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Glenn Beck Plays Race Card Against Tea Party, Riles Breitbart

I appreciate Glenn Beck’s love of the Constitution and his strong support for conservative principles.   However; he risked setting it all back by playing the race card against the very people who give him his podium — the Tea Party.

Since his interview with Newt Gingrich, Beck has become extremely anti-Newt.  That’s fine.  It’s his choice and it’s his podium.  To hear his original interview with Gingrich, click here.

Soon afterward, Beck did a follow up broadcast where he made his displeasure at Newt’s admiration of Teddy Roosevelt very clear.  You can see that here.

He then visited Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch.  In this interview/rant-against-Gingrich, Glenn Beck decided to "challenge" the Tea Party.  Calling the GOP frontrunner a "progressive," Beck then asserted that if faced with a choice between two "progressives" (Obama and Gingrich), the only difference then becomes the race of the candidate.

So basically, if Tea Party members vote for Newt Gingrich instead of Obama in 2012, it’s because they must have a problem with Obama’s race.

The left has been dying for someone on the right to make such a remark.  This is the type of thing that will show up ten months from now on the eve of the most important election of our lifetimes to prove that Tea Party members are racists — especially if Obama is down in the polls and our candidate just happens to be Newt Gingrich.

I realize — as does anyone else who supported Sarah Palin — that Newt Gingrich has a checkered past.  But to infer there being no difference between Obama and Gingrich is a bit of a stretch.

Despite noted concerns and policy statements which are concerning (including an excellent and challenging article written by Abie Rubin here at C4P), Newt’s record shows that he passed welfare reform and got the Democrats on board to do it.  Obama on the other hand rolled that reform back with the failed stimulus.  Newt’s policies helped to give us 4.2% unemployment.  Under Newt’s leadership, he gave us the first balanced budget since 1969 and did it for four years.  Obama’s policies have skyrocketed unemployment with job-killers like Obamacare and continue to grow our budget.

Further, and most importantly, Gingrich was able to get bipartisan support from a liberal White House because he knew how to articulate the proposals in a way that works.  I believe this a very authentic quality he has which is lacking among some of the others.  In fact, the only other living politician who did that successfully was Gov. Palin in Alaska by reaching across the aisle to successfully hold members of her own party accountable as well as pass some serious ethics reform.  It’s a quality that only a very few possess.  Reagan had it as well.  As we see, Obama does not.

I don’t point out these successes of Newt to promote him in regard to his race against the remaining GOP candidates.  Despite becoming a Newt supporter about a month ago, I have been paying attention to the other candidates.  I have been listening to Rick Santorum since Governor Palin mentioned him.  I keep an open mind of having more choices through debate and competition.  I have also been praying.

But I do (and will) point these successes out when the alternative is Barack Obama.  There are big differences.  And they have nothing to do with race.

Newt specifically is not the point.  But it is clear that if any of the candidates running became our nominee, most of us would vote for them to replace Obama.  That includes Newt Gingrich who did use conservative principles in his life to do some positive things for our country.

If we vote for any of the candidates should they become the nominee — we should not be labeled as groups of people who do so on the basis of race, especially by our own people!

Tea Party members do look for ideological consistency in candidates.  We were spoiled with Governor Palin and a lot of us feel like fish out of water as we collectively observe the remaining choices.  But the facts are what they are.  Aside from ideological consistency, we are also Americans who look for common sense and embody the quality ourselves.  If it comes down to a Mitt vs. Obama, or Michele vs. Obama, or Newt vs. Obama, common sense leads me to vote for whichever one it is so long as it’s ‘Anyone But Obama.’

I appreciate Andrew Breitbart for calling this out and pointing to the fact that the Tea Party’s #1 choice for a while there was Herman Cain.  Not only were they excited about an African-American man, they were even more excited about an Alaskan woman.  Our top two choices are classified as "minorities" by the politically correct in this country.

Glenn Beck, in my opinion, set that back and ignored all of it to abuse his podium for the sake of having a tantrum.

Breitbart’s website also says the following under the video posted:

First he turned against the undercover video work of James O’Keefe – after championing the ACORN undercover video sting and getting huge ratings off them. Then he turned against Andrew Breitbart – by lying about his actions in the Sherrod incident and refusing Breitbart’s requests to defend himself on his radio and TV shows.

Now Glenn Beck, the shock jock-turned-multimedia-star-turned-historian-cum-evangelist-of-sorts pulls the race card… against the Tea Party!

“If you have a big government progressive, or a big government progressive in Obama… ask yourself this, Tea Party: is it about Obama’s race? Because that’s what it appears to be to me. If you’re against him but you’re for this guy, it must be about race. I mean, what else is it? It’s the policies that matter.”

