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What’s going on this morning? The Governor will deliver the closing speech at CPAC tomorrow evening. She’ll also receive an award from the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute and Bristol Palin is apparently doing a book signing in DC on Saturday as well.

Here’s the GrizzlyFest lineup for February 25th.

It’ll be her first speech outside of Alaska since early November at the Florida Republican Party Victory Dinner. She’ll also return to Fox News Sunday for the first time since June of 2011 live in studio on Sunday.

Scott Conroy reports that "a source inside Palin’s orbit said she would not endorse a presidential candidate in her speech but would instead aim to unify the conservative movement."

Allen Covert would have endorsed the Governor.

Santorum will apparently lead one national poll. Santorum would be the eleventh person to lead a somewhat credible national poll since 2011. Newt Gingrich leads in Oklahoma, a state John McCain won in 2008 over Huckabee and Georgia, and is still in it in North Carolina and Alabama (however, this polling was taken prior to Santorum hat trick on Tuesday) but it appears he’ll need a monster performance in the upcoming debate.

Regular C4P commentator blerch talked to a Baltimore radio station about the Governor.

You can watch all the CPAC speeches live here.

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