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What’s going on this morning?

The Governor delivers the keynote address at CPAC next Saturday. She’ll also be receiving the 2012 Woman of the Year from the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute that same day at a luncheon before her keynote address. The C4P/O4P/GrizzlyFest is the night before in Washington, DC. If you have any questions about the DC meetup/Birthday or would like to last minute RSVP, e-mail

The Governor will be live in studio the next day for an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

In case you missed it, the Governor penned an article in this week’s Newsweek about her life with Trig and she recommended you read an article from Adrienne Ross about Komen and Planned Parenthood.

Tony Lee from Human Events writes an article about PassCode Creative, the team behind the videos for the Governor’s PAC.

As for the 2012 horserace, Mitt Romney won fewer votes and a smaller percentage in this weekend’s Nevada caucuses than he did in 2008. Turnout was down in Nevada from 2008 just as turnout was down overall among the counties that Romney won in Florida. The only state in which turnout increased dramatically from 2008 was South Carolina, where Newt Gingrich blew out Mitt Romney. Obama has also taken close to a double-digit lead over Romney in the new ABC News poll, a ten point swing from just a couple of weeks ago.

The Missouri primary and the Colorado and Minnesota caucuses are on Tuesday. Newt Gingrich will not be on the Missouri primary ballot even though he will participate in the Missouri caucuses in March. The Missouri primary will not award any delegates.

Both Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have plausible arguments for staying in the race. Santorum’s argument is effectively that he would win a greater percentage of Newt’s voters than the percentage of his voters that Newt would win. He’s arguing that Newt’s voters are pretty much all anti-Romney and wouldn’t ever vote for Romney in a primary while his votes are "swing" voters in the sense that they don’t harbor as much animosity against Romney as Newt’s voters do and would just split between Romney and Newt if Santorum were to drop out whereas Newt’s voters would break by a heavy margin towards Santorum if Newt were to get out.

Newt’s argument is that his support is significantly broader than Santorum’s as evidenced by the fact that he has finished ahead of Santorum in every contest since Iowa and in the last three by huge margins. Newt would also point out that his base of the South is significantly larger and disproportionately more influential in terms of the delegate count and popular vote than Santorum’s base of Midwestern evangelical states.

MN and MO are probably win-or-go-home for Santorum while NC, TN, WV, KY, OK, TX, LA, AL, and MS are probably win-or-go-home for Newt. However, a Santorum or Newt win in either AZ, MI, and OH (moreso the first two than OH) would change this race completely and knock out the other guy.

Congrats to the New York Giants and Eli Manning.


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  • Mary Beth House

    Someone posted this on a Facebook group and I had to share:

    Fox news is reporting that it was rather mean spirited for Newt Gingrich to have picked the Giants to win the super bowl. They have Mitt Romney on live to explain how Newt’s pick was not truly conservative.

    ****Newt has replied: It is fundamentally stupid to wear a Patriots jersey and a Giants hat and to then claim you are not a flip flopper.


    • JP_AZ

      THAT is CLASSIC!!! 

      I think Newt should make an ad out of it…

  • Kalena

    Proportional assignment of delegates will keep this race going.  Winner takes all starts after April.  I think the more Romney goes negative, the more support he will lose.  He will ONLY get support from Reagan democrats here in MI if he runs a positive primary campaign about jobs and reducing government spending.  That is what the GOP Governor did to win and take the seat from the Dems.  If Romney pollutes our airwaves in MI with severe anti-Newt ads, the reagan democrats will tune him out and vote for their union buddy in the fall.  Romney needs to change his campaign strategy before he kills 2012 for the GOP.

    • Bill589

      I wish neither would rely so much on negative ads.  Everything new I’m learning about them is negative.  Being not as bad as the other guy isn’t going to motivate voters very much.  And I’m afraid the general campaign of, ‘I’m not as bad as Obama’ is not going to work well either.

