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Fox News Iowa Debate Open Thread

The debate is tonight on Fox News at 9 PM EST. You can watch the debate here.


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  • Nancy6

    These debates make Generic Republican look really good.

    • palin45potus

      Until you pointed that out, I was leaning toward "Someone Else".

      But "Generic Republican" is closing fast, huh?

      • blerch

        Maybe we should commission a poll to see who wins beween Generic Republican and Someone Else.

      • Mr_Wednesday_Night

        ‘Other’ was my guy, but his campaign ended in scandal when he filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau… against the prostitute he hired.

        Then I looked at ‘None of the Above’, but his staff was arrested after they stole a bunch of office equipment… then called the store and asked for technical support.

        • 01_Explorer_01

          "None of the above" is "Who’s" cousin.  "Who " played first base.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        LOL, Nancy, palin45, blerch, and others!!!

      • Dan Walker

        Sarah Palin Hosting Dinners At Disneyworld………….

        • ZH100


          Please flag this troll.

  • Independantminded

    You guys will have to keep me up on what is happening because I’m watcing football. I always DVR the debates in case something interesting happens but I trust the analysis of those on C4P better than the media.

  • suehimel

    I’ll be watching but I might switch it off if it gets boring – I can’t imagine that I can’t answer any question for any candidate at this point.  But if Gingrich gets a question on his judicial oversight proposal things might get lively.

  • smbren

    I have not watched one yet.. perhaps tonight, perhaps not.

  • V

    If ever there were a time for one of the second tier candidates to step up, tonight would be the night.

  • Pete Petretich

    Obama led the USA to lose it’s AAA credit rating for the first time ever. As I recall, Sarah as Governor led Alaska to attain that very AAA rating.

    A similar thing is happening in Ohio thanks to State Treasurer Josh Mandel, who is currently running for US Senate. Josh shares many of our values but I’m not sure if he has ever been endorsed by Sarah PAC or ever spoken with Sarah. The following e-mail update is from this morning:


    Subject: More good news from the Treasurer’s office: Fitch gives highest possible credit rating


    I wanted to share with you some more good news we recently received in the Treasurer’s office. The rating agency Fitch recently issued their highest possible credit rating for Ohio’s short-term general obligation bonds.  Fitch cited the Treasurer’s office "conservative investments", "careful financial management" and "record of maintaining fiscal balance" as key factors in this "F1+" rating.  This decision comes around the same time that Fitch unfortunately downgraded the United States’ credit outlook to "Negative". Moreover, Fitch’s recognition of our sound investment and liquidity policies comes in the wake of Standard & Poor’s giving the $4 billion investment fund we manage on behalf of over 2,700 cities, school districts  and other local governments, the highest possible credit rating one of these funds can receive.  That "AAAm" rating occurred just as Standard & Poor’s downgraded at least 14 similar funds throughout the country and sadly downgraded the United States credit rating for the first time in American history. This important news was recently reported in numerous publications throughout Ohio, including the Youngstown Business Journal and multiple news sources here in Columbus and Cincinnati.  Additionally, I thought you might want to see a recent Toledo television story on our credit ratings.  Click here or below to watch the brief video.

    These strong credit ratings are crucial for increasing confidence in Ohio’s economy and fostering investment in Ohio businesses.  As I’ve said many times before, I’m blessed to have such strong and disciplined staff who understand the magnitude of our responsibility to protect people’s hard-earned dollars in this challenging economic environment. The protection of Ohioans’ tax dollars remains, and will continue to be, my top priority as State Treasurer.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts as we continue to advance the financial standing of our state and lead by example for fiscal officers and policy makers throughout the country. 

    Take care,


  • heshtesh

    How i would love to see Sarah in these debate’s, the contrast would be unbelievable!

  • Nancy6

    These debates are zany.
    Also, groovy.
    And a kick.

  • Ceejay

    for my fellow tweeters:

    hashtag for tonights debate is – #iowadebate

  • 56Survivor

    I am a big nerd.  I LOVE these debates. 

    I wonder how many times we will hear "NewtRomney"?

    I wonder if ANYONE will mention the CC and the PPC?  I won’t be holding my breath.

    Is Gov Palin expected anywhere tonight to give her reaction to the debate? 

