Pushing Back Against “The Big Lie” – The “Irrelevant” Edition

Many of us are familiar with the propaganda technique widely known as “The Big Lie,” where a lack of facts to back up one’s assertions is glossed over by dogged repetition of said assertions until people finally begin to accept one’s premise as fact. We should be familiar by now with the elitist punditry’s repeated attempts to foist their opinions and wishes upon us as verifiable fact, but occasionally even the most alert of us might fall prey to their alarmist propaganda.

So let’s highlight the latest meme that’s floating around out there, probably launched by the DNC along with a multitude of other trial balloons and homing devices, while the minions at OFA hope desperately that something, anything, will gain traction and catch on.

This is the “Irrelevant” meme, and the latest iteration goes something like this: “By not running for the GOP nomination, Sarah Palin and her ideas have become irrelevant and no one will pay attention to her anymore. She has no standing to speak and no following, as it is clear that her only point of interest was the possibility that she might someday run for President.”

Probe a little farther, though, and you’ll probably be able to interpret the wish-casting and the rather silly reasoning behind the desperation. What the pundits are really trying to say would probably sound something like the following:

“Because she’s not a declared GOP candidate right now, Sarah Palin is therefore finally rendered irrelevant. After all our attempts to destroy her or smother her message over the last three years, we’ve finally hit upon the conclusive reason why you should not pay attention to the very sensible things she is saying: She’s totally and completely irrelevant! No, really, we mean it this time! No one is officially paying attention to her. In fact, no one is listening to her now! Don’t even bother reading the articles she’s writing or watching her appearances on TV. No one is listening anymore. Stop listening, already! Stop pretending like you can spread the word yourself. Why even bother posting links to her articles? Don’t try bringing them to the attention of your friends and acquaintances, because no one else has read them and of course people only want to talk about the things that everyone already knows about. And no one is interested in what Sarah Palin has to say anymore, because she’s apparently not running for the GOP nomination at this time, unlike the handful of people who ARE running, who are the ONLY people in the country we should be paying attention to at this time. No one else, of course, can have anything relevant to say.”

Pretty silly when you spell it all out, isn’t it? Sometimes, though, the mantra is couched in such convincing and persuasive terms that even her supporters can be tempted to fall for the Eeyore theme. There’s no telling where the discouraged supporters leave off and the concern trolls step up to the plate, but you might take a few grains of salt if you start hearing things like: “How I wish she had announced she was running! She’s got a great message, but unfortunately no one is listening because she’s not a candidate at this time. Too bad she lost her influence and impact on October 5th. It’s a real shame, too, because she has great things to say, but unfortunately, contrary to what she said, you DO need a title to make a difference and you DO need some kind of random platform like running for a party’s nomination in order to secure the limelight. Therefore, I’m going to play along with the LSM’s game of trying to smother her message by pretending that no one is listening, and I’ll do my part to make sure the message stops here.”

Just because someone says so, doesn’t make it so. Remember, the media and the ruling class have an agenda to push. Why should we engage in their little mind games? Governor Palin rivets our attention because she walks the walk and talks the talk. She has engaging and sound ideas, and she has proven her mettle in implementing successful policies. She has a knack for taking her case to the people and explaining her ideas with simple concision. That’s one reason she garnered record approval ratings during her term as Governor: not only did she do the right things, but she handled the messaging properly so that she was able to get people on board with her plans. Why would anyone think her knack for connecting with people has suddenly dried up now?

Cheer up, Restoration patriots! Continue to spread the message of sudden and relentless reform. Those of us who pay close attention to the minutia of politics – pundits, permanent politicians, and passionate patriots alike – actually form a small minority of the American public, most of whom are largely tuned out to politics at this point. They are the target audience! They will listen to and read what we, the people, their friends and neighbors, suggest to them, not necessarily to what some talking heads on TV tell them is important. When the American public at large starts to tune in, we want to make sure that they hear the message of sudden and relentless reform, loud and clear.

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