Politico: Sarah Palin: Newt Gingrich’s Secret Weapon

Politico has released an interesting article today.  In short, it points out the positive remarks the Governor has consistently made with regard to the Speaker as well as taking the media out for their biases.

The first sign that Palin would ride to Gingrich’s rescue was a radio interview with Sean Hannity right before ABC aired its interview with his ex-wife, Marianne Gingrich, in which she claimed the former speaker wanted an open marriage.

“I call them dumbarses,” said Palin of the media, according to The Huffington Post. “They, thinking that by trotting out this old Gingrich divorce interview that’s old news — and it does feature a disgruntled ex, claiming that it would destroy his campaign — all this does, Sean, is incentivize conservatives and independents who are so sick of the politics of personal destruction because it’s played so selectively by the media, that their target, in this case Newt, he’s now going to soar even more. Because we know the game now, and we just won’t put up with it.”

“Good call, media,” she quipped.

Palin again rose to Gingrich’s defense after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — a Romney surrogate — criticized Gingrich on “Meet the Press” following Gingrich’s impressive South Carolina win.

After Christie dubbed Gingrich an “embarrassment” to the Republican Party, Palin warned Christie not to get his “panties in a wad.”

“You know, sometimes, if your candidate loses in just one step along this path, as was the case when Romney lost to Newt the other night — and, of course, Romney is Chris Christie’s guy — well, you kind of get your panties in a wad, and you may say things that you regret later. And I think that that’s what Chris Christie did.”

She took it a step farther, saying the New Jersey governor, who has made his name as an in-your-face politician that frequently says eyebrow-raising things, demonstrated a “lack of self-discipline.”

“Poor Chris. This was a rookie mistake. He played right into the media’s hands,” Palin said on Fox Business Network on Monday. “The host had asked Chris, ‘Does Newt embarrass the party?’ I think he asked him twice, and there, Chris played right into it.”

After Gingrich trounced Romney in South Carolina, Palin was there again to trumpet her candidate and call him the new “front-runner” in the presidential race. She praised Texas Gov. Rick Perry for dropping out of the race and throwing his support behind Gingrich.

“I think what Rick Perry having dropped out and that patriot having done well for the front-runner, whom I will call Newt Gingrich now, being the front-runner, having endorsed him, was a good smart move,” Palin said on Fox News after the results rolled in. “He kind of took one for the team there, the conservative team, when he dropped out.”

Palin quipped: “I don’t know, do political pundits back there in the Beltway feign surprise, or are you really surprised that Newt Gingrich did as well as he did?”

It also touches on her comments from yesterday’s interview with John Stossel:

In her latest appearance, Palin stated: “Look at Newt Gingrich, what’s going on with him via the establishment’s attacks,” she said, though the original question was about Ron Paul. “They’re trying to crucify this man and rewrite history and rewrite what it is that he has stood for all these years.”

Palin then called conservative writer Peggy Noonan “hypocritical” for recently calling Gingrich an “angry little attack muffin.”

“They maybe subscribe such characterization of Newt via words like that, but they don’t subscribe those to say Mitt Romney when he or his surrogates do the same thing,” she said. “That’s that typical hypocrisy stuff in the media that I’ve lived with over a couple of decades in the political arena. So I’m used to it.”

“But in order to help educate the rest of the American public, I’ll articulate that it is hypocritical of the media to subscribe to one candidate and not another, that kind of angry attack muffin verbiage to one and not the other.”

They go on to say:
Though she declined to run for president in 2012, Palin still has a devoted following among tea party conservatives. Despite her non-endorsement, her views on the race have become crystal clear as she has waged an insistent public campaign for Gingrich that can’t be mistaken for anything but support for the volatile speaker and his ideas. As has usually been the case with Palin, her exact motives remain a mystery. But it does seem like the two Republicans share a common bond in suspecting the media and Washington power brokers are biased against them.
What I disagree with is the article’s characterization of Palin having "exact motives" other than plain and simple fairness and talking up the unfavored media-underdog as she has also done in the case of Rick Santorum.  As the Governor said, the establishment and media are holding Gingrich to a whole different standard while she and others noticed that it was indeed Mitt Romney who began the war with the attack ads in Iowa in December.
From my own perception, I believe Palin simply wants more competition in the field and wants the debates to continue.
Nevertheless the Governor’s recent comments are mirroring the sentiments of the grassroots and they seem to be helping give Gingrich the boost he needs to remain a contender.
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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Temitope-Arsenal/100001555359219 Temitope Arsenal

    stop being foolish don’t you see what politico is trying to do tying palin to newt so that if he fail they will say that palin power has diminished. stop playing into their hand. palin is anti establishment not pro newt

    • http://conservatives4palin.com/ Mary Beth House

      You might want to re-read Governor Palin’s post today to understand what’s really going on.