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  • ernst1776

    Beck needs to take a deep breathe and exhale.  And maybe take a long vacation.  He seems to forget that he is a social commentator, not a preacher.

    • Reynolds88

      long vacay, 2nd that

  • philip127

    I have listened to Beck for many years and was at both 9/12 &8/28 in DC with our Savannah TP group. I learned alot about history etc from him.

    That said, Breitbart is right. Beck’s use of all Breitbart’s work with very little or no mention of his contribution, was a mark on his chartacter. Also, Scott Baker’s apparent sellout of Breitbart was disappointing.

    BUT I was really disappointed with Beck’s throwing Palin under the bus after 8/28. He used her to get crowds for 8/28 and then poof! He has his "funnyman" Brian Sack-of- s—  diss her on his 1st GBTV appearence.

    AND NOW he is throwing the Teaparty under the bus? It is a good thing he has all that food stored up etc. because he just gave a big finger and spit in the face of his audience.

    Anyone want to have a book burning? Just kidding, but I feel gut punched looking at the bookself as I type this.

    I’m not even backing Newt, I’m 110% in the draft Sarah Camp. 

    • wpmwindsong

      I gave Beck a chance for a little while around the 8/28 event, but his schtick about coming together and needing to be prepared is no better than hope and change.  It defines nothing and can be interpreted in a million ways. 

      Sometimes I think he would be better found on TBN, because much that is there is televangelist smoke and mirrors by slickly packaged squinty-eyed, quivering lip, strutting and over dramatic quasi-charismatics.  However, I do watch them from time to time for entertainment value, just like I will turn on Beck radio show because there is nothing else on at the time.

      • ChuckLit2

        What are you people nuts?  You really think Glenn Beck is losing his influence? Oh really?  For his 8/28 event that he promoted for almost a year, the main commitments for attendance didn’t start coming in until the last few weeks resulting in over 500,000 people at the rally including 18 buses.  The very first day after Glenn announced his new "Restoring Love" event (a three day event scheduled in the largest Pro football stadium in the US in Dallas July 26 thru July 28, 2012) there were 28,000 and 33 buses who registered (7 & 1/2 months before the event).  Not only is Glenn’s influence growing but it is taking on a world-wide influence now. He meets simi-regularly with members of Parliament and other world leaders.  

        His complaints about Newt are justified.  Obama believes the US constitution is an out of date document that needs to be replaced.  Newt believes the SAME THING!  

        For years and years Newt has supported Tolfer who has stated the constitution needs to be replaced.  Newt made one of Tolfer’s books required reading for congressman in the House.  Newt wrote the forward for one of Tolfer’s books praising him.  Newt said just the other day that he was a follower and supporter of  Teddy Roosevelt?  Surely you know that all we fight against today in the progressive movement was started by Republican Teddy Roosevelt.  Roosevelt started the progressive movement.  He was so far to the left that he finally left the Republican party and started the Bull Moose party.  And decided to run for President yet again and ushered in the worse President in American history, Woodrow Wilson.  Roosevelt ran against the Republican Taft and the Dem Wilson and handed the victory to Wilson.  
        Remember McCain too was a great admirer of Teddy Roosevelt.   And this is the guy you want for President?  Someone who admires the likes of Toffler and Roosevelt?   

        Newt is the Republican version of Obama.  So Glenn is asking the question, why would you say your against Obama and then turn around and support Newt?  If you choose the white guy over the black guy who believes in the same dangerous progressive ideology, it appears like racism.  

        Glenn is trying to shock us back to our senses.  Agree or disagree with his tactics, he has a point and people should think long and hard before supporting Gingrich.

        • ProudAmerican247

          I think Beck was trying to be sarcastic.

          If he really thinks the Tea Party people are racist, he’s in BIG trouble.

          • ChuckLit2

            He doesn’t.  But here is something else to think about:

            As much as we like to believe we make decisions based on logic and reason, the fact is we don’t.  Every good salesman knows if he begins his pitch with logic and reason he will never make the sale.  Instead he knows he must first make an emotional connection with potential customers.  Once the salesman has made an emotional connection and the potential customer begins to "want" the product, the customer will actually help the salesman come up with reasons to justify their emotional decision to purchase the product.