      • wpmwindsong

        That’s why the whole thing Mitt is doing is evil.  Newt tries positive in Iowa while Mitt goes wall to wall negative, and Newt loses 20 points.  Then when Newt tries to defend against the lies, he is blamed for going negative.  There’s something very Alinski about this whole affair, including giving Romney the benefit of the doubt by making out that what they both do as equivalent. That’s like trying to blame the US for carpet bombing Germany.   

        Trying to stay positive in the face of millions of dollars of negativity is a fools errand. Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.  There is no fault with Newt on this matter,  It is entirely with Mitt.  He started it and with a vengeance.


        • Leroy Whitby

          I agree 100%. The media leans to the left strongly, so we won’t hear the message that Romney is despicable there, until he’s running against Obama. Then we’ll hear it loud and clear from CNN and MSNBC and so forth, while FOX that could have warned in the primary, tries to downplay it.

    • Leroy Whitby

      I am disgusted by Romney and his negative campaign against EVERY conservative that has posed a challenge to him. I hope I’m not alone. Every conservative that has risen as a challenger has been slimed and smeared, and has been for 5 years, so we see it clearly. Maybe most of us here have realized it, but how about middle America? I think this guy, Romney, is evil and a big negative for the Republican party and conservatism and for beating Obama because of the way he campaigns against conservatives, driving them out, while having an incredibly weak record for the general race against Obama. His economic record in Mass. is horrible and his Romneycare is a) a failure in Mass. and b) was the model for Obamacare.

      Hope the rest of the Republican electorate sees it without the mainstream media telling them what to think because the mainstream media, including FOX and Drudge, have proven themselves to be part of the establishment.

      I have to wonder what and who pushed Drudge given his Romney love lately. He’s just an establishment gay guy pushing libs.

      • jerseymark

        Here is a question to consider – Who would the "World" like to see win the nomination? Can there be any doubt that it is Romney? Shouldn’t that give us pause as a nation? Next question – Who would the "World" want to win the election in the fall? I would bet that the answer is the same – Romney – because they are very disappointed with Obama and they believe that Romney will be the answer to our economic problems. THEN AGAIN – Who would the business leaders in the Asia  want to be President? Sarah Palin of course because they are capitalists who believe in economic freedom and who know that whereas the liberal forces of Europe think Romney can fix the economy, they know that Sarah can and will.

        • Leroy Whitby

          I hear you loud and clear.

        • Leroy Whitby

          I hear you loud and clear.

      • fb274

        Don’t forget the negative ads from Ron Paul’s group.  His Pac is the one responsible for all the conflab of the name of the hunting lease painted on a rock which gave Perry a hard time.  His ads are constantly slamming the other competitors.  One must remember the most important aspect of this election year is to remove the Rino from leadership—-local up to national positions.  Then reform can begin.  Obama and the 45 plus czars MUST be removed!  The czars are the ones driving the agenda for Obama—–Obama is only parroting his czars.

    • Pete Petretich

      Romney’s mountainous ambition and paranoia threatens to kill the GOP.

      Sounds kind of like Richard Nixon, actually…

    • usajingoist

      Plus, frankly, the establishment has let it known that Newt will not win.  As Newt jumps the shark, I think Rick has a shot.  The next two weeks will be huge for all of us.

      • Judah Legge

        It could be but I wonder if he won’t throw his support Romney when it comes down to it.  Rick was late in coming to the Tea Party and was some what critical of it.

        • usajingoist

          I think Newt will pick Rick over Mitt any day after what Mitt has done to him.

    • ramorywebb

      As far as I know Florida did not assign the delegates proportionally as prescribed by the RNC Rules. the Floirda GOP Chairman gave all the delegates to Romney, and Gingrich has filed a protest. It is the primary reason that Romney is shown leading in delegates right now by a three to one margin. 

      And I have not seen anyhting more on this for over a week. 

  • ZH100

     Good morning all.

    Here are some links with information about Gov.Palin’s policy positions and accomplishments

    (policy positions)

    A Lifetime of Accomplishments; Master Lists by Year

    Setting the Record Straight – Sarah Palin and Sex Education

    Governor Palin on the Issues: Monetary Policy

    Sarah Palin on Energy Policy, Oil, and Energy Independence

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, ZH, and good morning!!

