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What’s going on this morning? The Governor will deliver the closing speech at CPAC tomorrow evening. She’ll also receive an award from the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute and Bristol Palin is apparently doing a book signing in DC on Saturday as well.

Here’s the GrizzlyFest lineup for February 25th.

It’ll be her first speech outside of Alaska since early November at the Florida Republican Party Victory Dinner. She’ll also return to Fox News Sunday for the first time since June of 2011 live in studio on Sunday.

Scott Conroy reports that "a source inside Palin’s orbit said she would not endorse a presidential candidate in her speech but would instead aim to unify the conservative movement."

Allen Covert would have endorsed the Governor.

Santorum will apparently lead one national poll. Santorum would be the eleventh person to lead a somewhat credible national poll since 2011. Newt Gingrich leads in Oklahoma, a state John McCain won in 2008 over Huckabee and Georgia, and is still in it in North Carolina and Alabama (however, this polling was taken prior to Santorum hat trick on Tuesday) but it appears he’ll need a monster performance in the upcoming debate.

Regular C4P commentator blerch talked to a Baltimore radio station about the Governor.

You can watch all the CPAC speeches live here.


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  • c4pfan

    I’m hoping for the Sarah Palin that gave her ideas and solutions speaks at CPAC!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen, c4pfan!!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    MONEY BOMB FOR SARAH 2012-11 FEBRUARY IS B-DAY, SARAH’S BIRTHDAY AND "BOMB" DAY–Please give, if you want, whatever you can to SarahPAC on this great day, $100.00, or more or less.  God bless Sarah; God bless America!!!
    My Dear Friends in Sarah,
    Happy Friday to you all!!
    Her birthday and the CPAC speech are almost upon us.  God bless all those who will be present for the meet-up later on today and for the Saturday speech!!  We are trying to give her a little help and encouragement through a money bomb.  11 February is not D-Day, but it is B-Day … (Sarah’s) Birthday and (Money) Bombday!!
    I have a few thoughts to share with you this morning that are based upon some words drawn from Samuel Eliot Morison’s book, "The Two-Ocean War: A Short History of the United States Navy in the Second World War."
    On pp. 271-272 Morison writes, "During the rest of the war the Aleutians [i.e., the Aleutian Islands in Alaska] offer little of interest … But there was a constant improvement both of bases and of flying efficiency in these difficult northern areas; and that was all to the good.  For it may well be that in the future the Bering, not the Caribbean, will be America’s ‘Sea of Destiny.’ In any case, it was wonderful practice ground for armed forces; after a tour of duty in the Aleutians, every other field of action seemed good."
    Remember, guys, how Sarah was mocked and ridiculed for her assertions that Alaska holds a strategic place in the defense of the United States; that her role as commander-in-chief of Alaska’s National Guard served as a valuable preparation for national office; and that you can see Russia from land in Alaska (not the Tina Fey distortion of her words)!!!
    And here is S. E. Morison prophesizing the crucial role that the Aleutians and the Bering Sea will play in America’s strategic future!
    And who was Samuel Eliot Morison?  Professor Morison (1887-1976) was one of our most illustrious scholar-warriors ever!!  He served on eleven ships during World War II.  He wrote more than forty books.  He won the Pulitzer Prize, and was a Professor of History at Harvard University.  He reminds me of Sarah’s dad, Chuck Heath, a teacher and man of the outdoors; of Vince Lombardi, teacher of Latin and pro football’s greatest coach; and even of the fictitious figure from the movies, Indiana Jones, who is an illustrious archaeologist and a man of vigorous action!!  Not all academics are or have been Leftist elitists!!
    And here is Professor Morison predicting the crucial place that Alaska, that the Bering Sea, that the Aleutian Islands will hold in our worldwide strategy!!
    Sarah truly has a breathtaking and exalted and true Eagle’s Vision for America’s future from her lofty seat in the High North Country!!
    People with prophetic eyes are often ridiculed.  Look at United States Secretary of State William Seward, whose foresight led to our purchase of Alaska from the Russian Empire in 1867.  The Great Land was called "Seward’s Folly" …until people began to see its abundance in natural resources and its critical geographical location.
    Notice too that Morison alludes to the vigorous and rigorous preparation for combat that accrued to those who trained and served in this theater of war.  He refers to "these difficult northern areas"; he says, "…after a tour of duty in the Aleutians, every other field of action seemed good."
    Let us then hearken to the wisdom of our sister of the North Country, Governor Sarah Palin, who has been nurtured and prepared in the rough and rude climate of the Great Land for mighty and monumental deeds, for, as we believe, the Presidency of these United States.
    Professor Morison foresaw the role that Alaska would play in our nation’s future.  However, he could not have predicted that beyond its incredible riches of oil, natural gas, gold, wildlife and so much else; beyond its serving as our own "Pillars of Hercules," a gateway to the Lower Forty-Eight; beyond and above all this, Alaska would give America a unique and free spirit, a heroine for our times, and, the Lord willing, the soon-to-be President of the United States of America!!
    God bless you all always!!
    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2012!!!

    • Mountain

      Whew!  History portion of the brain massaged;  CHECK!
      Breathtakingly thorough, for a blog post, Brianus:  WONDERFUL!
      Yes, Alaska IS key, Sarah Palin HAS vision and expertise, and we need her as our president!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Sister!!  :-)

    • blueniner

      Nice post Brian, on a recent episode of Larry The Cable guy on the History Channel, Larry went to Alaska and visited Todd Palin and he took Larry to Chuck Heaths house, and Chuck gave Larry a tour of his artifacts,one thing catchs Larrys eye, and that is Russian version of a Pepsi Cola can written in Russian, and Chuck tells him that due to the close distance to Russia that alot of their trash washs up to Alaska, and explained that the closest point of those Aleutian Islands to Russia was about 25 miles and you could see Russia from there. We learned that in school back in the 50s. Its amazing how that Tina Fey thing turned out to be a caricature of Sarah and should have been nipped in the bud when the media first started exploiting that comment.Chuck Heath is quite a man, he reminds me of when you were a kid he was your Little League coach, your scoutmaster, your wood shop teacher, your neighbor that took you fishing etc. Chuck and Sally did a good job of raising their familly, just Sarah alone has so many admirable traits.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, niner, for your post!!

