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Obama’s Campaign Strategy Against the Mittster Beginning to Take Shape; Multiple Updates

I’ve argued many times that Team Obama will have a field day with Mitt Romney should Republicans be dumb enough to make him their nominee.  He’ll fit in perfectly with Obama’s "us versus them", Occupy Wall Street campaign strategy.  Indeed Obama couldn’t ask for a better face of the opposition for his class warfare campaign if he called Hollywood central casting.  Our esteemed Republican Establishment, evidently, is more than willing to assist the Obama campaign by doing everything possible to smooth the way for the Mittens to win the nomination and give Obama the perfect foil.  Not that Obama’s campaign will need any help given the billion dollars they’ll have to spend on ads to paint Mitt Romney as, well, Mitt Romney.  In a post yesterday, Dan Riehl discussed just how easy — and effective — this will be:

I get it. Romney’s world was one of high-finance, creating efficiencies, thereby freeing up capital – while raking in hefty profits. But try and sell that to blue collar conservatives in swing states still suffering high unemployment and doing it on the part of an unlikeable guy who looks to have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, spending the Vietnam years in a French villa on a religious mission. Oh yeah, Team Obama is going to have a blast painting Republicans like Romney as part of their alleged greedy 1% that doesn’t care about people, or American industry. Good luck with that. Lacking in charisma, Mitt will look like a deer in the headlights in some critical swing states and both Democrats and blue collar conservatives love to hunt. Video below. Now, stack Perry’s bio against that, or those of the other more genuine conservatives still in the race, and it all goes away.

Reuters published a blockbuster story today on GS Technologies, a steel mill in Kansas City that was acquired by Bain Capital, leading to the layoffs of some 750 workers. In this case, the workers lost promised severance pay and health insurance; their pension benefits were slashed. and a federal government insurance agency had to bail out the company’s pension plan — even as Bain raked in millions and millions of dollars in profits.

Now a man who says he worked at the plant for 34 years — a self-described conservative — is speaking out about Romney.

To be sure, we don’t know how accurate the video is as it was produced by Obama surrogate Moveon-org. But does it really matter?  Political ads are not measured by accuracy, but by effectiveness. Ask Newt Gingrich, who bore the brunt of Romney’s multi-million dollar negative ad campaign in Iowa. I would also note that factories do (and should) close, that being a natural economic process to which the great Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter referred as creative destruction.  It’s a good thing we no longer have factories which produce buggy whips and typewriters, for example.  But that said, in this anemic Obama economy abstract economic theories, regardless of how sound they may be, are no match for people’s insecurities, especially for those who are unemployed or know someone who is.

As Riehl notes, this devastating line of attack for Obama would disappear if his opponent were anybody but Romney.  Why, then, do the Republican powers that be insist on giving it to Obama on a silver platter? Obama’s two biggest vulnerabilities are ObamaCare and the economy/unemployment.  We already knew a Romney nomination would take ObamaCare off the table.  Now it’s becoming increasingly clear that it would also make an attack on Obama over unemployment a dicey proposition, as the above ad illustrates.  Any other Republican candidate could go after Obama with both barrels on these issues.  Not the Mittster.  In short, he will be unable to credibly go after Obama on two huge issues. How does this make him the "electable" candidate?

Update: (h/t blackbird) Here’s a similar ad with the same basic theme:

Effective? No question.  Fair? Probably not. But that really doesn’t matter, does it?

Update II: The video in the update above, "When Mitt Came to Town", has been removed by the user.  I’ll leave the link intact in case they put it back up.

Update III: (h/t MT4P) A couple more "When Mitt Came to Town" videos can be found here and here.  Again, I don’t condone this class warfare crap and believe it to be against everything our Founding Fathers stood for.  Why some of the non-Mitt GOP candidates are resorting to it is beyond baffling, especially when there are so many legitimate reasons to attack Mandate Mitt.

But the general election will be against Democrats, and they’ve all but told us that they’re going to base their entire campaign on class warfare…it’s not like they can run on Obama’s "great" record. No Republican candidate in memory is as vulnerable to this as Romney.  A blue-blood patrician like Mitt will have no defense that can pass political muster.  Get used to these types of ads, because we’ll see them every time the Mittster attacks Obama for his record on unemployment, effectively neutralizing the issue.

Update IV: (h/t BostonBruin) More on the "When Mitt Came to Town" ads here.

Update V: My colleague, Steve Flesher, makes an excellent point in the comments:

The article portrays it as Obama coming down hard on Wall Street so now they are supporting Romney.  If Romney is our nominee, and with the MSM on Obama’s side, they just might be able to pull off the crony capitalism line as a left idea.