      • ZH100

         Good morning Brianus!

  • RichardNC

    Good morning everyone!
    In honor of the 101 years since the birth of Ronald Wilson Reagan I will post 101 Reagan quotes.
    Heh! Just kidding, but here are some of my favorites.
    Ronald Reagan: "Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have."
    Ronald Reagan: "The ultimate determinant in the struggle now going on for the world will not be bombs and rockets but a test of wills and ideas-a trial of spiritual resolve: the values we hold, the beliefs we cherish and the ideals to which we are dedicated."
    Ronald Reagan: ""Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."
    Ronald Reagan: "I’m convinced that today the majority of Americans want what those first Americans wanted: A better life for themselves and their children; a minimum of government authority. Very simply, they want to be left alone in peace and safety to take care of the family by earning an honest dollar and putting away some savings. This may not sound too exciting, but there is something magnificent about it. On the farm, on the street corner, in the factory and in the kitchen, millions of us ask nothing more, but certainly nothing less than to live our own lives according to our values — at peace with ourselves, our neighbors and the world."
    Ronald Reagan: "They tell us we must learn to live with less, and teach our children that their lives will be less full and prosperous than ours have been; that the America of the coming years will be a place where — because of our past excesses — it will be impossible to dream and make those dreams come true. I don’t believe that. And, I don’t believe you do either. That is why I am seeking the presidency. I cannot and will not stand by and see this great country destroy itself. Our leaders attempt to blame their failures on circumstances beyond their control, on false estimates by unknown, unidentifiable experts who rewrite modern history in an attempt to convince us our high standard of living, the result of thrift and hard work, is somehow selfish extravagance which we must renounce as we join in sharing scarcity. I don’t agree that our nation must resign itself to inevitable decline, yielding its proud position to other hands. I am totally unwilling to see this country fail in its obligation to itself and to the other free peoples of the world."
    Ronald Reagan: "If we look to the answer as to why for so many years we achieved so much, prospered as no other people on earth, it was because here in this land we unleashed the energy and individual genius of man to a greater extent than has ever been done before. Freedom and the dignity of the individual have been more available and assured here than in any other place on earth. The price for this freedom at times has been high, but we have never been unwilling to pay the price."
    Ronald Reagan: "It is time for us to realize that we’re too great a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams. We’re not, as some would have us believe, doomed to an inevitable decline. I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing. So, with all the creative energy at our command, let us begin an era of national renewal. Let us renew our determination, our courage, and our strength. And let us renew our faith and our hope. We have every right to dream heroic dreams. Those who say that we’re in a time when there are no heroes, they just don’t know where to look."
    Ronald Reagan: ""We the people" tell the government what to do, it doesn’t tell us. "We the people" are the driver, the government is the car. And we decide where it should go, and by what route, and how fast. Almost all the world’s constitutions are documents in which governments tell the people what their privileges are. Our Constitution is a document in which "We the people" tell the government what it is allowed to do. "We the people" are free."
    Ronald Reagan: "I’ve spoken of the shining city all my political life, but I don’t know if I ever quite communicated what I saw when I said it. But in my mind it was a tall proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, wind-swept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace, a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity, and if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. That’s how I saw it and see it still."
    Ronald Reagan: "Whatever else history may say about me when I’m gone, I hope it will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears; to your confidence rather than your doubts. My dream is that you will travel the road ahead with liberty’s lamp guiding your steps and opportunity’s arm steadying your way."

    • wodiej

      "Character is doing the right thing when no one is looking." Ronald Reagan“

      "I wasn’t a great communicator, but I communicated great things, and they didn’t spring full bloom from my brow, they came from the heart of a great nation.” Ronald Reagan

    • TexS2012

      The fifth paragraph:
      Ronald Reagan:  "They tell us we must learn to live with less, and teach our children that their lives will be less full and prosperous than ours have been; that the America of the coming years will be a place where — because of our past excesses — it will be impossible to dream and make those dreams come true. I don’t believe that. And, I don’t believe you do either. That is why I am seeking the presidency. I cannot and will not stand by and see this great country destroy itself."

