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Whenever Obama demands we ask Osama whether his Foreign Policy is effective, We’ll ask The Drone

The Obama administration has been boasting non-stop over the deaths of Osama Bin Laden and other top Al Qaeda leaders as though Obama was the one who actually raided the building or participated in any of the other operations. In a recent email, the Democratic Party reminded the recipients that “Obama killed Osama” and the standard reply to all criticism from the right regarding his awful foreign policies is a conceited, ask Osama whether or not Obama is a foreign policy expert.”

On top of all the outright boasting, a movie detailing the Bin Laden raid is “coincidentally” scheduled for release several weeks prior to the 2012 elections.

Although Obama simply can’t stop patting himself on the back for the successful operation, the credit belongs to the military, intelligence, and navy SEAL’s, as Santorum and others have bluntly pointed out. America had built a great military which spent a complete decade tracking down Osama, and it was simply Obama’s luck that they’d succeeded under his presidency. Their success actually came despite Obama and the limits the Obama administration has placed upon the military, not because of Obama. Obama, though, remains oblivious to the facts, and continues to take all the credit for himself.

Well, last week Obama committed a most ludicrous act and if he wouldn’t be the president of this country he would’ve surely been charged with espionage, for there simply is no other word to describe the path Obama chose to follow last week.

Who would have ever dreamed that the president of the United States of America would opt to ignore all three options which were available for him which would’ve destroyed the drone and prevented crucial information from falling into enemy’s hands? Did Obama really believe that pleading on his hands and knees would frighten Ahmadinejad into returning the drone, rather than grabbing the never-again-opportunity of exploiting America’s most sophisticated radar-detect-less drone? Of course Ahmadinejad laughed off Obama’s request since evil only understand the language of threats and force. Much the same way he continues his efforts in attaining nuclear weapons despite Obama’s and the U.N.’s protests.

Obama’s purposeful neglect of the surveillance drone and of U.S. military secrets should not be allowed to slip off the radar. His acts of treason should be hounded and pounded upon throughout the upcoming election until every single American is made aware of Obama’s disregard for his country and his endless appeasement to enemy countries, which have weakened and damaged America’s image across the globe. Not only has he destroyed the American economy, but he has allowed our military secrets to enter the hands of our enemies.

One can sum up Obama’s incompetent foreign policy agenda with one sentence; “let us ask the drone which was left intact for the Iranians to hand over to Russia whether we can afford for more years of Obama’s policies.”

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  • pipam12

    sounds good to me

  • kalkasam

    Good article.  We need to get this loser out of office. 

  • JennyNoles

    Isn’t dear Val-e-rie Jar-rett of Iranian descent.  Both she and her parents.  Hmmmmm……..makes you wonder if it was not just an early Christmas gift.  Oops, forgot to wrap it though.  I sometimes wonder if Jarrett and Mechell are not the brains behind this phoney.  I hope our country can survive until the 2012 elections.  Everything he does smacks of incompetence or pure confidence of transforming our country into something we will not recognize.

  • nkthgreek

    Is Ronald Reagan turning in his grave?

  • Lennart Bilén

    As for Osama Bin Laden, we did accomodate his dying wish to let him die as a Martyr, then give him a Martyr’s burial iin the "Sea of Martyrs" so renamed by our Muslim friends in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. A great Foreign Policy Success indeed!

    • Norcalo

      Did you hear about the new drink called the Bin Laden?

      It’s 2 shots and a splash of water.

  • Norcalo

    Perhaps the drone is a Trojan horse. The fact that it has not self destructed points to that.

    Not that I think Obama is smart enough to plan something like that.

    • maineteacher1

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.  And no Obama probably personally did not plan that or work on the drone.  However, Fox News has reported these drones are able to self-destruct, but according to the Pentagon, it lost control of the drone and was unable to establish communications.  So maybe indeed it was a trap and it is currently spying on the Iranians…

      Interesting indeed

  • Jack_Franklin

    Great article as always, Abie!

    Your last sentence reminded me of a parody of JFK’s famous quote, "As not what I can to this country, I ask what this country can do for me."

    Speaking of "what I can do to this country", if you haven’t heard, Naval Commander (Ret), Charles Kerchner ran the following full-page ad in The Washington Times today…

    10.3 earthquakes come in all shapes.

    • GeraldGoff

      Why post birther trash here?

      If you want to argue real issues, educate yourself on:

      The Economy.
      National Security…

      • Jack_Franklin

        Golf, birther trash?  Unfortunately, the way in which somethings have been communicated in the public played into the media’s hand and made everyone involved early on seem like they were wearing tinfoil hats.  It is time for an adult conversation.  As far as expanding my education, I am well aware of the other issues.  I try to look at the entire picture at the same time.

        There are a number of higher level, retired military who have been VERY outspoken about these issues for years, including Obama’s "natural-born citizen" status. At least one gave up his career and went to prison over it in a rail-road military tribunal. Eight NH state legislatures have signed a complaint to their state election board regarding these issues (many other legal actions are currently being undertaken in many other states).

