The Day After Christmas Open Thread

What’s going on today? I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

The Governor, along with Rubio, Gingrich, and Romney, said some nice things about Paul Ryan in this month’s Human Events:

Paul Ryan has shown needed leadership in addressing America’s crucial need for entitlement reform. I was an unapologetic early supporter of the Ryan Roadmap and still hold out hope that many of his ideas won’t get derailed by the Left’s ‘politics-as-usual’ antics."

The Alaska Pride blog pushes for R. Paul/Palin as the 2012 GOP ticket. If this happens, I think we can safely say that the Revolution has arrived.

This story explains how the Virginia GOP changed the rules for making the ballot in Virginia. I still don’t see how this explanation acquits Gingrich and Perry because both men should have been aware that their signatures would not have been checked had they submitted 15,000 signatures. It seems that both men had enough time to plan accordingly after the policy had been changed.

However, the good news for Newt is "[u]nlike other candidates who surged and then fell, the former congressman from Georgia has maintained his lead [nationally]." The bad news for Gingrich and the rest of the field as it’s currently constructed is that Barack Obama is gaining momentum against this field.

This is a new ad from the independent Palin "earthquake" group that will air in Des Moines. This group aired ads in Sioux City last week and plans to air an ad during the Tebow game next weekend.

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