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Governor Palin: How Obama Repaid Notre Dame

Via Facebook:

Back in May 2009, during the controversy over Notre Dame’s decision to have President Obama as their commencement speaker and honorary degree recipient, I gave a short statement to the Boston Herald: “My favorite grandpa, Clem James Sheeran, was Catholic. Irish to the core, his favorite place (other than church) was Notre Dame. I can’t imagine what he would think as the university recognizes someone who contradicts the core values of the Catholic faith by promoting an anti-life agenda.”

In his latest Washington Post column, Michael Gerson writes about the Obama administration’s war on Catholic institutions with President Obama’s decision to strip conscience protections from Catholic universities, hospitals and charities.

As Gerson points out, the timing of Obama’s most recent slap won’t go unnoticed by the faithful: "In politics, the timing is often the message. On Jan. 20 — three days before the annual March for Life — the Obama administration announced its final decision that Catholic universities, hospitals and charities will be compelled to pay for health insurance that covers sterilization, contraceptives and abortifacients. Preparing for the march, Catholic students gathered for Mass at Verizon Center. The faithful held vigil at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Knights of Columbus and bishops arrived to trudge in the cold along the Mall. All came to Washington in time for their mocking.”

And in this we see how the faithful at Notre Dame got snookered and how Obama has shamefully repaid their faith in him:

Both radicalism and maliciousness are at work in Obama’s decision — an edict delivered with a sneer…

The implications of Obama’s choice will take years to sort through. The immediate impact can be measured on three men:

Consider Catholicism’s most prominent academic leader, the Rev. John Jenkins, president of Notre Dame. Jenkins took a serious risk in sponsoring Obama’s 2009 honorary degree and commencement address — which promised a “sensible” approach to the conscience clause. Jenkins now complains, “This is not the kind of ‘sensible’ approach the president had in mind when he spoke here.” Obama has made Jenkins — and other progressive Catholic allies — look easily duped.

– Sarah Palin

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  • patnatasha


    I don’t see any other politican speaking up or out about the dufus’s latest war on religion.

    • Kalena

      The big question will be, will the practicing Catholics remember this in November?

      • DDJ58

        If no one other than Governor Palin speaks out — obama will snooker them again and again and again. 

        • Banda31

          That’s why Mitt Romney Cannot be allowed to win the Nomination. I heard someone say on one of the TV stations the other day  that "Romney had to learn to be a conservative". What is that? Does someone have to learn to be a conservative?.

      • carmtom13

        I am sure they will. There will be many of us who will remind them about this. Obama has no respect for the constitution or for the people he serves. Obama works for us until November when we will say YOUR FIRED!

      • 36763

        They’ll vote Obama or Mitt.  What’s the difference?

      • albaby2

        They’ll forget all about it if Obama goes to the ethnic DEmocratic clubs, buys them beer and brats and tells them those mean old republicans want to break their unions and shove their grandmothers off of cliffs and they’ll kneel before him

    • gary4sarah

      Newt has been speaking out…….he is Catholic

      • patnatasha

        I stand corrected. that makes two.

      • CrackerJacker

        This wife, anyway….

  • BHappy

    Unfortunately, ND is a bastion of liberalism.

    • ljmesq

      Unfortunately, with very few exceptions, all colleges and universities are.

  • conservativemama

    I read this column this morning and it is very good.  But it’s also frustrating.  How could so many people, Gerson included, have been so completely taken in by Obama?  E.J. Dionne, a total Obama suck-up, wrote about this the other day, saying much the same thing, that it was an unnecessary, provocative move.

    These people dare to sell themselves as pundits, as people who know something and they were completely conned by Obama.  There is no excuse for such willful ignorance.

    It’s horrific what Obama is doing to religious freedom in this country, and Newt is calling him out on it, but it should come as no surprise to anyone who was paying attention in 2008.

    I’m so frustrated that I have to live with the consequences of so many fools who voted in Nov. 2008.

    • Kalena

      How did they get fooled?  Remember in 2008 and 2009 how everyone was slobbering over Obama to PROVE they were not racist? 

      This is why.  PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Had he been a white guy, he never would have beat Hillary.  FACT!!!!!!!!

      • conservativemama

        But still…………….where were the grown-ups?  Past the age of 13 no one should be slobbering over a public figure.

        And everyone needs to get over being called a racist.  That "insult" has lost all meaning as it has become a catchall, meaningless word.