        America, IMV, owes so much to Chuck and Sally Heath!!

        They showed splendid fortitude and guts in not discarding their plans to move from Idaho to Alaska when the great 1964 Anchorage earthquake struck.  Just sixty or so days after the quake, there they were, starting their new life in the Great Land!!

        The Palins/Heaths: America’s REAL First Family!!

      • palinsupporter2012

        Here is a good article regarding Tina Fey and Russia. The media also edited the clip against Palin to be what they wanted it to say.

      • palmerguy

        We are only about 3 miles apart between Little Diomede Island in Alaska and Big Diomede Island in Russia that are in the sea west of Kotzebue – where by the way the ice was 25 feet thick and the oil tanker from Russia couldn’t get to the dock last month.

    • Robynneelo

      I have to say,Brianus,that this is divine arrangement. You see,I am part of the prayer warriors for Sarah Palin and have been interceding for America for as long as I can remember and you always seem to provide me with essential info or should I say ‘meat’ to make my prayers more pointed and precise.

      Now do you see why Sarah keeps on saying;’A providential hand has always guided us’. America is indeed "One nation under GOD".

      Thank you so much Brianus,you are an effective vessel.

      GOD bless you. 

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        And God bless YOU, Robynneelo, for all that you and the Prayer Warriors for Sarah Palin do!!!

  • c4pfan

    I wonder if the press will ask about Nancy French being a Mitt person.  Didn’t she even write some book about that?

  • independents4palin

    I think Newt Gingrich will do well in the southern states, him being a southern man himself, but Rick Santorum might out poll Newt Gingrich because of the caucus and primarys he won. Mitt Romney is going to go after Rick Santorum big time, with both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum in the race, its hard to focus on two rivals, thats why I want both of them in the race, including Ron Paul because he takes some votes from Romney and I hope he does well in Virginia to take delegates and votes from Romney. Newt Gingrich might pull a Rick Santorum in the debates, because Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are going to go at it, if I was Newt Gingrich, I would rise above it like Rick Santorum did in the last few debates and focus on issues.

    • Mountain

      If it IS true that both Rick and Mitt are actually serving the Dem and Rep elites, who don’t WANT the Republican nominee to win in 2012—-then of course Rick and Mitt will continue to issue negative ads and fight/ diss each other.

      Nothing else diminishes voter turn-out as well as negative campaigning.
      And low voter turn-out helps the Dems……..

      Let’s pray Sarah Palin still has a plan to be on the R ticket!
      She will WIN if she runs…….

      • exodus2011

        it is important that all vetting video is aired now though so that there are no surprises for the Conservative electorate causing suppression of the  vote in October, should the worst happen and one of these Runners actually become the Nominee

        Low voter turnout for now in the Primary helps to keep the Primary Process unsettled and heading for stalemate at Tampa Bay, which I think is out best chance to get Gov Palin (with the SRR Agenda) as the Nominee

        you see, I think they are a package deal … America must have BOTH, The Proven Reformer PLUS her SRR Agenda

        Gov Palin is the only Leader who will be able to dig deep enough into the Conservative Electorate and get them all RAGING to the Polls, because she is the REAL DEAL

        none of the others can do this, they don’t have staunch enough conservative credentials … .they are not the REAL DEAL

        • M_Minnesota

          Gmorning C4P!  ex!

          The elbow grease 3 (For Santourum)  MN CO and MO.  the base is unconsciously (they are not as politically observant as we are he, he) saying "We want to go down fighting!"  It is up to the Palin Nation to show them  who to fight for.

          Have a great day everyone!!!

          Tommorow!!!!    :-)

          • exodus2011

            Howdy M!

            Yes indeed – we will keep blasting the credentials of The Trusted NOT4SALE One out there, each time info about any of the others ‘flows’ in the media channels …. so that Voters can compare and contrast, with The REAL DEAL, *The* Standard ….

            and then when Tampa Bay comes the Base can unite behind The Tested One, The Proven One ..

            High Five!


  • ZH100

     Good morning all.

    Gov.Palin has a history of fighting against corruption and crony capitalism.

    Here are some links with information about Gov.Palin’s consistent fight against corruption and crony capitalism:

    Institutionalizing Crony Capitalism   (by Governor Palin)

    Crony Capitalism on Steroids from GE to Solyndra  (by Governor Palin)

    American Crony Capitalism Brings Jobs to Finland  (by Governor Palin)

    How Congress Occupied Wall Street   (by Governor Palin)

    Palin: Congress, it’s time to stop lining your pockets  (by Governor Palin)

    Governor Palin’s Consistent Fight against Corruption and Crony Capitalism   (by Whitney Pitcher)

    Some of Sarah Palin’s Ideas Cross the Political Divide"  (by Anand Giridharadas)

    How Governor Palin Reformed Alaska’s Ethics Laws and Made Crony Capitalism a Crime (by Gary P)

    Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute praises Sarah Palin for highlighting Washington’s rampant crony capitalism   (by Dan Michell)

    How Palin Beat Alaska’s Establishment (WSJ)

    Sarah takes on Big Oil  (by Kay Cashman)

    (Sarah Palin’s successful efforts to stop the cronyism and reform the energy business in Alaska were so impressive Kay Cashman, the publisher and executive editor of Petroleum News, wrote the book entitled: “Sarah Takes On Big Oil” .
    This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the leadership Sarah Palin has exhibited in the area of reforming government and industry)

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thank, ZH, and good morning!

      • ZH100

         Good morning Brianus!

        • Mountain

          Excellent work, ZH, as always.  SO thorough and riveting!

          • ZH100

            You are welcome, Mountain.

    • TexS2012

      Good morning ZH100 and thank you for posting this information everyday. So important for people who are new to C4P so they can discover the real Sarah Palin for themselves!

      • ZH100

         "So important for people who are new to C4P so they can discover the real Sarah Palin for themselves"

        Exactly!    Thats the main purpose for my repeated posts.

  • technopeasant

    I’m glad that I was able to read so many wonderful comments on Rick Santorum yesterday. I now feel I know him better. 

    Yes, he has a downside. Some of his past comments about women come off as sexist and I know that will not sell well with in the media.

