Governor Palin Talks To The NY Times About Michigan

The Governor spoke to the NY Times about Michigan in an interview conducted late Tuesday:

“It does seem that his campaign is having a tough time sort of garnering that — not just that support, but that energy that’s needed,” former Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, a favorite of the movement, said in an interview late Tuesday. “Whether Romney wins or loses in Michigan tonight, just the fact that he’s had such a fight in his home state is evidence of that blessing not yet being given to him across the board.

But Mr. Santorum has been able to press a still more aggressive case that Mr. Romney has ceded the Tea Party’s antigovernment position through his health care plan, among other policies he pushed while governor of Massachusetts. “Santorum has done a good job in pointing out that Achilles’ heel in Romneycare,” Ms. Palin said.

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