        Tell me, what SPECIFICALLY is not true?  Everything about Obama’s past has been sealed to the public, like no other president in history.  His past is a fabrication.  When you consider his actions, including events mentioned in "Throw Them All Out," with the silence provided by the LSM, it puts "crony capitalism" on steroids.  In Obama’s own words, "The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are those with something to hide."  Keep an eye out for Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s report coming out in January with over 2,000 pages of evidence and thousands of hours of volunteer, forensic experts involvement. And ironically, at least two of the GOP candidates (not Ron Paul) are toughing that they are "eligible" to be president because they meet all of the constitutional requirements.

        It galls me that so much emphasis is put upon vetting potential candidates when the greatest fraudster in US history is given not just a free pass, but an outrageously expensive ticket that we will be paying dearly for decades to come. Crony Capitalism, as insidious as it is, is a mole compared to the metastasized, stage-four cancer within our entire government. 


        It’s time those who give a damn about this country have an ADULT conversation about these issues without prejudice.  Without support from a majority of citizens who really care about the integrity and future of our country, even Sarah Palin has no chance standing up to such a "monster" (George Washington’s description of rogue government).  Would I love to see her go for it?  You betcha!  With so much at stake, now that at any other time in history, perhaps this is the window when "We the People" say enough is enough.  God help us all!

        • 1776er

          I believe the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama is exactly why the Founding Fathers included the Natrual Born Citizen requirement in the Constitution.  

          The Founding Fathers foresaw the dangers associated with someone who had dual or competing loyalties.  Obama’s father was a Kenyan socialist with no intention ever of becoming a U.S. citizen.  Obama has adopted the Dreams of My Father.  He, too, is a socialist who believes America, like England in its Kenyan colonialist days, is an imperialistic power that robs other people of their resources and wealth and denies them their rightful place in the world.  America is not "fair".  America is not "socially just".  America is exceptional in the way Greece or any other country is exceptional.  "Free Enterprise has never worked."  Obama’s world view adopted from his socialist father is antithetical to American interests.  Thus Obama’s domestic and foreign policies constitute a form of religious jihad to right the imbalances of American imperialistic unfairness.  Obama is under, as he sees it, a moral imperative to fundamentally transform things to right the injustice that America produces both at home and abroad.  Thus we get class warfare at home and weak apologies abroad.  The Founding Fathers knew that in a nation of immigrants this was likely to become a problem.  It now has. 

          The point is not where Obama was born. Obama could have been born in the Rotunda of the Capitol in Washington with the Congress, The Supreme Court and his Kenyan father in attendance.   The fact that he did not have two citizen parents means he is not a Natural Born Citizen. 

          Obama  may be a citizen.  He may be eligible to vote. But he is not eligible to serve in the Office of President of the United States.  This is "An Inconvenient Truth" that the Dems are not willing to even discuss.  They demagogue the issue with terms like "birther trash" and by labeling anybody examining this problem that Obama has as a tin foil hat extremist.

          • Jack_Franklin

            Well said, 1776er!

    • Christopher H Fromme

      First to Golf Obama could not get a simple job where E-verify is used because of his bogus SSN #     Second to Jack the ad does point out the bad Adobe birth  record, but who cares about that.  The real issuse is that B Obaba Sr was never an American Citizen, thus Zero is not a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN !!!! & Constitutionally is not the President of th USA and anything that he has done can be declared null & void

      • Jack_Franklin

        Christopher, I agree.  If you didn’t notice, the "natural-born" issue is featured at the bottom of this full-page ad.  The media contends that this has been settled, because his fake birth certificate shows that he was born in the US.  Sorry, but still not good enough (a recent poll shows that half of the people in the US don’t think or at least question that he was US born).

        Has anyone heard of JustiaGate and the cover up that began prior to the 2008 election.  Thanks to one of the foremost experts, Leo Donofrio, Esq (, prior to 2008 he attempted to reveal that this web-based legal search engine scrubbed all Supreme Court rulings over the past 100+ years regarding the definition of "natural-born" citizen.  Once he began making accusations, miraculously after 3 years these scrubbed references were restored, while their Wayback archive showing changes was also scrubbed.  Fortunately, Mr. Donofrio screen captured all of these changes before they were deleted.’s CEO is an Obama bud.  Obama’s own law firm claim that they have used this resource as a reference.  Even 95% of the conservative media has discounted, because they are fearful of the LSM’s tar and feathering.

        I am sure that Gov Palin is aware of all of this stuff.  She has enough on her plate trying to communicate solutions to our country’s most immediate perceived problems.  However, somewhere along the line, this core rot needs to be addressed, or we are just putting a band-aid on this divisive cancer.

        My question is IF those who have diligently pursued the truth of the greatest fraudster in US history create enough doubt or legal challenges to have Obama resign (as unlikely as they may seem), how does that change the entire 2012 race, across the board?

  • pete4palin

    How about something about Palin?

    • maineteacher1

      I totally agree….it get’s a little boring to always read the same Obama sucks articles over and over again, with simply different titles. 

      I come to this site to learn about palin, her opinions, her speeches, ideas, interviews….

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks, Abie.

    IMO, obama holding the globe in the photo looks like Gollum holding the Ring!!

  • Timothy Jacques

    So, the TOTUS has competition?  Who will win?  TOTUS or the drone?

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