    But up to now, Santorum appears to be holding his own with the female vote, which is perhaps surprising but it is what it is.

    Santorum needs to clarify his positions sooner rather than later, before the media defines them and makes him out to be a freak of nature. 

    And he needs to reach out to the Tea Party members before Newt or Mitt wins them over. They will go somewhere. But they won’t go where the welcome mat is not extended.

    Rick could do very well in the next month or his campaign could implode. It’s really up to him. Is he politically mature enough to accommodate folks he does not have a kinship with?

    • Independantminded

      He raised a million in one day after his trifecta. Wiill be interesting, I think that he is a good man.

      • wpmwindsong

        So is Newt a good man.  And so is Romney a good man.  And so is Ron Paul.  That is not exclusively a Santorum quality.  Now Barrack Hussein Obama, that is another question. 

      • Guest

        Rick is one of those eunuchs in the GOP that did not speak out when a conservative warrior and her family were being ripped apart by his party, the media and everybody else.

        A good man would have spoken out. 

        Newt is the worst person ever to have run for president, so it is understandable that he was silent.

        But one thing you cannot take away from Newt, he defended Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan when it was not cool to defend them.

    • Guest


      • Mountain

        Rick does very well when he’s fired up; very articulate and focused.
        Karen is a treasure.

        Still, I hope for President Palin.  She not only has infinitely more charisma:  she has more courage, and will fiercely fight for our nation and an end to this horrific economic corruption.
        Not sure Rick will tackle the economy as stridently as we MUST!

        • wpmwindsong

          There is no way that Sarah will swoop in and take the process over.  All those who have been in the actual campaign for over a year would not look too kindly, nor would she do it.  I am not sure she would even entertain a brokered convention nod unless she was assured that ALL parties were on board.  That may be bridge too far. 

          Rick has no identifiable legislative leadership history, executive experience in running anything, or serious vetting that would certainly come out.  Rick is shallow on substantive experience, and he doesn’t have the record of successfully fighting in the trenches that Newt has.  Rick Perry calls it correctly regarding Newt.  

          • freeperjim


            Rick simply lacks any executive experience and substantial conservative accomplishments.

            Nice guy and glad he chooses Pro-Life but Huckabee is pro-life and governed as a big govt liberal not unlike Mutt in Mass.

            Of our options, only Newt possesses the ability to truly articulate conservatism and be a pitbull (without lipstick) in taking it directly to Comrade obama. 

            As I have said before, his conservative accomplishments as Speaker were extraordinary including leading the charge to stop the socialism of Hellry-care – the precursor to obamacare.

            Taken as a whole is what allows Sarah to "endorse" Newt.

            • Guest

              Also Newt got a Democrat president to implement conservative policies, Rick went along with everything the Democrat-lite Bush did.

          • barracuda43

            Newt can step right in and not miss a step.He is ready and experienced for the job.

    • Yankee4Palin
  • overthecoastline

    Check this out….  Actor Allen Covert would "support a Palin presidency without a doubt"…..

    And he’s developed children’s books that teach pre-schoolers the facts about America and American history.  Can’t believe he’s actually part of Hollywood….

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Very interesting: Thanks, overthecoastline!

  • exodus2011

    I’m afraid I got my dander up concerning some vid that has surfaced showing Rick Santorum thinks women should not serve in Military Combat roles because of their ‘emotions’. I wanna repost a couple of comments I wrote last night ….

    I knew Rick had some neanderthal ideas concerning gender and "roles" …

    IMV this is behind his attitude to Gov Palin

    Rick needs to be told that one of the top Snipers in the USMilitary working her trade in the Afghan theatre is a woman … .and when she directs one to the rear end of a Talibani who is bending over placing his deadly IED which he INTENDS to either KILL or MAIM her fellow soldiers, she has




    she is deadly and makes sure that the Terrorist she has encountered won’t be producing any offspring like himself in the future! (if you take my meaning)

    and I say

    High Five to this Soldier!

    but I do NOT give YOU a High Five Rick Santorum

    you are not worthy to be Commander-in-Chief of the US Military

    doesn’t POTUS Candidate Rick Santorum even understand what TRAINING USMilitary personnel undergo?

    doesn’t he know that in TRAINING those Cadets (be they male or female) who do not MEET the STD required for the role they are in effect ‘auditioning for’ are weeded out?

    Rick Santorum, you are displaying your IGNORANCE

    If a man is not capable mentally/physically/emotionally of performing in a given Combat role, then he will not serve in that role.

    If a woman is not capable mentally/physically/emotionally of performing in a given Combat role, then she will not serve in that role.

    The purpose of TRAINING is to find out these things.

    Rick Santorum – why don’t you become BETTER ACQUAINTED with the USMiltary and their Training Methods for which YOU are auditioning to be Commander-in-Chief.


    Q – Has Rick Santorum ever served in the US Miltary?

    • technopeasant

      Without Sarah in the mix it boil down to:

      a) Romneycare

      b) A serial adulterer

      c) A sexist

      d) A crackpot

      Those choices aren’t the greatest but, from a political point of view who can maximize white conservative turnout and possibly beat Obama?

      • TravelinThru

        It really doesn’t matter who the nominee is, they will be called all kinds of names. My question is, which one will conservatives defend once the liberals and media turn on our nominee?

        Which candidate will earn the trust and comfort level of the white working class, enough to campaign and vote for him, and depose the dictator wanna-be?

        Which candidate would present the greatest contrast with the Marxist-in-Chief?

        IMO, it is the "neanderthal theocrat."

      • Mountain

        If white conservatives are the base to please (which is obnoxious—-but such IS politics!), then:

        a) Mitt is too distant and metrosexual to win…….  he doesn’t "connect;" it’s sad!

        b) Newt has that blasted grandiosity problem, which is deadly when coupled with his Big Mouth—-plus he has a semi-moderate/liberal record—-BUT he IS brilliant and fearless in debates (although there will likely be only 1 or 2 with Oblahblah).
        So it’s 50/50 with Newt’s ability to beat Obama….

        c) Paul has a spot-on economics plan, although it’s naive to think he could successfully enact it—-but regarding foreign policy, he’s nuts…….. "NEXT!"

        d) The sexist, Santorum, probably CAN be reeducated!
        Probably he just doesn’t SEE his sexism, or MEAN it, because he DOES (as literally every person admits) have a GOOD HEART—-
        PLUS, most men are pretty sexist—-again, without meaning to be……..
        Heck, many WOMEN are sexist, too!

