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"Throw Them All Out" Jumps Up Seven Spots On The NY Times Non-Fiction Hardcover Best Seller List To #6

Peter Schweizer’s book, Throw Them All Out, jumped up seven spots in one week on the NY Times non-fiction hardcover bestseller list to #6.

The Giffords’ book is down six spots in one week on the same chart while Michele Bachmann’s book is in Jennifer Granholm territory.


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  • Palinpower

    I dont think it’s necessary to compare Schweizer’s book with the Giffords book. Not sure there is a need to keep doing that. What is the point?

  • HuntingMoose

    i watched the interview at msnbc (completely against my beliefs) and I would not be surprised if that has given a major interest in the book. To my relief msnbc did not go for the partisan attack as if it would be a this or that party only problem

  • HuntingMoose

    the question is what to make of those lawmakers who have abused the system in the past but now want to repent their sins and draft and vote for changes that close these abuses.

    and for some, I also want to see all the money they have gained be donated to whatever good cause or back to whoever where on the other end of their deals.

    ofcourse, some liars whose middle name is corruption like Pelosi and land-deal Reid should be prosecuted no matter what.

    • pipam12

      Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California big offender

  • HuntingMoose

    who cares about the gifford book. with their rediculous continued associating Palin they lost all respect from me.

    by the way, more interesting is right under schweitzer’s book on the list is Bill Clinton. LOL.

    • mike


  • Betsey_Ross

    At the local tea party meeting last night, eveyone was talking about this book.  Some of us had read it and others are in the process of getting it.  It became the theme through out the rest of the meeting.  Throw the bums out!! 

  • smbren

    I loathe Jennifer Granholm..She was my governor…Loathe her I tell you… She had her husband made so much fun of Sarah in 2008..She even made fun of the way she talked. Granholm is an embarrassment, and a lousy governor at that.

    • smbren

      She "and" her husband…..correction

    • blueniner

      Even the Swedes dont claim her. She has ruined Michigan even more.

  • blueniner

    How did Chris matthews book get in the top 5,Jack Kennedy? Even the Giffords book cracked the top Ten, go figuire.

  • M_Minnesota

    If you give PS book "Throw Them all Out"  for someone to read, please mention that he is a advisor to Palin.!!!

  • watchdogmom

    this is a damn good book! leave "Throw Them All Out" on every blog you go to.. Then go to and read "National Call to United Action" they have all been told to pack it up.

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