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Restoration Momentum

Most of us at C4P share the ultimate goal of the fundamental restoration of America, coalescing around the principles of freedom, common sense and incorruptibility that Governor Palin champions. Obviously, many of us thought that that goal would be accomplished with President Palin at the helm of the country. While it appears that she has "taken the fight in a different direction," we would do well to follow her admonition to "Keep your powder dry" and be prepared for the coming year, whatever developments arise.

There is much we cannot see from our vantage point, and I think it’s clear that many of us only have some pieces of the puzzle. Regardless of how events play out – whether Governor Palin is involved in the coming election as an official candidate, spokesperson for a cause, or some other role we haven’t yet fathomed – we must determine to chart a clear and certain path to victory, one that ensures that our efforts will not be expended in vain.

Quite honestly, the Governor already gave us our cue, and the logical next steps for all good citizens should be very clear. In her Facebook post titled Conquering the Storm on August 8th, she wrote:

Our destiny is still in our own hands if we pick ourselves up and act responsibly and quickly. We must all get involved. Concerned Americans must seek truth, work harder than ever, and be willing to sacrifice today to ensure freedom tomorrow. Please get engaged in 2012 electoral politics and support experienced, vetted, pro-free market fiscal conservatives who will dedicate all to preserving our Republic and protecting our Constitution.

Seek truth. Work hard. Support good candidates. What does this look like in basic, practical terms, especially for a wave of newly-engaged and inspired activists who are just waking up to the realities of electoral politics for the first time in this election cycle? For those who are new to politics, what should we be doing between now and Election Day 2012, and for those who are familiar with political activism, how can we explain the objectives and goals to our friends, family, and acquaintances so that they’ll be inspired and motivated to get involved?

Here’s what you might say:

1) Vet candidates. All candidates, from all levels of government. Examine their accomplishments, and weigh their rhetoric against their records. Verify your facts, realizing that formerly trusted sources may well have hidden agendas, and seek out the truth for yourself from original sources.

We’ve been attempting to do this at C4P, but there’s only so much we can do. There are many, many critical races across the country, and the high-profile ones will tend to get the most attention, but the local ones are just as important to research and highlight. Most candidates for higher office rise up through the ranks. The school board, mayor, and state house races form the training grounds from which next decade’s national leaders will emerge. Work now to fill these positions with the best people possible.

Even if your preferred presidential candidate does not make it to the nomination, commit now to work hard in the next election cycle. If you simply cannot bring yourself to cast a vote for the presidential nominee, don’t for a moment consider sitting this one out. The down-ticket races are just as crucial to the future of our country.

2) Educate yourself about the rules and happenings in your community. Do you know the filing deadlines, primary dates, local GOP/Tea Party meetings, precinct boundaries, polling places, and party leadership for your state, county, and community? Find out. Look it up, ask someone who knows, and then spread the word.

3) Educate yourself about political history, strategy, and tactics. Study successful campaigns, and learn how we can replicate and surpass the fantastic results enjoyed by our political opponents. For an excellent introduction to the Left’s testing ground of new tactics, read The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care). We can do this! We at the grassroots do not have the same access to money or muscle, but because we have the passion and the numbers, we can achieve far more impressive results if we can get organized enough to pull it off. We need unity, coalition-building amongst various faction groups who have a significant overlap of interest, and a single-mindedness of focus. More on the tools to accomplish this in a future post.

4) Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all, put your boots to the ground in the most powerful, productive, and time-tested method possible: become active in your community. The best and most effective way you can change the course of the nation is by influencing your community at the precinct level. Obama brought the idea of "community organizing" to the forefront during the 2008 election cycle, but the concept of precinct organizing isn’t rocket science. Who has the best ground game is the bedrock of retail politicking, and will determine the course of the election(s).

For a better understanding of this simple yet profound concept, read this insightful article at The Precinct Project:

The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy, outlined below, entails a tried-and-true, peaceful, Constitutional, ballot box solution to our present political predicament. The procedures and system for this solution have been in existence for decades. Obama used them…..

Who elects the leadership of the parties? Do you know? Are you a registered Republican? Guess what? As a “mere” registered Republican voter, without more, you DID NOT have a vote in the election of the present leadership of the Republican Party. Sorry, but those are the facts.