        So, Santorum theoretically SHOULD have the best hope of beating Obama.
        HOWEVER, Santorum might have a problem with beating Obama, though, because somehow the elites will ruin his race…. 
        – They’ll either fake their support, but not really send in the needed cash, OR
        – They’ll match him up with a dreadful, mistake-ridden VP

        The supposed Veep fave-rave, Marco Rubio, always sticks to his same script SO tightly, that even the LSM complains about how creepy it is!

        The very best thing Santorum could do, if he doesn’t win a majority of the delegates by the convention, is, under the brokered convention, MAKE A DEAL WITH SARAH!
        (Hopefully sending his delegates over to her!—but at least signing her on as his VP.)
        And whatever deal they make, we’ll support!

        • wpmwindsong

          Of the four, Newt has the actual conservative governing record, knowledge and debate ability to contrast with Obama better than anyone.   There isn’t much time for anymore that 2 debates, but they have made a difference in past elections.  Reagan’s "There you go again" is just one example. 

          Santorum is a lightweight.  No recognizable record of conservative achievement other than talk.  

          Brokered conventions are notorious for not selecting a nominee who then goes on to be elected, FDR being that last one in 1932.  The classic brokered convention between the Wets and the Drys (think Establishment GOP and Tea Party today) by the Dems was in 1924 which took 102 ballots to select a compromise dark horse candidate, John Davis, who then proceeded to lose to Calvin Coolidge.

          A seriously hostile brokered convention will not result in unity required to beat Obama.  I would be surprised if Sarah would want to be part of that kind of process, unless ALL parties came to her hat in hand.   Not likely.

          • WVBobcat75

            Don’t kid yourself.  Newt may have a conservative governing record, but Santorum does as well as rated by the ACU.  Newt has a large unfavorability rating – particularly with women.  He also has made some questionable decisions which do not correspond with conservatism – i.e. sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi supporting global warming.  Newt’s biggest enemy is himself.  He does have great ideas, but he lacks discipline.  When he is on, he is on, but he has spoken so much, that he is an opposite research dream. 

      • exodus2011

        oh MY!

        you do have a succinct way with words Techno!


        (runs away screaming into the night ….. looking for Madame Someone Else …. )


        the bottom line is this: we help steer this thing to a Stalemate at Tampa Bay

        we keep the dissatisfied figure HIGH and climbing higher

        we ratchet up the discontent to MUTINOUS levels

        and we Occupy Tampa Bay!

        and compel the GOPe to back the Proven Reformer with the Sudden and Relentless Reform Agenda, for the sake of Constitutional America’s future

        DO IT GOPe, or go the way of the Whigs

      • exodus2011

        and to answer your Q

        the white Conservative Base will not RAGE to the Polls for ANY of those Candidates, because the DNC know WELL what to expose and pound 24/7 to suppress the Conservative Vote

        and we MUST make the GOPe understand that at Tampa Bay

        or else Plan B will be executed

        PS – I think the GOPe are already trying to cover themselves wrt Tampa Bay, because I read that Paul Ryan will apparently be open to being considered for POTUS there, if The Convention is to decide.

        Paul, you are a great ideas man and fiscal planner, with a brain like a steel trap, but you have no exec exp –

        you can be Gov Palin’s #2 if she thinks you can do the job.


        • Mountain

          Hmm……  interesting news about Ryan’s newfound willingness to be picked for POTUS….
          He seems pretty compliant with the elites’ agenda..

          Obama would try for just one debate with Ryan, hosted by MSNBC:  
          "Only softball questions for the President, please."

          • barracuda43

            Ryan/Rubio ticket would send Obama packing!

            • Judah Legge

              Rubio and Ryan do not have a substanial record, and either one has not been vetted at all. I think they are both awesome but these are the facts.

            • exodus2011

              sorry, America needs a Proven Reformer with EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE as POTUS45 probably more now than at any time in her history

              neither qualify

              • barracuda43

                Okay you convinced me.

                • exodus2011


                  nah … Newt would get 500 subdued people to hear him on the Campaign Trail

                  while 50 000 RAGING Conservatives would fill a stadium to hear Gov Palin

                  LSM Headlines 24/7

                  NEWT IS WEAK

                  wouldn’t work, recipe for disaster .. McCain redux

                  • WilliamShipley

                    Actually, I think McCain/Palin could beat Obama this time around.  Obama was anything and everything you ever wanted last time.  This time he has a record to run on, or from.  Especially if you theorize that Palin would demand the right to be free to attack.

                    • exodus2011

                      Gov Palin would never be able to do separate VP events with any of these Runners as #1

                      the weakness of the top of the ticket would be emphasised over and over again

                      the LSM would be happy to ridicule the crowd disparity 24/7

                      plus they would do wall to wall adverts of #1 in his own past words in order to suppress the Conservative vote, countering anything Gov Palin would do at #2

                      that’s all they need to do to get the LSM-protected DEMticket home, keep enough Conservatives from the polls

        • technopeasant

          They will NOT rage to the polls for Romney or Ron Paul, that I am damned sure.

          • exodus2011

            I agree

            but remember the DNC know how to suppress the Conservative vote – and that’s all they need to do

            In the case of Newt – they play clips of him in his apostate years, talking about DEDE, talking about Paul Ryan, loving it up with racebaiter AL, cuddling Pelosi … and they have unlimited $ to play these tapes repeatedly, especially targetted to States and districts where they know it will have the greatest impact for them (they also have all Newt’s personal ‘wives baggage’ to broadcast 24/7 as well)

            all the DNC want is to stop the full or close to full self-identifying 42% Conservative Electorate going to the Polls

            In the case of Santorum, they play him supporting W on the big govt programmes, the big spending he has supported, his earmarks and lobbying connections

            again, they find out the districts and States where this messaging will have the greatest impact

            The same approach would be used for O’Romneycare and the impact would be way more devastating than for the other two because the Healthcare Issue is #1

            the DEM’s work is done if they keep enough Conservative Voters from going to the Polls

      • freeperjim

        Re: Newt, he is an EX-adulterer – big difference if you believe in redemption and forgiveness by God.