This is not farfetched.  With a billion dollars at his disposal, how difficult would it be for Obama, ironically the king of crony capitalism (see Solyndra or the Chevy Volt, for example), to co-opt this issue and throw it back in Mitt’s face? Not difficult at all, I suspect, as he’ll easily be able to portray himself as Mr. Working Class Hero, fighting for us little people against Mr. Bain Capital. Count on it.

Update VI: (h/t TT) James Pethokoukis on Romney’s inability to explain his record at Bain here.

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  • JennyNoles

    I say, let her rip…..folks on our side of the isle have a problem going after the Mitts.  The Obama Machine is not shy in that area.  They love to tear things up.

  • blackbird

    Thanks for the post Doug.

    Firelight posted 2 clips of a movie to be aired "When Mitt Romney Came to Town" and this is a link BostonBruin posted for the trailer ~

    "Reuters published a blockbuster story today on GS Technologies" Romney’s steel skeleton in the Bain closet ~

    • Betsey_Ross

      Hmmmm.  All of those film clips are missing.  The Reuters article is still up.  Someone getting squeamish about putting up the clips? 

      After reading the article and watching the one clip it is clear that there was too much debt going on. The big wigs do the wheeling and dealing and watching out for themselves but do not seem to care if the company succeeds or not. If it doesn’t all the better for them as they take their cash and move on, much like MF Global and John Corzine. Meanwhile, there are real people whose whole lives are trashed right at the most vulnerable times in their lives. Too old for a new career and left with no retirement. How does the Mittster explain this? I would call it crony capitalism and it is most unattractive in a candidate. No wonder Newt called him a liar. He is and of the worst kind.

      • blackbird

        Hi Betsey, looks so. Bain mismanaged the Mill and the Government stepped in to cover the basic pension payments. Bain should have honored its commitments "negotiated during the 1997 strike" ~ "GS said it was shedding the guarantees it had promised its workers in the event of a plant closure"

        "I would call it crony capitalism" yes Betsey, most certainly.

      • Guest

        Rule of thumb, when you find it, download it cuz you never know if a rabbit hole is around the corner. I have a small library of vids on a HD because I don’t trust the liberals who run many social media sites, such as YTube. Download so you can pass around banned vids.

  • c4pfan

    I’m still mad that none of them have went after Mitt in the first place.  As for American jobs, no I don’t think he cares.

    • $8196935

      Newt Gingrich is the one who has taken on Romney also calling him a liar outright. Watch the viedos of the past debates

    • Guest

      This proves Palin’s strategy was right. When they hit you, mop the floor with them. Never turn the other cheek. Or, as our fourth greatest president evah has said, punch back twice as hard.

  • Freempg

    Excellent post Doug, as usual.

  • Jim R

    To expand on Doug’s excellent post, Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has several good post’s on the false premise that Romney is the most electable:

  • Mrl Tav

    another stellar post Doug.

  • Randall Pickard

    You know, an industry shutting down is one thing.  Times change.  But, come on, making millions off the backs of those workers and their families.  What a bain in the …

    Of course, smart guy that he is, I’m sure Mitt has an answer for all this in his very pointed plan.  I think it’s the section entitled, "Let them eat cake."

  • BostonBruin

    The other big thing that will hurt Romney vs. Obama is that he won’t have the enthusiastic support of the conservative base of voters. Even if the majority of conservatives vote for him, many will stay home or vote for a third-party candidate. And many that do vote for Romney are not going to send money, make phone calls, etc.

    If Romney runs the table in NH, SC and FL, the screams for Gov. Palin to get in the race and stop him will be off the Richter scale.

    • wodiej

      If voters were smart enough to want Palin in the race, she’d be in it and they wouldn’t be voting for Romney.

  • Longlakejohn

    This just reenforces to me that those on both sides of the establishment aisle ,—are nothing more than a barnyard full of pigs eating out of the same taxpayer trough.—   This is just a back door avenue for the GOP establishment to defeat conservatism, and to USE even Obama (for its’ defeat) if necessary.  Romney is a smokescreen for them to maintain business as usual. Obama light (Romney),– simply put, may slow the decay of this once great Republic but will not stop it.
    Pretty clear why even the right fears the Arctic Fox

    Deo-Volente—–Sarah 2012

    • mark1955

      That’s exactly what this is about for both sides of the establishment.Crushing conservatism and Tea Party and continuing the leftward march of this country.All while enriching themselves at our expense of course!

  • johnfromcanada

    The economy needs people like Mitt Romney. Like Dan, I get that. We all do. The country just doesn’t need people like him running for POTUS. In Biblical terms,  Romney’s already received his reward.

    Here’s a column by a lefty which unintentionally, I think, points to the basic plan of the Republican establishment – nominate Romney, lose to Obama, then blame the Tea Party for the loss.

  • HerneTheHunter

    They don’t call the GOP the "stupid party" for nothing. I swear to GOD, this party is too dumb to live.