            As much as I wish it wasn’t true, we do NOT elect our Presidents because of issues or who is right or wrong.  We elect them because we like them.  We elected Ronald Reagan because he was a great communicator and would disarm his opponents with humor.  We elected Bill Clinton because he also was a good communicator and very likable.  We elected George Bush because he related to the common American who felt like they could sit down and have a beer with him.  We elected Obama because he was a good speaker and he was black.  Over and over and over, likability proves to be the most important factor in winning the Presidency.  Which is one more reason to NOT nominate Gingrich.

            Sure, at the moment, everyone is impressed with Newt’s wit and communication skills.  But let us think about this for a moment.  Everyone agrees there is more material on Newt Gingrich than possibly any candidate in American history. There is just tons and tons of votes, speeches, interviews, books, projects, etc.. etc…  Newt is not that likable to begin with, but once he secures the nomination, there will be one attack after another, after another, after another, after another, after another, after another, after another, after another… etc…  And it WILL NOT make any difference if the attacks are true or false…  The mere volume of attacks will make Newt the most UN-Likeable candidate we have ever seen, and Obama will be re-elected once again…  Newt may be the ONLY candidate that is truly NOT-Electable.

            P. S. There are a lot of Palin supporters on this website, so let me ask you a question. If you can remember the very first time you were introduced to Sarah, what was the first thing you thought or said about her? I would put money on most or you replied, "I like her!" I rest my case…. smile…

            • ProudAmerican247

              The very first time I heard of Sarah Palin was from Rush’s show. I think he mentioned her briefly as a popular governor, when talking about the upcoming election.

              I didn’t think too much of it. Didn’t investigate.

              I saw and heard Sarah Palin speak for the first time when McCain introduced her as his running mate.

              To be honest, I didn’t know what to think.

              I was disappointed McCain didn’t pick Romney; yep, I was a Romney supporter.

              But I wasn’t ticked off about McCain picking Sarah either.

              She gave a good speech. I thought, well, maybe.

              I wasn’t ready to jump on board right off the bat.

              I had to get Romney out of my head first.

              WOW! How times have changed!!! LOL!

              When she gave her Convention speech, I was on board!

              PALIN 2012

            • $8196935

              Mr. 2 posts, I see you are another anti Newt for Obama

        • IwjwI

          Thank you for your very astute comment on Beck and Gingrich.
          Newt is as progressive as BHO, but Newt is much more slick about it.
          After watching Newt give his answer on mandates at the debate last night, I read this again:
          Government Mandates: Newt Gingrich and the Art of the Con Explained

          Beck is right about Gingrich being as ‘progressive’ as BHO, but he may have jumped the shark with his racebaiting comment.

          • $8196935

            As a Conservative Republican, you are the type that makes me more determined
            to vote for Newt.

            What you and Beck know about Politics and History would fill the space of a dot.

            • jeaneeinabottle


            • rainbow59

              I am just puzzled at how conservatives are attacking each other Obama might not have to do any work

        • Budvarakbar

          A large degree of the 8/28 success re crowd size was due to Sarah — PERIOD

          • jeaneeinabottle

            Well, there was the GOD factor too ;)

        • alien4palin

          I agree!!! The leftists and BO had been using the race card at the drop of the hat than any president in office that I can recall in living memory. They don’t need any excuse or reason because that is how they operate. Divide and conquer. We, on the right allowed ourselves to be victimized over and over. Just because somebody said one is a racist, doesn’t make it true.

          Whether one like or dislike the messenger is not the point, it is the message that is important and what you take away from it that provoke one’s thinking process in more than one dimension.

          I don’t know Glenn Beck personally to like or dislike him but over the
          years I have watched him on and off, I found his information 98% reliable and truthful. He has always come across as someone who loves and cares about his country deeply. Over the past 2 years, he has gotten more anxious and occasionally border on hysteria with concerns for America. I understood where he is coming from and had already experienced the same anxiety almost 2 decades before. The information on his shows were information I already knew about
          The left will continue to use the race and quite likely to ram up the volume in 2012. We, on the right better be prepared for it.

          Emotional response serves no one but clear thinking will prevail.

      • Budvarakbar

        Hey — there has to be something constructive you could do – better than watching TBN for entertainment — also you should consider just turning off the radio — I have many times vs listening to CRAP for "entertainment"

    • cudaforever

      Exactly Phillip !! the No-talent Brian Sack was another nail in the coffin for Beck.

      • jeaneeinabottle

        that made me cancel GBTV

    • smbren

      Sarah was taking his appeal away, she minimized him.

    • Budvarakbar

      Beck is just another paranoia peddling snake oil salesman — I can hardly stand to listen to his crap — usually turn to another station within minutes of stumbling over his show.  Actually I had forgotten that Sarah had been at 8/28 — I missed most of it and all of it live — your 3rd paragraph actually tells a person all they really need to know about GB

    • Jelayne Sessler

      Beck lost my support when he started yelling into the camera telling us to store up on food. And then he REALLY lost my support when he played that Palin "funnyman" segment on his 1st GBTV debut. 