      This part of the fifth paragraph is for our time as well and the only person who can save our country is Sarah Palin. I really do believe this and we can only pray that it is God’s will that Sarah Palin cannot stand by and will not stand by – but is called to stop the destruction of our country.

      God Bless Sarah Palin and God Bless America!!!
      Sarah Palin 2012!!!

      • BrianusBerkleianus


      • ProudAmerican247

        "I cannot and will not stand by and see this great country destroy itself." "

        This is why Sarah Palin is going to run for President of the United States.

        Her conscience won’t let her sit this one out.

        There’s too much at stake.

        It’s Do or Die!!!

        PALIN 2012!

    • colliemum

      Reagan’s Freedom quote applies today even more so that when he was President. 
      It applies to more people and nations across the world than ever before.

      Why is it that so many people like ‘Braveheart’ – but seem resigned to abandon their freedoms without a squeak?

    • jerseymark

      These quotes are even more applicable today after three years of Obama then they were when Reagan said these words. They should be the core of a conservative campaign – preferably one by our Sarah.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Yes!!!  Thanks, jerseymark!!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Splendid: Thanks so much, Richard!!

      Happy Birthday to Ronaldus Magnus!!!

  • Bill589

    I’m not Catholic, but I have read a good amount about the religion. A couple of my best friends are Catholic, and like my grandpa told me, "They are just like regular people – like you and me."

    But anyway, I just heard Rachelle Maddow on a late rerun of ‘Meet The Press,’ say what the Catholic Church thinks and what their goals are – blah, blah, blah.

    And I thought, ‘What the flip do you know about the Catholic Church?’ I’m not Catholic, but I know this arrogant ignoramus doesn’t have a clue. WTFlip?

    I hate when they do this to any church.  Just wanted to say that.  Thanks for listening. :)

    • Pete Petretich

      Madcow likes to pontificate, which is quite ironic when you think about it.

      • jerseymark

        Which is why it is such a good thing that nobody watches her or knows who she is as perfectly pictured when the contestants on Jeopardy could not identify her. Haha

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Good one, Pete: "pontificate"–LOL!!!

    • NoMoreMeh

      " WTFlip? "

      Brilliant expletive, Bill!

      • ProudAmerican247

        " " WTFlip? "  Brilliant expletive, Bill!"

        How ’bout…."WTFrack"

        I like to think the environmentalist wack jobs would go beserk reading it.  
        (Fracking is their latest hate)

        • NoMoreMeh

          Fair point.

          I feel like I might yell, "WTFrack!", if I’d walked into a cement wall, maybe.  It has that kind of harsh, stoppage sound to it, eh?

          "WTFlip" is one I could say anytime… it has that lighter tone that makes me want to just throw up my hands in exasperation; or shrug; or at other moments, just scream.  A bit more multipurpose.


          • ProudAmerican247

            Maybe you could interchange the two when needed.

            Never know when you have to give a lefty a little grief! 

            Either way, it’s nice to have a choice. lol!

  • Tlibo77

    Good morning C4P!
    Operation Restoration!
    Let the vetting continue!

    Sarah Palin’s increased activity has caused the Establishment and their Candidate to raise the Palin threat level.  Their paid trolls have been called up and are rapidly being deployed.  GOP stop with your false attacks and propaganda, you are suppressing the vote and destroying the Party of Abraham Lincoln.

    The perception of Sarah delivering the Keynote address at CPAC creates both chaos and anxiety for the GOP.  News Flash GOP, the people of this Country will continue to fight for the survival of our Republic and have no intentions to tender our surrender.  We will continue to educate our fellow citizens and spread the goal of Restoration.

    Listen to Sarah Palin, she has a proven record of reform and plan for Restoration of our Constitutional Republic.   We might lose a battle, but we will surely win the overall action.  Our message is return to our Constitution are prepare to be voted out of Office.  Ignore our voices to your own peril.
    I support and stand with Sarah Palin!

    You should understand that our Founders invoke the principals of favor and Divine Providence.  God Bless America.

