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Guest Submission by Austin Harris

The presidential race caught my interest early as a 12 year-old. I will admit that I was a Mitt Romney supporter but I will also admit I knew very little about politics and what to look for in a candidate. But after Mitt Romney lost the Republican nomination, I lost interest very quickly and did not pay attention to the race until August 29, 2008.


On August 29th I was sitting in 6th hour, History class, and watched my teacher turn in his chair from his computer and say “Something very historic happened today, John McCain has just picked the first ever woman Vice Presidential Nominee for the Republican Party.” While I sat there trying to digest what he just said, something in the back of my head was say “This is Huge!” Later that day when I got home, I turned it to the news figuring that they were covering this story. And a matter in fact, they were.


It was only days later I watched her address the GOP Convention accepting her nomination for Vice President. Just like the stadium was, I was energized when she started speaking. Sitting there listening to her address the crowd in front of her and the rest of the country I knew my life would revolve around politics and that was the reason why God put me on this earth.


Ever since then I have been educating myself more and more by listening to speeches, researching, and listening to the news every day. It has been 4 years since I caught interest in politics and it has been a little more than 3 years since the speech that transformed my life. I was given an amazing opportunity in May 2011 to work on a youth group that supported Palin. And in the summer of 2011 I was offered another amazing opportunity by Iowa O4P. These people that offered me the opportunities I cannot thank enough. But the person I do need to thank is the Gov herself, Sarah Palin. If she ever reads this article I just want to say THANK YOU! You have completely transformed my life for the better. Once again thank you!


Austin Harris is a teenager conservative blogger and a conservative activist. Austin’s goal is to talk with the Governor and tell her his story about how she inspired him and interview her for his blog. You can keep up with Austin by following him on Twitter @Austin_R_Harris.

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