  • nick

    I feel similar to Mitt Romney as Beck does towards Newt. I see little difference between Obama and Romney and feel it would hurt the conservative cause in the long run more having Mitt in office and therefore would never vote for Romney….
    However, I would never NEVER NEVER!!! infer somebody to be racist for supporting Romney over Obama. That would be a truelly dispicable thing to even wonder about. What Beck has done will do immense harm to not only Newt Gingrich, but more importantly to the Tea Party cause. He has played into the lying and false narrative of the Dems and media. Sickening.
    Its by far the worse thing Glenn Beck has ever done and he needs to apologize pronto. I watched many an ephisode of the Glenn Beck show on Fox News and he has done a lot of good for the conservative cause, especially waking me up to the marxist in our midst. But I never truely trusted Beck. I always preffered Sarah Palin keep her distance from him.
    This is why.

    • cudaforever

      Good points Nick. I was always "creeped" out by the Beck interview (with the Statue of Liberty in the background) with Sarah when it seemed like he was a schoolboy seeking a date from some girl he had a crush on. Very unsettling and I like you have learned a lot from Beck and even attended the "Restoring Honor" rally in D.C. (which I thoroughly enjoyed) —

      Thanks a lot Beck !! Let the circular firing squad begin.

    • wodiej

      I hope when the time comes that you will vote for whoever the GOP nominee is.  We cannot afford to stay home in 2012.

      • Cricket Nichols

        Some people will stay home or write Sarah Palin’s name in, vote third party….the GOP establishment has a responsibility to give us a candidate to vote for that we don’t have to hold our nose.  They did everything they could think of to keep Sarah from running and now they will pay the price.

        • smbren

          I have to agree unfortunately. i am so tired of carrying the water for the GOP. If Romney is the nominee it will take everything I have inside of me to vote for that man..I always vote, but it will be very tough. I may get drunk first and have my husband drive me to the polls.

          The one thing that gets my dander up is the constant call for repeal of Obama care… It is too late for that, the Supreme court will now make the decision. God help us, it could end up like abortion. The GOP could have brought up this issue every single day and fought it, regardless of their numbers. The American people have been against this for the whole time.

          • wodiej

            repeal obamacare=executive order.

          • Betsey_Ross

            It’s not too late to repeal Obamacare.  Someone has to have the will to do it.  It sickens me, but I do not think the Supreme Court will strike it down.  The only way to get rid of it is to have it repealed and the Congress is the only place where that can take place.  We must take the Senate, the House and the Presidency. 

        • wodiej

          It is our responsibility to hold the GOP accountable.  Gov. Palin has been pounding that into our heads for 3 years but some people still aren’t getting it.  It is easier to sit at home and watch reality TV and sports than actually do something constructive to effect change in this country.  At any rate that is no excuse to not support the eventual GOP nominee.  Call the person the "anti Obama." Should we make the GOP pay the price at the cost of losing our country?

          • Aitch748

            I’m sorry, but how do we "hold the GOP accountable" if the opposition is so horrible that we HAVE to support the GOP nominee no matter how horrible HE is? It seems to me that the GOP is happy to use those crazy horrible liberty-destroying Democrats to hold us hostage to ensure we’ll always vote GOP even if the GOP are a bunch of statists. The GOP has been doing this for at least the past fifteen years and no doubt longer. What is your plan, go third-party?

            • jeaneeinabottle

              We are NOT the GOP!  Our being awake and using our voices is what will change EVERYTHING!  We the People have the power, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!  I think Gov Palin knows this and saw something that wasn’t there in us, we need to be the ones not just her!

              • alien4palin

                Very well said!!! I second that.

            • ReneePA

              Yes.  Go 3rd Party.

          • jeaneeinabottle

            You are correct, it is OUR job to hold these people accountable!!!  Get up and fight, we need to replace the Senate too!!!!

        • jeaneeinabottle

          It will be our job to stop that from happening don’t you think??  People must vote!

      • smbren

        Correct, but a sitting President never loses a second term unless there is a clear difference in the candidates and the vision of the country. Sarah is that person, Romney not so much. I decided on October 5th that Obama could very well win re-election. I do not like the thought of it, but I have prepared myself accordingly. I personally will vote for "whoever" but I am not sure there are enough of us out there to do it.

