Long-Time C4P Commentator Brian Lerch Talks To Eric Bolling About The Palin Iowa Ads On Cavuto’s Show/Open Thread

What’s going on today? Here’s video of long time C4P commentator Blerch talking to Eric Bolling on Cavuto’s show about the Palin Iowa radio and television ads:

Great job Blerch! The Governor herself will speak with Eric Bolling at 4 PM EST on Monday on Cavuto’s show.

Here is where you can find all the information on the radio and television ads that have run or will run in Iowa in the next couple of days and when and where those ads will run.

She makes a significantly better political candidate than political analyst but I think it’s fair to say the Governor absolutely called the Santorum surge in Iowa on December 2nd when she said that voters concerned about ideological consistency would turn towards the former Senator. On December 2nd, Santorum was averaging less than 5% in the Iowa polling and now he’s on the verge of leaving Iowa as the last social conservative standing among the Bachmann/Perry/Santorum trio, a prospect that would have been laughable in late August.

Hypocrisy on Palin/M. Obama and clothes.

Well, Gingrich held out the VP position and energy secretary position to the Governor.

The DNC makes a great point about Romney in this attack ad.

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