ONLY elected precinct committeemen get to vote for the leadership of the Party. Do I yet have your attention? Ponder the fact that ONLY elected precinct committeemen get to elect the Party leadership. Don’t you want to have a vote in those elections?

About 3,141 counties exist in the United States. Each has a county party organization. And, those county organizations almost always endorse candidates in the party primaries. And, usually, those party-endorsed candidates win. Tired of the kind of Republican In Name Only Republicans who are winning the primaries? Then DO SOMETHING REAL and become a Republican Party precinct committeeman! Guess what? About half of the Republican Party precinct committeeman slots, nationwide, are unfilled!….

Spend a few moments and picture this in your mind’s eye: thousands of conservatives flock to the Republican Party and join it as precinct committeemen. And, in the next internal party elections, these conservatives (you, me and others) elect NEW, CONSERVATIVE leadership. (Or, instead, these same conservatives (me, excepted) sit behind their computer screens and put first on their priority list, instead of second, writing that next, great blog post that is going to, somehow, save the republic.)….

The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy CAN work. Now. I have seen it work first hand….The conservatives won because about a thousand conservatives left their keyboards for a couple of hours each month and got into the REAL political ball game. So, I and others continue to try to recruit more conservatives into the precinct committeeman ranks. We try to get people off the sidelines and into the ACTUAL, REAL ball game. The rough-and-tumble hard work of actually showing up – God forbid – at a Republican Party legislative district meeting once a month. Instead of typing away to the conservative choir on the internet.

Fingers to the keyboard certainly has its place, and we’ve seen the effect a small number of coached and paid trolls can have on shaping the narrative, when coordinated – through various "Rapid Response Teams" – to launch broadsides on numerous online outlets. It’s important to understand how the game is rigged, so we can see behind the smoke and mirrors to the "men behind the curtain." However, that strategy will become less potent as more and more people wake up to the realities of how the system is manipulated. A few dozen Journolisters and their acolytes should not be allowed to hold sway over the prevailing dialogue. As Governor Palin so astutely observed in her Newsweek interview, "the mainstream press is becoming less and less relevant.” They’re only as important as they can convince people they are.

We need to keep our focus on the real ground game: organizing our precincts for victory. Are you signed up?

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  • Whitney Pitcher

    Thank you for writing this, Rose. This is really important stuff. Governor Palin realizes the importance of getting involved locally–10 years in local politics and was involved in the PTA. Restoration is needed at every level.

  • Nicole Olmstead Coulter

    I need to get off the couch, too. If it’s just one meeting a month, we all should have no excuses, right????? Thanks so much for the guidance, Rose.

    • IwjwI
      • IwjwI

        It is a solution that has been overlooked because #1, it is such a simple solution and #2, one that the political elites and statists want us to have no clue about because it will work beautifully to oust them.

        Time to become more than just ‘voters’ and become ‘Captains’ to restore America.

        It is time to get off of the couch, get out from behind our computers, put our walking boots
        on, and hit the streets in an peaceful and bloodless coup that will restore our country and
        it’s people to prosperity and greatness.

        We need to get into action, or the "Death Panels" of O-Care will surely become the "Killing Fields" of America and we will loose our lives and a generation of memories of what it was like to live in a country where it’s people once lived free.

        "Revive – Renew – Restore" will happen only when we infiltrate the political system and retake it from within.

        "United we stand; divided we fall."

  • wodiej

    Gov. Palin would be disappointed in anyone not voting for president because their favored candidate did not win the nomination.  That should not even be listed as an option.  I admit on Oct. 5th, I had considered that but only briefly.  As for being a precinct committee person, great idea.  I have contacted my local GOP and asked for info on this.   

    • Rose_Lawrence


      I am not advocating not voting for president. I am acknowledging the fact that many have stated that they will not vote for whomever the eventual nominee is if their preferred candidate is not selected, without agreeing with this perspective. While I do not endorse leaving the slot blank, voting third-party or writing in another name, I understand that every person must make this choice individually, and I do not find it productive to get into an argument here over the merits of various such strategies. Regardless of the enthusiasm surrounding the presidential vote, I am pointing out the importance of focusing on the down-ticket races, where there is plenty of room for enthusiasm and involvement.

      If people can’t be inspired to get out and work on [Fill-in-the-blank]’s campaign, then they should be out there working for the state house race, for instance. Don’t let disgust or anger or feelings of disenfranchisement keep you from making a difference in this election.

