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McCain to Endorse Romney, Bachmann Quits, UPDATE: Newt Uses ’08 McCain Video Against Romney

"Mr. New Hampshire," John McCain will be endorsing Mitt Romney today according to Fox News.  According to the article, it states that McCain’s endorsement of Romney is "a signal by the party’s one-time standard-bearer that Republicans should start falling in line behind the former Massachusetts governor."

I say I find this a tadbit surprising for a few reasons.

McCain lost Iowa in 2008.  In fact, he fell behind Mitt Romney who came in second place with the same amount of votes he got last night.  McCain also got the same amount of Iowa-votes in 2008 (13%) as Newt Gingrich got last night.  Sadly for Mitt Romney, he outspent all his opponents by historic measures and he won Iowa by a mere 8 votes.  McCain also knows what a game-changer South Carolina can be — not to mention Florida.  Latest polls suggest that Gingrich is still polling way ahead of Romney in SC and FL.  Further, Santorum’s surprise last night (the real "winner" in my opinion) can carry momentum into New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida as well.

Speaking of Santorum’s surprise yesterday, Sarah Palin got one mention when it was suggested that candidates call her up.  Santorum received the same amount of votes Romney received by spending a lot less money.  He worked hard going into every county and of course, Sarah Palin; on more than one occasion very recently, had some very kind words about him.

It’s clear, Palin-power carries more weight than Romney’s corporate donors.

It looks like the establishment knows what truly wins elections and they are none too pleased. 

Unless we get a surprise late entrant into this race, the Santorum surprise only proves this race is far from being in the bag for anybody.  A true process which promises to only annoy the establishment. 

Also, with Bachmann out of the race; and considering some of her positions on social conservatism, it would appear more likely her votes will help strengthen Santorum.

Nevertheless, the Iowa Caucus did not produce a clear front-runner as the establishment would want us to believe.  Anything can still happen. 

McCain’s endorsement will not change that.


Proving they have a sense of humor, a super PAC for Newt Gingrich is using a campaign video against Romney released by John McCain in 2008.

A Tale of Two Mitts:

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  • Freempg

    This bears repeating. Romney is the enemy. Make no mistake about it. He will sell his soul for power if he hasn’t already. And for what? Like Newt said, to manage the decay. A sum total of 125,000,000 spent by himself and surrogates in Iowa over the last five years. Shocking. Evil. May God have mercy on his soul–but that doesn’t mean we have to.

    McCain pictured with Romney, the two of them the most despicable politicians of our generation, apart from Obama, Clinton and a host of other DemonRats. I loathe the both of them for reasons you are probably tired of hearing from me.

    • Whack-A-Lib

      Not tired of hearing about it from his corner.   I feel like I "know" y’all already having read here since spring 2011, I think.   Whack the demons and eat ‘em fer breakfast.   Reminds me of John the Baptist putting honey on locusts he ate for breakfast.   Except we’re dealing with the human locuts; not as easy to "swallow" the crap they sling.

      • Whack-A-Lib

        *this* corner…

  • Hyman Roth

    The RINOs are herding, trying to protect their injured bull.

    A rogue elephant is killing them:

  • Carolyn Dixon

    i will not support romney if he is the annointed republican establishment nominee.  will sit out or write in my choice of nominee.  might even vote for ron paul in virignia since he and romney are the only two on ballot for march primary.  send romney packing.

  • Lennart Bilén

    How to beat Obama in 2012.
    Romney beat Santorum by 8 votes in Iowa. He now has the bragging rights. He will cause Ron Paul and maybe Donald Trump to form a third party, – unless a candidate emerges that can prevent this disaster from happening.
    Here is how Sarah Palin can do it.
    Announce tomorrow she is a candidate for the presidency but also fully supporting Santorum in states where the deadline is passed. She will challenge him that whoever has the most delegates when time for the winner take all primaries come around will continue, and the other will suspend his or her campaign in favor of the other. In exchange she will offer Santorum the VP spot, but promise Santorum he is free to choose whomever.
    Neither Trump nor Paul will mount a 3rd party challenge with Sarah in the ring since they recognize leadership when they see it and her solid financial credentials.
    This works for a variety of reasons. The left will get two people to try to destroy. Sarah has already been vetted beyond any candidate before her, they will not go after Santorum as vigorously as before, the establishment will look like a dog between two sausages and cannot make up its mind who to attack first. The Democrats will concentrate on Sarah Palin being the real threat, but will be unable to lay a glove on her. Meanwhile, Santorum will be useful for the other fight, that of the Islamic threat to our country. When Santorum realized he was going to lose his senatorial bid to Bob Casey he let it all hang out and warned about the epic battle of the 21st century, the Islamization of the free world.
    Together they will make it, and civilization will be rescued.

