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J.E. Dyer: Why Sarah Palin is Right About Having a Competitive Primary Season

J.E. Dyer has a great piece with the above title up at Hot Air.  Two excerpts follow

The short answer is that Mitt Romney isn’t a small-government conservative.  The slightly longer answer is that Barack Obama has been – as he promised to be – a game-changer, and the 2012 election is the one in which libertarian anti-statism will either have a voice in the Republican Party, or will have to do something else.

This primary season is a fight for the character of the GOP.  The fight is not the perennial standoff between “social cons” and “fiscal cons”; it is a long-postponed dispute over the size and charter of government, and how the GOP will approach it.  It is the most basic possible dispute over ideas about man and the state and their consequences.  It’s also a dispute only the Republican Party could have.  The Democratic Party does not have such a diversity of viewpoint, at least not in any politically consequential way.  The decision about whether America will continue on a fiscally unsustainable path of ever-growing statism comes down to the GOP’s fight with itself.

The Romney wing represents the attitude that America is really OK with the size of government we have now: it just needs better management and some tweaking on the margins.  The Romney wing does not by any means have a class-hostile, socialist vision for the future.  It has no intention of interfering with the citizens’ intellectual liberties, and its view of managerial government is not predicated on the idea that the people need to be coerced (or “nudged”) into collectivist life choices.  It simply sees the existing size of government as compatible with a free-enough life, in the sense that we don’t need to push for significant changes.

The other wing – the one that has been getting behind a different candidate every few weeks – believes precisely that America is not OK with the size of government we have now.  Its main point is that our fiscal and economic problems, and many of our social ones, result directly from the size and interventionist activities of government.  The size of government is the problem – already, today – and if it isn’t fixed, America literally cannot survive as a republic with the intellectual and lifestyle liberties we have enjoyed up to now.


I believe Palin has a strategic view of America’s future that looks beyond the 2012 election itself.  The most important thing now is that the small-government perspective continue to have a chance to express itself on its terms.  If it is silenced in electoral politics, there will be no hope of changing America’s path.  And the only way for it to have a voice is for this primary season to continue on a competitive basis.  That is the mechanism through which the voice of either wing of the party matters to the industry of politics.  That’s where the noise has to be made.

Palin is right.  This is an incredibly “political” year, more so than any year I can remember other than maybe 1979.  Americans are more engaged in political ideas than I have ever seen them.  Obama’s poll numbers aren’t good, but perhaps more importantly, those numbers and others on GOP candidates keep shifting.  People’s choices haven’t been set in stone.  They’re not sure what’s going on, they’re still trying to find a candidate who says what they’re waiting to hear, and they haven’t made up their minds.  The media will do what they’re going to do, but the people are having a separate dialogue with themselves, and it isn’t over.

I believe the GOP would be out of step with the remarkable nature of this year to crown a big-government-as-usual candidate early, on the theory that we need to damp down philosophical debate and concentrate on “campaigning” as early as possible before November.  The campaigning is what is annoying the living bejeebers out of the voters; it’s the philosophical debate that matters this year.  Shutting it down would be a tactical as well as a strategic error.  The only way to force Romney to the right is to keep the primary season competitive.  It’s also the way to keep quality attention on the most important debate America has had on the nature of government since 1860.

Be sure to go here and read the whole thing.


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  • pipam12

    Sarah is usually right don’t ya know

  • RedDaveR

    The author is spot on.  This is a fight that has been brewing for a long time, and the battle needs to be waged now.

  • Nathan Webb

    I think the Donald is right on this one.

    • Freempg

      you’re back troll?

      • LuvGuvSP

        And that poor woman in the picture with him…may God have mercy on her soul! ;)

        • BenOakland


        • Freempg

          I was thinking that too LuvG. The guy comes in here to twist knives. Can you imagine that same behavior in a marriage over time? God help her.

  • Guest

    These are the most intelligent political paragraphs I’ve read in my 52 year life. Only Governor Palin can, at this time, be trusted to carry out this vision for America.  I hope that somehow, she will be called to serve the people of the USA.
    Thank you for posting this article here Doug,

  • Pete Petretich

    This contested primary issue might be her backdoor into the GOP so that she can completely remake the national party in her own image and according to her own priorities. She can always speak from her own experience of having won in contested primaries in the past.

    QUESTION: Did she only do this in her run for Governor? I forget the political structure of how she became the Oil and Gas Commissioner and Mayor.

    • Kino24

      Mayor is non-partisan, so no primary.  She was appointed Commissioner

    • $10089747

      You need to watch "The Undefeated" tha will answer your question.

  • Lennart Bilén

    A manager CEO is a person that uses people as a commodity to grow and benefit the enterprise.
    Note: Personnel has changed to Human resources. A Resource is something that is depreciated over time. When you retire  you are fully depreciated.
    A leader is a person that uses the enterprise to grow and benefit the people, to inspre to bigger and better things, have a vision and ability to convey that message.

    Like Carter, Mitt Romney is a very capable CEO manager.
    Like Reagan, Sarah Palin is a leader.

    Run, Sarah Run!! The future of this nation is at stake! 

  • indemind

    J.E. Dyer…. "I believe Palin has a strategic view of America’s future that looks beyond the 2012 election itself."

    sarahAmerica Not 4 Sale 2012

    P.S. This article just affirmed, why I support SarahPAC

    • Carolyn Dixon

       this is a thought.  newt is staying in and winning as many delegates as he can until Sarah gets in and then he throws his support and delegates to her.

