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Video: Canadian Talk Show Host Destroys Obama Over Keystone Decision

This is great stuff.  I was going to add it as an update to the previous post on this topic but it deserves its own headline.  Ezra Levant hosts a show, The Source, for Canada’s Sun News. In a very well-researched presentation, he takes a comprehensive look at Obama’s idiocy over the Keystone Pipeline.  Be sure to watch the whole thing and pay particular attention to the map of the alleged "pristine, environmentally sensitive area" through which the pipleline will pass.  I don’t know who this guy is, but he certainly did his homework.

(h/t Sinistar)

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  • Robert Simmons

    Great monologue. Leftists are immune to logic and reason. I wonder how many people socialism and communism has to kill before people finally get the point.

    • Heather Atkinson

      World-wide Communism has killed no less than 100,000,000 people in just the last 100 years.  That’s more than every monotheistic religion, combined… EVER!

      But facts are anathema to the Regressives… and they’re RAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST, to boot.

  • Lennart Bilén

    Hear, hear, a word of reason.
    I love it!
    Obama must really want the 80% reduction of CO2 generation by 2050!

  • Sue Lynn

    WOW….He has to GO!!!!!

  • cjk09

    BO chooses thug oil from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela over
    friendly oil from Canada; IOW BO chooses evil over good, yet again.

    Great foreign policy, BO. Diss and p.o. your friends and
    suck up and kowtow to your enemies. The Canadians have so far been taking a
    ‘look the other way’ approach to BO’s follies. But now he’s given them a very
    good reason to smack him down. Here’s hoping they keep him on the ropes. As we
    all know, he can’t take being dissed and unloved. Maybe this will give him that
    much-needed ‘hellooooo’ moment. Canada as an ally should be a helluva lot more
    important than a bunch of grungy tree huggers going door to door for him. Wait,
    to BO, no it isn’t. Fantastic/well-researched/well-articulated presentation by Ezra Levant. If only we had reporters here in America who could do this kind of work! Canada now sells 100% of its oil to America. How much do we suppose it will still sell to us if Congress doesn’t move immediately to reverse BO on his despicable Keystone XL decision?

  • PhilipJames

    This program is on a new network that is the equivalent of what used to be a conservative FOX network down in the US. It was just created in the last 6 months and is just starting to build up. As a Canadian, I have to pay extra just to get FOX News and still can not get FOX Business……   too many left wingers and socialists controlling the strings up here. But I do have to say we get programs like "The Kennedys" on History Channel even though they refused to carry down there….   those wacky socialists are everywhere.

  • nkthgreek

    President Obama: "See I can shoot myself in the foot, and still win."

  • Founders1791

    Very well done clip…bravo!

    Now it needs to be in rotation along our campaign trails!

  • M_Minnesota


    You know what would REALLY BE GREAT?????

    Eric Boiling  SHOULD/MUST have Kate Cashman (of the Alaskan Petroleum Institute?) who wrote "How Sarah took on Big Oil."

    Then Both Boling and Cashman can show THE ABSURITY THAT IS  Barry Sorentoro!!!!!!

    Anone have Eric Boiling’s email address at Fox?

    • UnhyphenatedAmericanVet

      He is on FB and Twitter, and Email sould be on the Fox Bis news web site too.

      • M_Minnesota


  • Freempg

    When will this horrifying nightmare end?

    • TheresaAK

      Nov…6th, 2012

      • EmeraldReporter

        Thats incorrec actuallly…
        January 20th 2013.

        Obama can still do a lot of damage within those 2 months.

        • Guest

          He will pardon a number of cop-killers and other "dissidents" is my guess.

        • PAWatcher

          He will give a last attempt to destroy US, but, everything he does can be undone, the American way.

    • jsgb1977

      When we vote for Ron Paul

  • Van Grungy

    Ezra gave a verbal ‘high-five’ to Pamela Gellar with the first line..

    "The first post-American President"

  • DetroitRight
    • PAWatcher

      Amazing how word can spread on the NET. We have to keep it out of the politicians grasp.

  • aaron66krohn

    Excellent 12 minutes!!!

    ONLY thing left out was him mentioning Sarah Palin!!

    Surely he must be aware of Sarah’s expertise on all things oil and gas!!

    After all, GOVERNOR Sarah Palin, of Canada’s next door neighbor Alaska (I can see the United States from Canada!!!), accepted the bid of Trans-CANADA over other bidders to build the pipeline in the AGIA project!!

    But I’ll forgive him, because overall, it was truly excellent!!

    He DID use Sarah’s oft-used Obama quote about "the transformation" of America!!

