Respect Her Decision – Ask Her to Serve

Guest Submission by Jeremy Luna

It occurred to me that while some people are urging us to ‘respect her decision’ they themselves do not seem to understand at all What that decision was.
The fact is, she never said that she wasn’t running! Look up every statement she has made, verbally or in-writing and you will notice, She Never Said ‘No’!

It seems pretty clear to me: Governor Palin told us she would be there “if no one else were to step up”. (No one has.) She told us her campaign would be “very grassroots”. She told us our nominee should be “Reluctant to Serve”.

So, let’s see, how would a “reluctant” nominee behave?
They would almost certainly use phrases like “not at this time”, and they would probably decline to “seek” the nomination (seek, being the keyword). They would hint at an “unconventional election cycle”, and encourage Voters to carefully select their candidate and then ask them, “Will you sacrifice?” “Will You Serve?”
Not coincidentally, those are all direct quotes from Sarah herself.

She never said she wasn’t running, only “not at this time”.
She never said no to the presidency, only no to “seeking the nomination”.
And what’s more, every time she talks about the “ideal candidate”, she describes Herself to a T!

I believe she made the initial decision to decline Only because the timing was not yet right. Her words were deliberate and strategic. Remember, she is the most-vetted candidate in history and has no use for pointless ‘debates’.  Naturally she would have “no regrets”, (as she has told Hannity) because she has everything to gain by staying out of the horse race as long as possible!

Furthermore, I believe that her decision was God-Led. God led her to say “not at this time”. God led her to say that she would not “seek” the nomination. God led her to leave the Door Open. God has led her to allow the Reconsider Movement to continue.
And let us not forget that He works through His People.

So let us Respect her decision: BY Asking her to Serve!

Stand your Ground. Fight Back.

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