  • pete4palin

    We need a ground game that’s for sure. And if (when) she does enter, there’s an established organization ready to go. 

  • BHliberty

    Great advice!  While living in Nevada I attended GOP meetings, Republican Womens groups, Tea Party rallies, and became a Precinct Captain.  Never before 2008 did I ever think I would be involved in politics.  But because of realizing where this country was heading, I couldn’t just stand back and witness the destruction. 

    As a precinct captain, our charge was to clean up the county registrars database by going door to door to get new people registered (preferably Republican).  Remember in Nevada, having the largest foreclosure rate in the nation, our database was in need of revision.  Many spent Saturdays in groups to do this.  Additionally, we did polling for the much heated race between Sharron Angle and Harry Reid.  All in all, much fun was had by all and we really felt we were making a difference.  While we didn’t succeed in electing Sharron Angle, it was a great experience to understanding our poltical process in action. 

    Working at the precinct level helps you to get your feet wet in the political process! Plus, you get to meet some great people with a common cause. 

    Now I’m in California and will become involved in the same capacity!  Thanks again Rose for expressing how to get involved!

  • Guest

    Sorry….but my local republican party can kiss what is next to my seat cushion.  I approached them and informed them that I was the coordinator for O4P for 2 counties and the republican party turned their back on me….wouldn’t even shake my hand.  I reached out to several of the other republican groups in my area…same thing.  They wouldn’t even bother to return an email if you have anything to do with Palin OR tea party. 

    I’m helping with a local congressional candidate.

    • BHliberty

      I understand!  California is, for sure, a different beast!  Nevada Republicans were much more open to joining with the TeaParty and Governor Palin.  I will somehow find a way to work through that!

      • Guest

        You got it!  Wearing a Palin in ANY political office ideaology is totally taboo in my republican party area.  Not the people….just the party officials. 

        I tried getting help during the 2004 election because my car kept getting vandalized because I had a Bush/Cheney sticker on my car.  They wouldn’t even call me back.  I gave up on my county party people a long time ago.

        • BHliberty

          McCain/Palin signs were being pulled from lawns in NV!  Those pesky democrats!  Off hand, what county are you in?  I’m in the Ventura County!

          • Guest

            Nor Cal…..Solano

            • Marc

              I’m Nor Cal Yolo :)

              • Guest

                I’m the O4P coordinator for both Solano and Yolo!  ;-) 

                • Marc

                  Wow!  Really good to meet you!  :)

                  Last year, I had gone to a GOP gathering which included Brian Sussman’s signing his book ‘Climategate’ so it’s possible I may have crossed paths without even knowing it.  :)

              • porightscoopfan

                Here’s the website for the Yolo County board of elections, showing the Supervisorships that are up for election in 2012.

            • porightscoopfan

              There are 5 Supervisor districts in Solano county (perhaps you already know)
              Here is a link to the map of the Supervisorial Districts:

              Find somebody to run for each of the Districts, and/or run yourself in yours.  Find the best good Democrat you know in each district and get them to run for the Democratic Supervisoral post as well.  You want the best (honest/upright, etc) people on the committee for both parties.

        • patnatasha

          establishment types they are what’s wrong with the people.

          • Guest

            Exactly!  Throw them ALL out!  Including the party insiders.

    • Adrienne Ross

      I experienced the same thing as part of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. Unreal!

      • BHliberty

        That’s so unfortunate!  What state?  I’ve attended, so far, a Republican Womens Group in the Simi Valley, Ronald Reagan territory and they are open arms to Governor Palin.  In fact, the Governor was to attend one of their meetings but had to cancel.  Some how they will figure it out!  United we stand, Divided we fall!

        • Adrienne Ross

          I live in good old New York! :)

          I’m going to get into the fray anyway. Let’s shake it up!

        • friskyness

          She didn’t cancel.  She never confirmed the invitation.  I remember that.  They publicized it, before she confirmed. 

          • BHliberty

            Thanks for clarifying!  Are you in Ventura County?  If so, great and maybe our paths will cross at some point!

            • friskyness

              No, I am in Orange County.

      • patnatasha

        and if we get a rino or worse the dufus back then they will be kicking themselves.

