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In the Event of a Brokered Convention, All Bets Are Off

Guest Submission by Nancy Labonete

"Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run;
            Hurry and scurry puts you further behind." – Proverbs 21:5 MSG


If Sarah Palin’s most electrifying speech at the CPAC did not convince that only she can articulate Americans’ concerns and vision for our nation, then Obama has just been handed his second term. The CPAC event proved that only she  can rouse the unexcited base to their feet. Only she can energize and move voters to go out to the polls. Only she can unite us to defeat Barack Obama.


The Republican Party has four good men running for the GOP nomination. Without a doubt, any of them could do a much better job than our current president  is doing right now. However, it is highly uncertain how these men would withstand the avalanche of relentless and coordinated attacks of Team Obama, the Democratic machine, the Journolists  and their LSM cohorts come general election time. Make no mistake that the Obama campaign will make sure that this election would absolutely be about smear after vicious smear because the president cannot run on his dismal and disastrous record. Only one Republican has survived the Alinsky attacks  from the Left for years and came out still standing – stronger, wiser and prouder. We all know that person to be Sarah Palin. Only she has the smarts to throw the media into a convulsive tizzy and still have her message ring out loudly and win the argument.


This year’s Republican primary season has been a very fluid race.The rise-and-fall in the polls of the candidates plus the lackluster enthusiasm of the base make credible all the talks about the realistic possibility of a brokered convention. If a brokered convention is what we end up having, "all bets are off". We need to nominate someone who has the fortitude and fire in the belly to defeat Obama – Sarah Palin. But she would need allies in Tampa. Voters pick their candidates but delegates pick the nominee. PLEASE BE A DELEGATE FOR SARAH PALIN. That is the only way she can clinch the nomination.


If you have not considered it yet , please explore the possibility of becoming a delegate. Your state’s delegate filing deadline may or may not have passed yet. Even if your state’s primary/caucus has wrapped up, the qualifying period to be delegates may still be open. Different states, different rules but the best place to start is to go local.  Even if Governor Palin is not a candidate (yet), let your county GOP official know that you will vote for the best candidate at that time, but in the event of a brokered convention, you will be voting for Sarah Palin.  Please visit GOP Convention 2012 . It has everything one needs to know per state (contact information, filing deadlines and selection process, etc.) to become a delegate . Here is another good resource from RNC for Life with compressed view of delegation selection process and filing dates.


Today, some of us may be in support of one of the declared candidates but we all share ONE goal: get Barack Obama out of the White House. If this primary race goes down to a brokered convention, we need to come together and get behind the strongest Republican to take on the incumbent president. We must nominate someone who has the clear and proven track record of true reforms, of fighting corruption and cronyism from their very roots and symptoms, of actual accomplishments that have had real-life benefits to the people and of unwavering commitment to our Constitution, our freedoms, time-tested values and principles.  Given a brokered convention, we must coalesce around a patriot whose message is ingrained in her conservative character – Sarah Palin.


Let us stand together to restore America!

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  • Harry Giarratana

    “Let your plans be dark as night. Then strike like a thunderbolt.” Sun Tzu

  • watchdogmom



    Lots of prayers can make this happen. God is listening. Let’s make sure He hears us.

  • IwjwI

    I’m a delegate.

    • Christopher H Fromme

      I am on the ballot in Pennsylvania  Cogressional District 12    10 are running  4 elelected

  • Spec 5

    Excellent point, delegate selection is vital.  I’m running in the 10th District on North Carolina.  This process is will determine the nominee if the Convention is contested.  Everyone one should go to there County and District Conventions and support like minded delegates.

  • vicki hulsebus

    Anybody that’s done this, could you tell me where to do this.  I would definetly vote for Palin in brokered convention, but in mean time, PLEASE MS. PALIN, IF NEWT DOESN’T GET A BIG WOW NOW, (an endorsement from say you, or maybe go on the stump with him for Tea Party events before super Tues. ), there will be no brokered convention – see Gov. Brewer just caved to the establishment, (even after only praising one candidate by name after debate-NEWT), and went Romney on us.  So sad.  Had hope that she was on American peoples side, another politician we can’t count on.  But, again if Newt  doesn’t get enough votes soon to make it to June, this is all going to Romney – the establishment is pulling out their BIG GUNS.  Let’s pull out ours – Gov. Palin that’s you.  Gov. I love your fight & support you on almost all your decisions.  I hate to beg, but I think it’s worth it to save my childrens country and future.  PLEASE ENDORSE NEWT.

  • nickeldoor5

    How do you  become a delegate? More of us wouldlike to know. I believe Sarah is the only who can beat Obama. If not Sarah Newt is the next best. The rest don’t have a prayer. Don’t they realize they want Romney why does the gop play to the democrats. If Romney wins they are going to use him as the 1% then use the OWS 99%. It will be the rich against the poor. How can the GOP be so stupid?Sarah would bring so many out to vote for her. Romney will electrify the democrat base not the republican. He is boring who wants to vote for him? Obama will do to Romney what they did to Palin but worse. Romney has plenty in his record. Sarah din’t have anything bad in her record.They attacked her personally. Why didn’t McCain use Brannon to do a short video on Sarah when she came out.When I heard Brannon say that I could not believe they didn’t use him. Sarah is the same in front of camera’s as she is behind closed doors. The left would not have got away their lies if McCain had used him. I heard Brannon tried to get them to use him. I would like to know if McCain knew his crew had sold them out. McCain would have won if the truth had come out and if McCain had allowed Sarah to attack Obama’s record. If that had happen and they had been able to stop the voting fraud. There was why spread voter fraud and no one was even investigated. Frankin won his elect through fraud and he was allowed to keep his seat. Do you think the democrates would have stood for that. We have a bunch wienies running the GOP and they are so afraid of getting a woman that would not allow the corruption.The people are sick of it. Elected Officials use to be honorable men and women something has really gone wrong. When is it going to stop. When a citzen can go to jail for inside trading but politicians are above the law. They have written a new law but if it goes true it will not do much they need to make it a blind trust that will stop a lot of the problems.

  • usajingoist

    Ron Paul isn’t a good man.  I believe that he is a bigot and a do as I say, not as I do politician.  He consistently voted against bills, while stuffing them full of pork because he knew they would pass.  He hasn’t "walked the walk" and by backing Mitt, he is betraying his ideals.  His own newsletters are full of racism and he while he is willing to cut spending, he is paying for everything by bringing the troops home.  His bringing the troops home is the same as Obama taxing the top 1%…apparently, that will fix everything.  Paul wants proof that Iran is building weapons. Cool, let’s just task a satellite over Israel and when we see a mushroom cloud, then we will know.  Ron Paul is a joke.

  • Nathan Webb


    Mitt Romney

    Pledged*: 146

    Unpledged RNC*: 23

    Total: 169

    Rick Santorum

    Pledged*: 49

    Unpledged RNC*: 1

    Total: 50


  • Do


  • Hernan Zuluaga

    EVEN IF ITS A RINO?!?!?!?!



  • momofsons

    Do delegates have to pay their own expenses to the convention?    

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