    Make sure Sarah sees this!!!

  • MichiCanuck

    Ezra Levant was prosecuted by the Alberta Human Rights Commission for publishing the Mohammed cartoons in the now defunct Western Standard. Ezra’s video of the kangaroo "court" proceedings went viral and helped to discredit this creepy pseudo-judicial Canadian embarrassment. He and Mark Steyn were the main fighters in the effort to unravel this travesty of justice in Canada. They and Kathy Shaidle ( and Kate McMillan ( have been the loudest voices of freedom in the Great White North.

  • MichiCanuck

    Ezra Levant was a victim of the Human Rights machinery when he was the publisher of the now defunct Western Standard. His sin was publishing the Mohammed cartoons. Ezra’s video of the kangaroo court proceedings helped to expose this travesty of "justice" in Canada. He, along with Mark Steyn, Kathy Shaidle ( and Kate McMillen ( have been in the front lines fighting for freedom of expression and freedom from political correctness in the Great White North. It’s great that Ezra, who has a real gift of the gab, has such a great gig on the new Sun News Network. Many cable subscribers in Canada can’t get this channel, but I understand that it has already passed CTV’s cable news outlet in ratings. Here’s hoping for continued success.

  • PAWatcher

    obama’s choice was against US and our Canadian allies in favor of countries who wish our demise………..nothing new.

  • dennisl59

    If I were running against the Dumb Bastard aka Hussein Obama, my campaign ads would be nothing but the clip of him bowing to the King of the Sand People…over and over and over.

    • Dora Stow

      OBUMER didn’t partake in our national anthem 11.14.11 and he showed his true colors as far as I’m concerned,he hates Americans and buddies with the jihad.He is NOT a legal citizen and legally cannot hold office according to the constitution but he is.Now we have ROMNEY that admitted in a debate that his parents where born in MEXICO,so he should not be allowed to run for office either. 

  • without_hate

    The approval numbers will sink lower than whale manure in the coming months as more truth is exposed about Mr. Sinclair alleged special friend. If he does not appear in court in Georgia with his original documentation the American people are going to rise in mass and demand that this gentleman be thoroughly investigated. 

    I can understand why he would go take extraordinary measures to muzzle Mr. Sinclair and prevent him from telling his story. The alleged use of drugs and male to male gratification in a rolling limo, paid for by the American tax payer, is not an incident one would want on the resume of a Presidential candidate. 

    I can not understand why he went to such length to prevent the release of his birth records and school records. What could possibly be in these that would hurt a setting President. If the democratic party knew of this Alleged drug use and covered it up, The party will be destroyed . "The cruelest lies are often told in silence."ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON,

    I heard the voice of Mr. Sinclair for the first time today. This man is not an irrational man as the henchmen tries to portray him.He is a reasoned man that presents his charges in a coherent and orderly manner. He has the dates, hotel room receipts, witness and the telephone numbers used by Senator Obama. This man had to be marginalized if Obama was to survive any election. 

    Believe him or not he deserved to be listened to. His charges that a high placed politician may have had a hand in the taking the life of Mr. Donald Young deserved to be verified and checked out by law enforcement not swept under the rug. This is discrimination even a hate crime against a gay man. 

    Mrs. Young, Donald mother says in and interview with the globe she feels that the premature transition of Larry to his eternal home was not being investigated properly and covered up due to his relationship with a man that holds a high office. My plea is that this be investigated and give these two people peace. 

    Its up to the American people to stand up and say no more. You show your documents as ordered by the court or you resign immediately. We have had enough of your lies and cover up. If he does not comply with a legal court order he has crossed the line one to many times and mass action is called for. 

  • without_hate

    January 18, 2012
    Open Letter to the Congress of the United States
    Gentlemen and Ladies:  

    "The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment." ROBERT HUTCHINS. 

    Early in my life, I was taught to address the members of Congress as the Honorable Congressman Smith etc. This was a different time and place in American History. I can no longer address this once Honorable body in this respectful tone for there is no Honor with the exception of few esteemed members. The greatest challenge Congress faces is not the economy, not unemployment but an executive intent on rendering the peoples House and Senate impotent-a mere debating society. Your indifference to this power grab by the executive branch is tantamount to the Vichy government sundering its authority to a fanatical dictator.  " the government following the military defeat of France by Germany during World War II and the vote by the National Assembly on 10 July 1940. This vote granted extraordinary powers to Pétain, the last Président du Conseil(Prime Minister) of the Third Republic"(Wikpedia). 