        Please be intellectually honest in your slams….

        • exodus2011

          some will accept that – but with ADs pounding 24/7 many many Conservatives will have their enthusiasm in Q, and that will be enough for them to ..’ oh, I really meant to get to the polling booth ,,, but …well … y’know, this happened and then that happened …and so … ‘

      • Min Max

        e) A Grizzly bear

      • barracuda43

        Considering a,c,and d are current in their condition I will take b which was 16 years ago.

    • wodiej

      I read this and some other things about Santorum and my initial impression of him remains the same. His mindset is of the "old school" where women should remain barefoot and pregnant while the men go hunt and gather. That’s fine if you want to live your personal life that way and your wife (f you can find one who also likes the oppression of their gender), than that is his business. But the world moves forward every single day and we need a leader who moves with it. We also need someone who has been through the sausage grinder of life like Gingrich has and knows what it’s like to be faced with your demons and to also admit them with humility and conquer them.  Those who continue to judge him for this need to take down their sign of being a Christian.

      • freeperjim


        Through God’s grace, redemption and forgiveness can change the heart of any man.

        Newt is the ONLY pitbull we have to take the fight to comrade obama. Newt will call out the socialist as what he truly is….an Alinsky communist! 

        The others, not so much…

        • Guest

          People are excited about what Rick said about him being  the only conservative against Obama, not against Romney.  Did he mean to say that Romney is NOT the enemy?

          Since I do not trust him and Romney, thinking he may be hoping for VP spot, I was wondering about his statement.  I may be wrong. But he better be as angry about Romney as we are.  Newt understands that Romney is also our enemy.

          Rick convinced me during the last debate that he is willing to fight Romney, but his behavior after that where he lost focus of Romney and attacked Newt, bothered me. 

          He should know by now that fighting Romney is what get conservatives to unite behind you. I am not saying he shouldn’t attack Newt, I just thought he should have continued his attack on Romney after that very successful debate.  That may have prevented Romney’s big win in Nevada.

      • exodus2011

        I have never made any comments about Newt’s personal baggage except by using the term wife #3, but the DNC would surely focus on his personal baggage 24/7, in the States and targetted districts where such a negative focus would have the greatest impact, if he was to become the Nominee

        and the DNC would focus on his apostate activities of the most recent 6 years in States and districts where *that* kind of vetting info would have the greatest impact

        and there would be unlimited $ to keep this info going, all with Newt in his own words

        I am thinking of the General Election, where MAXIMUM turnout of the Consewrvative Electorate is the most vital factor wrt defeating the DEM ticket.

    • V

      I don’t think there is any controversy in this statement other than to folks who are opposing Santorum and are looking for a fight to pick.

      The statement has already been misrepsented as questioning a woman’s emotions when Santorum was apparently talking about how men or women’s emotions could play a role in how they react towards each other in a combat situation (watch the clip for yourself….…)

      Eh, if you’re a detractor, why not misinterpret, misquote or create an issue to get others to join your cause?

      Q- Has Mitt Romney ever served in the US Military?
      Q- Has Newt Gingrich ever served in the US Military?

      Using your criteria for past Military service being a prerequisite for being CIC, I guess your supporting Ron Paul.

      • helensimon

         Ron Paul, who will not be at CPAC, has Viet Nam guilt…and that’s why he’s anti-war. I’ve known many w/ that syndrome. It appeals to young idealists.

        • Yankee4Palin

          Far from it.  Paul’s anti war views have nothing to do with nam but is a doctrinaire
          libertarian who does not have a since of reality.
          Ron Paul’s anti war views  are total.
          He has stated America should not have fought Hitler for the Jews.
          Paul’s anti Jewish, anti Israel views are beyound extreme.

          Ron Paul rants that Iran should be allowed to have nuclear weapons as they are not a threat.
          (Iran is the country funding, arming, and suppplying troops for much of the Radical Muslim wars
          not to mention Iran is arming Marxist Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

      • exodus2011

        I made no statement about requiring military service by Santorum or anyone else – the reason I asked that Q is because I thought he displayed ignorance of the US Military Training procedures that would obviously separate out any man or woman not capable of any given role, be it combat or non combat, including all aspects of interaction, male/female dynamic, whatever.

        This is also an issue of individual liberty which SURELY should be paramount when ANYTHING American is being debated.

        wrt the Santorum’s comment about reaction of the genders in a combat situation, this too is part of TRAINING

        in the same way that a Medic or a Paramedic (in civilian life) is trained to be able to deal with pieces of mangled human flesh under pressure in an emotionless way (the feelings involved being tapped and capped, not really ‘absent’) so would it be in the Military –

        and if there was a failure under the stress of the test, the recruit would be assigned elsewhere

    • JeannieBinVA

      What Neanderthal Rick and so many others seem to forget is that each man and each woman is an individual.

      One can’t just say "Men are (whatever)" or "Women are not (whatever)" as a blanket statement and have it be true (except for pure biological facts like "Men are not capable of bearing children").

      Huge numbers of men are unsuited to serve in the military in any capacity, just as huge numbers of women are. But many individual women, just like many individual men, are perfectly capable of doing anything and everything that military service might demand of them. They prove it every day, in all kinds of settings and situations.

      No individual, male or female, deserves to be told arbitrarily that they can’t even try to prove themselves, whether in combat roles in the military or in any other endeavor. 

      • exodus2011

        High Five!

        This is indeed about an individual American’s Liberty

    • golfmom3

      Just a word of caution (as the crowd rushes forward) . . .

      Unless you have a loved one in or preparing for combat duty, you might not be aware of the overarching PC that significantly alters physical and behavioral standards applied to women relative to the same expectations traditionally applied to men. Check your assumptions about current leadership in the US military  Consider the recent report on Afghanistan (, consider what just happened with military chaplains, look at the changes to the Air Force patch. . .

      Rick does not know enough to know why women in combat is not the best idea, but there are good reasons starting with strength. Look at this comparison between female Olympic athletes competitive records relative to high school boys:

      I am very much for equality — I do not believe in affirmative action in the face of reality.