    • jerseymark

      The double whammy of her keynote speech at CPAC following her receiving a Woman of the Year award from a very respected organization must really burn their butt. I think it would be very hard to argue that she is without substance and stupid in the context of this Saturday. Three cheers for our Leader – the 2012 Woman of the Year – Sarah Palin. 

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Three cheers!!!!

      • ProudAmerican247

        "Three cheers for our Leader – the 2012 Woman of the Year – Sarah Palin."

        Three Cheers x 1000!!!!  *whistling!*  *non-stop clapping!* 

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen and thanks, Tlibo!!

  • PhilipJames

    Have any of you considered that Sarah Palin could do more for Conservatism and adherence to the Constitution without being President? As in being the conscience of the Republican Party and the national voice for Conservatism?

    I occasionally post here that in order to fundamentally change Washington, being President may not be the most powerful position to have. Consider that if Sarah were President and the majority of the House and the Senate, even if they were Republicans, would not be on her side. They would still be made up of the same old boys network of lobbyists and cronyism that likes the way things are.

    I seriously think she could do more to change the grass roots and the structure of the Republican Party by working outside the Washington Establishment structure and then when there are more Conservatives in both Congress and the Senate, that might be the time for her to consider the Presidency.

    She is young by political standards and we may find out in the next 10 years that her path is a little longer than we wanted, but it could be more powerful.

    • exodus2011

      who has the know how to implement Sudden and Relentless Reform apart from Gov Palin?

    • Bill589

      I don’t know what God’s plans are for Sarah – nor, obviously, whether or not He should win our war the way I think He should.  I pray for our nation, and for Sarah to be guarded, and guided by God to do what is right for her to do.

      God knows what I think is best.  I think I mention it everyday.

      SP2012 – the Donkey, Rino, and Lame Duck arse kicker.

      • exodus2011


        High Five!


      • jerseymark

        You know – God’s plans – an interesting question. On a Christian site I frequent known as "Raptureready" I read recently how in God’s dealings with the Jewish nation, he reached the point of no return and told Jeremiah THREE TIMES, to stop praying for the nation because His mind was made up and He would not hear the prayers. (see Jeremiah 7:16, 11:14 and 14:11). The writer’s point was that maybe we, as a nation, have gone away from God and are about to come under the same judgment that occurred to Judah in Jeremiah’s time. Of course, the writer’s perspective was that the Rapture is coming soon after which this nation will come under God’s judgment. Of course, after the Rapture, the whole world will be in a very bad place.

        • USMAgrandma

          Those very thoughts have crossed my mind more times than I can recall!

    • wodiej

      I’m sure many have thought of that. Only God knows.

    • jerseymark

      Wrong for the following reasons:

      1. The person at the top of the ticket in a victorious run for the Presidency has what we call "coattails" and when she is out there campaigning, she has the ability to pull those she endorses into office with her.

      2. She did not and could not have cleaned up the "business as usual" in Alaska without her title of Governor. There is just so much a private person can do where executive power can be effective.

      3. As we have seen from some of the folks who came into Congress in 2010, without that focal point of leadership coming from the top, there is a strong likelihood that new members to Congress will also be absorbed into the power structure.

      • fb274

        Cleaning up the CBC in Alaska did not happen during her tenure as Governor.  She stepped down from the OIL & GAS Commission and then filed the ethics charges against the corrupt.  This was done without a title.   Granted, she did continue with government reforms while Gov.

    • TexS2012

      I do not agree. The best thing for the country would be Sarah Palin, a proven reformer and conservative politician with executive experience running for president. The real conservatives in this country want something done now! Sarah would inspire and encourage people to run for office when her life story is known to all Americans and that would change the House & Senate. Sarah has already inspired thousands, dare I say millions to get involved in their country. Now is the time! The media would not be able to stop covering every move she makes on the campaign trail. Finally, people would see the real Sarah Palin. We know how people are drawn to Sarah. We’ve seen the crowds, we’ve heard her speechs. She just can’t be stopped.

