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Governor Palin: "I Believe The Mainstream Media And Obama Want To Face Mitt Romney In The General Election"

Wow….courtesy of SarahNet


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  • Journeymen

    Wow!!!! Indeed! She WILL make sure Mitt doesn’t get to that point

    • Proud American

      Mark my words – Herman Cain’s comments on Sean Hannity point to one thing and one thing only.  He will broker Gov. Palin in the race at Southern Republican Leadership Conference January, 18-21.  She has already embraced his 9-9-9 plan (some tweaking needed).  If this happens ( I hope it does ) – media will go duh! we didn’t see this coming.  It will so UNCONVENTIONAL.  I know, I will be estatic!!!!!!!!!!!  Please RUN SARAH RUN!

  • amaze830

    Gov. Palin really told everyone that Obama wants to face Romney in the general election.  At that time the media will destroy Romney and Obama will win the election. Gov. Palin see this coming and the establishment Republicans are so blind that they cannot see their candidate will be destroyed.

    How stupid are these people?



    • friskyness

      The establishment knows Romney will lose against Obama. That’s what they want.  The Republican voters are the stupid ones going along with them.  The establishment want the independent vote over the conservative vote and lose.  It’s so stupid and voters go along with it.  That’s what makes my skin crawl!  The voters don’t know how to think!  

      • mark1955

        Agree with everything you said except,"the Republican voters are the stupid ones going along with them." Just remember 75% of republican voters don’t like MITTEN’S! There’s also another thing happening here .I think the republican primary voting apparatus has been thoroughly compromised by Rove and the machine as to render the results in these contests illegitimate.They pulled just enough votes at the end of the Iowa caucus to barely give MITTENS the win.Shades of Al Franken!Then You have loyalty oath’s and changing signature standards in Virginia that happen to favor MITTEN’S.Now you have polls that miraculously out of nowhere,give MITTEN’S a lead in South Carolina,even though he is loathed universally down south.All of a sudden MITTEN’S got popular for no reason.That’s not just ‘push polling’,that tells me the establishment can rig the ballots and vote counting in South Carolina as they have appeared to have done in Iowa!

        • $10089747

          Good for you! this is probably why Sarah Pain says poles are good for skiing and dancing.

          • mark1955

            It’s also probably the reason Governor Palin did not enter the Primaries.She was probably told behind the scenes,in no uncertain terms,that the actions we are currently witnessing by the ruling class,would be taking place.Including the Al Franken style vote rigging as a ‘nuclear option’ in order to stop her nomination.

        • Betsey_Ross

          Hey mark, you must live near VA or in it.  I can’t believe the polls, either.  My next fear is that our brethern in politics will believe them and vote accordingly.  People are getting dispirited out here.  We may get Mittens like we got McCain.  Sick!

          • mark1955

            Actually i live in Massachusett’s.If that doesn’t explain my cynicism as regards to the political process,nothing will.

            • Betsey_Ross

              Yeah, I feel your pain.  I used to live in Maryland.  Same sort of deal.

          • Lori

            Hey, I have a newphew that lives in Virginia. We was wondering if you can write the candidate name on the ballot. I know some states can. Please reply to let me know if you can.

            Thank you

            • Betsey_Ross

              Not yet.  There are write-ins for every election except the primaries.  It is so absurd.  Tea Parties as well as individuals are writing to everyone that has some sort of say in the matter.  Apparently there are many of us Tea Party types that were more than upset by just having two unacceptable candidates to vote for.  So far the only ones that are on the ballot are The Mittster and crazy Ron Paul.  I never thought I would "have" to vote for Ron Paul, but I will if I have to.  Anyone but Mittens. 

        • friskyness

          OK, you just made my point. Why do the "republican voters" believe the polls?  If it’s true 75% of voters don’t like Romney then why do more than 25% vote for him?  In South Carolina even if the polls are "fixed", voting should prove the polls wrong. But they don’t.  The election results show the polls correct.  If a strong showing of voters, vote against Romney, he should not win.  Even fake "ballots’ can’t stop a mass strong vote against Romney.  Republicans fall in line, they don’t vote against the establishment.  I hope I am wrong, but I am being proven right.

