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Alaska Dispatch: ‘Without Sarah Palin, Wild GOP Race Has Become a Circus’

Scott Woodham of the Alaska Dispatch has written an interesting article:

We’re not sure if it’s just a coincidence, but ever since Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee and former governor of Alaska, finally said she’d decided not to run, things have gotten pretty wild. News reporters turned their attention to the declared candidates. When they started shaking trees, all manner of fruit and nuts started falling down. The polls have been all over the place as your party’s voters narrow in on their choice. And it seems that every week there’s some new poll showing a new challenger to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s consistent string of top showings.

A few strong contenders have lost significant promise after peaking, and one of them has dropped out completely. Herman Cain, the former pizza magnate and one-time Georgia senatorial candidate, captivated people with his extremely simple plan for the economy and his candid admission that foreign policy was not his strong suit. Ron Paul, the longtime Texas congressman, keeps winning now and then, and his supporters are passionate, but he’s not considered a serious choice for the nomination by a wide segment of the party establishment.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry had been charging ahead, but after a series of bizarre gaffes, including one cringe-worthy New Hampshire speech that went viral and caused some pundits to speculate that he was intoxicated, he hasn’t returned to the top. Yet he went nuclear this week in a bid to regain standing ahead of the Iowa caucus by releasing a controversial new TV ad aimed at religious conservatives and bedecked with red meat for the base.

Lately, former Speaker of the U.S. House Newt Gingrich is presenting the most credible challenge yet to Romney, who doesn’t excite the party’s base anymore than John McCain did in 2008. But with ascension to the top tier comes a brighter spotlight. And despite the absolute genius of Gingrich’s ability to position himself as anti-establishment after a lucrative career in the establishment, the proclaimed leader of the last Republican revolution, in 1994, has been raising eyebrows with his criticism of child labor laws and his struggle to explain lucrative political consulting with an array of scandalized business interests. And many political pundits wonder at his ability to run a nationwide campaign with so few "boots on the ground" in states beyond the early contests.

There is much more to the article here.

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  • amaze830

    The race has been wild because there is no firm support for any of the candidates.  This is why the candidates are going up and down in the polls.

    • Lor Mazz

      Someone is going to get pretty beat up by the time the election for president comes around. We are doing the dirty work. But this always happens then everyone turns around and supports the nominee although they went after one another. Oh well guess that is politics. Not that i am a Ron Paul supporter but he is making it close in Iowa he can throw the election into a tizzy.

  • Barry Berlin

    Gov Palin we need u to reconsider – I know it is a long shot – but u can hope

    • jerseymark

      Not a long shot at all. It is all be design. Sarah is in control of this election.

  • stillgoing

    Sarah, the call for you is getting louder and louder, please answer our call!

    • ProudAmerican247

      "Sarah, the call for you is getting louder and louder, please answer our call!"

      Don’t worry, she will.

      PALIN POWER 2012

      • goldenprez

        Proud … You are a person after my own heart.

        Hear, hear!

        Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

        Illegitimi non carborundum.

        Barracudas Maximus.

    • Jack_Franklin

      How many of you recall the movie, "The Right Stuff"?  Remember the scene where Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier only to crash his plane?  Smoke is billowing and it seems that all is lost.  From a distance you can see a figure beginning to make their way out of the clouds of smoke.  In my mind, I can see this figure finally coming into view.  They take off their helmet with the blackened visor.  It is non other than Sarah Palin who proclaims, "Game On!"

      People are hungry for someone with "the right stuff."  We just needed to get through the smoke screen of the GOP primary so that it was easier for more people to clearly see whose really got it.

      • stillgoing

        Love it! Great vision!

      • goldenprez

        Jack … I never saw the movie. But I did read Tom Wolfe’s book.

        My favorite part of that episode is that Yeager, with his eye practically hanging out of its socket, hitchhiked a ride back to his base.

        Talk about pure, unadulterated, raw courage … his name was Chuck Yeager.

        Of course, according to our government, old "down holler" Chuck could never qualify to be an "astronaut."

        Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

        Illegitimi non carborundum.

        Barracudas Maximus.