      • wodiej

        got a blank page on the armed forces journal so I cannot comment on that 1st paragraph.

        On the other, it is indisputable that men are capable of being more muscular than women due to having more testosterone. This hormone is what enables people to build muscle. But just because a woman is not as muscular does not mean she cannot be a stellar soldier. It’s called boot camp. 

        • golfmom3

          Like I said (based on insider knowledge), check your assumptions.

          The link went to:
          Truth, lies and Afghanistan
          How military leaders have let us down

          By LT. COL. DANIEL L. DAVIS

          This is a significant publication.  No Lt. Col. does this unless very serious.  Armed Forces Journal is not Huffington Post either.

      • JeannieBinVA

        Many men do not meet strength or other standards in the military, yet nearly all men are considered eligible for combat duty.

        Some women DO meet physical strength or other standards in the military, yet they are all considered ineligible for combat duty.

        Excluding physical size and strength — which has rarely been an issue in the modern military; if it was, many under-average men now serving or who served in the past would never have made the grade — women perform equal to or better than men on a whole range of required skills and capabilities, including physical endurance, anything requiring both strength AND endurance, anything requiring fine hand-eye coordination, sharp-shooting, shooting in general, judgment under fire, etc.

        But by all means, keep your double standards and make it ALL about the average woman’s physical strength if it makes you feel better. 

        • golfmom3

          Did you even look at the piece from National Review that compared women’s Olympic records to 14-15 year old boys?  Yes.  Women’s Olympic records and competitions. 14-15 year old boys.  It is not about average women — elite women are unable to match up.  If you have solid data to say otherwise, I would love to see it.

          It is very hard to avoid soaking up some of the non-truths with which we are repeatedly subjected to by progressives in education and the media.  We, and especially women, all risk belittlement by our peers if we investigate well-loved BS.  But, some things we think are true are just not.  Intellectual laziness doesn’t change anything. 

          I do not have double standards.  I believe in true equality on whatever parameter is critical to the task.  Check the physical test required for the Marines: (you can link from there to the men’s standards)

          Men (highest performance, score 100) 20 pull-ups; 100 crunches; 3 mile run in 18.00 min
                  (average performance, score 50)  10 pull-ups;  50 crunches;  3-mile run in 26:20
          Women (highest performance, score 100) 70sec flexed arm hang, 100 crunches; 3-mi in 21:00
                        (average performance, score 50) 45sec flexed arm hang, 50 crunches: 3-mi in 29:20

          If soldiers need to carry 100 lbs of gear, lift and carry a fallen comrade out live fire, and then run a mile because combat requires that action — doesn’t it seem illogical to tip the scale so it’s easier for women to claim to be elite when their test is not identical to their male peers?  If I compete against a man, I want to win fair and square — I don’t want a head start, I don’t want a shorter finish line.  I want to win because I’m better — and that’s why I admire Sarah Palin.

          • JeannieBinVA

            So for you everything about military service DOES come down to raw physical strength, and not even average strength or capability but record-setting capabilities in highly selective settings. If a 15-year-old boy can run infinitesimally faster than a 20-year-old woman that proves …. what, exactly, when it comes to complex combat situations? 

            You’re basically saying that if you had to choose a single person to defend you in a military capacity, you’d pick any 15-year-old boy record holder over any adult woman Olympic champion, regardless of the actual situation, the skill-sets required, or the weaponry involved. That certainly makes sense. /s

            For my part, I’ll take that woman Nordic biathlon champion over there — and we’ll just see who comes out alive. LOL 

            • golfmom3

              Whoa, debating skills a little raggedy here, Jeannie.  Take a deep breath and think about Real-ville. 

              Women have many, many exceptional roles in military service in which they do exceptional work.  You really need to understand the subject you’re arguing before you get in this deep.  I am talking about the physical strength needed for direct combat stationed at a remote outpost in Afghanistan where air support and other back up is not dependable.  That is what combat is about.  I am not talking about pilots or remote weapons or any other task that would be done better by a woman and which they already do.  The question to Santorum, and I don’t care for his candidacy at all, was regarding women in [new] combat roles:  infantry, armour, etc.

              Hysterical retorts are the bane of logical women everywhere.

              • JeannieBinVA

                I provided an absurd example, but it was certainly called for given that you’re taking the absurd position that the puniest male combat soldier is stronger than the strongest woman soldier, and that NO woman is capable of doing what combat soldiers do, regardless of her individual abilities.

                The fact is, women holding officially non-combat MOS assignments already handle the full range of combat situations, as personnel attached to combat units in the field, on patrols that wind up in combat, and when rapidly changing fronts suddenly show up at their rear positions. They have done this in every American conflict going back to the invasion of Panama in 1989 (and probably before that), have succeeded admirably, and have done so without the benefit of combat training and conditioning.

                One day women will officially be allowed to prove their abilities in combat (and, not incidentally, receive the much higher combat pay, recognition, and personal and family benefits currently denied them). Unlike you, I know they’ll do a great job, not least because they already are.

                • golfmom3

                  You are out of control and inaccurately representing what I’ve posted.
                  Sadly, you are a reflection of a steady diet of liberal claptrap and it has caused you to say many things, not just today, that are woefully ignorant.  I am not calling you names but I am saying that you do not know what you do not know.
                  I am very sorry that the anxiety generated by your inadequate education requires you to launch ad hominem attacks instead of careful discussion and presentation of supporting evidence. 
                  It is clear to see that you are not open minded; it is pointless to engage you on any topic. Sigh.

                  • JeannieBinVA

                    Time will tell. I hope these changes come about soon enough for you and Santorum to realize just how wrong you are about women’s combat capabilities, although no doubt at that point you will dredge up yet more tired, disproven excuses to justify not accepting those facts either. 

      • exodus2011

        I follow your POV, but believe that the Training Process itself does the separating required, and those Recruits incapable (whether male or female) who do not meet the required standard for whatever combat role being considered, will be separated out.

        • golfmom3

          No, that’s what’s sad.  PC is all over the military.  Things that would get a male bounced out have been glossed over for females.  The physical standards are different.  If women are allowed in combat, the standard for what is required will have to adjusted downward to enable a certain percentage of women to participate in what they really want to do.