      • excopconservative

        It reminds me of the musical "Fiorello"  where the Republican politicos were looking for a candidate for Congress that they knew would lose.  They picked LaGuardia.  After the election they sang a song named "The Bum Won"  No chance that they will sing that song in November.

      • benitacanova

        I would tend to agree and would add that not only does the WH think Obama can take Romney (due to Romneycare and Romney 1 percentageness) but that the Washington establishment has nothing to lose even on the offchance that Romney wins, because Romney is barely, just barely, a republican and is far from being a conservative.  Thus, they see a Romney candidacy as a win-win situation.  Whereas sadly, I see it as lose-lose.

    • Christine Riordan Brown


    • Norcalo

      The establishment Republicans, along with their Democratic counterparts can KMA.

    • danram

      Not nearly as stupid as you and those like you.

      Anyone who seriously thinks that an extreme right-wing candidate would fare better in a general election against an incumbent president than a center/right candidate is either a moron or doesn’t know the first thing about how American politics works.

      You win national elections by capturing the CENTER!!!  Why? BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE THE MOST VOTES ARE!!!!!  Trying to base a campaign on appealing to the hard core right wing, which only comprises about 10% of the population, is a sure-fire recipe for an overwhelming defeat.

      • TheFluidPusher

        Pffft. "Capturing the center"….???
        How’d that work out for us in 2008? Or 1996?

      • friskyness

        Your numbers and reasoning are off.  40% of Americans are conservative! 20% are liberals. 20% are moderates. 20% are independents.  You are a lilberal who always tells lies. Obama is far left, why did he win?  McCain, Dole, are moderates. Oh, did they win?  Moderates don’t excite the bass. You can win every independent voter and not win an election.  You have to excite the bass, that is what both sides don’t want. Moderates don’t excite anyone, therefore lose. I don’t know why anyone listens to "Rove", he is a loser. He was forced out of the Bush administration. He barely helped Bush win and then Bush left office in disgrace. Rove knows nothing.  Palin would have won the nomination. That is what Rove didn’t want. Because she would have won and then he would lose all credibility. As he should. The republicans want to lose this election and they will.  Palin is the only who would have won this nomination and everyone knew it, that’s why they didn’t want her to run.

  • palin45potus

    Thanks for getting this up so quickly!

    I think her thumbs up for the field was lukewarm at best.

    I think she gives Newt credit where credit is due.

    I think she gave Mitt the "Kiss of Death" in regard to his huge negatives, and when the bleeding starts, she’ll have been tactful about his weaknesses, but correct in her assessment of him.  Just as she has been in all of her political assessments, which Mark Levin pointed out the other night.

    She let Michele Bachmann off the hook by blaming all of the rancor between them on Rollins and Sorenson.

    • Leroy Whitby

      I was happy to see Palin comment so positively on Bachmann. We went overboard here against Bachmann in my opinion as Palin partisans, and because of Rollins. Bachmann is still Tea Party and is a good woman. Bachmann taking care of all those foster children is no small matter, and I speak as someone that has fostered.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Sarah was a little bit Namby Pamby in this interview tonite.  Not as much fire.

    Not as good as the last two interviews for sure.  Were screwed folks and I don’t see a way out of this for conservatives. 

    • JLAdevelop

      Interesting that she did not want to say anything about Rick Perry dropping out even though she did call for MB to see the reality. 

      • V.L.

        Her point was that the difference between RP and MB was that he still has money.

        • Mountain

          ….  and someday she’ll court his current Texas backers, whom she’ll need to win…..

  • Quang Do

    Jimmy Carter and Al Gore ENDORSED Romney for the 2012 ‘GOP’ nomination.

    Even The Wall Street Journal said Obama and Romney should run on the same ticket in 2012.


    Boy, she was nodding yes while saying no when being asked the question regarding any regrets. 

