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What’s going on this morning? The Governor talks to Chris Wallace live in studio this morning on Fox News Sunday.

In case you missed it, here was the Governor’s CPAC speech.

Kelsey has all the Palin videos and pictures from CPAC. Here’s one more.

Here was the NBC Nightly News report on her speech.

Tony Lee from Human Events writes that it’s her party.

The Governor will be in South Carolina March 16-17.

Conservatives Praise Palin’s CPAC Speech On Twitter

Why Isn’t Sarah running?

Here’s the media round-up.


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  • BrianusBerkleianus

    (Good morning, Everyone!!
    Happy Sunday to you all!
    That was a birthday for the ages; that was a speech for the ages!!
    And more riches await us today: Her appearance with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.
    I hope to have more on this stupendous oration in a couple of days: I have some work I have to get done in the next day or two.
    THANK YOU for all your moving and insightful words yesterday!!!
    Below is the post I made yesterday on the speech.
    God bless!!
    The Dream Lives: DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2012!!!!)
    My Dear Friends in Sarah,
    Good afternoon/evening to you all!!
    It is Sarah’s birthday, but SHE gave US the B-Day gift today with that remarkable oration.
    I hope to say more about it in coming days, but here are a few highlights, IMHO, from this stupendous speech:
    She cites Reagan’s "bold colors" in defining the issues at stake in America!!
    She cites the Bold Banner of the Gadsden Flag, "Don’t Tread on Me."
    The Tea Party Rose up because America Woke up.
    We are Red, White, and Blue, and, obama, we are through with you!!
    Oh yes we do, oh YES WE CAN, re changing the direction of the country–with a direct shot at obama.
    Re "hope and change": You gotta hope things change!!
    Sarah leads "USA, USA, USA" chants when heckler(s) tried to disrupt her.
    You cut it, you gut it, you get rid of it, re the debt.
    She came out with her great WTF again–Win The Future??? …WTF!!!
    To obama: you keep your change; we’ll keep our God, our Guns, our Constitution!!
    The #1 duty of the Commander-in-Chief is protecting the American People.
    Re the world situation: We do not need international community organizing.
    We refuse to accept that a weaker America means a better and safer world.
    WE MUST BE THE HOME OF THE BRAVE (and, my remark, SARAH is certainly a shining and luminous example of this!!)
    obama doesn’t get out much to see the real America …but in eleven months he’ll be able to leave DC …permanently!!
    Re DC/government jobs/workers: They don’t manufacture; they don’t drill; they don’t harvest; they don’t CREATE wealth, they TAKE it!!
    Re DC: This is the playground for the GOVERNMENT RICH!!
    Re the dictatorial EPA: Maybe instead of calling DC a "swamp" we should call it a "wetland"–that’ll slow government growth!!
    She denounces yet again Crony Capitalism: It’s not the capitalism of free men and free markets; it’s the CAPITALISM OF CONNECTIONS!!
    Re OWS protestors: They are occupying the wrong thing.
    Newly-elected men and women come to DC and get pulled into corruption: They find that it’s not a cesspool, it’s a hot tub!!
    She recalls the historic election victories in 2010; the Tea Party is alive and well.
    When a ship is going down, the last thing you need is a community organizer singing "Let’s Stay Together."
    She denounces the GRAFT, the CRONYISM, the QUID PRO QUO of Chicago politics, and contrasts herself starkly and strikingly with obama: He used Chicago tactics and corruption to advance himself; Sarah fought against this type of corruption in Alaska.
    obama will try to reinvent himself for the campaign: "Carhartts and steel-toed boots are we."  
    And she says the DOOR IS STILL OPEN!!!
    We need someone who is ready, strong, fortified, passionate: A fighter for American ideals.  IMHO, guys, she was describing HERSELF, and only HERSELF!!!
    Re American principles and ideals: That is America; that is Freedom; this is why we are Exceptional!!!
    IMV, this was one of the FINEST HOURS of a glorious patriot who has known many fine hours.
    I have some work to do, but I hope to have more on this magnificent speech in a day or two.
    God bless you all always!!
    DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2012!!!!

    • CharterOakie

      Right on, right on, right on!

      Ave amicus fidelis eloquensque.  Veritas!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Gratias tibi ago, Charter.

        It is great that you got to attend the meet-up!!!

        God bless.

    • TexS2012

      Good morning! That’s an understatement after yesterday but we’ll take it and glory in it!
      Thank you Lord for Sarah Palin and thank you for her dear parents!
      That was an amazing evening! Loved it when she went down to greet the audience.
      Everyone else walked off the stage to left or right??!!!  LOL…
      Sarah Palin and only Sarah Palin was welcomed like a President on a rope-line to shake the hands of her people.
      Look forward to hearing more from you today!
      God Bless.
      Sarah Palin 2012 !!!