      • section9

        Uh, I actually agree with Temitope.

        Palin did NOT endorse Newt. This was an attack on the Establishment, which happens to hate her guts.

        And she still won’t endorse Newt. He hasn’t shown that he has the same "legs" as Romney has. If his ship goes down, Palin doesn’t plan on going down with it.

        • JLAdevelop

          Agreed. She called Newt an imperfect vessel to represent the Tea Party, but she’s is angered by the tactics of the Establishment in their attempts to take Newt (the same as they used against Sarah).

        • RichardNC

          No kidding.

          The Gingrich fans act like Palin wouldn’t have written the same piece if it had been Santorum or someone else in the establishment’s line of fire.

          I actually think Palin has been waiting three years to write this post. The circumstances just worked out to give her that opportunity.

          • http://conservatives4palin.com/ Mary Beth House

            Actually I believe strongly that she would have.

            It doesn’t change the political realities that Newt is the anti-establishment threat to their choice and they are willing to do whatever they can to destroy him.

          • IsraeliCojones

            I actually think Palin has been waiting three years to write this post.


        • http://conservatives4palin.com/ Mary Beth House

          No she hasn’t endorsed Newt.

          But she has defended Newt who stands as the proxy for the Constitutional Conservative base versus Mitt, who is the face of the Establishment GOP.

          And I don’t know why you or anyone else feels qualified to state with such authority what she will or won’t do.  We have no idea.  I have no idea.  Neither do you.

          She did say that she was going to formally endorse.  Currently all signals point to her backing Newt.  And that’s all we have to go by at the moment.

          • pete4palin

            Palin is helping Newt so long as he is willing and ABLE to take on the establishment.

            • http://conservatives4palin.com/ Mary Beth House

              And once he’s no longer able, then who will be left who can take the kind of hellfire being rained on him?

              • pete4palin

                Is this a trick question???

        • Steve_Flesher

          That’s an insult to Gov. Palin.  Clearly she believes if we don’t stand on principle, we don’t stand at all.  What good are legs if they are growing on a GOP catatonic?

        • excopconservative

          Newt is our only ticket to stop Romney.  Once Romney is stopped I have faith that Gov. Palin will know what to do to take control of the process, control that some of us believe she has had all along.

        • Guest

          Romney’s legs aree about to be cut out from under him, and deservedly so. Here’s the story.

          Another question: How can a man like Romney, who does the things he’s done this past week alone be a religious man?

          Ah! Ask a question and find an answer.
          "Romney’s answer was clearly aimed at making sure no one thought that his Mormonism would impact his decision-making, but that his embrace of the Christian right’s "Judeo-Christian values" framing would." So, religion be damned, Romney can say and do whatever he wants no matter how despicable it is because Mormon values don’t inform his decisions to lie viciously about somebody. Last I knew, lying isn’t a Mormon value. He thinks though that if he were Judaeo-Christian, instead of Mormon, that would affect his decision-making. I guess he would not he would not be running the sewerage campaign that he currently is because those Judaeo-Christian values would affect his decision-making and prevent him from wrong doing. It’s interesting how he distinguishes between Mormonism and Judaeo-Christianity, making an either-or but not both, in terms of relatedness. My, my, my, Romney reveals himself as holding to no principle besides self-interest. In spite of the millions to the LDS, his faith doesn’t touch him or his life. This is in sharp contrast to Palin, Santorum, and, yes, Gingrich of today. http://www.religiondispatches.org/dispatches/sarahposner/5621/romney%27s_debate_coach_and_his_religion_answer/

          • kthln_blake

            By his fruits ye shall know him. Is his fruit good or bad? I think bad.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Temitope-Arsenal/100001555359219 Temitope Arsenal

        i did read it , in no where did she say she is supporting newt she is just clearly anti establishment, she might end up endorsing him and if she does from all she has being saying and what she just wrote it will be because she is anti establishment and not because she believes he is a tea party guy.

        • http://conservatives4palin.com/ Mary Beth House

          She made it clear that Newt was the anti-establishment figure that they were attacking.  This isn’t a battle between Newt and Mitt… this is a battle between the Tea Party Conservatives and the establishment.

          I concur with her that Newt is an imperfect vessel…but it is what it is.  The GOP Establishment don’t have the qualms that some here might have of recognizing who Gingrich represents and embodies and the threat that he poses to them.

          Thankfully Palin does recognize it.

      • wodiej

        this is the same person accusing others of not reading it. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/julicornwall Juliann F. Cornwall

      Why do you think she is not endorsing anyone and won’t probably until the primaries are over. This is exactly what I knew would happen she will not be put on a rope and the establishment don’t like it.