    Grasping at straws….YES—and I will do so until she endorses.

    • friskyness

      No one has earned her endorsement!

    • narciso

      She doesn’t bluff very well, we discovered that when she was promoting TARP, her heart just wasn’t into it.

    • Juliann F. Cornwall

      She already said who she is endorsing, ABO, and I think she will not endorse anyone until the primairy is over so she can go to work to defeat O.

    • mike

       As she was saying "the field is strong" she was shaking her head ‘No".

  • pete4palin

    Another ride on the Cudacoaster.

    • Mountain

      It was a great interview, full of feedback about the Rep. candidates.
      She looked rested, happy, and ready to Take It On!

      COOL: Todd gave her an ice augur for Christmas. 
      The liberal metrosexuals will surely sniff at that!

  • JLAdevelop

    I am glad she gave credit to those that were willing to enter the race. It must very a difficult process and exhausting. I know we are all extremely disappointed that Sarah is not running but she had her reasons for her decision – even if we don’t really know what they were. We have a weak field. 

    • V.L.

      We know what the reasons were, she expressed them clearly.

      • JLAdevelop

        Family was her focus. I accept that but always wonder if there was something in addition that was the tipping point. Her family had been subjected to scrutiny and criticism for a couple of years and it did seem like she was planning a run even with that scrutiny until Oct. 

        • MaasFitz

          As long as Sarah was a potential candidate, her family was at risk, not necessarily from violence (though that is always a possibility at any time), but from the pandering type of onslaught that Bristol was subjected to. When Sarah went home to AK and stayed, the attraction of those using her children as flash points for derision was diminished. Her retreat to AK was strategic for both her family’s welfare and for the benefit of the country, especially pertaining to the upcoming election. The progressive mean girls and boys of both parties are playing for keeps, and there is no limit to what they will do to achieve their ends–primarily our country’s destruction. The only thing I can do is to trust her instincts and follow her lead. 

  • palin45potus

    "Damage Control to Fox News Commentators for Mitt!"
    "Damage Control to Fox News Commentators for Mitt!"

    Emergency!  Emergency!  Emergency!

    You must create the "Talking Point" that the Democrats are scared silly of Mitt Romney.

    That Alaskan Woman has finally come out and said the truth about Mitt, and his support could collapse like a bad soufflé!

    Get out there, Ann Ingraham and Laura Coulter, and spin so much that Dick Button loses track of it!

    • Lakerfanalways

      Dont worry, Fox News will try to spin it. "Sarah Palin doesn’t speak for our network..we are 100 percent committed to kiss as much of Romney’s ass as humanly possible"

    • Hyman Roth

      Do you have a bug in Roger Ailes’s office?

      • palin45potus

        Funny that you’d say that.

        I think he tells his people to "Get their asses in line!"

        Of course, Sarah Palin doesn’t obey worth a damn!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      LOL…especially the Dick Button reference!!!

      • palin45potus

        I have suffered through my share of figure skating events!  At last, it pays off!!

        (Somehow, I never minded it when Katerina Witt was featured.  She could have been on double-runners, and I’d have given her "Tens".

        Just Sayin’!!

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          :-) !!

    • LuvGuvSP

      Speaking of that scum Ann C, while watching the twitter traffic during the debates she tweeted  @AnnCoulter nice jewelry on callista — wonder where she got it

      I’m not a big fan of Newt’s, but that was just nasty.  I sent a tweet to her (for what it’s worth) that said:  Your follow-up to ‘Godless’ should be a bio entitled "CLASSLESS"

      That woman has just stooped to new and ever more disgusting lows.  The Christy and then Romney obsession is simply over the top.  I think Levin’s had enough and I predict that their friendship/acquaintance will not survive this election if Ann continues down this road she’s on.  The woman has totally and completely lost it this time.

      • TravelinThru

        In one of those liberal sitcoms or maybe SNL (I don’t remember now), they parodied Ann Coulter as someone who just pretend to be conservative because that’s where the money is — she was able to fool a lot of conservative rubes to buy her books. This election cycle makes me question if there is truth to their parody.

