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What Americans Fear Most: Obama’s Re-Election

Via Paul Bedard at U.S. News & World Report:

In our New Year’s poll, when asked what news  event they fear most about 2012, Americans by a margin of two-to-one  said Obama’s reelection. Only 16 percent said they fear the Democrat  won’t win a second term, while 33 percent said they fear four more  years. [Check  out the top political events of 2011]

Next to Obama’s reelection, 31 percent of Americans  said they feared higher taxes, which may be proof that the president’s  focus on the payroll tax cut has hit paydirt.


But in results backed up by other polls, older Americans and  those earning $75,000 or more are especially worried about the president  getting a second term, according to the poll done by Synovate eNation.

Nearly half of Americans 65 and older said Obama’s reelection  was their top fear, 39 percent of those making $75,000 or more agreed.

As we enter the presidential  election year of 2012, what potential news event do you fear the most?

President Obama wins  reelection 33%

Taxes will increase 31%

Iran will  get a nuclear  weapon 16%

Obama will lose   reelection 16%

North Korea will attack   South Korea 4%

I would note that the top two fears — Obama’s re-election and tax increases — are synonymous since Obama’s re-election guarantees the tax increases.   Bedard’s contention that Obama "hit paydirt" with his "payroll tax cut" is silly. It’s a two-month tax holiday, a temporary gimmick that will do nothing to stimulate productive economic activity even if it’s extended for a year.  The only tangible effect of this contrivance will be the transformation of Social Security into another welfare program while hastening its financial demise.

There’s good reason, of course, to fear Obama’s re-election since it’s a near certainty given the pathetic Republican field, which 58% of Republicans are unhappy with.  The GOP is bound and determined to put forth a candidate, Mitt Romney, who will be unable to credibly make a case against Obama on his two greatest vulnerabilities: ObamaCare and unemployment.  This is due to the GOP Establishment’s love for Mandate Mitt as well as what Michelle Malkin described yesterday as "the abysmal incompetence of the non-Romneys".

Mitt Romney’s chronic flip-flopping political career is teeming with reasons to oppose his nomination — from his support for racial preferences, to government funding of abortion, liberal judges, global warming enviro-nitwittery, TARP, auto bailouts, the Obama stimulus, gun control, and of course, individual health insurance mandates that presaged Obamacare.

Instead of focusing on his long political record of expedience, incompetent non-Romneys have morphed into Michael Moore propagandists — throwing not just Bain Capital under the bus, but wealth creators of all kinds who take risks in the private marketplace.

We’re screwed.

Unfortunately, I see no reason to disagree with Malkin’s last two words.


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  • Jelayne Sessler

    Can someone please get a copy of this to Gov.
    Palin STAT? Folks, Romney is our nominee without her in this race. Do you get
    that? Furthermore, Obama will defeat Romney. We CANNOT afford four more! Sarah,
    please jump in and shake things up.

    • Mountain

      You, Michelle Malkin, and Doug Brady are SO correct:
      Americans ARE screwed, unless a TRUE constitutionalist reformer—-
      with a record to PROVE it!—-wins the Republican nomination.

      And NO ONE ELSE qualifies for that description except Gov. Sarah Palin.

      Rush himself SAID two days ago that the Dems MOST FEAR Sarah, not the others!
      So it is truly time to FACE IT: 

      Sarah Palin, please pray again!  Please!

      Unless God has withdrawn favor and protection from the USA,
      SURELY God will communicate to Sarah:

      "Yes, my dear one:  NOW is the time for which I CREATED you!  Now is the time to RUN!"

      And all TRULY-conservative patriots MUST dedicate ourselves to HELPING her win!—-no matter WHAT mud the liberals sling at her!

      NO SIN Sarah has ever supposedly committed can EVER match the corruption, perversion, and EVIL of Barack Obama and his Obots—so just IGNORE rumors……

      Please, Sarah Palin:  please pray again. 

      Because when we get through this campaign, you WILL win, and become the BEST president EVER! 
      You’ll clean up corruption and restore our economy—-and we will always be grateful to you. 

      Please pray—-and God WILL continue to protect you and defend the USA.