    • Freempg

      Interesting, Len. I like Vicki’s plan too. Trump threatens third party unless Palin gets in.

      If Trump weren’t such a blowhard with mixed loyalties as a wheeler-dealer, he would be a great attack dog VP candidate for SP. I think Santorum is experiencing his 15 minutes of fame, and that will be about it.

      • Whack-A-Lib

        I’m totally up for this.  With Trump’s media access and zillions of contacts, he could do it and mean it.  Throw down the gauntlet, Donald Trump.  If that wouldn’t help Gov. Palin hear the call, I don’t know what would.

  • goldenprez

    Yes, Willard Romney is racking up those "conservative" endorsements.

    John McCain

    George H.W. Bush

    Bob Dole

    Soon Mitch McConnell and John Boehner will join the chorus.

    Can Richard Lugar’s endorsement be far behind?

    Can’t you just hear those TEA Party endorsements that are ready to come flying in?

    Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

    Illegitimi non carborundum.

    Barracudas Maximus.

    • Freempg

      All of them protectors of the status quo. Don’t rock the boat. We are all in the same boat. To them the ship of state is a luxury liner, to us a slave’s galleon.

  • bobby1946

    Does anyone know and can share any results of Iowa earthquakes, write-ins, and/or rogue voting? Reaction to print and media ads?
    Thank you.

    • AmazedOne1

      117 (which is 0.1%) voted for "other."

      • bobby1946

        Thank you.


  • Jean_A

    A pathetic old man that let a woman take the fall for his incompetence as a candidate.

    • Whack-A-Lib

      Yes, and yet she treats the faux hero with tremendous respect and admiration. Me, I’d wanna clean his clock real good.

  • Vicki

    a loser endorses a loser

  • puba1800

    McCain’s endorsement will hurt McCain more than it will help Romney.

  • fb274

    LOL, with John McCain’s endorsement of Mitt, as well as the chip off the old block’s, Megan McCain——who else does Mitt need to deflate his campaign.     Saw stats on cost per vote in Iowa for Santorum and Romney——S.= $0.73,  R= $49.00.   Bachmann and Perry’s cost were in higher hundreds.

  • TangledThorns

    The GOP presidential line up is a disappointing joke so I’m just going to concentrate on my local elections for Virginia. I really want George Allen to beat Tim Kaine. 

  • PhillyCon

    Rush had a great quote for this .. I’m paraphrasing, "So, the guy who lost to Obama is endorsing the guy who couldn’t beat him."

  • Quiet_Righty

    McCain and the candidates should start defending the NDAA–if it is indeed defensible. I don’t like what I’ve heard about it so far.

  • patnatasha

    the loser endorsing the loser.

  • conservativemama

    Newt on Hannity 30 minutes ago.  Newt made the point that Romney can only win by destroying his opponents.  He can’t run on his record.

    Romney is the GOP Obama.  Same campaign strategy.

    As I type this Jabba the Hut (Morris) is pontificating on Hannity.

    • Hyman Roth

      I wish I had a dime for every time Dick Morris was wrong about something.

      • c4pfan

        Yup. We would be billionaires.

    • Whack-A-Lib


    • Whack-A-Lib

      Good one.  Tricky Dicky wanna jabba spear into us Palin supporters. Grr!

  • Gordon Willsey

    Can somebody help me out here?

    Romney endorsed McCain in ’08. McCain is endorsing Romney four years later.

    In ’08 Obama wanted to run against McCain, he did and he won. This time Obama wants to run against Romney.  And in 2012…..

    In the history of American  politics has the winner and loser of an
    election ever endorsed the same candidate in the next election that the
    winner of the previous election where the encumbant is seeking his re-election? This
    election could be a first ever, you know?

  • mainelysteve

    I like Rush’s take:  here we have the man who couldn’t beat Obama endorsing the man couldn’t beat him !!!!!
           They’re both LOSERS!!!

  • misterlogic0013

    This is the thanks McCain gives to Sarah Palin for putting him over the top in 2010…Maverick he is not..Rino he is…

  • Art Telles

    Who to believe…

    McCain in 2008 – "Mitt Romney’s Flip Flops Truly Are Masterpieces"
    McCain in 2012 – whatever he says about Mitt "Flip Flop" Romney today


    Did anybody notice that Rush Limbaugh started his radio program today with the info that Rick Santorum was about 18 votes ahead of Mitt Romney, and that one Romney guy was missing for a few hours and when he showed up with the ballots that were in his control, Romney was ahead of Santorum by 8 votes?



  • nkthgreek

    Well I’ll be a son of a Siberian sheep shearer!

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