      • Reynolds88

        Levin called her out on Friday I think.  He didn’t say her name but it was an obvious take down.  (love Mark Levin and so does Kathy Shaidle!

      • Leroy Whitby

        Coulter lied in her column about Santorum’s record. She’s really jumped the shark as a commentator/opinion columnist:

  • $20732943

    I’ve NEVER believed these phony polls which claim that Romney will be a tough challenger for Obama. These polls came from the same LSM slime that did everything in its power to destroy Sarah both professionally and personally.

    The Left want Romney because they know he can’t win. Sarah sure as hell could, but not Romney.

    On a side note, Sarah saying that the LSM and Obama Thug Machine want to face Romney is a tacit reminder of why he should NOT be the nominee. Sarah’s way of choosing her words is still as sharp as ever.

    • V.L.

      I agree. I think she made an interesting point about media leaving Romney alone for now so that they can tear him down later, when (if) he faces Obama.

    • BrianusBerkleianus


    • Rightmindedmom

      Why don’t Republican voters remember 2008??  McCain was a loser.  The Media chose this loser to lose to "The Won".  This is just a repeat!!  Then Sarah came and for a week or so, she and McCain were on top  — until the financial collapse (which was orchestrated, IMO by Leftie pupeteers like Soros).

      Then Obozo was on top for the rest of the time, and Sarah became the focus of Leftist lies.


  • SonOfOriginalTed

    Palin interview recap:  Palin v. Mitt; Bring it on!!!

  • LaHabana

    It’s 2008 all over again. The conservative vote is being split/diluted early on over several candidates, with the ‘non-conservative RINO’ holding to his 25% RINO base. 

    • SonOfOriginalTed

      the difference is that this time, Palin’s there to pick up the pieces to avert the ’08 redo

      • LaHabana

        I hope you’re right. But right now, I’m feeling like I’m going downriver without a paddle. And… I think I’m starting to hear a ‘roar’ in the distance.

      • Mountain

        Yeah, and let’s pray she’ll DO JUST THAT!

        How’s it shakin,’ Ted ole buddy ole pal?!

    • M_Minnesota

      Yes between Huckabee, Fred Thompson amd nobody really knowing anything about Rommney.

  • Jasmine Clark

    ian, what specifically are you saying "wow" to?

    • Pete Petretich

      I would say "wow" to the part about building up Romney for an OWS takedown in 2012. That is completely obvious to me but it is rarely said.

    • TravelinThru

      I think the "Wow" is to Gov Palin’s opinion that the Obama machine wants to face Romney. Translation — Obama thinks Romney would be the easiest candidate to beat.

      This opinion is contrary to the so-called polls and conventional wisdom that Romney is the most electable. Gov Palin just torpedoed Mitt’s ‘winning’ argument of electability.

      • Mountain

        Actually, Rush has been saying this for months…. but who knows which one initiated the idea?

        • TravelinThru

          Both Rush and Gov Palin just voiced out what many of us common-sense conservatives can see. Romney would be no different from Dole or McCain — a very weak challenger to the incumbent, whom the base cannot enthusiastically support. Without a fervent base support, the nominee loses in the general election.

        • 36763

          C4P has been even saying for a long time.

    • pete4palin

      Her hair!

      • Jasmine Clark

        i want that hairstyle now, no kidding

        • Mountain

          SO much better than a few days ago…….

          I liked how positive the Judge seemed, too.  I wasn’t sure it would go as well as it did!

        • TexS2012

          loved her hair – my favorite!

  • JLAdevelop

    I always enjoy seeing Sarah. However, the interview was kind of a nothing burger. Best parts were her analysis of how she thinks the Dems are setting up Romney for a take down, and what Todd gave her for Christmas. 

    • SonOfOriginalTed

      "nothing burger" you say, Palin actually, for the first time, saying "the Dems are setting up Romney…"  IS CERTAINLY NOT A "NOTHING BURGER"

      • JLAdevelop

        I agree that was probably the most interesting part of the interview. 