  • PAWatcher

    IMHO what is Feared………. by what means will he attempt to be reelected!  He’s desperate and will resort to desperate means.

    • Mountain

      Who cares?  God is in charge ultimately—-not Oblahblah.

  • votermom

    Is that a real pic of BZero on the thread? LOLOLOL. I can’t stop laughing at it.

  • Nancy6

    With Romney as the nominee, Obama’s 2nd term would be a 3rd certainty in life, to go along with death and taxes.

  • conservativemama

    Mitt is the Frantic Man.  He is so easily flustered that I can’t imagine him standing up to Obama in a debate.  Remember that in a debate Obama will always have the home field advantage because the moderators will more than likely be members of the MSM, otherwise known as his reelection staff.  I don’t think Obama is that great, but Romney is such a wimp.

    In all the debates the candidates who’ve fought back against the liberal bias of the questions, or who’ve put forward the strong conservative opinion on any topic have garnered the most applause, the strongest reaction.  That’s not Romney.  He just doesn’t have it in him.

    The non-Romneys are lacking, no doubt.  This mess I lay at the feet of the Turtle, aka, the architect.  Rove and his bunch threw the Tea Party victory of 2010 under the bus.  They kept Palin out of the race and now they have this mess.  A candidate that most of us don’t want.

    Obama should lose in a Mondale-type landslide  this year.  This, of all years, is the year when a STRONG CONSERVATIVE runs against Obama.  Obama is the left in all its hideous glory.  This is the year we should put the final nail in its coffin.

    And what did the GOP RINOs come up with, what did they orchestrate?  Romney.  God.

    And for those who are unhappy with the Bain attacks………………….did you think this wasn’t going to happen in the general election?  This is the setup that Sarah warned us about the other night.  The Democrats and the media are planning to do to Romney what the non-Romneys are doing right now.  He better be ready for all attacks because they’re coming.  That’s my fear.  He’ll wet his pants in the general election.

    Sarah is the only one who will take the fight to Obama and his media minions.  I have no doubt.  How can it be that she’s not our candidate?

    • johnfromcanada

      Great post. My feelings exactly. Sarah’s not our candidate because politics is the dirtiest game in town and she’s not part of the establishment, even though she is far and away the best possible choice. Her own party has thrown her under the bus at every turn.  

      What the working man/woman fears most is losing their jobs and homes and pensions. etc.  As I said on another thread,  just as maggots and vultures are necessary in the natural world, so those private capital  guys may be necessary in a dymanic, free-market economy,   but they are not suitable to be POTUS.  They’ve already received their reward. Those "When Mitt Came to Town" ads are just devastating to Romney. Romney will never be President, but the GOP lemmings are too stupid to see it. 

      If I were Obama, I would just sit back, put my feet up,  light a big cigar, pick up the phone and schedule my next golf game  (seems he does a lot of that, as it is).  There will be no need to call the moving vans for about 5 more years. 

      The GOP establishment is truly disgusting.   

      • barracuda43

        Disagree.I think Mittens or Newt can beat Obama.Just don’t see Americans going to the polls and reelecting him.He has lost the working white vote.He has lost independents and Reagan Democrats.His base is lifeless.His only chance is if Hispanics come out in huge numbers which I do not see.He will be a one termer!

        • johnfromcanada

          Problem is that I can’t see the blue-collar "Reagan Democrats" voting for Romney, since he represents what they most fear.  So I see Axelrod and co. setting it up not so much as  "vote for Obama" as "vote against Romney."

        • Mountain

          I wish you were right, I truly do, barracuda (love you moniker!)—-
          but typically, when voters are upset with the ticket, THEY STAY HOME and don’t vote at all.

          We need a candidate whose conservatism INSPIRES voters to GET OUT AND VOTE.

          Now, just who is inspiring, electric, charismatic—-and has a proven record of reform?
          You got that right:  Sarah Palin.

          PRAY AGAIN, Sarah!  And please, dear Lord—–HELP HER RUN!
          (Thank You, Lord!)

