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Ron Devito: Gov. Palin Must Summit and Triumph in 2012

Guest Submission by Ron Devito

When Thomas Schmitz, the O4P California Coordinator and US for Palin writer learned I was going to Paris to celebrate my 15th Wedding Anniversary, he asked that I take an O4P Palm card with me and photograph myself holding it to build a dossier of Sarah images in foreign countries. It would only take a few minutes. I enthusiastically agreed. Over these past three years, I’ve learned that many things with Gov. Palin are not coincidental. They are Providential.

As I printed out my Eiffel Tower ticket prior to the trip, the location for the shoot jumped out at me. On the ticket in all capital letters, was the word "SOMMET." It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it is French for "Summit". Some colleagues have complained that I have a tendency to put former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on a pedestal. Now, I was going to symbolically put her at the Summit of the tallest man-made pedestal in Europe. Putting Sarah on a pedestal? I proudly say: Guilty as charged!

After our ascent and with a flute of Eiffel Tower champagne in each of us, I begged my wife’s pardon and secured it. I had to pick the place to do the shoot. I took a few shots to the west, but they came out poorly. Then, I went to the Northwest. Let’s call it 340 on the compass, as I like to say when I’m in New York. Then, I noticed something my wife and I had just descended from the summit of just about an hour prior: the Arc de Triomphe…Providential. Summit. Triumph. Palin.

…Just prior to my trip to Newark Airport, I informed my writers about the failure of at least two GOP candidates to gather enough signatures to qualify to appear on the ballots of the Virginia primary. From Paris, I would learn that all the candidates save for Mitt Romney and Ron Paul failed to qualify. I’ll leave it to the readers to decide whether this circumstance is a result of GOP establishment chicanery to benefit Romney, gross incompetence on the part of the campaigns that failed to make the Virginia ballot, or something else. Whatever the root cause, the outcome is an absolute and unmitigated disgrace. I noted with some interest how the mainstream and conservative media seemed to fluff over this rather significant story, indicating a desire to quickly bury it. Of course, if Gov. Palin were a candidate and this circumstance befell her, we would have been treated to a deluge of articles all the way through and past Election Day on how she was "un-electable." She would have been the lightning rod and all the other candidates would have gotten a free pass.

Now, nearly three months later, we can see the genius behind Gov. Palin’s decision. You see, all these candidates have been and continue to be vetted before the electorate, something which would not have happened if she were currently on the ticket. The clock is doing its work with every second that ticks by. Passage of time is proving that Gov. Palin’s decision does not change the simple fact that she is the best person and most qualified for the job of POTUS. She has the accomplishments; the leadership skills; the executive, command, and financial administration experience; she took on corruption in both parties in every position she held. Yes as a man, I say it’s time for a woman to take the helm – and not just any woman, but a woman who is both ordinary and extraordinary.


This is why I find it absolutely ridiculous that anyone speaks of giving Gov. Palin a second-fiddle position such as Vice President or a cabinet position. Gov. Palin is a Transformational Leader – the type who is brought in to fix broken organizations. Her place is not second. It’s first. She is to be the dominant one in any relationship. That’s why she is called a leader. Period.

Compared to Gov. Palin, the field of declared candidates is Lés Miserables. When your accomplishments are of the size, scale, scope, and frequency of Gov. Palin’s, yes you probably are a superhero minus the silly cape. Hero worship? Guilty as charged and proud of it.

Gov. Palin’s only proper place is at Au Sommet and her only proper outcome is Triomphe. Failure is not an option. One of the many things I admire about Gov. Palin: she does something right or she does not do it all. Reaching Au Sommet could mean she ultimately runs for POTUS in this cycle of back-loaded primaries. It could mean continuing what she is doing as a private citizen rooting out crony capitalism and endorsing down-tickets ala 2010. It could mean both. It could mean something else. How Gov. Palin reaches Au Sommet does not matter to me – as long as she reaches it – and Triumphs.

As we bid au revoir to 2011, here is the 2011 Master List of Governor Palin’s Accomplishments.

The 2012 Master List of Governor Palin’s Accomplishments is now open.

Gov. Palin:


Grimper au sommet!

Climb to the Summit!


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  • Lennart Bilén

    Sarah Palin did not even think of Nantucket
    when plans for that infamous bridge kicked the bucket.
    But profligate waste
    and spending with haste;
    she ordered the spendthriftest Congress to chuck it!