    You did not vote to give the executive branch extraordinary powers, you do not have the courage to stand before the American people and state that congress is sundering the powers of Congress to the executive. Your indifference to the Constitution has allowed this administration to rule by executive order rather than the laws passed by our congress. "I have been up to see the Congress and they do not seem to be able to do anything except to eat peanuts and chew tobacco, while my army is starving"Robert E. Lee. Our people are suffering not from hunger but the loss of freedom. With out blood shed you are the only body that can bring this out of control executive into the confines of the Constitution.

     The trite saying that honesty is the best policy has met with the just criticism that honesty is not policy. The real honest man is honest from conviction of what is right, not from policy."(Robert E. Lee.) Where are the leaders of these once esteemed body on this power grab by the executive.? As much as i loathed the polices of Tip O’ Neal and Robert Byrd, I assure you that their voices would be raised in unison on the hijacking of Congressional authority by the executive branch. These two men along with many others of their time maintained the separation of the powers as their sacred duty and pity the executive that stepped on the power of the Senate or the House. "We stand passively mute in the Senate today,paralyzed by our own uncertainty … I can imagine hearing the walls of this chamber ring just before the war between the states … but today we hear nothing. We are truly sleepwalking through history.?Feb. 12, 2002″,(Senator Robert Byrd).  

    This situation can not be corrected over night but steps can be made to restore the dignity and power to the people representatives, the first step is to address the corruption and incompetence in the Department of Justice. You censored a congressman for stating a truth when he said that Obama lies. Then you allowed Eric Holder to set in the hallowed chamber and lie to the people of the United States. When more honored men set in the peoples seats the howl from both side of the aisle would be deafening, the vibrations of the noise would be felt from the white house to the court houses. Where is your sense of honor?  The American people are demanding justice be served on Mr. Holder and the upper echelons of the justice department. The United States congress can not let this man run guns and lie to congress. If your voice is not raised in contempt for these crimes. You are an accessory to  crimes committed against the Republic of Mexico and the citizens of the United States How do you feel at night knowing that federal employees were killed by guns supplied by Holder’s department, financed with money that you provided? The American people will not let this be buried and forgotten by an apathetic Congress. 

     "Those who have been once intoxicated with power, and have derived any kind of emolument from it, even though but for one year, never can willingly abandon it. They may be distressed in the midst of all their power; but they will never look to anything but power for their relief."( Edmund Burke ) .The executive is intoxicated with power and you refuse to follow the constitution and put a halt on the injustice coming from the Justice Department. Your dereliction of duty in this matter is disgraceful and pathetic. Carl Albert, Democrat of Oklahoma, the Speaker of the House, and John J. Rhodes, Republican did not let politics stand in their way and voted to  impeach Richard Nixon over a hotel room break in and cover-up. "The first such impeachment recommendation in more than a century, it charges President Nixon with unlawful activities that formed a "course of conduct or plan" to obstruct the investigation of the Watergate break-in and to cover up other unlawful activities.The vote was 27 to 11, with 6 of the committee’s 17 Republicans joining all 21 Democrats in voting to send the article to the House."(wipedia). How will history remember you,? As the first congress to surrender American justice to a questionable characters or men and women who stood up and did the right thing? 

    Your duty is to the people not the party. The majority of the American people are demanding that this man be fired, resign, or be impeached. You may turn a blind eye to the crimes of Holder but the American people will not. How can you claim to be men and women of Honor when you refused to take action. Please show to the world that no man is above the law in the United States of America and force this man to resign or impeach him.
    Sincerely Robert Black, without_hate.
     Co. signers:

    Please copy this letter and send to your representatives. Let them know we will not forget.

  • jrhughes

    When I heard the news, I actually cried.To think that ppl may vote Obma in again.

    • Heather Atkinson

      If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you’re not racist… vote AGAINST him in 2012 to prove you’re not a moron.

    • Dora Stow

      Me too I’m SCARED to death.I’mdoing everything I can to get Ron Paul noticed he is the only honest candidate running for office.

    • jsgb1977

      Not going to happen Georgia Supreme Court just ruled that Obama was indeed not a naturalized citizen  and therefore has been removed form the November ballot and I know for sure Texas is moving to do the same thing. I am sure before it is all over there is not a state in the union that will have Obama on the ballot. My only problem with this is he never should have been president and that should make all his dirty dealings null and void. I am hoping that Ron Paul gets elected and has the balls to do something about it.

  • NotchoDaddy8

    How many of the participants here are actual Canadians who as a rule display overt displeasure over any capitalistic venture by the United States?  If they’re here, I applaud you but I suspect most of the comments are from Americans………

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