      • wpmwindsong

        Just to be fair, everyone else went into the audience after their speeches.  At least Romney and Gingrich did.  I did not see Santorum’s speech, but I am sure he did. 

    • patriot173

      " We need someone who is ready, strong, fortified, passionate: A fighter
      for American ideals.  IMHO, guys, she was describing HERSELF, and only

      Saw the whole awesome speech on Cspan, Sarah was on fire, and when she said the above I had to fight back the tears because she was describing herself BUT SHE WAS NOT IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What torture, what heartache, what excruciating pain!!!!! O God please hear our prayer inspire Sarah to get in it and win it to Your Glory, Honor, Praise and the salvation of our beloved America!

      • BrianusBerkleianus


      • USMAgrandma

        After hearing her yesterday it boggles my mind how anyone can think even for a moment that she’s not running in this race.  The description she gave was of her and no one else….

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    And a big THANK YOU, Ian, for posting the link for Kelsey’s superb set of photos!!!

  • irishcoins

    "The Door is Open"

    A day before leaving for CPAC I posted on the CPAC Meetup thread, for Conservatives4Palin, what I would be looking for in Gov. Palin’s CPAC address.  The first item on my list, was a drawing together of the Big Tent of Voters, that would be necessary to win the Presidency.   And another item I would be looking for was a finely crafted speech, making use of alliteration to sound the key points.  And I predicted, the first use of alliteration in this speech would, perhaps, sound the theme.  In all of this, Gov. Palin stood and delivered. 

    Following Gov. Palin’s taking the stage, and the prolonged applause, and doing a shoutout, first, to the Veterans, and then to her husband Todd, and to Bristol and Willow waiting behind the stage, she went directly to announcing the theme of her speech, using the expected device of alliteration.  The announced theme ran deep, as it recalled a speech heard 36 years ago, when grown men were driven to tears, realizing they had nominated the wrong person, to be the Republican Nominee.  As soon as I heard Reagan’s theme of "BRIGHTER and BOLDER COLORS", I turned to the person sitting next to me and said, it’s a "B".  But it would later develop to be a "C" also.  And those 2 alliterative letters would be used thruout the speech, and in opening and closing sentences.   

    So being prepared for this, the speech flowed, as did the progression of thought from the Conservative movement being defined as BIGGER than one Person, and BIGGER than one Candidate, to the Valentine, "Red, white and BLUE and President oBAMA, we are thru with you." 
    "We still have no BUDGET…", which is…

    "…Too BIG to succeed…  It is Not a failure of the American People.  It is a failure of leadership."
    And then came the chanted protest, intended to interrupt and disrupt.  But this audience was not to be taken from the Governor’s Path, as the audience shouted down the protestors and drove them from the building with a massive roar, "USA, USA, USA."  And then Gov. Palin, in her impromptu moment, without missing a beat, continued addressing the crowd, "…You just won."
    And having made this declaration that this crowd has just won, Gov. Palin laid down her declaration in unmistakable terms,
    "I declare it.  The door is open."
    Now, just for a bit of background on this door being opened, two points:
    1)  This hearkens to, I believe, a statement Rush Limbaugh made on air, I believe early last Dec, "…I guess that means the door is still open for Palin to come in."   I was away from the computer for an extended time and remember sending an email to Jelayne Sessler, of, who was feeding me news.  When I heard this, I emailed back, "…That door can not now be shut."
    2)  The metaphor of a door being opened is Biblical in many ways.  Sarah Palin’s Path, to the Presidency if you will, and her Path of Leadership for this country, and the Leadership of the Conservative elements in this country, as Rush Limbaugh has pointed out, goes thru a door that is open.  There are doors in life that can be opened and closed, only by God.  There are doors and pathways that are closed forever in one’s life, and there are others that are held open, and no man can close.  Read John 10, Isaiah 22:22, Rev 3, Rev 4. 
    And to put the exclamation point behind all this open door metaphor, Gov. Palin followed her declaration, that "…The Door is Open", with "…So help me God…" 

    And if this whole Open Door metaphor was an impromptu response to the protest and the crowd’s shouting the protesters out of the building, or it was planned from the beginning, it was always the chosen theme from the beginning.  And the force that was Sarah Palin was there to deliver, and the force of the audience was there to hear and receive, and neither was to be denied or deterred. 
    And having dispensed with this bit of interruption, in a manner that, only made the theme stronger, Sarah Palin continued with the B Words used to boldly outline the points of her speech, boldly comparing herself to oBama.  "…Not an economy BUILT to last…", but "…an economy BUILT to grow."
    And the speech was visceral.  The debt was something that any fisherwoman could understand, "Cut it, Gut it, and Get rid of it." 