  • exodus2011

    I wonder if O’Romneycare knows that the guy who recently endorsed him has paid a $5000 fee and signed an affadavit to be put on the Primary Ballot in TX as an Independent?

    If this contest remains proportional then Trump campaigning in TX will draw votes away from Romney, rather than the Conservative Runners IMV ….. so ….. this would seem to be playing into the strategy of Fort Wasilla and trying to stop Romney winning enough Delegates to take the Nomination outright.

    There are 155 Delegates to be shared around under the current rules, but that assumes TX will have it’s election on April 3rd. There is reason to believe that the date will be later due to some redistricting issues currently being resolved in Court.

    LOL … I knew there was something quite ‘odd’ about that Romeny endorsement … am I right in thinking Trump’s final words at that Press Conference were ‘go get ‘em Mitt!’ or was that a rumour?

    Did anybody witness the actual event?

    • exodus2011

      with Trump pulling this move … this is certainly an example of ‘the unconventional’ and it also fits that cryptic phrase:

      "… Candidates will be coming and going …. "

      Did Gov Palin say that because she has teed Trump up to enter some Primary Contests and not others? To compete with O’Romneycare when the Delegates are awarded proportionally ….

      I wonder which other Contests Trump has entered, or plans to enter

      I really don’t think Gov Palin plans to enter this Primary Process overall , as she has stated more than once – but Fort Wasilla appear to be trying to steer this Process to a Brokered Convention with Romney not winning enough Delegates to take the Nomination outright

      … and it looks like Trump plans to aid this strategy

      I wonder if Gov Palin might enter the CA Primary only – she would not be "seeking the GOP Nom via the Primary Process" if she did that, but she would be a ‘coming Candidate’ and then a ‘Going Candidate’ again …. if she won it, that would take 172 Delegates from Mitt …

      hmmm …

      this kind of scenario definitely falls into the category of ‘mark my word Sean, this will be an unconventional process’

      EDIT – I just looked up the date of the CA, winner take all Primary = Tues June 5th

      that would be AK summer vacation time (schools get out in May) …and we never did see the West Coast leg of the Bus Tour – so, how about this for ‘unconventional’ process – the BBB does a West Coast Tour as Gov Palin campaigns for the CA Primary

      IMV, she could win it as her endorsee Carly Fiorina beat out the GOPe man Tom Campbell and also the other conservative Chuck DeVore in the Senate Primary there in 2010

      If you consider that the overall aim of Fort Wasilla appears to be that no Candidate wins the Nomination outright, and Tampa Bay will decide …. the unconventional elections in each State with Candidates truly ‘coming and going’ could be quite a spectacle


      the GOPe WILL NOT BE PLEASED if it works out like this


      EDIT 2: If anything unconventional is being planned for CA, then it will be revealed this month, because Freempg said that each Candidate needs 100K+ signatures to get on the Primary Ballot, and signatures can start being collected on Feb 22 and collection must stop on or before March 23, and then the actual filing deadline including the signatures plus fee is March 25th.

      It wouldn’t be a bad idea for our Westies at C4P to monitor this situation for all possible Runners, IMV


      • palmerguy

        Could be something like this going on – what’s it called — "Shakin’ things up"!!!!!!

        • exodus2011

          High Five!


      • MaMcGriz

        I’d bet my favorite salmon fishing spot that O4P is well aware and on top of it.

        Those guys give me the impression they could hustle it up and gather those signatures "real fast and in a hurry " as Major Paine might say.

        I think they keep a 24/7 GRRRR on.

    • wpmwindsong

      Trump, "It is my real honor and privilege to endorse Mitt Romney. By the way this is a great couple. you look at them.   But Mitt is strong, he’s smart, he’s tough. And he is not going to allow bad things to continued to happen to this country that we all love. So Governor Romney, go out and get ‘em.  You can do it." 

      There might have been other comments edited out of the Youtube video, but this is the essence.

      It just seems odd that Trump is backing the guy who gave us ObamaCare to be the one to go out and get ‘em.  This pep talk about "you can do it" does give a sense that there might be a question as to whether he can.   A more confident statement would have been, "you will do it." And "not going to allow bad things to happen to this country" is a lot more tepid than "is going to restore this country to its foundational roots."  