  • MaMcGriz

    Thanks, Doug. This article is worthy of its own thread.

  • BenOakland

    I loved this piece, I read it earlier on Hot Air.   It really exonerated Sarah, (not that she needed it), and shown her in the light that she most richly deserves…… unassuming leader, with the perfect touch of humility and a deep faithful sense of courage.   Ahead of the pack and the curve once again…….Good job Ms. Palin.

  • Pete Petretich

    Let’s be realistic about Sarah making a late entry. Sure, many state deadlines will have passed, but she could surely get more than a few delegates on her side.

    THAT MEANS SHE IS IN THE CONVENTION AS A CANDIDATE REPRESENTING REAL REPUBLICANS. The fact that it’s unknown exactly how many would have supported her all along will only add to her influence on the proceedings.

    Perhaps that’s when the real primary will begin…

    • Carolyn Dixon

       here’s my take.  newt sees himself not being able to go the distance because of all the money and false ads romney, his pacs, and the republican establishment have thrown at him.  so, he says ok, i’m going to release my delegates and nominate Sarah Palin to be his stand in.  I believe she would then be able to whip romney good because we palin supporters would give to her and her pac.

  • Jack_Franklin

    Great stuff, Doug!  So few have been aware of the major shifts, however subtle, in contemporary U.S. History, culminating in a literal battle for the soul of America.  At times, it may be discouraging to think that a relatively small band of people can take on established politics.  I am reminded that it was only a third of the population at the time of the Revolution that made the difference because of their faith, passion, persistence, and tireless and noble efforts and sacrifices.

    Gov Palin has a gift to see the potential of the whole through creative destruction, much like Michelangelo was able to relentlessly chip away at a block of marble until the transformation was complete, and the original vision was revealed.

    I trust that, in time, Gov Palin will be recognized among the masses for her insights and leadership in shaping the public narrative at this critical crossroads, regardless of her title.

  • onparade

    greta has just put out the latest ad by newt today…so far its the best i have seen all from the lips of soros and romney….

  • ? Jim ?

    I don’t really know why articles like that bother me.  It seems writers, like Dyer, imply what Governor Palin writes or says is not valid until THEY say so. The only validation I need to know she’s correct is knowing SHE said it.  It’s like they’re saying THEIR words describe better what she is saying than her own.

  • wodiej

    If the GOP and conservatives would quit trying to manage everyone’s morals and make their message one of fiscal conservatism, smaller gov’t, and free markets,  we could get somewhere and we could get alot more people to support our ideas. People look at the GOP as the "holier than thou" club. That is why some are upset w Gov. Palin about supporting Gingrich. She is not looking at this situation through the eyes of her personal views. She is looking at it through what is best for saving our country.

    • ? Jim ?

       Agreed!  Seems far too many conservatives are only so on the social issues.  They seem to believe it’s THEIR political views that are blessed by God.

  • Randall Pickard

    "The only way to force Romney to the right is to keep the primary season competitive."

    I’d like to see Romney right out the door.

    • Guest

      And that door be the one Sarah plows on right through.

  • JohnInFlorida

    "The only way to force Romney to the right is to keep the primary season competitive."

    I’m sorry, we cannot "force Romney to the right" … he is who he is and any move to the right that he displays is/will be just "window dressing".

    "Anybody but Obama" MUST still be the mantra, but Damn! … Romney???  … *shudder*

    • ? Jim ?

       I HATE Obama as POTUS.  As such, I would/will NEVER vote for him.
      However – Neither will I EVER vote for another liberal GOPE.  I WILL NOT support, or vote for, Romney!

  • alien4palin

    Thanks, Doug!!! Excellent article……J.E Dyer summarized it in a nutshell. It has been simmering for a long time and time for choosing is 2012. Sarah appearing on the national stage is a historic defining moment.

  • Guest

    "The only way to force Romney to the right is to keep the primary season competitive."
    I was going to post this article on other websites until I read this line.  It seems to me it is all about preparing the road for people to accept Romney, cause we can move him to the right?

    Fortunately, there are many who are outraged and agree with the governor on this issue and I will not suggest to them that we accept Romney.

    I don’t think that is Sarah’s goal is to move Romney to the right.  She is not going to sit by and allow this wolve in sheeps clothes (Romney the progressive) to be pushed down our throats.  She must me surprised to see how many people are ignorant of who the real Romney is!

    For those whos say she should stop talking about vetting, I say should continue to shout it from the roof top!!  Vet, vet, vet!

    There will come a time when people will look back and say that we should have listened to Sarah when she went on and on about VETTING our candidates!

  • Guest

    I understand Dyer to be saying, "ok, we agree Sarah is right, now will you agree that Romney is our best choice, we just have to work on him a little!"

    I say, Hells NO!!

    • patnatasha

      hell to the no!!

    • ? Jim ?

       I repeat myself – for about the 100th time:  I will not support/vote for Romney.  If the GOPE anoints him and he loses, it will be the GOP with the blood of another 4 years of Obama on THEIR hands – NOT MINE!  If the GOPE anoint Romney and he wins the blood of just another liberal as POTUS will be, also, on their hands – NOT MINE!

  • onparade

    looks like romney will win in nevada tomorrow it will be hard for newt to win in a state that just re-elected harry reid and nevada still has bad economic problems and the tea party supporting liberal romney…sometimes you get just what you vote for…..

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