    And just to make clear the lady from Alaska was capable of boldly using a broad range of "B" words, she chooses a corruption of "WTF" for oBAMA’s "Win the future". 

    And continues,

    "BULLET trains to no where" 

    "BOEING planes anywhere" 

    And Gov. Palin continues to sharply contrast herself with Obama, discussing the CONSTITUTION, and the First and Second Amendment, the right to BEAR arms.

    "We will never apologize for America’s strength".

    "We must be the home of the BRAVE." 

    "The divide BETWEEN Washington and the rest of the COUNTRY has never BEEN greater or more dangerous." 

    And any lady that can use the letter B,  to alliterate, and a  WTF, can use the letter C just as well.  And thus began the use of the alliterative C words, recalling her opening cadence calling out Reagan’s use of the word "COLORS".  Gov. Palin called out the CRONY CAPITALISM,  introduced by her in Indianola last September, and imitated by every Presidential Candidate, calling out wealthy politicians using their CONNECTIONS, calling out CORPORATE welfare, and CORRUPTION.

    Root eCONOMIC problems…and calling the political swamp of Washington a CESSPOOL, with politicians living a high life in a hot tub.  Gov. Palin called for that jaCUZZI to be drained. 

    And Gov. Palin gave clarity to the issues of the Tea Party working in 2010 to elect candidates, many of whom, failed to live up to their expectations once they arrived in Washington.  Recalling the Tea Party members sent to CONGRESS in 2010, that defected to Crony Capitalism once there, Gov. Palin called them out for giving oBAMA "…another plastic CREDIT CARD", referring to the continual increase in the debt ceiling. 

    Referring to these Congress people, who never seemed to get their voting right on the inCreasing debt, once they got to Washington, she graciously stated, "They need reinforcements.  Will you help them?"  And graciousness was another thing I was looking for in Gov. Palin’s speech, to which she fully delivered. 

    And continuing, there is a plethora of mixed B words, and C words:  



    And, in preparation for the summation, that the door is open, Gov. Palin reviewed the political landscape, taking note, that an excellent way to compare candidates is to compare their views of government.  And, "…COMPETITION brings out the BEST in our party." 

    Gov. Palin demonstrated her proclivity as the ultimate coalition builder, stating, 

    "We must stand united no matter who our nominee is", thus nailing another of my expectations for this speech. 

    And in conclusion, returning to the theme of the door being open, "…At this time next year, we will have a Conservative President, …, worthy of our troops…speaking to this convention."  And, referring at the end of her speech again to our troops, as she did upon first  taking the stage, Gov. Palin pays them final homage "…In their honor we are BLESSED". 

    And a final shoutout to the audience itself,  "…As oBAMA lacks the aBILITY to lead, we will lead." 

    And a final unequivocal declaration, "The Door is OPEN". 

    Now, while this was the speech, at least from my notes, and hearing, but not checked against a transcript, I would call your attention to the interview given yesterday by Gov. Palin to the NYTimes, posted elsewhere on, in which Gov. Palin declares that a BROKERED CONVENTION would be a good thing.   

    Respectfully submitted,


    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, irishcoins!!

      BRavo for your BReakdown of the speech.

      COngrats on your COmpilation!! :-)

      It was a SOUND analysis!!!

      • irishcoins

        In all things prepared.

    • CharterOakie

      Well done, irishcoins.  Very nice to have met you Friday in D.C.

    • TexS2012

      Sarah Palin is a master of language at times like a poet. Keeping her words in short phrases and building on each line. This kind of language is meant to make you feel each word, get into your heart and your mind and the truth of them stays. This is a gift and not too many people can deliver on a political stage with her tone, inflection, and personal personification. The other candidates are sorely lacking in this respect. Sarah Palin is a real genuine modern day poet, politician, and political reformer. We are truly blessed!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Beautiful, TexS4Palin.

        The Poet of the Fair North Country is inspiring us today!!!

        I love your "modern day poet, politician, and political reformer."

        And the truth of your words shows up with a clarion clarity the mendacious malice of idiots like chris matthews, who, when Sarah published Going Rogue in 2009, said something like, "How can she WRITE a book when she cannot even READ?"

        May the Lord of Justice reward our Sarah for her patient suffering of this filthy lie and injustice.

        God bless, friend!!