    • Jen4Palin

      Who cares? She knows that her throngs of supporters don’t live and die according to what the media says about her. I think you’re the one who needs to stop being foolish and paranoid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chiszardoug Doug Chiszar

    I like her facebook title:
    Cannibals in GOP Establishment Employ Tactics of the Left

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pete-Petretich/100002088167892 Pete Petretich

      Look at this, if you excerpt just the last sentence of Sarah’s new FB post and the signature there is revealed a secret message:

      "So, one must ask, who are they really running against?- Sarah Palin"

  • wodiej

    Many cannot accept the fact Gov. Palin is not running for President and simply refuse to believe she would give one ounce of conservative credit to anyone else namely Newt Gingrich. They are part of the Gingrch Haters Club. No alternate to choose besides Gingrich-just name calling, insults, bitter remarks. Gov. Palin has talked up Gingrich several times in the last week. It’s plain to anyone who wants to see reality that she would much rather have him as the nominee than Romney. I don’t care whether she out and out endorses him or not. It’s not rocket science.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Temitope-Arsenal/100001555359219 Temitope Arsenal

      see i have accepted that she is not running in fact i even expected are not to run after the tuscon incident because i know she saw what the media did to are and what they would have done had she ran. the thing is that you newtbots claiming to be palin supporters can see that she is not so pro newt as she is anti-establishment.

    • RichardNC

      Actually I don’t hate Gingrich. It’s his supporters at C4P. Just to set the record straight.

      • socon

        It’s mutual, Mittbot. 

        Just remember–Sarah is defending Newt, too.

        • RichardNC

          Uh, what is Palin’s screen name at C4P?

          I didn’t even know she posted here.

          • socon

            You haven’t read her face book posts defending Newt?  Reading comprehension is your friend.

        • IsraeliCojones

          RichardNC, a Mittbot? Ridiculous.

          • socon

            i don’t care what he is–he’s rude.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pete-Petretich/100002088167892 Pete Petretich

    Look at this, if you excerpt just the last sentence of Sarah’s new FB post and the signature there is revealed a secret message:

    "So, one must ask, who are they really running against?- Sarah Palin"

    • Jen4Palin

      HA! Great minds think alike! I should have scrolled down before I commented just now. Isn’t it brilliant? She sure sounded pissed off enough to change her mind…

  • Dagobomb

    For years I’ve been of the opinion that the dems and reps are just two wings of the same political establishment. People still wrongly assume Republican=Conservative. I distinctly recall George H. W. Bush in his last year as president say, "I have always been a big government guy." They already try to marginalize the freshman congress critters and will do it again if they get their way. These people can’t seem to understand that we aren’t going to just sit back and take it. If they ignore us, their future will be the political version of having their face on a milk carton.

  • carmtom13

    I loved the article. I am so glad she finally called them all out. What she said in the article about what they did to her and her family has been a long time coming. Governor Palin is beholding to no one and is not 4 sale. That is 1 reason why the DC establishment did not want her to get in this primary. Romney is not a conservative, he is an admitted progressive liberal republican who did not like Reagan’s policies. Romneycare is obamacare.

  • toongoon

    The media wants so badly to paint Governor Palin into a corner so that they attack her convictions, she just sends them into a tailspin. She denied them the ability to do that when she decided not run for president, then she did it when she refused to endorse a candidate, now they want say that she endorsed Newt only because she defended him. The media has come to believe their own lies, even they don’t know the truth anymore. 

  • nkthgreek

    In my way of thinking until we hear Sarah say, " I would like to endorse (fill in the blanks)", she has officially endorsed, no one.

  • http://tron2008.myopenid.com/ TRON2016

    We, My Family and I, Will VOTE For Newt Gingrich Because of Sarah Palin, Our American LEADER….

  • angeleno

    Palin said today on Facebook: "Newt is an imperfect vessel for Tea Party support."  And she’s right. But her remark was within a starement in which she defended Gingrich strongly from what she called unfair establishment attacks. I agree with her that Gingrich is too unruly to suit the Establishment, and that they’ve been hacking at him. But Gingrich has been spewing some very strange stuff at Romney too. I’d feel much happier about Sarah’s defense of Newt if she would say plainly that his demonizing capitalism and private enterprise in order to disparage Romney is way out of line and  and sounds like Obama’s class warfare.
    Above all, I hope Sarah makes sure never to get stranded in a room alone with Newt. His cycle is about due to repeat.

    • TEXs

      You’re so full of…….

      Don’t come here to promote liberal RINO Willard pretending to be Governor’s supporter.
      There is a nice site for you,it’s called RINOS4Willard.com.