    • David Zimmerman

      Nerd, I was over on the Washington Examiner commenting on an article about the polls, I got a few digs in for Sarah Palin. She was ignored in the body of the article, but it was a NewtRomney bashing completely. Some Paul thrown in. Somehow I feel my comments on Sarah Palin were positive and should have been well received.
      If nothing else, it shows that the feeling we have on this site about the dissatisfaction of the seven dwarfs is wide spread. Hope Sarah gets lots of write-ins.

  • Ceejay

    Article about Mitt – just note that out of 36 judicial appointments only nine (9) were republicans, yikes!

    • StandProudNow


      So scary you want to take poison…

      Just Kidding…. :)   It is even more scary…

                               Anyone doubt that WE NEED TO FIGHT????

  • pete4palin

    The Iowa Gov. said today that Newt is unstable.  He was nutural before.  

    • blueniner

      The establishment are sheeple.

    • wodiej

      and Romney called Gingrich "zany." He’s losing it.

    • excopconservative

      I think he recently endorsed Mitt.

    • Guest

      This is part of the Romney anti-Newt meme.  See, they can’t say Newt is stupid, so they’re undermining him by saying he’s crazy because he thinks too much and not all his ideas are good ones. Whatever, unlike Romney, at least Newt has ideas. Now, if he only still had the Conservative principles of the 1990’s, he would be more than the flavor of the week. I tell myself that we’re gonna wind up with The Guv anyway cuz we’re not gonna get behind Romney.

  • Vicki
    The debate will have tweets only apparently. If you want to flash mob Gov Palin and you don’t tweet, try Gretawire’s live blog. It will likely be about the debate.

  • Vicki

    flash mob tonights debate twitter feed #iowadebate with "real conservative wanted run sarah run"
    100,000 tweeters needed!

    • suehimel

      Tweeted it!

    • Roberta Williams

      I asked this on the other thread, since I am twitter challenged.  Is this the correct way?
      #iowadebate Real Conservative Wanted Run Sarah Run.  Will that appear on the Iowadebate thread itself? 

  • blueniner

    Glenn Beck about to be on to Bash Newt Gingrich, Beck is a fool, he is giving Obama ammunition.

  • blueniner

    The old nutbag Ron Paul got bashed by Mark Levin and Hannity, they want to know why Paul is getting a pass, he has racist newletters that should be looked into, maybe Santorium will go after Paul tonight, he told Hannity today that he too is aware of those racist newsletters. Paul hasnt been vetted, his voting record which is all over the map, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.
    Paul wouldnt go on Hannity today, Paul is a coward he sends his clone out and hides behind mean-spiritd ads, he will help get Obama elected.

  • Richard Frei

    Where do I check off "None of the Above" on my ballot?  The Seven Dwarves is right.  Snow White (Sarah Palin) where are you??


      Wait till November and vote for obama.
      That’s how

  • Hyman Roth

    I’d give 4 million just to be able to watch Fox News without it hurting.

    • palin45potus

      I wish I knew what happened to them over the last year or so.

      • JennyNoles

        I think Rupert Murdock got blackmailed by the Obama Admin., they either come down to MSNBC level and CNN and give him more love and go after our Cuda every chance they got to minimize her effect or they would shut him down over the phone wiretapping that his son got caught doing.  Sure shut up the live coverage on C-Span and FOXOBAMA’SNEWCHANNEL of the proceedings fast.   It did not take him long to decide IMO.

  • midwestprincesse

    Look over there! Do you see that? That’s paint drying.

    Still more entertaining than these debates.

  • Pete Petretich

    VOTE NOW: Human Events "Conservative of the Year"

    Sarah won this a while back. I voted for Gary Sinise who does a lot for veterans and active duty military. If you don’t know the name, he’s the actor that played "Lt. Dan" in Forrest Gump.

    • palin45potus

      Good Lord.

      The names of some of these guys.

      John Boehner?

      I want to choose Sarah!

      • Pete Petretich

        Sarah won a few years ago, or was it last year?

        • RedDaveR

          I believe she won it in 2008.

    • RedDaveR

      I voted for Scott Walker but commented that Sarah and Jim De Mint should both be on the list.
      They’re complaining that C4P people are coming over there to speak up for Sarah. They ought to take a look at that lineup tonight on FOX before they complain.

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