    • GeraldGoff

      the only reason the bridge got chucked is because of the flack Alaska was getting.  Connecting the airport to the mainland and opening up the huge tracts of land on Gravina Island to development was and still is a good plan.

      The "useless without a bridge" road still got built and is sitting there wasting away waiting for  a bridge to Gravina Island.  Google earth the island and you will see that it is not some small little bit of land.

      • Lennart Bilén

        Perry’s campaign made a charge in a radio ad that it released in Iowa on Dec. 29, 2011.
        Mimicking the format of a game show, Perry’s ad kicks off with an announcer
        asking: "Which Republican running for president voted for the Bridge to
        Nowhere earmark?" The "correct" answer comes from contestant
        "Susie from Des Moines," who responds by naming Santorum.

        I also understand that the original cost estimate for the bridge was about half the final estimate. When Palin became Governor she canceled the project and called for a less costly plan to connect the airport and island with the town.

      • Lawrence Poe

        If the bridge to Gravina Island is such a good plan why can’t Alaskans spend their own d**ned money to build it.

  • DavidF

    Love it!

  • n4cerinc

    Nice. I like it.

  • indemind

    Ron…Congrats on #15….. Very nice Post…. Merci beaucoup!

    deo volento … SarahAmerica … 2012

  • misterlogic0013

    Sarah is on tonight, she possibly will show a card or two…She calls it how she sees it live tonight..All eyes will be on Sarah Palin.. not the chosen one..Sarah hasn’t spent a dime, and will be the talk of the town…its playing out right in front of us…Sarah is rested and steady…Sometimes it not what you say it is what you don’t say..Sarah Cuda will be on her game………heads up…things are heating up…

    • IwjwI

      Even more so with this:
      Amateur Hour: Mitt Romney Likely to Be Only GOP Candidate on Illinois Ballot

      Virginia, IIlinois, …

      • palintologist

        All of the candidates make me want to gag.  But as a Virginian, I have to point out this piece from the Richmond Times-Dispatch about the skullduggery that has gone on here since November.  It’s a doozy.
        Also, Gov. Bob McDonnell, who was all in for Sarah to campaign for him in ’09, did an about-face when Ed Gillespie got his (inside-the-Beltway) mind right.  McDonnell wants nothing more than to be Mitt-for-Brains’ veep pick.  McDonnell’s lt. gov is Bill Bolling, who is also state co-chair of Mittens’ Virginia campaign.  Bolling also makes the rules that were QUIETLY CHANGED in November re signatures to get on the ballot. 

  • patnatasha

    sarah is a chess player boy i wouldn’t want to play poker with her.

    • Mountain

      GO PALIN:  RUN!


    She made the choice not to run because the Palins didn’t want the fight.
    Shes not jumping in the race and probably won’t give more then a few endorsements. Maybe some candidates in desperate situations will seek her endorsements.

    We may have seen our shining star become a roman candle….POOF,it’s gone.

    Hopefully I’m wrong though

    • Bill589

      I think you are wrong about why she chose not to run on Oct. 5.  Regardless of what she does about the presidency, she will be involved in the 2012 elections.

      She said she would be, and I trust her.  As far as I can find, she has never been untrustworthy.

    • IwjwI

      Sarah will come out swinging for the fences with the TEA Party. Organize for Palin will be the place to go to find out all about the candidates that she will endorse in 2012. We are on a mission to save our country. This country belongs to We The People and it is time that the corruptocrats knew this.
      "Throw Them All Out," ought to be the 2012 Conservative mantra, bumperstickers and all.

  • usajingoist

    I agree and what sustains my hope are her kind words about the positive traits of Donald Trump and Ron Paul.  If she were to enter the race, she needs more than just her core group of supporters.  I think her independent streak can attact a certain percentage of Ron Paul supporters who like him because he will actually cut government spending on day one.  She can also attract social conservatives and anti-goverment reformers as well.  She will also go after Obama, which is what attracts many to Trump.  She hit on a huge point in her interview…that if you took the best traits from each candidate, you would have the perfect candidate. 

    Really!  Pro-Energy, Pro-10th Amendment, Pro-Israel, cut spending, 0% corporate tax rate, willing to take on Obama…only one potential candidate supports those positions.

    • IwjwI

      Put your last paragraph in a commercial for Sarah.

  • Cindy Forbes

    excellent !