        • Hyman Roth

          Then we’re agreed.  No nothing burger.

      • Mountain

        That’s the ole Fightin’ Ted we all knew and loved at PalinforVP!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,
    Good evening!!
    Here are a few thoughts I have about her interview tonight with Judge Jeanine Pirro.
    She does praise the current GOP field.  She says that it is "strong" and that it has people who would be "infinitely better than what we have now."  I think we have to remember that this is what she has often said about this group of candidates.  There is nothing new here.
    IMV, there are two key passages from the interview that we should place in juxtaposition to each other (all emphases are mine).
    First, about the candidates who aren’t doing well right now, she says, "I would say that for their own good that they would look at stepping aside and having their supporters start coalescing around ANOTHER CONSERVATIVE in order to oust the incumbent."
    Romney is not a "conservative."  The candidates who might be considered "conservative" to some extent have taken turns being the "flavor of the week," and have all quickly fallen by the wayside after a brief and ephemeral ascendancy.  There is no evidence that ANY of them has staying power; there is no evidence that any movement will "start coalescing" around ANY of them!!  WHO is this "another conservative" who would have the guts, the cojones, the courage, the fire, the spirit to "oust the incumbent" other than…SARAH?!?
    The second crucial citation, IMHO, from the interview is the following.  She says that she thinks Romney will get a "hands-off" treatment from the mainstream media in the primary: "I believe the mainstream media and obama want to face Mitt Romney in the general election because they are already gearing up to be able to portray him, ACCURATELY OR INACCURATELY, they’re gonna portray him as being out of touch with the working class, and being so rich, and from such a kind of perfectly-coiffed family, maybe not facing the hardships that a lot of Americans do face, so hence being a bit out of touch from working-class, middle-class Americans and the challenges that WE ALL face.  They’re gonna portray him as that …"
    And she adds that they will attack Gingrich, Santorum, and the others so that they can face Romney.  "I can see what’s coming," she says.
    Notice what she is saying here.  When she says "accurately or inaccurately," she leaves the door open for us to suppose that this may well be an ACCURATE description of Romney.  With her reference to the "challenges that WE ALL face," she associates herself with the millions and millions of Americans who have little in common with the wealthy, "moderate" Mitt Romney and his milieu, his world.
    Guys, IMV, it is clear that she is positioning herself to step in and challenge Romney just at the point that the MSM and obama think they have the candidate they "want to face'" (and note, in passing, how she portrays obama and the MSM as being ON ONE AND THE SAME SIDE, which they are, of course!!)
    Remember that she also said tonight, "Ya never know … everything is so volatile and there is still much in flux and, ya know, we’ll see.’
    I think that Sarah truly IS the RELUCTANT candidate, like George Washington.  There is NOTHING phony or fake about our Sarah.  However, she is also a supremely astute and sagacious politician; she is a master chess player; she is Bobby Fischer.  She is positioning herself perfectly to be able to say, "I praised this field; I supported them; I tried to stay out, but, in the end, there was no one else to take on and take out obama!"
    She ends by giving us a SAMPLE and TASTE of how SHE will confront obama, as she denounces his "thwarting the Constitution" with his supposed "recess" appointments; as she denounces his "failed Socialist policies"; as she denounces his desire to cut our military; as she denounces his presenting us as an "isolationist" nation that is not engaged with what is going on in Iran, Russia, and China.  She speaks stirringly of the "free market" and "free men and women who want opportunity to progress."
    So, guys, let us continue to fight and pray, each of us as our different abilities and temperaments and time allow; let us not give up the struggle in these crucial days and weeks.
    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2012!!!!

    • palin45potus

      I always like your considered analysis of her appearances, Brianus!

      THIS is why I spend my time on this site, while watching the NFL on the tube.  This is better analysis than you can find anywhere else on the web or TV.

      Plus, we have a top-notch stand-up comic in Nancy6 to keep it light!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, my friend.