      • Longlakejohn

        right on—-right on

         Just to repeat an earlier post::::

         This just reenforces to me that those on both sides of the establishment
        aisle ,—are nothing more than a barnyard full of pigs eating out of
        the same taxpayer trough.—   This is just a back door avenue for the
        GOP establishment to defeat conservatism, and to USE even Obama (for
        its’ defeat) if necessary.  Romney is a smokescreen for them to maintain
        business as usual. Obama light (Romney),– simply put, may slow the
        decay of this once great Republic but will not stop it.
        Pretty clear why even the right fears the Arctic Fox

        Deo-Volente—–Sarah 2012

    • $10089747

      Sarah knows all this, but still won’t get in the race.  Now that Todd is backing Newt, she seems to have really shut the door.  Omly a mitacle would change that, so all of us have to start ptaying for a "MIRACLE"

      • ProudAmerican247

        "Now that Todd is backing Newt, she seems to have really shut the door."

        I think it’s a case of "head ‘em off at the pass".

        Todd: I’ll go this way.

        Sarah: And I’ll go the other way.

        When the battle is over, Sarah will be the last one standing.

        Final Battle: Sarah Louise Heath Palin  VS.  barack HUSSEIN obama

        Winner: Sarah Louise Heath Palin  by a LANDSLIDE

        Title: President Sarah Palin

        • Mountain

          I LOVE it!  Please, dear God, HELP SARAH WIN!
          (Pray, pray, pray…….)

        • $10089747

          Thank You, I just hope and pray that it will all go that way.

    • ProudAmerican247

      "How can it be that she’s not our candidate?"

      Oh, she WILL be, mama.

      Then, barack HUSSEIN obama will wet HIS pants!

      PALIN POWER 2012 

      • Mountain

        I believe the correct term here is, "he’ll be ‘all wee-weed UP.’ "

        Not to be too technical or anything…….

        • ProudAmerican247

          Right On, Mountain!

          I stand corrected!  8^)

  • sparrow17

    This is a call to service for our country by continued Rogue Effort to let our voices be heard.  This is not the time to quit but the time to fight for the right…fight for the salvation of our country. 

    • Mountain

      You are correct, sparrow17!  Thank you!

  • MiaBelle

    This government is downright evil and we need Sarah Palin. She’s the only one who can turn things around. Been lurking here for the past year. Love Sarah and will stand by her to my dying breath. Been following Ulsterman on FB. Scary stuff lies ahead.

  • Quiet_Righty

    That photo must be Obama’s pillow-biter pose. 

    "There, I said it!"

    • Mountain

      It’s okay; at least you didn’t mention donuts!

      • Quiet_Righty

        As in "donut bumper"? ;-)

        I was really unfamiliar with the terms "pillow biter" and "donut bumper" until I heard them on SNL a few days ago. Thanks to Google, I now know what they mean.

        • Mountain

          You got it, QR!  0000 And ME, TOO:  that’s where I first heard about them.
          I have many gay friends, so I figured it out immediately. 
          ACK!  I feel sorry for the pillow biters…….. 

  • 1776er

    MM is wrong about one thing.  The focus on Romney’s Bain experience is not an attack on wealth creation and the merits of capitalism.  That is nonsense.  

    The focus is on Vulture Venture Capitalism.  The kind that exploits and loots companies and leaves victimized employees, creditors and shareholders in its wake.  Big fees for cannibalizing weak and failing companies and leaving bankrupt desolation behind.  That surely is wealth creation for some.  But it stinks and cannot be associated with Capitalism as Adam Smith envisioned it.  

    "Instead of focusing on his long political record of expedience, incompetent non-Romneys have morphed into Michael Moore propagandists — throwing not just Bain Capital under the bus, but wealth creators of all kinds who take risks in the private marketplace.""

    Taking risks in the private marketplace? Not hardly, MM. Romney and Bain Capital insiders and management may have risked OPM but never, never a dime of their own money. What they did was a sure thing wealth creator—for them. Shooting fish in a barrel with Other People’s Equity and a lot of borrowed money acquiring the entities to milk for fees and potential IPO riches.

    As Newt might say: Can we dispose with the pious baloney?