        • Jack_Franklin

          Golden, I forgot about the part that Yeager was not part of the "astro-club."  He was just someone who had the vision and the guts to just go for it.  I believe that the space race back then was actually a set back for space travel.  If you think about it was visionaries like Richard Branson who offered a $10M reward for the first person to fly an aircraft (the same one) from the ground to the stratosphere twice within a few days.  It was accomplished.  Yeager would have fit right in with these rogues because he had the "right stuff," just like our Gov Palin.

      • rickbuddy

         Sorry Jack, but your memory is fading on you.  When Yeager broke the sound barrier he landed safely, but he had broken the canopy with his helmet.  He crashed when he took up "the new plane, the one with the big engine" and didn’t file a flight plan.

  • illinoisgal

    We definitely need Sarah Palin to run.  I don’t care for any of the candidates but will have to vote for someone even though I think they are not the best candidates.  Sarah please reconsider.

  • JennyNoles

    Well I would say, high time they noticed the field without Sarah in it, truly sucks.

  • Gary

    I’m missing Sarah’s straightforward common  sense.

  • John_Frank

    Interesting article.

    Of course, the palingate trolls are out in force in the comments.

    People might want to show some support for the Governor.

    • JennyNoles

      I read them too Frank.  So disgusting.  Probably the same paid bunch who gave McGinnis fodder for his book of lies.

    • palmerguy

      Those comments over there are really a piece of work – put up garbage and not really saying anything – "just making things up"

    • mainelysteve

      I have, of course if the truth wasn’t smacking them in the face, they wouldn’t have anything to say!

  • nkthgreek

    "We’re a little concerned it’s a hint that Sarah Palin might be regretting her decision to bow out of the race." Hey, Alaska Dispatch, you’d better be a LOT concerned!

  • gwspfan

    Great article. I hope Sarah finds some way to enter this race. It really has become a parade of clowns.

  • Hyman Roth

    If big lib papers are starting to hint that Palin is the one that voters are waiting for, then what else needs to happen at this point?

    • pipam12

      come on santa   bring it

    • wpmwindsong

      What needs to happen is the inability of any candidate to close the deal, especially after the start of the primary voting.

    • goldenprez

      Hyman … There is quite a bit that needs to happen, especially over the next 4-5 months.

      As you will note from almost all the comments on this thread, almost all here on C4P are still solidly behind Mrs. Palin.

      Among the many things that "need to happen," the field has to be thinned drastically. Although Willard Romney maintains 20-25% support among "establishment" Republicans, he has virtually no support among constitutional conservatives, who comprise a huge portion of the GOP voting base, not to mention the TEA Parties and other grassroots organizations.

      Mr. Gingrich, Mr. Perry, Mrs. Bachmann, and Mr. Santorum are still very much in the race for the "establishment" GOP nomination. It is going to take at least the first 4-5 primaries to thin the field. With the proliferation of non-winner-take-all primaries, even that may not cause any to drop out.

      Ron Paul will not win the "establishment" GOP nomination, but he will not drop out. He will find a way to run for President, as he always does. However, Dr. Paul is not a threat to Mrs. Palin in any way. His supporters will not vote for anyone else.

      While I do not unequivocally rule out a late entry into the later, and larger, winner-take-all primaries, there is no guarantee that Mrs. Palin would prevail at the convention, even with the winning amount of delegates. The crony-corrupt "establishment" GOP is just as opposed to her as the socialists/crony capitalists on the other side. That is why they are backing Mr. Romney.

      Momentum is going to be the single largest factor in a run for the Presidency by Mrs. Palin. Once she begins, she will have to ride the wave of momentum to the White House. Anything that stops that momentum will be critical, such as a convention, or a large group of "establishment" GOP insiders attacking her, or the Ministry of Propaganda having enough time to mount their attacks.

      She is going to have to catch them all flat-footed. No advance warning. It is going to have to be "sudden and relentless."

      She has her finger on the pulse of the nation, and the electorate. She will know when the time is right.

      And so will we.

      Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

      Illegitimi non carborundum.

      Barracudas Maximus.

      • rickbuddy

         Hyman, what you are describing is very similar to what Bobby Kennedy would have pulled off if he hadn’t been assassinated.  It very well could be done.

