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U.S. Senate Candidate Sarah Steelman Tweets in Response to Gov. Palin’s WSJ Op-Ed

As part of our on-going efforts to watch the Senate races across the country, we’ve been keeping up with the candidates and their accompanying progress.  We mentioned Sarah Steelman (Missouri) a couple months ago.  She is campaigning in full force against Claire McCaskill’s fundraising machine in Missouri.

After Gov. Palin’s brilliant piece in the WSJ was published last week, candidate Steelman tweeted a link to it saying the crony capitalism in Congress must stop.  She also commented on her Facebook page:

That’s why I support term limits!

I think it’s noteworthy that someone running for a Congressional seat also advocates term limits for it.

Sarah Steelman caught my attention on Glenn Beck a couple years back when she ran for Governor of Missouri.  I am hoping she catches Gov. Palin’s eyes and ears very soon.  She’s a terrific candidate and the polls are treating her very well right now.  Replacing Claire McCaskill is as vital to our country’s future as replacing Barack Obama is.

Here’s the video with the Beck/Steelman interview back when was running for Governor:

[videoplayer file= width=590 height=366 /]

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