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Are Mitt Romney and Ron Paul Coordinating Their Attacks?

That’s a question a lot of those who’ve been watching the campaign have been asking for weeks.  Personally, I have no idea what goes on in Ron Paul’s head.  It does seem more than passing strange, though, that the guy who bills himself as the anti-government candidate never utters an ill word toward the guy who created and implemented government-run health care in his state.  Rick Santorum is convinced there is in fact an alliance. But as the candidate who was the target of Wednesday night’s tag team, he would. Ron Paul, naturally, maintains that no such coordination exists:

Ron Paul on Saturday laughed off remarks made by his fellow GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum earlier in the day speculating that Paul and Mitt Romney have a backroom running mate deal going.

“I don’t know what all that meant,” Paul chuckled backstage of a rally he held here at Central Michigan University. “No, we’ve never had a conversation, anything like that… but he’s a family person, I’ve known him for five years, so it is a little bit different. But I don’t agree with [him on] hardly anything probably.”

Of course if Paul doesn’t agree with Romney "on hardly anything probably", it does seem a bit odd that he never criticizes the Mittster for, well, anything at all. Either at the debates or in his ads.  Who knows what to believe?  Fortunately, Mark Levin tried to sort this out on his radio show Thursday.  It’s a rather long cut, but worth listening to as The Great One pools together a lot of information germane to the topic.

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  • SonOfOriginalTed

    Team Romney and Romney are despicible.

    (and their only honest policy position is "I wanna be President" and nothing more)

  • virginiagentleman1

    Are Romney and Paul coordanating their attacks?
     Is this a serious question? 
    Would the name RomPaul answer that question for ya?!
    I believe that the election cycle of 2012 will go down in history as, " THE YEAR OF THE SELL OUTS"!! 
     Brewer, Paul, Christie, Halely, etc., etc., etc.!!  Such a long list with so many sell outs! Who is next? All aboard the gravy train of corruption, greed, grift!
    Is this the year that American democracy died as once trusted politicians sold their souls?
    Am I the only one for whom the 23rd Psalm comes into my spirit?

    • gwspfan

      I told everyone I know last year that this election would reveal so many to be sell outs and so many previously thought of Conservatives to reveal their Progressive or establishment beliefs. I do not think I could fill my ten fingers with the ones I still trust any longer. If anyone out there has not read Mark Levin’s latest book I would urge you to do so. This country is in serious peril.

      • virginiagentleman1

        My friend, you certainly did and I remember it well.  For those who had attacked you for your views, well, you have been vindicated, GW!
        You are still one of the fairest minded bloggers I know. You say that you couldn’t fill your 10 fingers with politicians that you trust! I run out after one, Palin!  VG

        • gwspfan

          Thank you VAgent. I truly wish I had been wrong. Sarah, Mark and Rush are about the only ones I trust any longer. The guys on Red Eye radio are quite good too.

      • Bilovisso Sanspoul

        Yet Mark Levin dismisses the eligibility issue.

  • TeflonWarrior

    …and now Brewer is on Team Romney.  WTF??? (Winning the Future, of course!)

    • Bilovisso Sanspoul

      Another eligibility traitor.

    • Kalena

       All of the sitting governors are anticipating that Romney will be the candidate and IF he manages to win in the fall, they don’t want to be on the outs when it comes to the goodies being doled out.

  • INCubbie

    As I wrote earlier today on my own blog, just think about this: if it’s already known that Ron Paul is the exact opposite of Mitt Romney, why waste time and money on anti-Romney ads?  Gingrich and Santorum have certainly tried to present themselves as the anti-Romney candidate, and what Ron Paul has been trying to do with the anti-Gingrich and anti-Santorum ads is present them as anything other than the anti-Romney candidate.

    • gwspfan

      Then how do you explain Ron Paul spending some serious money on anti-Santorum ads right now in Michigan when he has publicly stated that he is not campaigning in Michigan and has said he has written that state off?

      • INCubbie

        How do you explain Paul’s appearances in Michigan over the course of this weekend? If he’s written off Michigan, why is he bothering to campaign there? And didn’t you read my comment? The goal is to try and present Santorum as not being the anti-Romney candidate, and himself as the anti-Romney candidate in the race.

