Gene’s Nickel: Republican Establishment

Guest Submission by Gene Brown

John McCain lost his presidential race in November of 2008.  Before he had finished his concession speech, I had already selected the individual I wanted as the Republican Party Standard Bearer in 2012.

The last three years have been an “E” ticket ride (a sop for you older readers), watching her continually swing for the fences, and usually connecting for extra bases.

This October, she doffed her cap to the stands, and headed for the locker room leaving myself and many other fans deflated and morose.  However, the contest is far from over and we still need to select and support another champion.

Apart from the contest to replace President Obama, our team is involved in an internal battle to decide who will influence or control the Republican Party.  There is a cadre of folks, the management and coaching staff, who by perceived position, prestige, and financial contributions have chosen a favorite candidate that they believe will maintain their desired status.  They are working overtime to ensure his/their victory.  These elite Republicans are more interested in keeping the status quo than they are in repairing the damage done by the Democrat Party over the last three years.

However, their knight errant is not the one desired by the supporters in the stands.  We want a candidate who shares our values, and makes decisions like we do around our kitchen table.  The grandstands are filled with members of the Tea Party and other concerned citizens who want a return to our smaller-government roots.

The citizens in the bleachers are no longer interested in our team’s management telling us we have to trust them and to go along with their guy, because it is in our best interests.  These Establishment Elites are convinced that the man in the ring should be neither “hot nor cold” (there is a Bible verse about that) so that he will appeal to Independents.

We have suffered with these moderate candidates like Senator Bob Dole and Senator John McCain before.  They have been such moderate milquetoasts that they actually resembled their opponents.  Since they behaved and voted so much like their competition, they couldn’t differentiate themselves from their rivals.  So they lost!

I believe that Conservatives, Tea Partiers and Independents want a clear and definitive choice for this upcoming November, as evidenced by the wild and unruly succession of Republican front runners.  The Republican Establishment’s fair haired boy has never received more than 30% support.  The remaining 70% of us are looking for someone who is not endorsed by the front office!

President Obama cannot win this election by referring to and bragging about his record.  His strategists are afraid of a candidate who has a history of creating jobs, like Rick Perry; a candidate who balanced a federal budget, like Newt Gingrich; or a candidate who held the growth of government in check, like Gary Johnson.

However, the Massachusetts governor who signed socialized medicine into law, Romney Care, should be a welcome and easy moderate target.

That’s my nickel.

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