    The dwarves are right to prosecute Romney’s claim to "know how the economy works" based on his days at Bain.  What he knows is how to run a looting operation. 

    Also, what is being missed is the off shore tax dodge operations that Romney personally set up in the Caymans and Bermuda to attract foreign investors to milk the U.S. capital markets without paying the taxes that Americans pay.  MM should investigate what Mitt was doing with BCIP III Cayman Islands and Sankaty High Yield Assets Bermuda.  He was the sole official of those secretive post office box tax dodge operations.

    • Rich

      I agree with you, lets hope the DEMS keep funding BAIN commercials against Romney!

    • Guest

      Agree, conservatives do not owe Mitt Romney a defense. In a free society, there are any # of ways to make a living, many of which, while not illegal, are not necessarily to be celebrated. What Mitt does is not illegal, its a free country, but he is not above criticism for it, and I’m not duty bound as a card carrying conservative to defend him.

    • Mountain

      Hey hey, WATCH using those "MM" initials!  I nearly fainted when I saw them!

      I agree that SOME of what Romney did was predator-capitalism.
      And it’s fair to mention those instances, because Romney himself points to his Bain record, to bolster his case that his economics knowledge qualifies him to be president.

      Ah, politics! —- the art of putting an opponent’s record in the worst light.

    • wodiej

      you need to post that on MM’s thread.

  • SiennaP

    Todd just told Greta he’s glad Sarah is "seating this one out".  No chance of Sarah jumping in.  We’re screwed!

    • korn8131

      Were not screwed until she indorses someone. That statement was a reflection on how he feels about her running, has nothing to do with what she will eventually do.

      • derised1

        Why run when the fix is in for Romney this year? I think she knows what’s up.

    • ProudAmerican247

      "…he’s glad Sarah is "sitting this one out"."

      Maybe he means sitting out the Primaries.

      We can always hope that’s what he meant. :)

      PALIN 2012


      • Mountain

        Yes!—-and he only said, "sitting THIS ONE out"—-possibly referring to the New Hampshire primary, OR to the Early Primaries Season.

        I know it seems like we’re reaching for straws here, folks—-but face it:

        WE ARE SCREWED if Sarah Palin does NOT run.
        So, the hopeful among us keep praying God will convince the Palin family to let her run!
        HELP, LORD!

  • Rich

    Romney is going to wet his pants prior to the general…

    The BAIN movie attack from both sides will be effective at taking Romney down…

    I did not expect the Dems to be as dumb as they seem… but they should have waited to expose the BAIN movie… Mitt can not beat the truth down from both sides…

    Can you say brokered convention?… we may have the Repub. nominee by the end of the convention.

    This is shaping up to being a very strange election year…

    The SuperPac’s can finance the victory for the Gov. and still remain at arms length to her so she will not have to be beholden to them.

    Keep your seatbelts fastened and your chins up, smile, it is not over.

  • Guest

    I’m equally fearful of a Romney Presidency, as unlikely as that is. Once he takes the oath of office, socialist healthcare is here to stay, and free (ie, anti-socialist) America is done for.

  • John_Frank

    With all due respect, Michelle Malkin’s comments concerning the Bain Capital story are way off base.

    It is quite legitimate for Romney’s opponents to raise the Bain Capital story during the primary/caucus process.

    This is not an attack on capitalism per se as Malkin and others have suggested, but rather a discussion about whether the country wants to elect a corporate raider as President.

    P.S. If Romney is the nominee, the Democrats were going to raise this issue in the general election. Better that it be raised and dealt with during the primary/caucus process, just as the warts of all the other candidates have been discussed.

    • derised1

      As I said on another thread, the jobs he managed to create while at Bain were overseas. Not a good record at Bain it seems. The Wall Street Journal had a good article yesterday. 

      RpmneyCare is another strike against him too. 

    • wodiej

      most people are not business savvy enough to understand this situation for what it is. Gingrich explained it well.  Free enterprise is great. But you don’t walk off with the candy that the employees made and then move their jobs elsewhere leaving them empty handed.  

