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What’s going on this morning?

In case you missed it, longtime C4P commentator blerch talked to WHO’s Simon Conway about the Palin radio ads that will be running in Des Moines on WHO and during Rush Limbaugh’s show. All of the radio and television ads that will air in Iowa can be seen here.

Rick Santorum is now citing praise from the Governor in his radio ads. Here is the Santorum ad.

The Revolution has arrived in Iowa:

Paul: 24%
Romney: 20%
Gingrich: 13%
Bachmann: 11%
Santorum: 10%
Perry: 10%
Huntsman: 4%
Roemer: 2%

Isn’t it time for Newt to consider taking a dive in New Hampshire by telling two-thirds of his supporters in New Hampshire to purposefully vote for Paul in New Hampshire in the hopes that Paul can deliver a crushing blow to Romney in the state? After all, wouldn’t Newt take 5% in New Hampshire if it meant that Paul beat Romney by a 36-34 margin in NH because Gingrich’s voters strategically played Mitt like a fiddle? The short-run success of the Ron Paul Revolution may help make the long-run success of the Palin revolution possible.

What continues to be amazing about the media coverage of Mitt Romney is that he will likely win fewer votes in the 2012 Iowa caucuses than the number of votes he won in the 2008 Iowa caucuses despite the fact he’s facing significantly weaker competition in 2012 than he faced in 2008 and yet the media will declare him one of the winners if he finishes in second or third place.

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