    • Guest

      Could that be the real reson Sarah did not run? Orders from RNC about Palin? Hmmm… And since she is ABO, she is not going 3rd party. That leaves her out of the loop by forced order of the RINOs and the power-billionaires..

      • Guest

        I wouldn’t say she absolutely won’t go 3rd party.  I think it’s a wait-and-see approach with that.  She has only hinted to the why she said no.  She’s never given a definite "reason".  That is one of the reasons why I still believe that the door is still open.

    • porightscoopfan

      You are entirely missing the point of this post.    They (Republican party officials) are treating you that way because they got your committeeman to vote for them. 

      What you are being encouraged to do is RUN FOR THE COMMITTEEMAN OFFICE.  Once you win that race (there are usually only ~300 votes even cast in your precinct for that position), once you win, then THEY have to petition for YOUR support to vote for them in leadership. 

      If you want to be vindictive to ‘the party’ for turning their back on you, then take their name, find their district, and find someone you know to run for Committeeman in that district.  Help your friend win, then show up to the monthly meeting and watch your friend vote your favorite RHINO target out of leadership. 

      Unfortunately, the Homosexual community in my home town back in Ohio used this strategy to take over control of the leadership of the Republican party in the county of the capitol of the state.  Then they turned the entire state over to the Democrats. 

      Central committeemen havepowerful roles.  My dad was one for a while and Ken Blackwell asked to meet with he and other Christian committeemen to be interviewed/interrogated when Ken was running for Governor of Ohio a while back. 

      Your alternative to retaking your Republican party, miss pepper, is to build another party FROM SCRATCH!  So you’re going to have to figure out how this process works one way or the other.  Or sit on your ‘seat cushion’ and hold your citizenship cheap when Palinista Committeemen tell tales in future decades of where they were in the 2012 Saint Crispen’s day elections!

  • Christopher H Fromme

    If you are interested in the 
    Pennsylvania Precinct Project then contact     Lois Kaneshiki In PA you need 10+ signatures to be on the ballot in the April primary to be a committee person, in the area that I live there are 66 available spots on the ballot, most people on my committee are appointted.,  They do not Knock on doors

  • nkthgreek

    You saw what happened to issue 2 here in Ohio, now the recall effort of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and the list goes on. Folks, the left is not going down without a fight! 

  • blackbird

    Thank you Rose for this important post.

    The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado…
    This is the inside story of one of the most stunning reversals of political fortune in American history. Four years ago, the GOP dominated politics at every level in Colorado. Republicans held both Senate seats, five of seven congressional seats, the governor’s mansion, the offices of secretary of state and treasurer, and both houses of the state legislature. After the 2008 election, the exact opposite was true: replace the word Republicans with Democrats in the previous sentence, and you have of one the most stunning reversals of political fortune in American history.

  • Guest

    I will not help the GOP but I will lend my support to individual candidates, as I have always done.  In the last local election I helped a  woman running on the republican ticket and a  man running as an Independent for county commissioner spots, and I helped a republican man who ran for a state senate seat.

  • Veritas41

    This is a great
    article and I really appreciate the direction on how to get involved. If I may
    suggest that we start taking a page from the Democratic Party and copy some of their
    tactics that work.

    “For an excellent
    introduction to the Left’s testing ground of new tactics, read The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why
    Republicans Everywhere Should Care). We can do this!
    We at the grassroots do not have the same access to money or muscle, but
    because we have the passion and the numbers, we can achieve far more impressive
    results if we can get organized enough to pull it off. We need unity,
    coalition-building amongst various faction groups who have a significant
    overlap of interest, and a single-mindedness of focus. More on a few of the
    tools to accomplish this in a future posts.”

    If we could
    start getting our own volunteers and canvassers to match O’s volunteers to elect
    non corrupt politicians to the house and senate that would be a great way to
    flex our political muscle. We could also utilize this network to oppose the
    members of the corrupt political class mentioned in Peter Schweitzer’s book Throw
    Them All Out.

    We need to know
    what we are up against in this struggle for our very survival.

    We need to outsmart O’s top-down campaign and use technology
    and true grassroots support to our advantage. The time is now to start building
    a volunteer grassroots knocking on doors and calling people movement to restore
    this nation to greatness. Comrade O and his minions are currently demanding
    that volunteers and canvassers answer the call. I challenge C4P to respond and rally under Sarah’s banner of fundamental restoration.

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