  • RealtorBiker

    What will many of the commentators on here say if Romney becomes the obvious nominee and Palin endorses him?  He is not my 1st choice, but if he is the nominee I will vote for him.  He is a much better choice than Obama and the first step toward fixing the country is getting Obama out of office.  This is going to take a few elections to fix many of our problems.

    • Freempg

      Well reasoned Realtor, but … I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR ROMNEY. This "if he is the nominee I will vote for him" business is what the RINOs rely on. Screw it, I’ve done it too many times, Bush, Dole, McCain, now Romney. Romney is the worst of them all, he is so utterly power-corrupted he went so far as to undercut the McCain/Palin ticket by spreading malicious rumors about the Governor during the 2008 campaign. You expect me to vote for Benedict Arnold and for Palin to endorse him? If she does, I will lose a ton of respect for her. Let Romney reap what he sews. The Axelrod machine will tear him to bits. He will never win.

      Please scroll midway down in this article and see what was reported in 2008 about Romney. If the GOP were a country, he’d be tried for treason.

      • wodiej

        I completely understand what you’re saying and I read the article. High crimes what he and his campaign did to Palin.

        • RealtorBiker

          It’s politics.  If Sarah had run, those attacks on her would have been addressed accordingly

      • RealtorBiker

        The article says it was former Romney staffers who spread the rumors.  We all know that political operatives/staffers will say things to help their candidate.  Politics is an ugly business and we all know about McCain staffers saying these things about Palin after the campaign was over.  Did you lose respect for Palin after she endorsed McCain in 2010?  I am not crazy about the way the game is played but the main goal this year is to defeat Obama. You have to have a thick skin when playing this game and in order to save the country the game has to be played to a certain extent.  Sarah is that rare individual who can play the game differently because she has that rare ability to connect with people and is also very well grouned in her beliefs.  She is not running so we have to play the hand that is dealt as far as the candidates we have to choose from.  I know she will endorse the GOP nominee but where she will be most effective is endorsing the right candidates for congress as well as state offices. Having a defeatist attitude and not voting for the possible nominee only helps Obama and does not do the country any good

  • nkthgreek

    Everytime I see that picture, I have to change my Depends.

  • Txrange

    So you fear Os reelection?Tell me what the F is worse him or Libral blue state throw Reagan under the bus flipper  of all floppers Rom? Given the choice the answer is like everyone I ask,WHO CARES? In other words 10 million stay home,yes we scam is in 4 more! So out here on these main streets of survival,who would you vote for? Palins out,Romney will be crushed.Santorum has this voting with a former president record, whos  not at all liked out here,as his reelection 22 point shalacking proved that in what year was that 2006 or 2008?Ron Paul well ask Israel if they think Irans a threat?Or Pakistan if they should of being warned an asked permission to raid a certain Osama Bin Ladden hideout 500 meters from their top military accadamy?Now you tell me if the remainning guy who worked for and with Reagan,who makes all others look stupid in these fiasco liberal run debates(including the liberal media),who the media lies non stop about and ATTACKS non stop,who says lets talk about developing Alaska Sarah,who has mentioned her as a possible VP choice,who balanced budgets,cut the size of government,defeated Hillarycare,reformed welfare,watched 22 million jobs be created,had no part in any Bush administration decision,and to top it off helped Clinton deliver to Bush a 5 trillion dollar surplus,is he not the most feared GOP nominee, still in the game?????? Beat him up conservatives because he fooled around and oh yes is far from the perfect candidate, but out here that means nothing when your broke out of work and upset at your current government leadership!!!!Gingrich/Palin 2012!

  • 4rcane

    taxes are going up and let not democrats propaganda media hide the truth. Its going up via inflation from all the borrowing and debt, where all the money printing is devaluing the currency thus everything we buy cost a lot more. Poor/Pensioners are hurt the most – the group of people Democrats pretend to support

  • John Scott

    Only in America will a people elect a person that takes it back 200 years and puts it back into slavery. Oh thats right…. mentally ill libs were and never will be free because yeeeeeeeeeeeep they are ill and there is no cure… but wait!!! there is more…. bho is electile dysfunctional and I think even McCain could beat him this year without runnin ;) Thank you and good night libs!!!

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