        You are right though.  Had he been white he would have been out of the primaries pretty early.  He was the fantasy that Bill Clinton warned his party about.  Bill saw through him.

    • Exgunman

      How could so many people, Gerson included, have been so completely taken in by Obama?   As they say," When you stand for nothing you will fall for anything"……………………………..

    • Guest

      None of what affects us has even affected them.  They don’t live what all of us are living with.  Until that happens, they will continue to sing the happy tunes of dear leader.

      That’s why it’s so frustrating. 

    • friskyness


  • virginiagentleman1

    Obama repaid ND in the same predictable way he repays everyone, the ole stab in the back doublecross!  Just sayin’.

  • Kalena

    WHOOOSH,  3 points for Sarah for sailing the basketball right into the net here without even hitting the rim.

    Dayum, girlfriend can smack fools around.  Well done!!!!

  • Emerson_C

    If there is one group of Americans that really needs to ‘wake up’ to the threats posed by Obamaism to their rights and freedoms, it is American Catholics.  Already their right to practice their faith with integrity in respect of fosterage and adoption has been destroyed in Mass and Illinois (as it has been also in Britain).  Now this!!

    The question is what next?  Look no further than what has and is being mooted in Victoria, Australia.  Withdrawal of funding or licence to operate hospitals or practise as doctors unless prepared to perform abortions?   In the end the pro-choice culture cannot abide any public affirnmation that the act of abortion is not morally at the same level as removing an appendix.

    Unfortunately, Notre Dame has been on the slippery sloop for a long time and this latest outrage will perhaps provide a necessary jolt.  A start could be made by withdrawing Obama’s honory degree.

  • stlouisix

    My thoughts as a Catholic when I found out that Obama was going to be "honored" at Notre Dame follow.

    Memo to Comrade Obama – Catholics don’t debate whether or not the committing of mortal sin is acceptable!  And the only thing to ‘understand’ about a speech calling for understanding the position of disciples of the devil who promote baby killing, moreover, who promote the ENTIRETY of a culture-of-ETERNAL-death that is condemned by Holy Mother Church, is that it is straight from the bowels of hell!  

    There can be NO CIVIL DISCOURSE leading to a ‘common ground’ with Satan because eternity is at stake, which is a seminal fact that has been lost at Notre Dame University whose leadership, evidently, couldn’t care less about being damned for the scope of effect of the public scandals that have occurred on their campus over the years culminating in the ultimate moral atrocity whereby Judases at Notre Dame honored an antichrist who calls for a debate about whether or not going to hell is acceptable! 

    Error deserves NO RIGHTS to particularly include forums at purported Catholic universities where Error is scandalously ‘honored.’  Something good did happen over the weekend, as God always allows good to come out of evil.  Notre Dame University is now naked to the world in that it can no longer hide from the fact that it is not, moreover, has not been, Catholic for a very long time.   

    Prayerfully, Notre Dame will one day deserve God’s blessing again, but that is not today.  Today, Notre Dame deserves nothing but condemnation for the shame that she has brought upon herself, all those associated with her, and those who held her in such high esteem, which, clearly, was not deserved!   

    Comrade Obama and his cronies are laughing at you, Notre Dame.  You have become the preeminent ‘useful idiot’ to further their Godless agenda that is destroying the heart and soul of America from within by conning what’s left of the Catholic world into believing the lies of the devil because you, Notre Dame, LEGITIMIZED them, which is unconscionable!    

    Mary weeps, Notre Dame!  The fact that those in your leadership couldn’t care less is a very sad day for Catholicism in America!

    • MarkRNY

      I hope you can answer Jeannie’s straight from Planned Parenthood’s talking points below St Louis. I have to go.

      Maybe mentioning that under Obamcare pregnancy’s treated as a communicable disease should be mentioned. 

  • AyePatriot

    The Campaign Slogan:

    Sarah Palin 2012: For America’s Life

  • patnatasha

    notre dame sold it’s soul and now they are being paid back in spades for it.

    • Banda31

      All I can say is:- Obama really had a lot of people fooled, even the Churches.


    Spanish Catholic Inquisition was source of inspiration for all following socialistic-communistic atrocities on the earth. German-Austrian socialist Adolf Hitler took lessons from Spanish Catholic Inquisition how to deal with rich and well educated Jews or Jew-alike people.
    Catholic socialists voted for Husseincare in a mass, so latest developments around crying and complaining priests are more like good sketch from Monty Python Flying Circus performance.