        The Saints seem to be peaking at the right time!!!

        Nancy is so great!!

        God bless.

      • LuvGuvSP

        I concur and I’ll bet Brianus doesn’t even OWN a whiteboard!

        Bam!  Take that Tokyo! :)

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          LOLROF, LuvGuvSP!!

          No, I do not own a whiteboard.

          Tokyo Rove can have his whiteboard; he can have his title of "architect"; he can have his "prestige"; he can have his "influence"; he can have his $$$$…

          WE will take our Sarah and our country!!!

          • palin45potus

            You are probably too nice a guy to tell us where he can put that "Whiteboard" of his, though!

            • BrianusBerkleianus

              :-) !!!!!

    • Suki Pero

      I can see the path and I believe even more!!

      • BrianusBerkleianus


    • Maria Buss

      Your reflections always clarify and provide a keen understanding of what the Governor says and does. Thank you, Brianus!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Maria, and God bless

    • LuvGuvSP

      The analysis, the thought processes and the insight you always provide are the second reason why I always look forward to seeing her make an appearance and speak on the issues.  The first reason is, of course, simply seeing & hearing the Guv herself, of course – hope you’re not offended by being ‘second fiddle’  :) 

      As I commented below to palin45potus with regard to her praises of you, after I concurred with her, I also said that I’ll bet you don’t even OWN a whiteboard!  Bam!  Take that Tokyo!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        LOL, LOL, LOL :-) !!!!

        Thanks, LuvGuvSP…and see my reply above re the whiteboard!!

        God bless!

        • narciso

          Well I think your classical training, really does equip you, to better understand these things.

          • BrianusBerkleianus

            :-) !!

    • goldenprez

      Brianus … Good analysis, but a bit muddled on the "challenge Romney" section.

      It is apparent that one of the lessons she learned from the failed McCain campaign is that the Ministry of Propaganda gave John McCain a pass through the primaries, and then blasted him out of the water in the Presidential election. McCain was shocked when his "friends" in the Ministry of Propaganda turned their guns on him full force.

      "I know what’s coming."

      Does she ever. "Those who do not learn from history, etc. …" That would be the "establishment" GOP and their "wizards of smart" advisers.

      Now, let’s get to this stuff about "challenge Romney." When exactly are you thinking that this "challenge" to Romney will occur? Are you seriously thinking that she will "challenge Romney" for the "establishment" GOP nomination?

      If so, please explain how she is going to overcome the fact that she will first have to raise about 50 million dollars just to compete.

      Second, how she will garner the delegate votes to actually win the nomination outright, which will be impossible due to the dearth of winner-take-all-primaries. 

      Third, how she can possibly wrest the nomination through a brokered convention that will be run by the "establishment’ GOP, which would rather give their nomination to Obamao than Mrs. Palin.

      Where in the "establishment" GOP are you divining any support whatsoever for Mrs. Palin?

      Please do not tell me about "the voters." They are meaningless. The voters are voting for "establishment" GOP delegates to the "establishment" GOP convention, not for candidates. They will owe no allegiance whatsoever to Mrs. Palin. 

      Most of these primaries are "open," and conservatives seldom come out in droves to vote in them. In fact, the opposite is true. Conservatives always have low turnout in these primaries.

      So, exactly in what context does Mrs. Palin make this "challenge" to Romney?

      Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

      Illegitimi non carborundum.

      Barracudas Maximus.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, goldenprez.

        I do not know precisely when Sarah will make her move.  We leave that to her genius.

        I do know that sometimes ONE GESTURE, ONE WORD, ONE SPEECH can turn the tide of history and topple all the massed plans and massed money and massed forces of the enemy.

        Behold what Reagan’s "There you go again" did to Jimmy Carter in ’80.

