New Year’s Eve Open Thread

What’s going on tonight? The final DMR poll shows Romney 24, Paul 22, Santorum 15, Gingrich 12, Perry 11, Bachmann 7. However, the poll was conducted over four days and the final two days of the poll showed Romney 24, Santorum 21, Paul 18, Gingrich 12, Perry 11, Bachmann 7. So what that means is that Santorum was at roughly 9% the first two days of the poll and 21% the final two days of the poll. The story isn’t the topline but the trend (it also means that Ron Paul was at 26% the first two days of the poll and 18% the final two days). It appears that that Revolution has run out in Iowa and it’ll be close race between Santorum and Romney for Iowa.

In case you missed it, long-time commentator Al B. provided us with an incredibly useful chart detailing the schedule, filing deadlines, and the delegate selection method for all GOP primaries/caucuses. This chart illustrates how the Governor will need to become a candidate very soon if she really is reconsidering and wants to go into the convention with more delegates than any other candidate..

The Governor pretty much slammed the field in this Washington Post feature that asked her, Haley Barbour, Mitch Daniels, and Herman Cain what they would be doing if they were campaigning for President.

The Virginia AG is intervening in the Virginia GOP primary ballot fiasco. Isn’t the compromise solution just to allow write-in votes?

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