    Catholic socialists do not like socialistic treatment at all.

  • section9

    She must have rushed this one for some reason. There are editing mistakes and the citation leads one to believe it will be longer in content.

    Still, this was needed as a forthright condemnation of Executive Overreach and Obama’s latent bias against the Roman Catholic Church, which as a leftist, I’m sure he has.

    • AmsterdamExpat

      It felt a bit truncated to me — yes, she’s probably burning the candle at both ends right now.

  • FlAli

    Am I the only one that sees the hypocrisy here?  Muslims received a waiver from ObamaCare because having insurance is against their religious beliefs but Catholic institutions are being forced to go against their religious beliefs.  Whatever happened to the often used mantra of "separation of state and church" that liberals love to use to make sure that there is no reminder of Christ during Christmas in any federal building?  Oops, silly me, I keep forgetting that they use that only when it suits their purposes.  One million Christians can put up a banner but it only takes one atheist to take it down.  That is just wrong.

  • 36763

    I’m a practicing Catholic and passionately pro-life.  Abortion is the paramount issue of our times. It is a most horrible evil. This is why I will never vote for Mitt or anyone like him ever again.  He, like every other politician, that participates in the funding abortion is culpable for spreading this evil. 

    I was saddened but certainly not surprised at what happened at Notre Dame.  I’ve been around the clergy for a long time.  I know that those at Notre Dame were not sufficiently horrified at the killing of 4,000 babies a day to do the right thing.  Now the devil has turned on them.  

    I took solace in the fact that Sarah Palin publicly rebuked Notre Dame University at the time.  

  • Sue Lynn

    Now that will make your gums wet….

  • Freempg

    Back in the day I attended a prominent Catholic university. I must have been scarred for life. I don’t trust any Catholic academician (those of the cloth). Behold the judgment of Rev Jenkins to believe a single utterance out of the slithering Marxist’s mouth. The lot of them are uber-left, no matter their protestations about abortion — it’s the Pope and laity that keep that candle from being snuffed out.

    As a note:The behavior of priests and brothers I and others witnessed on campus, in the dorms (a priest lived on each floor) was shocking, especially to 18 yr olds away from home for the first time. The place was debauched from top to bottom. The Abbott was involved in all of it. All of this was uncovered some years later when similar and worse made national headlines. For us students, the obvious learing by "celebate" priests was vomitous. Thankfully most of us made it out intact, not the least of another risk was rampant "experimentation" with LSD, the purist variety being manufactured by enterprising students in the chemistry labs at Notre Dame.

    • 36763

      Catholic University was an oxymoron by the 70s when I attended a Catholic College. 

  • Nancy6

    Palin is awesome!

  • JeannieBinVA

    I don’t agree with the premise of obamacare, period, but this FB posting is quite off-base with regard to the reality of women’s health issues — as opposed to the religious views of the exclusively male Catholic hierarchy.

    Nearly 3/4 of Catholic girls and women (and more than 3/4 of Protestant, Evangelical and pro-life girls and women) use contraceptives, Plan B and the whole range of family planning methods.

    Women pay just as much in taxes and insurance costs as men do, and reproductive health is the single most central aspect of ALL teenage girls’ and women’s check-ups and health concerns for most of their lives. To pretend it isn’t and to force women to pay more for fundamental health needs would clearly violate Equal Protection and, in practical terms, would be a slap in the face to every American girl and woman between the ages of 10 and 50 (or older).

    • MarkRNY


    • Susan Ally

      Oh come now, when we demanded "sexual liberation" and  "it is our body, our choice" we chose to bring all burden of reproductive health upon our own shoulders.   

      Whatever happened to the feminist movement?    She began roaring, Big Government Sugar Daddy give us more, more more!

      And by the way, in today’s economic environment more females are employed than males.  The Others-who are unemployed-cannot afford to pay for your ‘reproductive health’

      As an independent woman-freed from the chains Feminist hierarchy, I say this:  Ladies, keep your sex lives out of my wallet!

      • JeannieBinVA

        But presumably you agree that Viagra and similar drugs should continue to be covered for men? Gee, what a nifty little double standard. And, of course, women should just stay quiet about that, too.  

