CPAC & C4P MeetUp-Birthday Celebration–One Week Later

Has it really been one week since conservatives across the world descended in Washington, DC for CPAC 2012? (Yes, even the brilliant British parliamentarian, Daniel Hannan, came across the proverbial pond to warn and inspire us to do whatever we must to preserve our nation’s foundational conservative principles. More on that in another post later.)

The last day of CPAC, Nicole Coulter and I ran into Michael Medved in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel. I have met Medved a few times here in Chicago—he’s passionate on matters of education and Israel (no doubt)—so I was eager to thank him for his valuable work. Everyone had just emptied the Marriott ballroom where Gov. Palin just finished speaking. People were still pumped by the power of her speech and the way she handled the Occupy Wall Street hecklers. I also wanted to urge Medved to effectively counter baseless and ridiculous criticism of Gov. Palin by callers to his radio show who say, as I heard one say last month, that Gov. Palin “can’t put a sentence together.” He agreed, and then said, “Wasn’t her speech amazing? I’m going to write an article and use the line ‘Mitt Romney may have won the straw poll at CPAC, but Sarah Palin won the hearts.’” And sure enough, he did—and published it in both Townhall and The Daily Beast.

Medved then enthusiastically introduced us to Ted Cruz, who is running for the Senate in Texas. Cruz is the former Solicitor General, running against an “establishment” candidate. He’s received praise from The National Review and others.  We’ll have more about Cruz down the 2012 campaign road.

I wasn’t able to post these pictures while I was at CPAC, but I was able to shake the Governor’s hand after her speech and send her greetings from C4P. She smiled, stretched out her hand, and thanked everyone at C4P for our support and offered to take a photo with me. Security was tight, so I said I would just get one of her with her girls.

Velasco Hauser photo

I asked Willow if The Beehive did her hair (the color and the style were cool!). She smiled and pointed to herself—“I did it.”  It all makes even more sense now that I see from the Governor’s interview with “The Insider” that Willow was accepted to “hair school.”  I was able to tell Bristol that we wanted to be at her book signing at Books-a-Million in DuPont Circle, but we didn’t see a time listed on her Facebook page. (That was quite a whirlwind weekend.) She graciously offered to stop long enough and gently bring Willow in for a photo, even though the rope line was long and security was intense.

Velasco Hauser photo

Here are a few more photos from CPAC–where we ran into Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King who was there as a Senior Advisor to Herman Cain; Kirk Cameron, the actor from the uplifting movie Fireproof, about the hope of restoring with the love of God a broken marriage, and the TV series Growing Pains.  And, of course, a few photos from the C4P meet-up the night before, where we celebrated the Governor’s birthday with a band, food, Momma Grizzly red velvet cake and camaraderie. Dr. Gina Loudon, Jedidiah Bila and Stephen Bannon stopped by, too. I hope you enjoy!






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