Was The “Earthquake” Achieved? 10.3 Total Magnitude on Saturday

Of course this is all in good fun but I thought the coincidence was worth sharing.

When Sarah Palin spoke with Bob and Mark in Alaska the day after her announcement to not seek the GOP nomination, she said: “10.3, that’s the marker.”  Of course, she was referring to the “earthquake” which was to occur before she’d reconsider.

Well, a couple of loyal Palin supporters on Gov. Palin’s Facebook page tonight brought an interesting fact to light.

Just this weekend, early Saturday a 4.7 earthquake was felt from Texas to Missouri.

Just after that, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit Oklahoma Saturday night.

4.7 + 5.6 = a total of 10.3.

While there was some damage reported, the article which reports both the earthquakes states that no casualties, injuries, or major destruction occurred.  A very small price to pay for the greatest President ever to occupy the White House, wouldn’t you say?

So, does this qualify, Mrs. Palin?

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