  • travelingon

    I don’t believe Glenn Beck is the only one who has had this idea rumbling around in the space between his ears, I’m sure Axlerod has already thought of it; might as well get a good airing on it, maybe people won’t be afraid when they are called racists next November.

    • smbren

      Glenn Beck needs Obama to stay in office for his own financial gain apparently. Gosh I hate to say that but I do not have any reason to apply. He may not like Gingrich, but to say he is just like Obama is absolutely ridiculous. I have read all of Newt’s books. I have read two of Obama’s, they are completely different people. Sarah Palin, educate Glenn Beck.

      • Budvarakbar

        GB’s messianic complex will marginalize him and sink him soon enough.  Sarah has a whole country to save.

      • jeaneeinabottle

        That might be the case, but turning on your listeners and using them to further your business is wrong.  Giving our opposition ammunition against will not turn out well for Beck even if we forgive.  Sometimes people sabotage themselves for whatever reason, that’s what this looks like to me.  Newt does not hate us like Obama does.

    • Betsey_Ross

      Yeah, the racist thing kind of lost its punch about 2 months into Obama’s presidency.  Over use made it pretty much moot by then.  It’s lost it’s meaning.  Blacks calling whites racist.  Democrats calling whites racist.  Whatever.  Hypocrites–now there’s a good word to throw back at them. 

    • Budvarakbar

      Good call!!

  • wodiej

    Excellent article Steve.  I have never cared for Beck.  He comes off as erratic, irrational and radical.  All of us have flaws and weaknesses and Beck’s is alcohol.  Many people have conquered this battle however typically it’s attached to other issues.  People will often use alcohol or drugs to self medicate themselves.  I don’t know if Beck is on any prescription meds but he should be and in counseling or he is going to destroy himself.  I don’t think he’s a bad person-he is just off track.

    • smbren

      My husband was on to him from the beginning. He never chastised me for watching him, but he would always say to me "be careful about that guy for as much as you support Sarah Palin. Glenn Beck is nothing like Sarah Palin, he will turn on her when the moment is right"  He is the 5 PM’er as Mr. Levin referred to him from the very beginning.

    • Steve_Flesher

      Thank Wodiej.  I agree, I think Beck is off track here.  Hopefully he’ll realize it was a mistake and apologize.  Though, like I said, someone next year can take one snippet from it and post it in a campaign ad next year.  That’s what I am concerned about.

      • $8196935

        Beck has an agenda and it is not close to where we are.
        Beck when on TV would go on about his hero Gandhi and having
        his photo in his office.  No secret about Gandhi’s friendship with
        Hitler and Gandhi’s letters to Hitler are on line and tells it all.

        Beck pushed a book about China discovering America,.
        Beck is not someone I would want supporting my candidate, Newt.

        • jeaneeinabottle

          Oh please, never heard him say anything like that.  He mentions Gandhi because he got where he went through peace, same with MLK.  

  • carltonwest

    Beck was always a spastic jack-in-the-box. Ain’t nothing changed.

    • Budvarakbar

      Blaring of trumpets!!! >>>  annonunces the winning comment of the day — maybe even week —

  • PattyinMD

    Maybe someone should ask Glen Beck if he has a problem with Newt’s religion? And all this bluster is because he is trying to justify all his eventual backing of Romney a fellow Morman?

    • smbren

      Based on Romney’s response last night regarding Israel, how could Mr. Beck support him? Very interesting indeed. I believe Glenn wants to form the "Beck party".

    • Jen4Palin

      My thoughts exactly. I cannot stand Glenn Beck. I’ve been saying that for years. Part of the reason is because he can’t keep his religious views to himself (and I say that as a religious person). The other reason is because he is a doomsayer who loves to stir up hysteria. It won’t shock me at all when he comes out in support of his fellow Mormon.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Race is just not the issue that it once was. For all the problems it created, the election of Barack Obama has defused racism as a compelling issue in national politics. Thank goodness for that. No one is going to run against Obama because of his skin color, and very, very few are going to vote for Newt just because he is white. It seems childish just to see such words in print these days. The charge of racism has been relegated to the desperate, to the intellectually impoverished remnants of the failed progressive movement, and, I guess, to Glen Beck.

    I did not see or read Beck’s remarks, but Cain’s popularity with the Tea Party should have buried any charge of racism against the Tea Party, which has numerous members from the black community, in addition to Cain. It was mainly the corrupt BSM and the unhinged Left that demonized Cain, and the Tea Party which largely stood with him.

    Enough of this stuff, already.

    • Rich Boatti

      Are you saying that racism doesn’t exist because Obama is president? Surely you jest.