          We all work out of beliefs and assumptions we haven’t really validated. 

          It really pays to examine what is true — look at AGW (anthropogenic global warming). 

          • exodus2011

            I know that these things have influence when they shouldn’t … but I think I am fiercely focusing on the IDEAL and how decisions SHOULD be made … and want to fight always for the ‘ideal’ and against the erosion of that standard … but I know that will be a never-ending fight, in whatever area of life in which we are dealing

            Constitutional America is now in a fight for her life because of the steady erosion of the ‘Standard’ over many decades

            with just a little shaved off here and there … it doesn’t move the People to outrage … that technique is purposeful (the frog in the warming up water analogy comes to mind)

            • golfmom3

              So true.

    • M_Minnesota

      Tell Rick Santorum, that God DID NOT SMITE ISREAL for having Golda Mier as thier Prime Minister!!   Tell Rick that GOD DID NOT SMITE ENGLAND because Margret Thatcher was Prime Minister!!

      • exodus2011

        ALRIGHT M!

        I believe I will tweet Santorum with those facts!

        High Five!


  • ZH100
    • technopeasant

      It’s too bad they couldn’t switch bodies and biographies:

      Newt boasting Perry’s marital situation and Perry boasting Newt’s debating skills.

      • exodus2011

        perhaps, but which one would take the crony capitalism?

        and which one would take the smooching with pelosi?

        and which one would play niceynicey with race-baiter AL?

        and which one would call Ryan’s plan rightwing social engineering?

        and which one would endorse DEDE for NY23?

        and which one would take the record of INCREASING their State’s Debt by 20.5% PER YEAR of their Governorship?

        (compare to AK Palin increase of 4.2%)

        so many flaws, so few places to hide them …..


        • Mountain

          And which one would switch with NONE of them, because she has made NONE of these mistakes?
          (Good list, ex!)

          • exodus2011

            High Five!


          • BrianusBerkleianus


            • TexS2012

              I think Mountian is First with BD wishes! Here at C4P anyway.

        • wpmwindsong

          It’s time to give that up.  Perry is not in the race, and he had his problems with crony capitalism (Gardasil), executive order mandates, squishy on illegal alien in state tuition, leaky borders with what he calls a "border state", lying about not being interested in Washington while running for re-election, etc.

          He did well with his CPAC speech and his Newsmax interview.  I have to hand it to him there. It’s time to move on.    

          • exodus2011

            I have moved on, but the post I replied to was one that implied that a simple transfer of certain qualities would be enough to make either Newt or Perry a strong Candidate.

            I just wanted to point our that there is a host of further flaws that would need to be assigned to one of the two Candidates as well, and these are not INsignificant flaws to consider …

            … flaws that would need to be assigned to a 3rd Candidate, and this Candidate’s name is ‘The Trash Basket’ or better yet,’The Incinerator’ (never to be unfolded and presented again)

        • TexS2012

          It’s amazing to me this is what we have to pick from. Same old same old while –  Sarah Palin is staring them all in the face – but not a candidate, yet! lol..

          • exodus2011

            She remains …. The Real Deal …. THE Standard …. hovering ….. threatening …… (YEAH)

            High Five!


    • wodiej

      good stuff. 

  • exodus2011


    Brian – that was a WONDERFUL INTERVIEW on behalf of SPE2012/VoteRogue!

    were you EVER the right one to be our spokesman!

    High Five!



    • indemind

      I’m with you exodus,.. Excellent interview Brian L…. *_*


      • exodus2011

        High Five!


  • TravelinThru

    Well I guess it’s time to put Sen. Inhofe under the bus.

    "Establishment RINO!" /s


    Inhofe: Only one candidate addresses the four major issues

    "The four areas are fiscal (budget deficits, which Inhofe blames entirely on Barack Obama), the decline of the military, energy production, and the rapid growth of the regulatory regime. Inhofe says the best candidate of the four remaining to deal with all four issues is … Rick Santorum. It’s not a formal endorsement, but it certainly is a key statement of support from a well-respected conservative on Capitol Hill."

    • exodus2011

      Inofe is happy to support a Big Govt Conservative

      A conservative who is happy to spend large amounts of money (see Rick’s support for W’s huge spending)

      a Conservative with zero exec exp. and with no REFORM credentials of ANY kind

      The voters will need to force this Process to The Convention and then select Madame Someone Else, if Constitutional America is to have a chance at being rescued and restored.

      • cudaforever

        AMEN !!

        • exodus2011

          High Five!


      • wpmwindsong

        When I think of the three (excluding Paul) remaining candidates, I think of the liberal leaning record of Romney with RomneyCare, raising taxes (fees), and mixed public positions on 2nd Amendment and life.  Newt’s real conservative achievements of the Contract With America, balanced budgets, entitlement welfare reform, lower taxes, job growth stand out.  But I have no idea of what Santorum has accomplished legislatively as a leader during the 12 years as a Senator.   He must have done something, but it is not something that stands out to me. 

        Ricks only reason for being at the top of the heap now is that he has had the benefit of having everyone else run interference taking the arrows.  It’s now his turn for serious vetting.

        • TravelinThru

          Michelle Malkin’s endorsement mentions some of Santorum’s conservative credentials:

          Abie Rubin’s article here on C4P highlights some of what he accomplished in the House and the Senate.

          As freshman congressman, he was part of the Gang of Seven that exposed the corruptions in the House Banking and Post Office Scandals. He was the author of the Welfare Reform Act as a congressman. When he moved to the Senate in 1995, he was the Floor Manager of the Welfare Reform Act. He fought for the Partial Birth Abortion Ban (Abie’s article has a video of a senate debate on this bill). He passed the Syria Accountability Act and Iran Freedom and Support Act despite the opposition from the Bush White House.

          He tried to pass a bill regulating Fannie and Freddie in 2005 but it was blocked by the democrats. He also tried to pass entitlement reform, which were again blocked by the democrats.

          Nicole Coulter presents arguments in support of Rick Santorum in this article —

          • wpmwindsong

            My take away from the Malkin article is that Rick was on the right side of issues but not their leader. He voted right. I was referring to actual leadership examples tied to him that do not come to mind at the time. 