        • TexS2012

          Thanks Brian. I like the "Poet of the Fair North Country." Sarah is bringing out the best in so many people, that is good! Her supporters need to use every word and deed to lift her up above the evils of this world. We are told to resist evil and it’s everyone’s duty. Sarah is leading the way!
          God bless and help us all.

          Sarah Palin 2012 !!!

          • BrianusBerkleianus


      • USMAgrandma

        We heard yesterday for the next President of the United States!

        President Sarah H. Palin 2012!

  • Jean_A

    Good morning, C4P!

    I stand with Sarah Palin.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Good morning, Jean!!

      I stand with Sarah Palin.

  • John_Frank

    Good morning,

    FOX Nation has posted the following:

    Palin Floats Brokered Convention

    The trolls are out in force, so if you are so inclined, use your mouse to go on over and click on inspiring.

    That link again:

    Palin Floats Brokered Convention

    While there, you will notice there is no post discussing Governor Palin’s speech at CPAC.

    But the leading post has Romney’s mug and the headline, Romney Wins CPAC.

    Sure, sure …. but is there any mention of students being bussed in for the Washington CPAC straw poll?

    And is there any mention that in the national poll conducted over the Internet, 20% said they were undecided or wanted someone else.

    If it was not clear before, it is clear that FOX News is in the tank for Romney.

    Folks remember that section9 has been saying the "Bushies" want the GOP nominee (Romney) to loose in 2012 so they can run Jeb Bush in 2016.

    Well now, someone else is saying the same thing:

    @DavidJohnsonSV David E. Johnson
    Problem with some GOPers is they would rather lose the WH in 2012 so they can get their candidate in 2016 #CPAC2012 #gapolitics #politics!/DavidJohnsonSV/status/168411870900912129

    @DavidJohnsonSV David E. Johnson
    @IngerRobberstad no I meant Jeb. Rove’s people want to win the Senate could care less about WH so they can have Jeb in 2016!/DavidJohnsonSV/status/168411870900912129

    (Side note: Notice he references "Rove’s people" and not the "Bushies.")

    Johnson’s name has come up before in the open thread on C4P when he sent out a tweet before CPAC saying he was he was hearing from sources that Governor Palin would use her speech to announce she was running. When confronted, he declined to name his sources and a lot of folks jumped on him.

    So what did Johnson think of Governor Palin’s speech at CPAC?

    @DavidJohnsonSV David E. Johnson
    Have only seen one Republican ever give a speech as good as Palin and that was Reagan. #CPAC12 #CPAC2012!/DavidJohnsonSV/status/168453187332878338

    Notice how he wrote that.

    Who is David Johnson?

    According to his twitter page, he is based in Atlanta, GA and:

    CEO of Strategic Vision | PR Professional l Republican consultant | Facebook: DavidJohnsonSV

    According to the firm’s website, in addition to the main office being in Atlanta, GA, the firm has satellite offices in Madison, WI; Tallahassee, FL; Dallas, TX.

    (Do not know anything about Johnson, but he appears to have an insight as to what is going on and is no supporter of Rove et al. Could he be the person to use to aid in a draft Sarah Palin effort, or is he a Romney plant?)

    Returning to Governor Palin’s speech at CPAC, only one word: WOW!

    I stand with Sarah Palin.

    P.S. If you have not done so, in honor of her speech, consider filling the tip jar at

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, JF, for all of this information and commentary: Kudos!!!

      I stand with Sarah Palin.

      We are blessed and privileged, as a nation and as individuals, to have Sarah in our lives.

      God bless.

      • WardR

        A couple of other points about Sarah’s speech, Brian.  First, her speaking tone and speech volume were perfect.  She was conscious of the capabilities of the sound system and also aware that she was simultaneously appearing on giant TV screens.  Unlike an outdoor site — Iowa or Manchester NH — the audience could see her clearly.  Second — and again capitalizing on the TV images — her gestures were utterly perfect and perfectly synchronized with her speech points.  I can’t think of another person who does it as well.

        Finally, today I noticed a dramatic difference in attitude in the press after her speech.  Before she spoke there were articles running rhetorically asking if yesterday was Sarah’s swan song.  One noted the fall-off in contributions to SarahPAC.  But after the speech?  Totally different.  One writer commented that if the straw poll had been conducted after Sarah’s speech, she would have been the landslide winner.  It was widely noted that no one at CPAC came even close to the wildly enthusiastic reception she received.

        She started with a standing ovation from the crowd and it just got better from there.

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          Thanks, Ward!!

  • Jose R. Gonzalez

    I remember Scott Conroy mentioning last summer that Governor Palin would name a national press secretary but nothing ever materialized.  I propose Tony Lee of Human Events assume this role.  He is a great observer of hers. 