  • Lennart Bilén

    Sarah Palin is not as smart as Gingrich, not as dull as Romney, not as thorough as Santorum, not as conceited as Perry and Huntsman, not as programmed as Bachmann, not as defeatist as Paul.
    The secret of her genious is prayer. She prayed and did not enter the race. She prayed again, and…

    • Bill589

      I think she may be smarter than Newt, just in a different way.  He certainly is what some might call ‘book smart’.

      Nobody is as smart as Newt thinks he is.

      • Lennart Bilén

        Sorry, I meant: nor as smart alec as Gingrich

    • Mountain

      Sorry, but I thoroughly disagree.
      When you write, "as X as," you imply that she demonstrates some measure of those negative traits.

      WRONG!  Gov. Palin is:
      – NOT at all "smart-alec,"
      – NEVER "dull,"
      – She isn’t overly-wonkish/"thorough" but she IS detailed enough (!),
      – She’s NOT AT ALL "conceited" (she is instead amazingly humble!),
      – She’s thankfully NEVER "programmed" (since when is "rogue" programmed?!), and
      – She has not one MOLECULE within her that is "defeatist,"

      BUT—- yes, she does pray—–
           and we hope she is STILL praying, and God leads her to RUN! 

      • Lennart Bilén

        In Eric Bolling’s interview with Sarah Palin she mentioned that people wanted a candidate that combined the best qualities of all the candidates, so I had a little fun noting Sarah has all of the strong characteristics but less of the quirks of the other candidates. She can be naughty at time, and she can get the goat of Obama like none else. She will make the dem’s explode.

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        You said it. Sarah would have blown away the field in Iowa, had she run.

  • patnatasha

    what happens if romney wins the caucus and there is no consensus on which conservative to get behind to challenge romney what then perfect opportunity for sarah.

    • Lor Mazz

      I just think its too late it takes months to start a camp. she could start one in weeks. it just does not happen like that. these cand. have been camp. for months, big money is behind certain people, certain people are getting behind their cand. you have to get on the ballots would she even make all the states. look at what happened in VA. face it she is not running. i wish she were but its wishful thinking. 

      • WilliamShipley

        I, too, don’t think she is going to run and am kind of hoping for Gingrich/Palin as a reasonable possibility with her clearly in line for 2016.

        But, that being said, don’t think she couldn’t become instantly competitive.  She has almost universal name recognition — the thing that the candidates have been campaigning on for months.  It’s the internet era, she could put up a facebook post with a video, it would be everywhere within hours and she’d be in the game.  The places with deadlines will be closed but there are still plenty of deligates that she could try for.  Had she announced yesterday she would probably have been in the top 3 today in Iowa (assuming she isn’t anyway!)

        • Laddie_Blah_Blah

          Romney still has not reached the base of his own party. I would not be at all surprised to see him reach out to Sarah in some way to make his candidacy acceptable to the base. If we stay home, he cannot win. No matter how many independents he can capture, he cannot win without the Tea Party and the conservative vote. He must solidify his base. 

          It’s a question of how far she would go to help get him elected. She would campaign for him, for sure, as she sees Obama as a dangerous menace to American exceptionalism, with even Romney as an acceptable alternative. Even with Sarah campaigning for him, though, he would inspire no one. He lacks vision, he has never reformed anything, and his actual record as Mass.’s governor is lackluster at best, and downright progressive, at worst. See Romneycare. 

          But with Sarah as his VP, he would romp to victory on the shoulders of an energized base. I might even consider voting for him then, depending.

          Sarah can still be a game-changer, if she wants to be one.

          • Kwaisi France

            Romney would lose moderates if he chose Palin. He would gain the conservative base. The better scenario would be for Palin ot be at the top of the ticket and for her to choose a moderate. She attracts the base, and needs someone to appeal to the intellectual part of teh electorate. Whether it’s true or not, people think Sarah Palin is stupid. As I have advocated many times, she could dispel this myth if she would do mainstream media interviews. Her reluctance to do this is baffling. 

            • Laddie_Blah_Blah

              That’s not what happened in 2008, when Sarah’s VP candidacy energized a lackluster McCain campaign. Romney is even more "moderate" than McCain. If anything, she is more popular and much more credible, now, than she was then. 

              No one, before or since, does retail politics better than Sarah, and no one delivers a better stump speech than she. She would nail down Reagan Dems for Romney, who would otherwise have little appeal to them. Pro-lifers, evangelicals, small government independents, fiscal conservative independents, women, families with kids having special needs (11 million American families), pro 2nd amendment advocates of all persuasions: all are there for the candidate smart enough to name Sarah as his running mate.