      • exodus2011

        thanks for posting that transcript wp

        that whole Press Conference seemed odd to me

    • barracuda43

      Texas election will most likely not be till June.I know of nobody that would ever vote for Trump in Texas.Newt will win Texas big!

      • blerch

        Just like he was going to win Florida and Nevada, right?

      • USMAgrandma

        I believe you are mistaken, I thing Trump would get a fairly large vote in Texas.  Just checked and the primary is still scheduled for 4-3, but will no doubt be changed.  I am going to check with the SOS’s Office later.

      • exodus2011

        do you know if the filing date for the TX Primary has passed 43?

  • TravelinThru

    The Giants are the Champions of Superbowl XLVI. In Superbowl XXI, the Giants were also NFL Champions. Six players from that team are "Champions For Life."

    From The Right Scoop —

    "Long before Tebowing arrived on the NFL scene, there was this pro-life video from 1990 featuring former Giants Mark Bavaro, George Martin, Phil McConkey, Phil Simms, Chris Godfrey, and Jim Burt speaking out strong against abortion."

    [It’s 9 minutes long but it’s worth watching IMO]

  • wodiej

    “I do not count myself to have
    apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are
    behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead”

    (Philippians 3:13, NKJV)


  • marvin hill
  • NoMoreMeh

    I like these excerpts from Ronald Reagan’s Address on Behalf of Senator Barry Goldwater:
    "A Time for Choosing"  October 27, 1964:

    "They also knew, those Founding Fathers, that outside of its legitimate functions, government does nothing as well or as economically as the private sector of the economy."

    "Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so."

    "Our natural, inalienable rights are now considered to be a dispensation of government, and freedom has never been so fragile, so close to slipping from our grasp as it is at this moment."

    "…every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face–that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight and surrender. If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand–the ultimatum. And what then?"

  • wodiej
    • AmsterdamExpat

      What sort of gifts do you think Harry Reid has sent to his crew to reward them for tampering well done?

  • wodiej
    • StandProudNow

       I like Star Parker a lot. Too bad she is not running for Congress this cycle. (Or is she??)

  • Jules

     Newt voters are anti Romney and pro ideas. Santorum voters are mostly anti Newt mostly because of his lack of moral values. Both Santorum and Newt have supported moderate Republican candidates and have been in both side of issue sin Washington so what applies to Newt goes to Rick also.
    The Rick voters hate Newt too much to say they would vote for him but they still would because they are also anti Romney. The majority of Santorum voters will vote Newt and the polls in SC and Florida have shown that much: the worse Santorum polled, the bigger Net numbers. Therefore, the point Santorum is making about his voters is incorrect: His voters will hold their nose and vote Newt or Ron Paul. If I am wrong, please let me hear from one well known C4P member that supports Santorum and will vote for Romney instead of Newt.

    Santorum performance in the South should tell everyone that he is a non option. He will not be competitive in most Southern states and therefore will not make it past Romney whether or not Newt stays in. Newt may have problems in the N East or Midwest but if Rick is out, he will do just well enough to win the states that matter.

    Unless Sarah Palin gets in, Newt is the only candidate that can keep Romney from wrapping the nomination before Tampa. I don’t want or expect Newt to be the nominee, I want him to keep enough delegates from Romney to cause a brokered Convention where the Tea Party will be heard LOUD and CLEAR… I am afraid Santorum will not be able to keep Romney from winning it before Tampa. That is why I am with Sarah Palin in her thinking that voting Newt keeps the process going.

    • Audrey_I

      Santorum lost big time in his reelection bid for US Senate.  He is a has been.  His main purpose for running for president is to split the conservative vote and let the republican establishment candidate win. 