        • gwspfan

          Yes, I did read your theory. I am sorry, but with all due respect, your theory just does not hold water. If Ron Paul has been trying so hard to be seen as the anti-Romney candidate then why has he never criticized or attacked Romney during a debate? Would he not want the opportunity in the debates to differentiate himself from Romney as the anti-Romney candidate? He has only attacked Santorum and Gingrich in the debates. So using your line of thought, he would appear to be positioning himself as the anti-Conservative candidate. I believe Mark Levin’s labelling of Ron Paul as a Libertarian-Anarchist is the most accurate.

          • INCubbie

            Unfortunately, I suspect you didn’t understand my comment. Ron Paul is the exact opposite of Romney, so what chance does Paul have of siphoning votes away from potential Romney supporters? The answer, I believe, is none at all. Furthermore, if his best chance of getting votes comes from anti-Romney voters (in other words, voters who’ll choose between Paul, Gingrich and Santorum), why not focus on Gingrich and Santorum?

            Also, you’re assuming Romney is an actual conservative candidate. Even Levin, who called Paul a libertarian anarchist, described Romney as having contempt for traditional conservatism.

            • gwspfan

              No, I do not and have never believed or assumed Romney to be a Conservative. I also do not believe Ron Paul ever had any intention of siphoning votes from Romney. However, if Ron Paul is or was ever serious about winning the nomination one would expect him to attack or at the least criticize Romney who is the front runner. I know you like Ron Paul but you and the other supporters of his have been having a heck of a time explaining his hands off approach with Romney. I personally believe he has been promised a position or a position for his son in exchange for his obvious cooperation with the Romney camp. No offense to you what so ever, but I am sorry, after looking into this in great detail for quite a long time I can only come to the conclusion that Ron Paul is a sell out to the establishment. I would think this would enrage Paul supporters. I know I would be fit to be tied.

              • INCubbie

                No offense taken, but frankly like most (if not all) Paul supporters, I regard the idea that Paul is a sellout as a load of crap. Trying to convince people he’s the exact opposite of Romney is a waste of time and money because everybody knows Paul is the exact opposite of Romney. However, some people believe Gingrich and Santorum are the exact opposites of Romney as well, and Paul has been attempting to show otherwise with the ads his campaign has been running.

                • gwspfan

                  It was a pleasure having a civil debate with you. Thanks

              • Bilovisso Sanspoul

                They are in denial about this.

          • Bilovisso Sanspoul

            Accurate, but irrelevant. Why would he want the RINO to win?

    • Bilovisso Sanspoul

      But that’s a lie  on the part of both RINOmney and RuPaul.

      • INCubbie

        That’s a load of crap on your part.

  • lorenzini

    I think that if Romney is the nominee after the convention….I think Sarah says Congrats and good luck… out and out endorsement. The establishment in the GOP will be hollering for an endorsement. She comes back and says that she thought that her "small niche" of followers doesn’t matter according to the "establishment".

    • FlAli

      I think you are wrong there.  She herself said that she would support and work for whomever is the nominee.  That is the main reason why I think she has not endorsed anyone officially.  Granted, it seems from some of her comments that she is behind Gingrich, but she has not endorsed him.  For her to endorse a candidate right now would just produce negative comments from the LSM if her endorsee is not the nominee.  We might remember that even though over 60% of her endorsees won in 2010 the talking heads (actually a much more lower part of the body comes to mind) in the media and their indoctrinated minions said that was not relevant because she did not influence the election at all.  It is smart of her not to endorse and wait and see who will be the nominee.  I am sure that if Romney wins the nomination she will work hard to get him elected.  Remember ABO.

  • gwspfan

    Mark Levin’s Thursday radio show was one of his best. In depth history and background of Ron Paul that really should have been brought up in the debates.

  • nkthgreek

    Don’t you think it was more than coincidental that Sarah chose Levin’s program to say she wasn’t running?  I’d bet a couple of oil leases he’s in the loop. 