  • Guest

    "Gingrich and Obama are both progressives.  I don’t understand the TP’s support for one progressive over another."

    THAT is what he should have said but Beck talks before he thinks.  Bringing race into it was stupid and irresponsible.

    • jeaneeinabottle

      Yes, he speaks before he thinks.  Breitbart is right about all that he stated though, I don’t know why Beck has not addressed it.

  • SusanWo4p

    Glenn Beck used to talk about Sarah like a sex object on his radio show…and a few hours later on his TV show, he’d speak of her as only a Christian gentleman would speak of another man’s wife.

    He would tell stories of a warm friendship with her (and even traveled all the way to AK to appear on stage with her) and then show up on Bill O’Reilly discussing her with an intellectual sneer.

    I think the guy is a vain, self-important, elitist jerk. 
    I think he’s every bit as obsessed with controlling people’s behavior as the Progressives he hates.
    I think he wants wants to be viewed as a "messiah" just as much as Obama does.

    As for Newt, Beck isn’t stupid.  He knows Newt would be far better than Obama (even if you were just thinking in terms of who would make a better friend to Israel)…just like he knew a McCain-Palin Adminstration would have been farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr better for this country (though he still maintains otherwise).  For that reason, Beck is dishonest too.

    I hope tea partiers shun him now for his cheap betrayal. 

    • 01_Explorer_01

      Heck,  Glen use to talk about Chris Christie as a sex object on his radio show too.

  • DougBrady

    I’ve always been of the opinion that Beck is a bit of a crackpot.  I agree with him on some things and enjoy some of the stuff he does (he can be very funny), but his implication that anyone who supports Gingrich over Obama is a racist is self-serving idiocy, IMHO.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Glen Beck is off the reservation, and not in a good way. 

    • wodiej

      he seemed like he was beginning to get on it but what often happens when people get power they become arrogant.

      • jeaneeinabottle

        Yes and he started meeting with Hollywood big wigs discussing the world and how to fix it.  Maybe he thinks he has all this power from us……we can take it away too.  We stand on Gods side, the truth!

  • Collin Gurgul

    I really like Glenn Beck.  He has taught be a lot and done more than almost anyone else for the tea party and this country.  I also know that he adores and is very good friends with Sarah Palin.  I also agree with what he has to say about Newt Gingrich that he is a big progressive.  Having said that, I don’t think that it’s right to call anyone racist and he should probably apologize for those comments.

    • wodiej

      probably? ya think?

    • mark1955

      Beck is friends with Governor Palin about as much as her other "good friend," Michelle Bachmann!

    • Budvarakbar

      You need to read the next comment down by jgrimes re GB’s treatment of Sarah —

      • Collin Gurgul

        I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but Sarah Palin is the only "politician" that Glenn has liked on facebook.  If you look at his older shows, he had high praises for Gov. Palin even before she was the vice presidential nominee.  He has said that he emails her on a regular basis and even had her on his first show on Fox.  I also think that the things that you are saying about him are hateful.  He was wrong to say that and we should leave it at that.

    • jeaneeinabottle

      Me too, have watched him from day one, but Newt doesn’t hate us and who is telling the truth right now and articulating it the way it should be??  Not Romney or Bachmann, Bachmann came out swinging at Palin!  We are watching all these people in the media, please don’t stop.

      • Collin Gurgul

        I agree.  I don’t think that it’s good that Newt calls himself a "Theodore Roosevelt Republican."  I think that Newt would be better than Obama and I don’t really think Bachmann is the one either.  I like Rick Santorum but he’s in last place.  This race is missing a true conservative leader…Sarah Palin, WE NEED YOU!

  • jgrimes

    Glenn’s statement is such a shame. Tea Party has been called alot of things, but when you are called a racist by a so called Conservative and the way he mocked Sarah w/ whatever his name is
    (picture) of a baby added to her family portriat, that was the nail that closed the coffin for me.
    I will keep glenn in my prayers that the lord will lead him to get on the right medication.

    • Budvarakbar

      Hear!! Hear!!

  • Cheryl Herin

    As someone who has listened to Glenn on the radio for close to 6 years, he sometimes makes his points with hyperbole. This is what this is. Glenn is not calling the Tea Party racist. He knows the Tea Party supported Herman Cain. What disturbs him is Cain’s supporters seem to be going to Newt. Glennis against progressivism, whether it comes from a Dem or a Republican. He was asking those in the Tea Party that are supporting Newt to look into his record. Glenn doesn’t want the nominee to be McCain 2.0.