              The media can’t help themselves. They cover Sarah like no one else, because she is where the ratings are. Lots and lots of free pub for the ticket that has Sarah Palin on it. She has weathered so much vitriol she is damn near immune now. Look at how quickly Joe McGinnis’ last hit piece disappeared down the publishing memory hole. Even the BSM panned it. Dems who smear Sarah from now on risk angering and alienating the women who are their largest single constituency. Many of the ladies have had it with that stuff, and the men, too.

              Sarah demonstrated during the 2010 mid-terms how smart and effective she can be on the campaign trail. Who is better?

              And who are the moderate voters going to flock to? Obama? You’re kidding, right? He is struggling just to hold onto his base. The moderates will go with Romney over Obama, all day long. It’s the GOP base that he has to convince.

      • patnatasha

        I think what she said months is true that this will be an unusual and unconventional election cycle where anything can happen.

      • Bill589

        You may be right.  For our country’s sake, I hope you’re wrong.


    Congrats on our 15th. M wife and I just celebrated our 30th!. I can tell you marriage only gets better with time.

    I’m hoping the Gov. does what the country needs….lead it out of the darkness it’s in.

    • patnatasha

      Happy Anniversy.

      • Greg Legakis

        spell check

        • Guest

          Oh G-d Really?

        • USMAgrandma

          You’re a real piece of work!

  • Clifford J Cromer

    Thanks, Ron, for a well written report. Excuse me, but an important part of Governor Palins life you only alluded to: God holds her hand as they walk through the garden in the cool of the evening planning tomorrow.


  • pete4palin

    If Sarah of Arc is to run, the army must form first. 
    Today is the first day we can vote rogue! 

  • Phil_Bounds

    "Now, I was going to symbolically put her at the Summit of the tallest man-made pedestal in Europe."

    No offense but the Eiffel Tower is not the tallest building in Europe, not even in Paris: the Montparnasse Tower is taller.

  • Pete Petretich

    Some guy from Washington, DC just predicted (on the Hugh Hewitt show) that Sarah will be chosen again as VP by whomever wins the nomination.

    (Was his name Marc Thiesen? I’m not sure)

    • USMAgrandma

      Sarah will not accept a VP bid…..

  • Mountain

    Superb and on-target article, Ron! 

    I have NO idea HOW Gov. Palin can reach the White House in 2012, but if it’s God’s will, she WILL MAKE IT!  Meanwhile, we can do all we can to GO ROGUE as we vote in primaries, and to help Americans learn about the REAL Sarah Palin (by showing them "The Undefeated" and by encouraging them to read her books)—-as we wait for our marching orders from the ONLY Ideal Conservative Candidate:  Sarah Palin!

  • palintologist

    All of the candidates make me want to gag.  But as a Virginian, I have to point out this piece from the Richmond Times-Dispatch about the skullduggery that has gone on here since November.  It’s a doozy.
    Also, Gov. Bob McDonnell, who was all in for Sarah to campaign for him in ’09, did an about-face when Ed Gillespie got his (inside-the-Beltway) mind right.  McDonnell wants nothing more than to be Mitt-for-Brains’ veep pick.  McDonnell’s lt. gov is Bill Bolling, who is also state co-chair of Mittens’ Virginia campaign.  Bolling also makes the rules that were QUIETLY CHANGED in November re signatures to get on the ballot. 

    • JeannieBinVA

      As another Virginian who has run and worked on campaigns here, including presidential primary bids, I can assure you that no skullduggery accounts for candidates’ failure to make the VA primary ballot. They simply didn’t do their homework, or for their own reasons decided to skip Virginia. 

      For decades VA state law has required signatures for ALL candidates at every level to be on any ballot, and for decades every candidate at every level has known they need to get DOUBLE the number of required signatures, to make sure they will not be disqualified for invalid signatures.

      The State Board of Elections includes the double-signature advisory in its communications with campaigns, candidates and parties, and everyone who knows anything about campaigning in Virginia knows this is the rule. Most candidates since time immemorial have had no difficulty meeting the double-signature rule; with a little planning, and even a small group of volunteers, it’s very easy and inexpensive.  

      Every candidate in the presidential field had exactly the same information about needing to get double the number of required signatures, and the same 5-month window from August to December to gather the needed signatures. That some of them chose to wait until November or December to start their signature drive, or chose not to even try, is their own fault. It has nothing to do with anything the party may have done in November.