    • jerseymark

      The thing you are missing is that in order to get to a brokered convention, you need three significant candidates winning delegates. If it develops quickly now into a Romney vs. Gingrich race, there will be no brokered convention since the remainder of the delegates will be split two ways and someone will win 50%+1 before the convention. That is why Santorum and Paul are so important to the proportional distribution phase of the process – to draw as many delegates as possible away from both Romney and Newt. Of course, their failure to do so in sufficient numbers would require Sarah to get in as a third candidate to win delegates in the winner take all states. 

  • helensimon

    Empty Nest Day here-dropping off teen to take his GED after jumping through many loops, having a Christian texting over the disapporver’s head to rescue my son….seeing the disapprover run to her car for her notary stamp to approve him, thank God…He’s amazing. Eight hours in town…good thing killer dog’s here to protect the homestead, and many armed neighbors, all Christian…love the South! and you guys, too! ?

  • Bill589

    I love and respect Sarah Palin. Everybody here should know that.
    But I have to say, I’m still waiting for the cream to rise to the top. I don’t see any cream yet.

    I wonder, since I don’t believe Sarah sees any cream either, and since things didn’t turn out the way she apparently hoped, that maybe she might . . . reconsider?

    SP2012 – the cream of the crop

    • StandProudNow

      I’m one of those who think she will not *re*consider.

      I think she is running a stealth campaign, and her decision is to run and has been to run.
      Nothing to reconsider…

      • TexS2012


  • bassman

    I see what happened to Komen a little different. It all started with a NBC Nightly News story tht linked Gov. Palin to Komen’s decision. Without any evidence they faulted Koman’s decision in hiring Karen Handel and Gov. Palin’s endorsement of her. NBC knows if they link Gov. Palin that alone brings out the loony left. Google Sarah Palin/Susan B. komen and you will see what I mean.
    Next we saw Andrea Mithell’s badgering interview with Nancy Brinker. Mitchell stepped outside the box of jounralist and into advocate. Thug journalism on her part.

    • NoMoreMeh

      Andrea Mitchell has been inside a box of journalist?? !  News to me!

      (sorry.  I’m such a punster, lol)

  • colliemum

    Congratulations to the Giants and their supporters for that win.
    Commiserations to the Patriots and their supporters for the loss.

    There was a similar outcome in the Ireland : Wales rugby match yesterday, which Wales won in the last minute:

    So while Irish eyes aren’t smiling today, there’s singing in the valleys of Wales. 

    That’s the way it is in competitive sport – and there’s always next year, unlike Presidential elections.
    And unlike GOP ‘inevitable’ candidates, in competitive sport, players can’t hide behind biased polls and TV attack ads. They put their bodies on the line. Like, figuratively speaking, tha Lady from Wasilla!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, colliemum!!

  • Dave Dowler

    Sarah would be the cream……   unfortunately I see no signs that she is even considering a late entry.  I keep watching, waiting, hoping but dont see it.  Maybe something big at CPAC,  if not looks like Romney is gonna be the guy.    Very disappointing

    • Leroy Whitby

      Don’t give up the fight. That said the Gingrich/Santorum muddling on both, makes Romney very likely. Last time everyone dropped except for McCain around this time. Huckabee tried to keep going but then dropped. This go round, BOTH Santorum and Gingrich are continuing.

    • StandProudNow

      If she is considering a late entry then nobody *would* see it. That is just the purpose of a late entry.  If your strategy is to come in late then the momentum would be lost if everyone knew that was the plan. No?

      Palin plays with the cards close to her chest.   She has never closed the door on her running. Au contraire, she gets deliberately evasive when asked.

      I don’t know about you all, but I’m still thinking that she will run.

      (And I do not think she will announce at the CPAC either…it will be later.)

      • Dave Dowler

        I dont know how much later one could wait on this……  I like your optimism though.   I fail to see much benefit in a  strategy like this to be honest. 

      • Huge_Heffner

        "Palin plays with the cards close to her chest."

        We heard that for three years, and constantly from June to Oct last year, as a pretext to her holding off to enter later. I’s not a realistic assumption to make any longer, because despite that…nothing came of it, and nothing will come of it now. Preparing for a presidential campaign is not something you ‘hold close to your chest’, it’s sheer folly to think that, now looking in hindsight.

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