    As for Breitbart, he has an axe to grind against Glenn for some perceived slight during the Sherrod matter. I have never heard Glenn criticize Breitbart regarding Sherrod or anything els either on radio or TV. If he had, it would have been news on all conservative blogs. Glenn did criticize the Administration and the FDA for Sherrod’s firing. But not Breitbart. I wish people on our side were not so quick in dismissing someone on the basis of one comment. 

    • PCR1

      Just hyperbole?

      …then he should apologize.

    • wodiej

      there’s no way to parse Beck’s words.  The man said if people voted for Gingrich then they are racist because Gingrich is just as progressive as Obama.  First of all, a conservative should not be spouting this garbage on national TV.  This is fodder for liberals. We have to get Obama out of the WH and Beck is aiding the enemy simply because his candidate has lost front runner status.  The only reason Romney ever had it was from default. 

      • Cheryl Herin

        Why do you assume that Romney is Glenn’s candidate? Because they’re both Mormon? Glenn said on the radio he would vote for Bachmann in the primary. As for the other Mormon in the race, Glenn said a few months ago he would recuse himself from talking about Jon Huntsman Jr, since he is close friends with his father. As for fodder for the liberals, say Newt is the nominee. Obama is going to say "Newt agrees with me on A, B and C." Newt is left to explain why. Liberals will find fodder everywhere.

    • philip127

      Beck played the short version of Sherrod’s comments about not helping white farmers, while Andrew Breitbart had post the FULL UNEDITED version that went on where she told how she finally "grew" to understand that poor white farmers also deserve help equally to black farmers.

      Beck went on to critize Breitbart for insinulating that the short version got her fired and was sloppy journalism etc. when it was Beck’s & Foxes short version and Breitbart had posted the full tape. When Breitbart requested to go on Beck’s show to defend himself Beck refused.

      Beck did simiiar things with the ACORN tapes. That is why Breitbart  has "an axe to grind".

      I have listened to Beck since 2003, almost everyday, but this is the last straw. The Judge’s show is taped, if he made a mistake, I’m sure the Judge would have let them re-shoot it. He said what he meant, & meant what he said. 

      • $8196935

        The Judge is on board with Beck as the Judge is a PaulBot and a major 9/11 Truther

    • $8196935

      Another new poster as a spear carrier for Beck.

      Newt is far more conservative than Beck, as a matter of fact, Beck never was a conservative.

    • Collin Gurgul

      Couldn’t have said it better myself

  • IsraeliCojones

    I appreciate Glenn Beck’s love of the Constitution his little self and his strong support for conservative Alinsky’s principles.

    • $8196935

      You got that right IC

  • PCR1

    Glenn Beck is, was, has always been and always shall be – a fraud.

    Glenn Beck is all about Glenn Beck.


    Glenn would crucify Newt for his past imperfections.

    Like the Man said,"Let he who has never sinned throw the first stone!"

    Glenn needs to take a look back at his own past.

    That he has much to say that is good, on the mark, is beside the point.

    So does Ron Paul.

    And he’s a nutcase.

    • smbren

      Of course Glenn has stated publicly  that he had to ask for forgiveness for his alcoholism and the destruction he had caused to his family. Now he apparently is the father of the year! who knew?

  • pete4palin

    Well once again, Steve Flesher and C4P has taken an interesting subject and put in in the context of ‘Newt is our person.’  
    Whatever you might think about Gingrich, in no way shape or form does he represent the Tea Party ideals.

    • frank

      It is interesting that all the Romney pieces are anti-Romney and all the Newt pieces are supportive. This despite the fact that Romney and Gingrich agree on a lot of issues. It looks like this has become C4Gingrich despite the fact that Palin has endorsed no one.

      • wodiej

        you realize blogging here is voluntary don’t you?

        • frank

          I also never read the main page anymore.

      • 01_Explorer_01

        Exactly, Something that Sarah does not like the mud slinging. and spin.

    • wodiej

      well as someone noted yesterday Pete, then don’t post on a thread if you don’t like the content. The blog owners and moderators are not going to gear the conversation based on what you and some others want no matter how much you complain and criticize. Steve made it CRYSTAL CLEAR he was not promoting Gingrich.  But some of you are just bound and determined that you are going to come out every single day and start something. 

      • frank

        Actions speak louder than words. Every Romney piece is negative. Every Gingrich piece is positive. That despite the fact that they are similar.

    • $8196935

      When did you become spokeperson for the tea party organizations

  • We heir2freedom

    I like Glenn Beck. But this was an over-the-top, idiotic statement. There are HUGE differences between Newt and Obama. For Beck to lump them together as some kind of peas in a pod is just plain stupid, if not terribly misleading and slanderous to the Tea Part patriots. Shame on him for the hyperbole. Maybe Beck’s feeling the heat from Mark Levin surging on his ratings.