    • Bilovisso Sanspoul

      For what purpose?

  • IwjwI

    All evidence is pointing to a Romney/Paul alliance. Has been for some time, but it is now obvious.

  • Nancy6

    Wonder Twin Powers…activate!

  • INCubbie

    Mark Levin spends 50 minutes talking about Ron Paul being a libertarian anarchist, and that Romney and Paul share a contempt for traditional conservatism? Unfortunately, Levin’s entire argument was a complete waste of time.

    • Bilovisso Sanspoul

      Only partial: his explanation was partly self-contradictory,  but the evidence was there.

      • INCubbie

        He spent 40-45 minutes making the argument Ron Paul is a libertarian-anarchist, and about 5-10 minutes showing Romney as anything other than a traditional conservative. As for the speculation, Levin cited it as if it were fact, and then claimed the one thing they share is contempt for traditional conservatism. It was nothing more than an hour-long ramble and a complete waste of time.

  • DDJ58

    A Cuda induced vetting of Paul and Romney by Levin.

    This information is very helpful and demonstrates why "the people" do not trust either.


    RPs never worked with The Mitt,that’s why he doesn’t dislike him.
    Hard to dislike someone you don’t really know.
    Mitt probably only laughs at Ron behind his back,Newt and Rick chuckle in his face.
    The O’romney care and libertarian anarchy candidate make a cute couple of twisted sisters.

    Santorum should of accepted Newt’s offer to semi-team-up against Mitt but Rick decided to join in and triple team Newt. Fight by yourself Rick,died by yourself.

  • Yankee4Palin

    Ron Pauls views and supporters range from Radical Left
    to Neo Nazi.  
    Ron Paul is also most expedient.  Hard to believe there are still people who
    believe he is a Republican and Conservative.
    Ron is a Registered Republican to run in a party and keep his congressional seat.
    Ron Paul is no more a Conservative than Obama.  He is an anti war, anti Israel Libertarian.

    • 01_Explorer_01

      I will sum up Ron Paul in less words.  He is just a loon!

    • Kalena

       Most Ron Paul supporters will vote for Obama when it is all said and done and Ron Paul is NOT the nominee.

    • TommyFree

      False on every front.  Ron Paul is the most consistently conservative of the bunch up there.  As far as al this "alliance with Romney" stuff goes.  a) who cares?  That’s politics folks- people form alliances, and b) maybe the reason Paul doesn’t attack Romney as much as the others is because he’s worked with Santorum and Gingrich and knows they are just big government wolves trying to wear sheep clothing and he may personally think that even if Mitt’s one too, he’s still better than the other two.

  • Steve_Flesher

    Here’s the good news. 

    Newt is committed to staying in.  It does not appear that Santorum is going anywhere anytime soon.

    There will be a brokered convention.

  • exodus2011

    wRONg Paul can be tossed with the PPC and their Allies later this year by the RAGING GRASSROOTS who wil B working their tails off to rescue Constitutional America led by The Trusted NOT4SALE One

  • $20732943

    I’m sure others have already said it, but it seems clear that Ron Paul thinks that Romney will win the nomination and is trying to use his what leverage he has to get his son, Rand Paul, to be Romney’s VP nominee.

    I’ve always believed Ron Paul to be thoroughly disingenious and insincere. This is more proof of that.

    • Bilovisso Sanspoul

      For all to see.

  • Bilovisso Sanspoul

    RuPaul is a traitor to his own followers and alleged principles.

  • Bilovisso Sanspoul

    RuPaul is a traitor to his own followers and alleged "principles".

  • Bilovisso Sanspoul

    Mark Levin is wrong to say that RuPaul is a traitor because he is an anarchist.
    He is a traitor because,  as  William Buckley said of Murray Rothbard,  he has "poor judgement"  in politics.
    And this also discredits the good ideas he has in economic theory, with the consequence that he manages to betray his economics as well.

  • FromMinnesota

    I’m listening to Mark Levin and finishing my latest cartoon.  It’s actually on this topic.  View "A Marriage of Convenience" at

    • virginiagentleman1

      Now THATS funny!

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