        Behold what Reagan’s quip did to Mondale in ’84, as the Dems tried to make the Gipper’s age an issue.  "I am not going to make age an issue in this campaign.  I am not going to say anything about my opponent’s youth and lack of experience." (or something like that)

        Behold what Sir Winston Churchill’s oratory on BBC did to thwart Hitler and his Wehrmacht

        Look at the EVERLASTING impression Sarah made with her RNC speech on 3 September, 2008.  Even a Leftist critic conceded that one could not BUY the kind of beautiful image she presented as she held her precious little Trig after the speech.

        I think that we have to take the long view of history, and reflect upon the effect that ONE BRAVE SOUL, and the WORD of one brave soul, can have in swinging and turning the fate of nations!!!

        • LuvGuvSP

          Hmmm, based on a brief comment history check, seems there’s somebody in this conversation who takes a liking to "challenging" people….as that seems to be the buzz word of the day.  Will need to do some more research on my favorite subject these days…."those that are confident in THEIR own views and forecasting, yet belittle or, dare I say it ‘challenge’, others in their views and forecasting.    :)

          • BrianusBerkleianus


        • goldenprez

          Brianus … Nice sidestep … lol

          Essentially, you are not implying above that she will, or should, "get into" the "establishment" GOP primaries. And you are not implying that she won’t, either.

          In fact, you are simply stating that you expect Mrs. Palin to take on Mr. Romney, but you are not sure how or when, and you will leave it to her to make that decision.

          Fair enough.

          Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

          Illegitimi non carborundum.

          Barracudas Maximus.

          • BrianusBerkleianus


      • Kino24

        I was thinking that too, but now I think a large fraction of the convention will NOT be controlled by the establishment.  Paul may have come in third in the caucus voting, but indications are that he had many more of his supporters chosen as electors than any other candidate.  Maybe even a majority of the Iowa delegates will be Paul supporters.  This was all part of his plan.  His supporters stayed behind to participate in the delegate selection process, while many of the others’ supporters left.  Iowa caucus delegates are NOT pledged to support the caucus winner.  Paul knows the system, and he is playing it big time.  He intends on getting many more of his people into the convention than his vote totals would portend. 

        If Palin got in and had a solid number of delegates pledged to her from later primaries, Paul’s people could throw the nomination to her if he continues to do well in these early states.  Remember, Sarah is the only one not calling him and his supporters names.  With what Romney’s Pacs have done to Newt, he and Santorum would probably throw their delegates to her also. 

        If Romney stays below 50% in these early primaries, there’s a shot.

      • TexS2012

        I think she could just get on The Bus and take her voice to The People! People just plain ole like her when they meet her. That was evident when looking at the video’s from her bus trip. This is a good link:

        • goldenprez

          TexS4Palin … Indeed. That is, and has been, my point since the beginning of November.

          The "establishment" GOP primaries do not involve all of "the people." However, an "independent" run for President does involve "all of the people."

          What you are describing above, Tex, is what is called "retail voter skills." (Rush says he dislikes the phrase.) It is acknowledged by all political factions that Mrs. Palin’s "retail voter skills" are the best in the business. No one can touch her in this regard.

          So the question becomes, "What is the best way for Mrs. Palin to capitalize on her strongest asset?"

          If you have read any of my comments, you know exactly where I stand concerning the answer to that question.

          Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

          Illegitimi non carborundum.

          Barracudas Maximus.

      • overthecoastline

        Sarah has said herself that all the campaigns she has run have been under-funded, against all odds and unconventional.  I don’t think anything is out of the realm of possibility with her. Remember – she can garner national attention with one statement.  

        If she were to throw her hat in the ring at the eleventh hour – – just before Romney was to be anointed with the RNC candidacy – – the media firestorm would be off the rails.  Millions of people would look up from their lives and recognize the glaring differences between her and Romney.  The truth about her record would finally come out – there would be no time for the media lie machine to spin anything about her, and even if they did, they’d be firing blanks.  People are so fed up with the media bashing her, they would tune them out.  I also believe that as we move along, more and more people are going to get tired of Romney being shoved down their throat at every turn, and will be looking for someone else.  WHY CAN HE NOT PULL MORE THAN 25%??!  Something’s not right, here, and the voting public knows it.  We’ve only heard from a tiny, tiny fraction of potential voters (Iowa, and soon NH).  The field is still WIDE OPEN, and voters are waiting for something better.  