  • JennyNoles

    Don’t you just know if the current field of candidates  is boring and they can’t even draw a large crowd to listen to them preach their b.s., how bored the stupid LSM has to be.  Remember the crowds Obama had at his rallies and he made them up even if he had to bus them in from all over the place.  Then the Guv came along, and her charisma almost outshone Obama.  I think Mittens’ group and also one person in the McLame family probably had a severe case of the Little Green-Eyed Monster Syndrome.  Now the news media has no one drawing those kinds of crowds, not even Their One.  I think they would give their right eye (well almost) to have her in the race just so there would be some excitement.  With this bunch, they have to make their own exciting moments. Like watching for a Romney hair blown out of place or a Newt sneeze.   Kinda’ like Hallmark Cards.  But the fools did it to themselves and to us.  We lost our shining star albeit for a little while, I’m thinkin’.  Why shoot, they might just invent a reason to flush her out.

  • carmtom13

    Governor Palin, you said that the American people need to wake up, on Eric Bollings program you said you thought that the American people are waking up. I think they are to and are not Getting behind a canadate and staying there..what does that tell you? I feel they are looking for someone else. I THINK IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO JUMP IN THIS RACE! I ‘m sure you know their are many who want YOU to run. Governor Palin you are the only one who can take on DC establishment, GOP elites, cbc and Oama and WIN. You have a record that shows you did it and WON. Governor Palin time for you to WAKE UP! I want America to be exceptional, I want a president who feels the same. America needs to have a president who is for the people and get government out of the way. Governor Palin that person is YOU. The country needs YOU NOW more than ever.

  • gahanson

    If Palin had joined the race, she would have left all the others in the dust.  People are desparately looking for someone, anyone to defeat Romney, so much so that they would settle for a pizza guy, or an aging Washington insider.  Too bad Palin decided to stay out of the race, this was really her year.  Unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll get another real shot at the presidency.

    • palmerguy

      Next year is the year, let’s get through the Christmas season with all the family things going on, then get out in the open next year.  Looking foward to 2012.

    • navak

      Actually I think if Palin had joined the race, all the criticism would have been on her and no one would have discovered all that has been uncovered about the other candidates.  People would always be saying how much better the other candidates would be than Palin.  Now that they see the reality, I think many will now say, WOW, too bad Palin dropped out since she  was actually BETTER than the others.

      • wpmwindsong

        So true.  If Palin had jumped in, Cain would still be in the race.  I think that only time that Sarah can get in is after the complete collapse of everyone.   The Iowa caucus will start to shed light in that potential reality one way or another.

        • cathmom

          Again I believe Sarah saw this much earlier on and her political instincts have been correct as usual.  She is letting all the vetting expose what deadbeat candidates they really are.  Never would have happened if she had been in, had to let this "sorting out" happen first.

      • Budvarakbar

        Like I have said before — Sarah has won all of the ‘debates’

      • cathmom

        Yes, so true, and smart Sarah saw all this from the beginning.

  • tomlyn

    Todd and family need to get behind Sarah and encourage her to reconsider and run for president.  Without Sarah Obama will have another four years to change our country into something like Spain, France, or Germany.

    • StandProudNow

       Obama has no intention of changing our country into some European country like Spain.

      European socialism is "soft" socialism.  Obama’s plan, IMO, is something more in style with Venezuela, and then moving towards a world government body, such as the UN or other organization.

      This dude has plans, and they are not good for the country or the people living here. We should be so lucky if means to copy some European country….

      Lemme cancel the Champagne I spoke about in my prior post, I think I will now reach for the  oxycodone.   

    • friskyness

      If we can win the Senate and keep the House, we can stop it.

      • Jack_Franklin

        If Obama wins, with Executive Orders and weak GOP leadership, it won’t much matter.

        • connservative

          This is so true.  Obama has gotten where he’s gotten because of the weak-kneed Republican leaders, primarily in the House but also in the Senate.  From day 1 of the official first day of Congress in 2011, these guys should have been sending Harry Reid legislation every day that proposed to undo what the Obama and the Dems did in the first 2 years.  The failure is all theirs.  I don’t care that Reid wouldn’t bring them to a vote – we need a relentless effort at reform.  That was the message we (except us in Connecticut) sent in the 2010 election.

          If we defeat Obama but still have these clowns as Republican leaders, we’re still doomed.  We need to primary these guys.  We need to challenge their leadership.  If Bachmann were smart (sorry..), she would have challenged Boehner for Speaker not gone right for the Pres.  In this capacity, maybe she’ll see the light, withdraw her campaign and make the push for Speaker in 2013 and spend her time trying to keep the house and win back Senate).  The fact that we can’t get the lightbulb ban undone should be a sign that all is lost with these guys.