    • patnatasha

      which is why they lose.

  • carmtom13

    Romney and BHO do not have a clue about the middle class. They are both wealthy. Being part of the middle class as many of you are, we know that inflation is here by how high food prices are, cost of heating our homes, electric bills etc. They don’t!! Many of us have family members and friends who are not employed and looking for jobs. Many of us do what we can to help.
    My Italian Grandmother had a saying which I will share "When your stomach is full, nobody is hungry". That is how BHO, Mitt and the rest of the DC elites think. All that DC knows is how to spend money they don’t have and running up the debt. Our debt is 100% of our gdp, and the people in DC don’t say a word about it. If we continue on the road that we are on with this administration fundamentally changing America, America will never be the same again. Obama is following Saul Alinskys book Rules for Radicals to a tea. Doubt what I am saying go read the book. Mitt and the DC establishment think it is Mitts turn to run, I have news for them if he is the person to go against Obama he is going to lose big time! They say look at the pols, I don’t believe the pols, you don’t count your chickens before they hatch.


  • wodiej

    Although the wealthy create jobs, they also eliminate them. They will do whatever it takes.  It isn’t just about being profitable. It’s about greed. All companies are not like that but most of the big ones are. Why the GOP ever thought they could pass Romney off to voters is beyond me. 

  • OldPat

    Doug, you ask, "How does this make him the ‘electable candidate’?"

    Dear fellow, this is the right wing of the PPC we’re talking about.  Their main goal is to maintain their position at the public feed trough and improve it a bit, if they can, without taking any risk.  These hogs aren’t boars, they’re barrows.  They’ve been neutered!

    A good half of them don’t expect Mitt to win.  They’re setting it up for Jeb in 2016.  They’re quite content with being Obama’s enablers, er loyal opposition. 

    The other half – old Reagan guys co-opted by the PPC over the years – are a little uptight because they would like to win and improve their position at the trough – but no Palin.  That crazy woman from Alaska isn’t really one of us, and she might want to take our trough away.  She might even expect us to work for a living.

  • VADMCollingwood

    This conversation is over.  We have spoken.  Willard is it.  

    s/ The Committee to Elect Jeb Bush in 2016, K. Rove, Chairman.  

  • ramorywebb

    " This video has been removed…" Too Bad. 

    The way to keep Obama in offfice and not disturb the status quo is for the GOP to run a weak canidate, and of course Romney is next in line just like McCain. Same process, same result no doubt.

    Voters better get that America is being attacked from within. It is just that simple it seems to me.

  • indemind

    Very telling article Doug… and the videos are very damaging to that Good Ole Boy Mitt …  Plastic Mitt with his Plastic Smile and his Plastic Hear … (What a Phony)…

    SarahAmerica coming 2012………………. Deo Volento

  • Nathan Webb

    I’m wondering what Governor Romney ever did to garner the level of caustic snark he has received from the writers at C4P?


    • Timothy Jacques

       Oh, his record I guess.

    • BostonBruin

      Nathan – many of us Palinistas have reason to believe that Gov. Romney has been attacking Gov. Palin (thru surrogates like Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace, Karl Rove, Dick Morris) ever since the day that she was selected as McCain’s running mate.

      Some of Romney’s support organizations (like Evangelicals for Mitt) have attacked Gov. Palin personally. Palin supporters get attacked very nastily on Romney sites like race42012.

      Even Romney’s stalking horse (Bachmann) had her people traveling thru several states last summer trashing Gov. Palin. When many commentators on FoxNews (esp. The Five) were trashing Gov. Palin in late August/September, it leaked out that Romney was behind these attacks.

      I can’t speak for any of the C4P editors, but for this reason (any many others) I want to see Romney defeated almost as much as Obama.

      • HerneTheHunter

        That’s the reason why I want him to be the nominee, so he can finally lose to Obama and stop running for President every 4 years.

    • 36763

      He attacked Sarah while she was fighting to win in 2008.  He’s for abortion, gay marriage, gun control, taxes, fees, health care mandates, etc. 

      Other than that Mitt is cool.

      • Nathan Webb

        How exactly did he attack Sarah in 2008?  You are a liar.  I cant have a discussion with liars, it’s not productive.

        • johnfromcanada

          The far more important question is this, Mr. Webb; How is the Romney camp (to which you obviously  belong) going to respond to videos like the ones posted in this article?  Sure, there’s a lot more to the story if you read the full Reuters article, but the average  voter isn’t going to do that. They’re only going to see this, and stuff like this is pretty scary to the average working class voter. Makes me a bit nervous, to be honest.  

          All we’re doing here is pointing out the obvious – Romney won’t be able to beat Obama, no way, no how.  Ads like this will be everywhere.  And this one hasn’t even been produced  by the Obama
           billion $ attack machine. You haven’t seen anything yet. So please tell me –  what’s Romney’s  answer – how’s he going to counter stuff like this?    