    • frank

      Newt Gingrich has supported big government programs. Sold his access to special interests. Supports government mandates. These are the things the tea party is supposed to be against. It’s the tea party that is slandering itself and the word that I would use is tea party traitors.

      • wodiej

        You are adamant about upholding Beck’s statement which leads me to believe that you cannot be objective because you are enamored w this person-and that is all Beck is-just a person like everyone else who happened to get an opportunity to help move people towards democracy and blew it.

        • frank

          I don’t necessarily agree that it is racist but it is a betrayal of the principals that the tea party was supposed to stand for. He is right when he says both parties are corrupt and the American people agree with him. I like him have principles and will not compromise them anymore. I’ve done it since 1988 and the problems have not gotten any worse. It is not going to get much better under any of these candidates.

      • We heir2freedom

        Calling Tea party-ers "traitors" is ignorant and you know it (pun intended). 

        The Tea Party represents fidelity to the Constitution and America’s founding principles of a limited federal government working within constrained, enumerated powers. The bloated behemoth it has become today at the federal level is what betrays American law — and can and should be deigned "traitorous", as it is sinking our nation. Obama and his "progressive" minions don’t want to constrain the federal beast but instead want to feed its insatiable appetite more and more, bigger and bigger. Gingrich may not be the ideal conservative that Sarah Palin is, but he certainly is not the Marxist radical revolutionary that Obama is. And Glenn Beck is an entertainer. 

  • frank

    Beck is essentially right. To support Gingrich is a betrayal of principles that the tea party supposedly stands for is hypocritical. That is something I want no part of. I would rather have 4 years of Obama than 8 of Gingrich. Gingrich will take us down the same path except at a slower pace. Conservative social engineering is no better than liberal social engineering.

    • wodiej

      I hope in November you have thought better of your decision.  This is not just about the Tea Party. This is about the entire country. Everyone is not going to see things exactly the same way. That doesn’t mean they don’t honor the flag, our military, the country and their fellow citizens.

      As the months wear on I see more and more how intolerant and judgmental Americans are and they walk on both sides of the road. I see a country of selfish, self centered people who only care about what they want and their opinion is the only one that matters.  We have a country to save so let’s get to it.

      • frank

        Even with Palin on the ticket in 2008, it made me sick to my stomach to vote for McCain. It makes me sick to my stomach voting for Romney or Gingrich. 4 years of Obama or 8 years of Romney/Gingrich make it a no-brainer. Punt until 2016 in hopes of getting a real conservative like DeMint running.

        • mark1955

          "real conservative like Demint  running". Yeah,Demint is such a conservative that he was  on MITTEN’s exploratory commitee in 2007,then Demint  became co-chairman of both MITTEN’S and Lindsey Graham’s campaign.Earlier this year he also said he had no problem with romneycare. Then Demint like that other phony Tom Coburn,has mastered the art of threatening fillibuster’s and having liberal bills read in order to stop or slow them down,then never following through.Yep that’s some conservative. sarc/off. Beck is the last person who should be telling us about Tea Party principles.Isn’t he the one who threw a counter convention to the inaugural Tea Party convention in 2010,because he was jealous of the attention they were getting?

    • cheers2all

      I agree with you, but I disagree with him playing the race card.

      It’s absurd, and it plays into the Libs.’ hands, when it is absolutely not true.

      Voters supported Obama, in many cases because he is black, not in spite of, but in 2012, they will vote for someone of substance (I hope, although the quality on the GOP site is surely lacking).

    • philip127

      I have not made a choice on who I will vote for, I can’t let go of my orginal pick for the last 3 years!

      I have no problem with Beck pointing out his opinion of Newt vs. Zero, that is not the point. By calling Tea Partiers racist he is giving them all the big finger and spitting in their face. Forget his ratings etc. He is doing the same thing the left has been doing for years and he so vemonly when after them for. He is no better than them, he has become the people he has opposed. Not only that, this clip of Beck will be played in a continous loop on the LSM.

      I think he was so impressed with the reaction that Adam Corallea (sp) got with his rant, he has been trying to manufacture the same reaction. He tried several times this past week on the radio and I heard a clip from his  internet show (ranting). Trying to force a rant for ratings just looks like bad soap oprea acting.

    • westernhunter

      What about the 2 supreme court appointee’s that Obama will probably get.  We have to save the country first before we can get back to turning the ship around. 

      I sometimes think people are living in la! la! land

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