        Most women — married, unmarried, religious, not religious, conservative, liberal, apolitical, whatever — use some form of contraception, and this is an important part of their individual and family health care. Birth control pills are also used to treat many health problems in girls and women that occur whether or not they are sexually active, including preventing anemia and pre-cancerous conditions.

        Your mischaracterization of women’s rights and feminism is sick. But that’s all right. We always knew some women would never realize, or be able to admit, everything we’d made possible for them.     

        • Susan Ally

          Oh goodness darling.  Women are such hapless, weak creatures that if not for your Feminist hierachy then nothing would be possible? 

          Even though we afford a Billion Dollar Breast Enhancement Industry, several Billion in fashionable Jimmy Choo shoes, billions in Vogue magazine make-up as well as, an entire marketing environment which today caters to our every wim and dollar….

          we are incapable of paying the price of our own ‘sexual liberation’? 

          We are just too weak and hapless to be responsible, is this what you mean?

          You cannot defend small government then turn around a demand Big Government just because you believe you are special above all others.  Identity Politics, it divides and conquers

          I no longer believe in the ‘Feminist movement’ too much damage to both females and males was wrought by your new Marxist campaign.  Further, such movement is in complete denial of such women as Sarah Palin-and millions of other like her-who made it without the authority of your Feminist hierarchy.

          Feminism may have broke the glass but She became the ceiling.

          For example, take note as to what Feminists did to Sarah Palin-they misogynistically keep her from going above their glass ceiling.

          • JeannieBinVA

            Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom with an 8th grade education, and maybe that’s true of all the women in your family and all your women friends, and maybe all of you believe that should be the sum total of every female’s existence.

            But if not, then you are simply denying historical fact to think that anything else you might have done with your life was not made possible by the courage and effort of millions of women before you who fought for women’s education, women having the vote, women being able to enter professional schools and work in professional fields, women entering the military, women in the military being something other nurses or administrators, women receiving decent pay (although still not parity) for their work, women having more opportunities in sports in high school, college and beyond, and thousands of other advances that mean women’s lives are fuller, freer, more productive, and more rewarding than they were 150 years ago. 

            Apparently you think that whatever you’ve done in your life you did entirely on your own. Well, good for you for being a real first in the history of humankind. /s 

            Many feminists support Sarah, many feminist leaders stood by her side in 08 (and before and after 08), and many feminists in the media spoke up for her. You’re right, the official women’s groups for the most part were shameful in their treatment of both Hillary and Sarah, but those groups don’t speak for me or millions of other independent feminists, and I obviously don’t for speak for them because I do support Palin.

            At the same time, though, I know that organized action on behalf of women has been and remains essential if remaining legal, social and cultural barriers to women’s freedom and rights are to be overcome. Women’s groups don’t always get it right — who does? — but they get it right often enough for me to be glad they’re out there.

            Sarah describes herself as a feminist and frequently expresses appreciation for the work of those who came before her who made her achievements possible. I guess she, too, must be wrong about all of that.

            I am not in favor of obamacare or big government, period. But when and where government does act, it should be evenhanded and act fairly towards everyone, not have special rules that reward men while punishing women.

            Of course I know I won’t live to see that day, and I’m sure you’re quite gleeful about that! Congratulations, you’ve won.

    • Freempg

      Jeannie, women actually do pay more for health insurance, as well as they should:

      "Diane Salvatore, Prevention’s editor in chief, explained women can pay 84
      percent more than men, because they use health care services more frequently."

      Men pay more for life insurance as well as they should (but it’s you ladies that kill us off, I’m convinced of it, and then get the pay off).

    • stlouisix

      Baby killing is not a fundamental health need as we’re talking about a diabolic individual in Obama who can’t even bring himself to support Born Alive Infant Protection Acts as a dead baby promised to the Planned Barrenhood crowd, one of his favored constituencies,  must be a dead baby delivered.  

      Moreover, what happens to the equal protection of the innocents in their mothers’ wombs, i.e., what about their rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the Declaration of Independence, and the Preamble of our Constitution’s concern for our posterity, i.e., the unborn? 

      How dare those, whose mothers, by the grace of God, gave them birth, have the unmitigated gall to deny that right to life to others!  What about the freedom of religion rights of Catholics who are being summarily trashed by the tyrant in the White House who would force them, under unjust law, to compromise their faith? 