          Romney – Loser 2012.

        • $8196935

          Do you have quotes where Mitt supported Sarah?

          Newt has voiced support for Sarah and a video of Newt voicing his support and backing of Sarah at the 2008 Convention

          • Freempg

            And Sarah has reciprocated with positive comments about Newt, none that I have heard for Mittens. She disrupted his announcement to run for president in New Hampshire with her bus tour. She is no fan of the hollow man.

            • $8196935

              Exactly, am sure Romney is somewheres down on the list of her favorites to win.

        • Freempg

          Read up Nathan before you accuse anyone of being a liar. Romney trolls are loathed here on par with Obama’s. You are off to a bad start, with what, your 6th post?


          Former Mitt Romney presidential campaign staffers, some of whom are currently working for Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin’s bid for the White House, have been involved in spreading anti-Palin spin to reporters, seeking to diminish her standing after the election. "Sarah Palin is a lightweight, she won’t be the first, not even the third, person people will think of when it comes to 2012," says one former Romney aide, now working for McCain-Palin. "The only serious candidate ready to challenge to lead the Republican Party is Mitt Romney. He’s in charge on November 5th."

          • Freempg

            Where was this fearless leader during the revolution of 2010, Nathan? He was tucked behind the skirts of the real leader, one guess who that might be.

        • Cricket Nichols

          I will never vote for Romney, every time I think I will if they is no other choice.  I read comments like yours and change my mind.  Keep up the good work Nathan and none of Sarah supporters or Tea Party will vote for Romney.

        • William Legge

          Nathan you may like Mitt Romney, it’s a free country. To say these are lies out right is shallow on your behalf. Who has been lied about more than Sarah Palin, even by the GOP establishment? My reason for not supporting Mitt Romney is two fold. First, the wisest man that ever lived asked the question we should ask before we throw our support behind or vote for anyone. "Can a leopard change his spots?" Governor Romney’s past behavior shows the kind of man he is. It shows who he is as a leader and what he will do, what he did in the past he will do again in the future. How a man or women governs flows out of his character, it’s who he is, barring a major conversion. Mitt Romney will be who he is. Mark it down my friend, he will be a majior disappointment to conservatives and will not do whats needed to be done to restore America. Secondly, We need immediate relentless reform, Mitt Romney does not have the record nor the will to do such a thing and neither do the establishment republicans.  If he ends up being the nominee of course most of us will vote for him, but what a lost opportunity. What a tragedy. Greatness in a little lady from Alaska was standing right in front of the whole nation and we were just too blind to see it.

          • Freempg

            I liked your comment William, but let me preface it with this: I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR ROMNEY. I quote our own Hyman Roth on the matter, "I will not vote for Romney even if V.I. Lenin were his opponent."

            • William Legge

              I totally understand, and don’t blame you at all.. Might possibly do the same, I don’t know yet it depends on how the GOP behave.

    • tomlyn

      Mitt will never get my vote.  Sorry but he is a big RINO and would be just as bad as Obama.  Also he is being supported by the Bushes who did everything they could to destroy Sarah !

    • $8196935

      Romney’s views are out of expediency, he does not have core beliefs.
      We are basically Conservtive here, and Romney  being the son of a millionaire
      and receiving more millions as a bottom feeder at Bain which he started, does not make him
      Presidential material.

      When this country was attacked on 9/11 thousands left good jobs and joined the military
      to fight the enemy who declared war us and killed 3,000 Americans in a few hours
      on our soil.

      Romney’s 5 sons seem to feel they are above fighting for their country and have sat home
      while the true Adult Men and Women firght the enemy.

      Romney’s supporters are among the worst in bashing Sarah Palin.

      • Guest

        And thats just for starters.

        PS: Gingrich, Santorum et. al. have also been "exposed" here from those that do not like them or care for their politics.

        Deal with it, Mr. Electables..

    • Steve_Flesher

      Maybe because we notice his fat cat donations from corporate interests and believe as Gov. Palin believes that it’s not enough to change up uniform, we have to have a new game plan.

      Perhaps if the establishment would quit rushing to him as if he were the best thing next to sliced bread and give him one quarter of the criticism they’d give to Palin or any "non Romney" candidate out there and would be more reliable in that arena, it’d make our jobs a little easier.

  • 36763

    Pretty good ads.  This is what the ruling class does to people. 

  • PhilTan

    It appears the "Friends of Mitt" have decided to camp out here. No such thing as a " C4M " site? Special note to the writers at C4P, when it comes to Romney, "Pour it On" . BTW, keep up the good work guy’s. How about " Beautiful rich boy’s for Mittens ", " Valley Boy’s for Mitt" ? Wow, it’s like back to the eighties.  

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