    • Lynda

      I so enjoy your words God bless

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thank you, Lynda, and God bless!!!

    • Mountain

      Dittos, Brianus!  On target analysis, as always.

      I can’t imagine who ELSE could step up to this task, with a proven record of reform and with conservative values, besides Sarah Palin. 

      SHE is The One America needs—and thankfully, she is REALLY politically astute and smart (unlike ONE pseudo-"One" we know!  Ack!). 

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Sister.

        Happy Sunday and God bless!!

    • TexS2012

      I seem to remember…. that Todd said Sarah wasn’t "afraid" of anyone. She’s not afraid to face Obama and the corruption from whence ever it comes. :)  Game on!!!

      Sarah Palin  2012…… She’s Running!!!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        GAME ON!!!!

  • TeekeeMon

    That’s silly.   Sure, Obama could win against any of them… but Mitt’s polling the closest to Obama in a general election match-up.  If Team Obama had their druthers… they’d certainly welcome a challenge from Santorum, Paul or Gingrich over Mittster.

    • SonOfOriginalTed

      Derek, yah, but Team Obama know they’d be facing Romney who they certainly welcome MUCH MORE THAN Palin, to challenge!!!! (knowing Palin is the only real alternative, and Team Obama knows it!)

      • narciso

        The fact that the job market is down by 2 million, that 50,000 dropped out this week alone, doesn’t dawn on him.

        • Mountain

          Obama knows all about the built-in LIE of the "Unemployment" figures—-and how BOTH parties have used those "numbers" to their own advantage over the years.

          What counts is whether the number of available jobs has dropped (under Obama, that number has dropped precipitously!), and the number of people whose Unemployment Insurance ended.

          THOSE figures tell us that Obama’s "increased job market" figure is a ridiculous. 
          A small amount of jobs were added to the market—-for the holidays ONLY.
          Overall, we are in a DEPRESSION, not a mere recession.

          If the next President doesn’t drastically lower government spending, start domestic drilling, and stop over-regulation, our economy will flat-out crash.

          • BrianusBerkleianus

            GREAT point about the temporary HOLIDAY jobs.  I did not hear any of the TV "pundits" mention this.  Of course, maybe some did, but I did not hear any of them do so!!

    • wpmwindsong

      Polls nine months out mean nothing.  What poll to date in this almost one year primary season has been correct?  Santorum polled less than 5% a month ago.  Gingrich polled 35% a month ago.  The news media doesn’t know how to do its job, so it manufactures news with stupid polls.

  • Don Brinson

    Yes, Sarah, you are most right:  The MSM & Obama want to face Mitt Romney, and chances are they will.  Are you ready and willing to step up to the plate and give us a real choice?

    • ProudAmerican247

      "Are you ready and willing to step up to the plate and give us a real choice?"

      YES!! She is!

      When she announces, you are going to see an ((((EARTHQUAKE)))) of support!

      Hang in there…

      It’s coming!!!

      PALIN POWER 2012 

      • BrianusBerkleianus


  • cherich

    Mercy Lord for our nation. Allow a window for Governor Palin to get in this election cycle. I agree completely with her about Mitt. He will not be able to withstand the onslaught. It is not fair, but it is the way it is. Let’s not be naive! Again, may our prayers for mercy count!

  • SonOfOriginalTed

    Branius, of course says it better than I do, but the shorthand for what Branius says, again, is:

    "Palin interview recap:  Palin v. Mitt; Bring it on!!!"

    • BrianusBerkleianus


  • Pete Petretich

    OK, let’s extrapolate a bit:

    Sarah just said that the LSM and the Dems want Obama to run against Romney.

    Does that imply that the LSM and the Dems DON’T want Sarah to run against Obama?

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Well-said, Pete; thanks!!

    • Mountain

      Absolutely they do not want Obama to face Sarah:  she would clean his clock!

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