      Your argument basically is that violating the law of nature and nature’s God that was held as important for the survival of our country by the founding fathers somehow renders it acceptable which is a recipe for anarchy.

      Those "cafeteria Catholics" who pick and choose what they want to believe counter to the teaching Magisterium of their Church on faith and morals are about as Catholic as a cockroach, which perfectly describes the apostates at Notre Dame who put out the welcome mat for Obama!

      • JeannieBinVA

        Birth control pills are used to treat a variety of serious health conditions in girls and women, including preventing anemia and alleviating conditions that if left untreated will cause uterine and ovarian cancer. 

        Pregnancy causes serious health problems for many women, and death for some, and can severely exacerbate many pre-existing health conditions. These are not academic, theological issues, but real health and life issues for many girls and women and their families.  

        • stlouisix

          They are also REAL HEALTH ISSUES for those innocents in their mothers wombs, which you dismiss out of hand, who have a right to life as much as their mothers. You don’t arbitrarily choose to kill one to save the other, which makes a mockery of the practice of medicine whose creed was formerly DO NO HARM, three words that summarize the Natural Law, when the Hippocratic Oath meant something before it became selfishly bastardized by those who couldn’t care less, as the end doesn’t justify the means, i.e., you do everything that you possibly can to save the baby and the mother as both are precious in the eyes of God Almighty.  Being pregnant should not be looked upon as a disease, PERIOD!

          Let’s cut to the chase here as the topic of this thread is Gov. Palin’s rightful comments, God bless her, on the religious persecution of Catholics by the Obama Administration that was enabled by apostates masquerading as Catholic!

          What you’re doing is trying to dictate to Catholics in more than name only that they have to kowtow to the demands of the tyrant-in-chief because you see no problem with that.

          Just who do you think you are?

          We’re talking about religious persecution here that is not going to stand because REAL CATHOLICS understand that when man becomes the arbiter of when life begins it soon follows that man will become the arbiter of when life ends – all in the name of a "limitless freedom" which doesn’t exist except in the minds of the secularists. This is the inevitable legacy of a contraceptive society, which has embraced a "culture of death".

          Authentic freedom is doing what you ought in the light of perfect, absolute truth whom Catholics understand to be a Someone, not a something, per the Gospel of Saint John, not doing what you want. The former was recognized when slavery was abolished. The latter is called "license", something the Supreme Court overlooked in Planned Parenthood vs. Casey (1992) which redefined liberty to mean only what is chosen by the autonomous, unencumbered self.

          Just what do you appeal to when another individual’s liberty conflicts with your person or property? Casey raises the serious question as to whether any law can be enacted in pursuit of the common good as individual choice always takes precedence.

          In the matter of artificial birth control, Catholics believe that we insignificant specks, who would vanish from the scene if God forgot us for a nanosecond, have no right to tell God "we won’t allow you the opportunity to create another human being with the chance to spend eternity with you in Heaven."

          That is orthodox Catholic moral teaching that the state has NO RIGHT TO TRASH, given the freedom of religion of Catholics guaranteed by The Constitution.

          Catholics are not obliged to please the sorry likes of the Obamunists by forsaking their faith, as the prospect of explaining that to an almighty, immutable God upon drawing their last breath is not a pleasant thought! We’re talking about a God whose infinite Mercy has no meaning without equally His infinite Justice!

          What you believe in this regard is inconsequential. We’re talking about what Catholics in more than name only believe, moreover, have a right to believe in the practice of their freedom of religion that the state has NO RIGHT to take from them!

          • JeannieBinVA

            Of course pregnancy is not a disease, but it does alter the health of every woman who becomes pregnant, it causes serious health complications for many women, and it causes some women to die. 

            Even among Catholics there is a wide range of opinion and practice on how strictly one must obey the rules. You may believe only your view is the correct one, but I’m sure all of them are just as confident in their differing views. 

            In the end, it always comes down to individual choice. Many people feel perfectly justified in deciding OTHERS must obey the rules strictly, but when it comes to their own wife or daughter facing a health risk they somehow find a way for the rules not to apply (Rick Santorum, for example.) Some people would call this hypocrisy or a lapse in faith; I call it simple, human reality. And however strongly you want to condemn everyone who doesn’t exactly share your exact view, I daresay reality will continue to come out on top, as it always has.