      • wodiej

        they should check all signatures or none.  Some got thrown out because they were not valid for one reason or another. How many do you think were invalid for Ron Paul and Romney?

        • JeannieBinVA

          What’s to check? Perry and Gingrich didn’t even meet the statutory mimimum, and they knew it:

          (from the linked article)

          "by their own admission Gingrich and Perry did not meet the state’s requirements. In his emergency motion for an injunction, filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Richmond, Perry said he submitted the signatures of "more than 6,000 qualified Virginia voters." In Iowa last week, Gingrich told a voter that his campaign had submitted 11,100 signatures in Virginia, but "1,500 of them were by one guy who frankly committed fraud."

          Ron Paul’s signature total was just under the GOP’s 15,000 threshold, and so they DID verify his signatures, and he qualified easily.

          The presumption has always been that most signatures will be valid, but some percentage — 10% or higher — will likely be invalid for one reason or another, which is why the double-signature advisory has been in place forever and why until this year, all presidential candidates followed it and made it onto the ballot.

          Remember, each signature gatherer has to personally swear and sign an oath — subject to criminal penalties if they lie about it — on each petition that they followed the rules, and the campaign/candidate also has to certify on oath that the signatures were gathered properly by people qualified to do so. (The campaigns I’ve worked on required campaign people to visually scan the petitions before turning them in, to eliminate any that were obviously flawed. So there were checks and double-checks all along the way.)  

          The rules were the same for everyone. Your position seems to be that most candidates have to abide by the rules, but for your favored candidates there should be special rules — sort of a campaign affirmative action program. 

          My position is, running for president requires basic planning skills, or at least the ability to hire people with basic planning skills. If a candidate is not capable of doing either one, he/she shouldn’t waste our time by running in the first place.    

      • Kwaisi France

        It’s ridiculous for one to think they are going to run for President, but are not sure they are on the ballot. If it was just Romney, I could see it. The fact that it’s Romney and Paul makes it inexcusable for the rest of teh candidates. This shows me that Romney and Paul have a lot of money and are better organized than the rest.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      Very, very interesting link. As a Virginian, I find it irksome that the rules were only applied to some, but not to others, e.g. Romney, whose signatures were not evaluated for legitimacy, while those of others were. What do they call that? Equal protection under the law, or something? Oh, no, that’s not it… oh yeah, favoritism. That covers it.

      If you are going to make rules, they have to apply equally to all. The well-funded and well-connected do not get a pass. Unless, of course, the Virginia GOP is applying the so-called rules, and all petitions are equal, but some are more equal than others.

      For a party that purports to advocate less regulation and less arbitrarily bureaucratic bumbling, the petition review process described goes beyond travesty to farce. Images of clinging chads come to mind, or maybe they just read the entrails of goats before they favor the establishment guy with money and connections over the newcomers. 

      The problem is not that some candidates are not on the ballot, but that the voters are selectively disenfranchised. They could alleviate that little sticking point by allowing write-in votes, as are allowed in the general election. I can vote for Sarah as a write-in next November, but I cannot write her in on the GOP’s own ballot in the GOP’s own state primary election.

      Guess that makes sense to them. It makes no sense to me.

  • ramorywebb

    Looking at results so far from Iowa, there will be no earthquakes, and based on Sarah Paln’s interview I watched, there will be no candidate Palin. If Romney wins tonight, then the establshment won also. The won because voters will not stand up for their convictions. Instead they are caught up in their fear of Obama, and because of that will buy into the " Romney is msot electible myth.

    All this brings me to the question of will Palin supporters follow Sarah Palin’s lead on supporting only a GOP candidate? She was crtainly clear on how she feels about third party, so no Palin independent run. 

    Maybe time for a name change for the site: Conservatives for America or some such thing. Time to face the reality of the moment and get behind a ocnservative candidate that does what they speak.

    • USMAgrandma

      You will have a Conservative Candidate in the person of Sarah Palin when she decides it’s time.  The question for you is:  would you vote for her or just stay with Obama?

  • Bernard Schober

    Why the hell isn’t she endorsing someone?  What is she waiting for?

    • AyePatriot

      Interesting first comment ever on this site. Do you and The Klute follow the same orders?

      Governor Palin is waiting for the voters to do their job and vet the candidates and decide for themselves.

      Some of us don’t need orders to tell us what to do and think. You should try it sometime!

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