            The Rubin article portrays Rick as a strong effective advocate against partial birth abortion, which is highly commendable and well known. In retrospect, that was possibly his greatest strength that I remember at the time. 

            But while the Rubin article does describe Rick’s activities in the House and Senate as a participant in some of the significant conservative issues at the time, they do not raise to the level of Speaker of the House or Majority Leader in the Senate.  They are as a foot soldier in the fight.

            As I said, I was sure he did something, but he was not in a leadership position related to the legislative victories. 

        • exodus2011

          I agree, and you are only focusing on the positive parts of their records

          eg. you are focusing on Newt of the 1990’s, not Newt of the most recent 6 years, where the negative apostate stuff has been evident

  • exodus2011

    I had my first twitter engagement with a Romney Supporter yesterday. This person didn’t like me tweeting that Romney’s governing record in MA was MEDIOCRE compared to Gov Palin’s.

    They didn’t stay long with the twitter debate however, because I started sending the info about the comparative graphs prepared by steebo last year and the Romney Supporter realised that everytime they argued the case, more factual responses were forthcoming  …. exposing Romney’s weak fiscal governing record.

    I didn’t send the following 3 tweets at the time but I have now put them out on Twitter and will continue to send them from time to time … and let people absorb how WEAK O’Romneycare is, wrt his time as MA Governor, compared to Gov Palin and her time as AK Governor.

    Pennsylvanians for Palin: Palin’s Record on Debt and Liabilities Bests the R… C Mitt’s MA record comp.2 Palin’s in AK!/exodus_2011/status/167866786925121536

    Pennsylvanians for Palin: Palin’s Fiscal Record as Governor Is the Strongest… C Mitt’s MA record comp.2 Palin’s in AK!/exodus_2011/status/167866278038618113

    Pennsylvanians for Palin: Palin’s Record of Economic Growth #1 in the GOP Fi… C Romney’s fiscal record comp.2 Palin’s!/exodus_2011/status/167865921711517697

    • Mountain

      Oh exodus, this is just incredible work!  Great job!
      I don’t know what we’d do without you, Brianus, Techno, ZH100, Nancy, and …oh, all the rest who are so well-read and savvy here. 

      Sarah, we’re here and we’re clear:  RUN, please!

      I’m off to bed…….  GOD BLESS YOU, C4P—-and pray for Good News this Saturday!

      (And "Happy Birthday, Sarah, one day early!"  
      Am I FIRST to write that?!)

      • exodus2011

        thanks Ma’am, but the incredible preparatory work was done by steebo (who I think should remain on standby to be called to a position of number crunching, analysis and display in Madame45’s Administration *__*)

        All I did was see the little twitter icon under each fiscal study and click on it, to create an encompassing tweet *__*

        I hope not too many people are expecting a late entry into the GOP Primary from Gov Palin on Saturday, she has eschewed this process .. IMV she wants a big battle of ideas at Tampa Bay, and then if the Convention decides they should back SRR she will accept the Nomination if asked to serve.

    • cudaforever

      Thanks Exodus !! Awesome as always. I’m off to CPAC today :) GO SARAH GO !!

      • exodus2011

        High Five!

        have a great time cuda4ever (but stoke the fires of dissatisfaction and discontent in whatever way you can … .all ya need to do is tell the truth about the current GOP Runners really! *__*)

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Have a GREAT time, Billy!!!!

        GO, SARAH, GO!!!!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, exodus!!!

      • exodus2011

        yw Brianus

        High Five!

        I LOVE sticking it to the Establishment Man with the "Clinical Sword of Mathematical Display"


        btw, thanks to friends and followers this information has already been retweeted multiple times and may be seen by thousands (one retweeter I know of has more than 1000 followers)

  • Bill589

    Sarah Palin, aka – Sarah Barracuda, aka – Barracudas Maximus, aka – The ‘Cuda, aka – Momma Grizzly, aka – Pit-Bull With Lipstick, aka – Arctic Fox, aka – Arctic Warrior, aka – The Huntress, aka – Leader of the Tea Party, aka – Queen of the Tea Party, aka – The Anti-Obama, aka – Obama’s Worst Nightmare . . . I’m sure I’m missing some.

    Sarah tends to earn cool, active, strong, nicknames, including apex predators.

    I have not found any ‘positive’ nicknames for Mitt.    Maybe, "Mittens?"

    Would a terrorist enemy be fearful of attacking us with a leader called, "Mittens?"
    Or more fearful of attacking a people with a leader called, "The Huntress?"


    • exodus2011

      yes indeed bill, O’RomneyCare has no staunch or fierce names because he has never been tested in the FIRE ….

      High Five!

      some of my aliases for Gov Palin are The Steel-Spined One, The Trusted One, The NOT4SALE One, The Proven Reformer, The KickerOfCorruptocratButt, The Wasilla Warrior

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Bill!

  • Pete Petretich

    Go Sarah Go!

    I’m glad she’ll be in D.C. with her daughter. It’s kind of a weird town…

  • wodiej

    "This is what the LORD says to
    you: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle
    is not yours, but God’s." (2 Chronicles 20:15 NIV)


    • FredHeadBill

      "[Thou] whom I have taken from the ends of the earth, and called thee from the chief men thereof, and said unto thee, Thou [art] my servant; I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away. Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. Behold, all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall be as nothing; and they that strive with thee shall perish. Thou shalt seek them, and shalt not find them, [even] them that contended with thee: they that war against thee shall be as nothing, and as a thing of nought. For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee."
      Isa 41:9-13

  • 36763

    If anyone has time, Sarah could use a little help in the comments to Conroy’s RCP article. 

  • wodiej

    Santorum Rejects Reagan Space Legacy

    (this is a fair article that praises Santorum but also highlights his lack of vision that Gingrich has and America needs.)

  • wodiej
  • Ceejay

    RealClearPolitics – Sarah Palin Set to Re-emerge at CPAC

  • FredHeadBill

    " Canst thou join the twistings of the Pleiades,
    Or loose the bands of Orion?
    Canst thou bring forth the signs of the Zodiac at the right time,
    And canst thou guide the Bear with its children?
    Knowest thou the laws of heaven,
    Or dost thou define its influence on the earth?" Job 38:31-33

    There can only be one!

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