          If we lose to Obama and still have these clowns as the leaders – I agree, we become North Venezuela and Obama starts taking over more and more industries!

          Such happy thoughts for a Monday morning.

          • rickbuddy

            You absolutely nailed it connservative!

  • HuntingMoose

    draft Sarah.

    any reason left why not?

    • carmtom13

      Iowa you need to tell everyone that they need to WRITE PALIN IN the caucus. This would be a good start in drafting Governor Palin. Maybe the DC insiders will get the message if she gets written in.

  • Dagobomb

    If one of the reason Sarah declined was to take the spotlight off of her and put it on the others, that works for me. With her in the race at this point it would have shielded the other candidates from scrutiny of all media including the conservatives. Few are really satisfied with the current field, and with the dems helping this circular firing squad along she just looks better and better. With some media however weakly, wondering if they had her all wrong only helps her. All the crap weasels running who belittled her are now peeing their pants in hopes for an endorsement. I’ll just quote Kahn from Star Trek II, "Let them eat static."

    • palmerguy

      You got it – Dago – let them all implode and act like 13 year olds, snipping at each other.

    • StandProudNow

      Yes, she does look better and better to those who didn’t know her all that well before. And yes, it DID free up the media to scrutinize the other candidates who have had flashes so bright you had to wear protective gear!!

      And this exactly WHY she hasn’t announced yet!    This is the plan and strategy of someone who has it all figured out. Someone who thinks outside the box and who doesn’t run conventional campaigns.   Honestly, I’d been disappointed in her had she jumped into the fray
      last summer just to have to go through all this bull and airing all the dirty laundry with her right there running alongside these people…

       Heck!! Our next President was just smart enough to let them fight it out amongst themselves, with her just going on Fox analyzing and giving gentle and classy plugs for a candidate who would have the same qualities and RECORD as she does, but there is no one running with a record like that ….bummer… Really, it is funny as all h$ll!   A total gas!

      Honestly it does feel perrty durn nice to endorse someone as savvy and smart as Governor Palin!

      Just thinking about this makes me wanna break that Champagne bottle right now!!

      Sarah Palin 2012!!

      • Commodus

        "And this exactly WHY she hasn’t announced yet!"

        Pinch me!!! Tell me Oct 5th didn’t happent!

      • Budvarakbar

        Please — I hope you meant to just break out the champagne bottle — unless you are refering to a christening

  • PhilipJames

    Come on people…  the only reason a wacko left wing crap publication like the Alaska Dispatch is saying anything nice about Sarah and talking about a circus is simply because without Sarah Palin in the race, they can’t put "Sarah Palin" in any more headlines and get some traffic.
    Without Sarah, there are a lot of people and media who are not getting as much attention and not making as much money as before. The Sarah Palin money bandwagon is no more.
    You think having Romney, Gingrich or Perry in a headline or url generates hits?
    As in most things in this world, the phrase…. "follow the money" is at work.

    • wodiej

      thanks, didn’t know that was a liberal mag.

      • LuvGuvSP

        I didn’t either…..until I took a look at the comment section.  There are some nasty, Sarah-hating people out there.  Getting ready to do some "fingers on the keyboard" and post a comment myself to counter some of the nonsense I just read in those comments.  Grrrrrr!! :)

  • aaron66krohn

    Sarah’s "To Do" list for December:

    Enough caribou, moose, and ptarmigan stocked in the freezer??

    Keep up daily runs!!
    Of course!!

    Remind Todd he needs to check the light fixtures in the studio!!
    Already did!!  (Come on, Todd, it will just take a few minutes!!)

    Read that great book I just bought!!

    Check with SarahPAC about the Christmas mailings!

    Reconsider and run for President.

    I KNEW there was something I forgot!!!


    • palmerguy

      There was a triathalon runing, biking, etc. in the valley today in the snow and rain – wonder if Sarah was in it.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Tebow drives Denver down field. They kick a field goal with 8 seconds left and its tied 10 to 10 with Chicago. Just unbelievable, amazing. Now to overtime! The announcers are speechless. No way it should be overtime! A 59 yard field goal was kicked for the tie.     

  • 01_Explorer_01

    ….and its a different clown each month driving the clown car.

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