to her.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Always comforting to see Sarah publicly validated by those brave enough to go on record. There would be a lot more of it if ego wasn’t a factor and honesty was the forethought.

  • alien4palin

    I am a strong believer in term limits and should be implemented in the future. At this juncture might not be appropriate and detrimental to the massive reformation and restoration of America. This will take at least a decade or more to accomplished. The political barometer had moved too far left and needs a right ward shift to regain balance. Reforming and restoring needs continuity and dedicated team efforts, retaining those who have proven their dedication and competence to the cause is absolutely vital.

    • wodiej

      The GOP has had plenty of chances and time to implement reform and done little.  Balance is the middle not moving all the way to the right.

  • nkthgreek

    Another Sarah on the right track.

  • Jasmine Clark

    never heard of her but i really like the term limits idea. i like this person already!

    sarah/sarah 2012!! lol jk

  • jeaneeinabottle

    No wonder Claire is the only one investigating the next scandal, she needs to win against this lovely lady :)  !!

  • wodiej

    I liked her Facebook page a few weeks ago.  She would be an excellent replacement for McCaskill who is not doing well in polling.

  • wodiej

    Sarah Steelman for Senate in Missouri

  • 56Survivor

    I live just over the state line in a neighboring state.  From what I am hearing, McCaskill is done.

  • lovethelakegal

    Sarah is very smart and I think a women running against another woman is the best bet.  YOu know the liberal media will crucify a male candidate if runs anything negative against Claire.  In my opionion Republicans need to keep the field of candidates narrow not bloody each other in primaries.
    Aiking should run for the job he already has…he is an incumbent for heaven’s sake.  Let Sarah pull out all the stops to beat McCaskill.

  • lovethelakegal

    Sarah Steelman is a very smart woman.  In my opinion it is better for Sarah to run against Claire so they are on equal ground. We can expect the liberal media to crucify Akin if he openly attacks Senator McCaskill just becasue he is a man.  Claire will probably parade her mother again and do ads from her mom’s kitchen again just like when she ran against Talent.

    Why don’t Republicans realize we need to narrow the field of candidates, rather than bloody each other in primaries.  Akin should run for the DC job he already has.  He is an incumbent he is in the best position to win that seat again.  Let Sarah duke it out with Claire perhaps the media will view it as a fair fight.

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