      • angeleno

        Try really hard to think and speak like a human being.  You make a sad fool of yourself telling anyone else that he’s full of one of your few words. Also don’t presume to tell me whom I’m supporting. So far it’s none of the four candidates because none is anywhere close to Palin whom I’ve supported 24/7 not just from the first time I and America saw her in August 2008 but months earlier when I heard of her reputation, watched videos of her and began blogging for her to be the VP candidate. There is a nice site for you called reform school combined with learning how to read, write, think and act respectfully.

        Or you can herd together with your fellow RINOs who are so pure (like your dirty mouth) that they would rather elect Obama than a Republican they don’t like. If you think Gingrich’s attacks on free enterprise, capitalism and personal freedom–just for the sake of bashing Romney–are a good idea when he could have made the same points without slamming American ideals, then you are even dimmer than you appear to be.

    • WEL2

      You want Gov. Palin to "defend" Gingrich by criticizing him.  LOL

      She has defended Gingrich, but has not endorsed him.  That is important.  She has made it clear she does not want Romney to become the Republicn nominee, and that she wants the nomination fight to continue, not end with the Florida primary.

      Since 2008, Gov. Palin has endured vicious attacks from Romney surrogates, because Romney feared a challenge from her in the primary.

      • angeleno

        I have no idea what you’re LOLing about. Sarah has both defended and criticized Gingrich. Nothing strange about that.  More interesting,  her defense of him never includes praise, just complaints that he’s being attacked unfairly. Furthermore, her context is she’s complaining about the attacks because she wants the primary contests and their vetting to continue, not because she’s a Gingrich fan. I doubt she approves of his attacks on economic freedom, which Gingrich uses to bash Romney. I don’t give a damn abdout Romney or Gingrich but I do resent Gingrich attacking capitalism and free enterprise because he thinks that hurts Romney at the Polls. Is Gingrich an Obama class-warefare guy now?  Hardly, I guess, since he’s rolling in money himself and isn’t honest about how he made it. But it’s damned unprincipled of him to attack our economic system only because he wants to rap Romney..

        If you hate Romney fine, but don’t pretend you adore Gingrich and he’s a choir boy. Basically, nobody here gave a damn about Gingrich until he joined the primaries and began bashing Romney.  Again, bash Romney all you want, doesn’t bother me, but don’t try to ram Gingrich down my throat. He has major defects too.

        One last thing. While Sarah was being slimed by the Left  and by the GOP etabslishment, I don’t remember anyone here linking it all to Romney or his surrogates then. Now it’s all about rRomney. Maybe he did attack Sarah tyhrough his people. But maybe Gingrich did too. Maybe a whole lot of big GOP names did.

        Right now that doesn’t matter, especially because she’s not running. What matters is who is the best GOP candidate. I don’t have a clear answer yet. Just like Sarah doesn’t.

    • Kalena

      Romney started it by spending MILLIONS of $$ in Iowa slamming Newt.

  • Jen4Palin

    Am I the only one who read this from Sarah’s latest FB post:

    "So, one must ask, who are they really running against?
    – Sarah Palin"

    as this:

    "So, one must ask, who are they really running against? Sarah Palin."


  • Palinpower

     WEEEEE! That’s what the Geico piggy says.
    And Weee need to get behind the anti-establishment candidate even if its Newt and show the martini class that weeee are serious.  I hope this helps and clarifies everything. Sarah Palin gets it.

  • onparade

    thank you sarah for backing the conservative newt gingrich…..

  • onparade

    the interview sarah had with newt was excellant….

  • http://twitter.com/ARTHUR_SWE ARTHUR STEINBERG

    Go Newt Get Palin 2012

  • misterlogic0013

    I said this was going to happen, "they are going to start talking about Sarah more and more". Its starting to be Sarah Palin time, along with those nasty Tea Party Patriots. We have taken enough already.
    Case in point, the attacks on Newt. Sarah hasn’t endorsed him, and look at what they are doing to him. Sarah is adding to her coalition.
    Mama Grizzly is healthy, and rested. She is coming down to the lower 48 soon.. Its her time.. Tea Party Time.. you betcha

  • MJScanlonOH

    Get Ready for a brokered convention. The first in a looong time.I am not giving up on Sarah going toe to toe with the Obummer.

    • overthecoastline

      Giving up??  It’s been a pre-destined event since August 29th, 2008!  

      Us Sarah supporters need to display patience and possess knowingness.  

      Her time is coming. Nothing worth having is ever fabricated overnight.  

  • Marcus Genuric

    Call them all out. Put them in their place. Hand their arses to them! In a silver platter! Don’t stop!

  • Marcus Genuric

    Whether we like it or not, whether Newt likes it or not, we’ve all been thrust together into the same side now, because it’s now become about all of "us" against….. all of "them"!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pete-Petretich/100002088167892 Pete Petretich

    It sounds like you’re a shill for the Establishment.

    How much are they paying you for your services?

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