            Catholic hospitals serve and employ many people who are not Catholics, or not hardline Catholics. Of course they are always free to close their doors to everyone who does not meet their definition of the perfect Catholic, and then this would not be an issue. But instead, these hospitals are trying to have it both ways:  They want to benefit from all the huge revenues that come from having non-Catholic patients, and the expertise and work of non-Catholic employees, but they don’t want to provide female non-Catholics and their families the medical care they need and have paid for.

            • MarkRNY

              This is straight from Planned Parenthood and the Obama administration Jeannie. It’s false in so many ways that I just don’t have time to go into it. It’s also against everything Sarah believes in. It’s not a peripheral issue to her. It’s front and center and she’s probably THE premier woman of life alive today. Another huge reason they hate her–probably the main reason.

              Here’s something you won’t hear–breast cancer rates increase dramatically for women who use birth control pills, especially at an early age and who have abortions at an early age. It’s a massive cover up. This study doesn’t come from the "benighted, Medieval" Catholic Church (whose knowledge about you take straight from the Left who hates it more than anything else with good reason). It’s an independent study–multiple studies–done by secular researchers. The "Morning After" pill is clained to be responsible for multiple deaths–approaching 100–of young girls. If it were any other drug it would have been pulled from the market and there would have been massive lawsuits.

              There’s no one more brainwashed or ill informed than someone who takes their talking points from the Left about a Leftist "sacrament". The Left is terrified because the truth is coming out. 300,000 mostly young people–or "survivors" of Roe v Wade–marching on DC scares the hell out of them…actually, if the hell is scared out of them there’s nothing left. 

              Bottom line is that this country has slaughtered over 40 million human beings (half of them women). If you include abortions induced by "birth control" pills it’s more like 250 million. It’s the greatest slaughter in history and it won’t end with the unborn. They’re already moving in on the old and the "inconvenient" and, according to their logic, there’s no damned reason not to. It’s not If, it’s When.  

              Edit–This country no longer requires the hypocratic oath, which forbade the taking of human life including abortions, be taken by doctors. There was only one other time in more than 2000 years in the West that this happened–Nazis Germany.

              • JeannieBinVA

                Mark, you’re right, I should have stayed away from this and kept my thoughts to myself. Recently I have been staying away from C4P because of all the Newt love (my apologies if you’re a Newt fan), and only put in my .02 here because I didn’t think anyone would notice or reply. Instead I seemed to have prodded open a very large and active hornet’s nest. My bad.

                In a way you and I share the same kind of concern: You’re concerned that pro-choice folks want to move on to killing other "inconvenient" populations; I’m concerned that pro-life folks want to move on to taking away other rights of women. It’d be nice if we could all just declare a truce:  Yes, we’ll outlaw abortion but in all other spheres of women’s rights and aspirations the religious right will just go away. (I know, I know, it’ll never happen.)

                I do understand that the pro-life issue is near and dear to Sarah but it has nothing to do with her record in government, and her record is the main reason I support her (and why her and Todd’s support for Newt is so troubling to me). Beginning with her "Merry Xmas" FB post, though, she seems to be moving more in the direction of appealing exclusively to religious folks, so maybe it’s time for me to just stay away for good. 

                It’s not that I have anything against religion or religious believers, but I seriously do not want government or government policy to be dictated by religion. I don’t think there’s any question the Founders intended America and Americans to flourish under religious freedom, not religious domination. God forbid we ever end up like a Christian version of an Islamic state.  

                (BTW, that breast cancer study has been debunked, although I agree that artificial hormone treatments of any kind often carry risks. I honestly don’t pay much attention to popularized "studies" because a few years later their findings are almost always challenged by other studies using different methods or working theories or whatever. My personal belief is that the rising cancer rates of all kinds are probably due to the combined effects of the chemicals and other additives in nearly all of our food and water and medicines for the past half-century or longer, along with all the other chemicals we use or come into contact with every day — but I strongly doubt any studies confirming that will ever see the light of day. 

                And whatever you may think, I am not a Planned Parenthood plant. LOL) 

            • stlouisix

              There is NOT a wide ranging opinion among Catholics in more than name only who adhere to the moral teachings of their Church on faith and morals.  You don’t know what you’re talking about.  Moreover, you let the cat out of the bag with your opening comment showing the clear animus against Catholicism of an anti-Catholic bigot ignorant of the Church teaching on the Sacerdotal Priesthood rooted in Sacred Scripture and the Tradition of the Church.  Thus your credibility was immediately shot.

              You’re right on one thing, I’ll give you that.   It does come down to individual choice as God’s greatest gift to man was the free will to choose Him or the devil!  Catholics are called to the choice of their informed consciences in accord with the moral teachings of the Church in this regard for the common good leading to a supernatural good in a Kingdom not of this world. 

              The reality is that you’ve IGNORED every question asked of you, in particular, what gives you the right to de facto say that Catholics in more than name only have to do what those who willfully trash their freedom of religion rights guaranteed them under The Constution demand, which is what this thread is all about in regard to the unconstitutional dictates of Obama’s worthless HHS led by one of the most notorious pro-aborts on the planet.

              Your comment about Catholic hospitals and institutions who employ non-catholics having to trash their Catholic identity to make the likes of you, a clear anti-Catholic by your aforementioned first comment, happy is seen for what it is.  If those who are employed by such institutions don’t feel comfortable with Catholic moral teaching applicable to same, then they are free to go elsewhere with the similar applying to non-Catholic patients who are so inclined. 

              Your strawman of Catholic administrators closing their doors to those who are not of the faith is despicable.  That’s never happened. 

              What you want to do is to close the doors of Catholic administrators to hold to the tenets of their faith, which is NEVER going to happen either!

              • JeannieBinVA

                Obviously I don’t share your beliefs but I am not anti-Catholic, anti-God, anti-religion, or a bigot. I simply don’t share your beliefs. 

                I also don’t agree with men (mostly nowadays, and for most of history it was ONLY men) making decisions whose sole effect is to restrict women’s rights and/or harm women’s health and well-being. I especially don’t agree with men, or anyone, making such decisions while insisting that the women affected by those decisions should have absolutely zero say in the matter, and declaring that any woman who disagrees deserves to go to h*ll. 

                And finally, I totally disagree with the entire notion that pregnancy or the ability to become pregnant renders a girl or woman incompetent to make her own decisions about her own health care, her own body, and her own life.

                No need to reply. I know you think I’m wrong and a horrible, horrible person all around.  

    • 808forpalin

      That’s it.  I officially need reading glasses.  Having trouble believing my eyes. But God bless you just the same, Jeannie.

      • JeannieBinVA

        Thank you for your civil response. 

    • LuvGuvSP

      Did you forget to add the disclaimer at the beginning of this?  You know, the one that should’ve read:  "Attention:  Liberal, Socialist, Disgrace of the feminist movement talking points to follow"

      Oh, one more thing….and this should appeal to your entitlest, equal protection mentality as it’s entirely FREE….the way to protect oneself from a sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy….ABSTINENCE.  100% documented to work each and every time.

      • Freempg

        LuvG, you are wrong. Abstinence didn’t work once. It is documented in the Good Book.

        • LuvGuvSP

          Abstinence actually has to be practiced in order for it to work, right? (Exception: the Blessed Mother of course – nothing supercedes God’s will)

      • JeannieBinVA

        The great majority of married couples, including Catholic couples, use contraceptives. The advent of contraceptives, making it possible for married women to avoid repeated pregnancies until it killed them, is the single greatest cause of women’s life expectancy increasing — more important than vaccines or penicillin or any other medical knowledge or advance.

        In underdeveloped countries where contraceptives and reproductive health care are not widely available, complications due to pregnancy are still the leading cause of death among girls and women of childbearing age. 

        But I guess facts don’t matter to someone who apparently thinks it’s radical for a girl or woman to actually want to live. 

        • porightscoopfan

          You really don’t believe Eve did anything wrong do you?  You probably think God is not worth fearing since He cursed eve in childbearing.

          Fine, take your cat and worship Athena the perpetual ‘virgin’.  And may your cat mourn our passing, as the souls you didn’t leave behind can shed no tears.

          • JeannieBinVA

            According to the original Hebrew of Genesis, it was the serpent who was cursed by God, not Eve. 

            Both Adam and Eve did wrong, and for that they were both condemned to experience etsev, i.e., toil and sorrow (not pain or death) — Adam in tilling the earth, and Eve in bearing and raising children. 

            In addition, all of humanity and all living things were deprived of immortality and cursed with eventual death. This curse was not special to Eve or to women, and it had nothing to do with pregnancy or childbirth.  

            The Christian belief that women are specially cursed in childbirth is based on a mistranslation. 

            Most Jewish belief and practice for thousands of years has been that a woman’s life, health (including her mental health), and well-being always take precedence over a potential or actual fetus that poses any danger to her at any stage in pregnancy. Her life is certainly never considered worthless, as you apparently believe it to be.    

            In any event, the U.S.A. is not a theocracy, and public policy is supposed to follow the law, not the religious beliefs of one segment of society.   

            • stlouisix

              Public policy in a Constitutional Republic does NOT TRUMP the freedom of religion rights guaranteed under the Constitution to those who are not obliged to check their faith at the door upon entering public life. This has nothing to do with a "theocracy" which is another one of your worthless strawmen!

              • JeannieBinVA

                As I stated before, this rule does not apply to Catholic institutions who serve primarily other Catholics. If they choose to be a public institution, NOT a Catholic institution, they should have to obey the same rules as everyone else. 

                Many religious institutions — schools, hospitals, entire communities — do choose to be exclusive and thereby exempt themselves and entire spheres of their adherents’ lives from government requirements.

                In my area, for example, we have Mennonite communities who choose to live apart and are mostly left to live their own way with no government intrusion. But when they open a store or business or service that is open to the public they have to meet the same building codes, safety requirements, insurance requirements, etc. as everyone else, and they don’t seem to mind at all. In fact, I have always been struck by how grateful the Mennonites are for the religious tax exemptions they receive. I don’t know of any other organized religion that makes a point of thanking the general tax-paying public for paying the taxes they are exempt from. They are really nice people who clearly believe and live, from the heart, the concept of Christian humility. 

        • LuvGuvSP

          Yep, that’s me….hater of girls & women – so much so that I want them to die.

    • Emerson_C

      I don’t think this is the issue.  There is a ‘conflict of rights’ here, as between the insitutional religions right to act according to its beliefs and an individuals right to believe what they like about the morality and efficacy of artifical contraception.  The administration has decided that one will trump the other with even bothering to seek a third way comnpromise as they did (I understand) in Hawaii.

  • MarkRNY

    I wrote this last night–

    "O might have just cut his throat with the Catholic vote for example. ALL Catholics are outraged by this new mandate which he promised never to do–even Lib Catholics. If he had lost the Catholic vote by 8 or 10 points in 08, he would have lost the election. He’ll never win it again."

    He might have had to lose it by more than 8 or 10 points, but if it had gone 60/40 against him as it should have (at the very least) he would have lost big. This was the fault of the MSM and our timid (if not openly Lefty) priests/bishops who didn’t have the guts to speak out.

    Not only Catholics should be worried about this (although he’s after the Catholic Church big time), all Americans should. This is about religious freedom no matter what you believe.

    Something Sarah didn’t mention is that the day before the announcement, Pope Benedict told Catholic bishops that they had to be prepared to resist secular tyranny. Either Pope Benedict had a heads up about it, Obama timed his decision to in your face Pope Bendict or both.

    Over 300,000 attended the March for Life last week in disgusting weather. It was hardly covered from what I saw–not even by Fox–and the numbers grow every year. Imagine if it had been 300,000 ACORNers or Occupy Wall Sters. The MSM are criminally negligent–Sarah Palin isn’t.

    Thanks for writing this Sarah.

    Edit–I should have said-"300,000 mostly young people attended last week’s March for Life". They’re losing on this issue and they know it. Sebellius literally declared it a war.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Sir Marcus!!!

      May the Church MILITANT rise up to help crush obama in November!!!

  • DocBarry1

    Gov Palin – this is one of the reasons we needed you to rn – weneed you

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thank you, Sarah!!

    I know that her grandfather, CJ Sheeran, loved Notre Dame, as she says here, and also the Latin language.

    If the redoubtable Grandpa Sheeran were to come back from the grave to visit us, he would be horrified, I think, at obama and his "obamanations"–and he would denounce obama and his thugs IN LATIN.

    God bless you, Sarah, and thanks, Doug, for posting this!!

    • Marianne

      Obama delenda est.

      (For those who didn’t have Latin in high school, do a Google search for "Carthago delenda est")

      • CrackerJacker

        Obama must be destroyed?  Really?  Not removed from office via an election, as our laws allow, but destroyed? 

        • faster_kitty

          The mind, it boggles.

          • albaby2

            Mine Boogies.

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