  • colliemum

    Good morning all, on this Sunday after Sarah’s speech.

    I’ve bee looking at the online editions of our papers here, to see how this speech was reported.
    There was only one report, here. and it is actually quite good:
    Some nice pics of Sarah in the crowd!

    The rest? it’s all about Romney’s "win" in Maine. I’m just giving you the links to the pages where these reports can be found:
    (The progressive’s propaganda paper, with a small number of readers, but the must-read paper for the London Left)
    (a sort of populist paper …)

    The rest is either behind a pay wall, or heavily into snark, like this one:
    (another socialist paper, with few readers)
    Sarah’s speech? Forget it! Bristol’s the one who must be smeared …

    And then there’s this:
    The author of that article is actually a US journalist …

    And the BBC? See for yourselves:

    Except for Romney’s ‘win’ – crickets.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, colliemum!!!

      The propaganda machines can spew and splutter and chug and chatter and clatter all they want!!!

      WE THE PEOPLE know what we heard and what we saw yesterday:


      God bless!!

      • CharterOakie

        Amen brother.

      • colliemum

        Thank you, Sir Brianus!

        Listening to her speech again, I agree – this was the speech of your next president!

        The campaign people who don’t even dare run for dog catcher, as she said so well, don’t know what is coming down the road, and they are still so entranced with their own brilliant minds that they can’t see what is going to hit him with the force of a tsunami.

        We don’t know how it is going to happen yet – but I think we feel more certain today that it will indeed happen!

        God bless you all!

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          Thank you, colliemum!!!

      • palmerguy

        Would not be suprised if Rick and Newt saw the writing on the wall yesterday afternoon about 5pm eastern time and get with Sarah to discuss how they can move their support over to her and then work in her crew after she moves into the White House.

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          I hope so, palmerguy!!!

          God bless.

          • palmerguy

            We are calling things are, that are not – and they will happen!!!

    • Craig Phillips

      Thanks Colliemum for the heads up in the UK press.

      Regarding the Independant Bristol smear…I bought Bristol’s book; I live in Oz, so I had to get it via Amazon…but what I would have given to have the chance to go to her book signing!!!
      I loved reading it, and was glad to hear her story.

      That is exactly what those lefty dummies just don’t get; whether the Palin family know if I exist or not, they are family to me! 

      No other leader or political personality gets that from me; it just wouldn’t fit!
      However Sarah is different; unlike almost any other political leader I’ve known in my lifetime.

      So I will support the Palin family in whatever they do or what endevour they are involved in, & stand up for them. I have no doubt there are thousands, and maybe tens of thousand who would feel the same not only in the USA, but also around the world.

      Unfortunately I suffer because I can’t get a copy of The Undefeated for my region code so I’ve never seen it, nor the Sarah Palins Alaska program – but I do live in hope that one day they will be available.

      • M_Minnesota

        Craig you might be able to search the internet for Region Free players (I think that’s what they are called)   that play all of the regions.

        You might wan to to look into that. It may not be expensive.

      • Kjanlady

        Heads up………

        Never give up in the quest to see Sarah……I’d order the DVD player and the two DVD’s today….hope you get your 2012 Christmas present soon…..10 months early?……who’s counting?

        • Craig Phillips

          Thanks Kjanlady;
          I had a look and also broadened my search – I had no idea you could even buy these!
          Man, I’m so behind the times lol.

      • Guest

        Craig… where are you? I can mail you one.  I have lots of free time during off work hours, it would not be a problem at all!

        • Craig Phillips

          Betheliteforsarah, I’m in Australia which has a different region coe to the US.

          • Craig Phillips

            On Amazon, the DVD specifies USA & Canada only – I suppose thats the region code although I seem to recall a few years ago that Amazon wouldnt actually sell a DVD to me at all.

            Thus far, I have not been able to find anywhere in Australia that sells The Undefeated.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks so much, Craig!!

        In one sense I envy you: The marvelous treat of "Sarah Palin’s Alaska" and of "The Undefeated" still lies in the future for you.

        Good luck and God bless you and yours!!

    • WardR

      With respect to the Telegraph’s story, it was filed at 2:00 pm GMT which was hours before Sarah spoke.

  • indemind

    Good morning barbarians…. Was that a Fantastic Speech, I mean can Sarah Cook, or can she Cook. … I mean everybody’s talking about how Sarah, just Blow everyone away with that speech, and "She Not Even A Candidate"….Yeah! … *_*

    Awesome article Tony Lee  … Sarah Palin at CPAC: It is her Party …

    Symbolically clad in a bold-red blouse (and not in a pale, pink pastel color, which symbolizes the Republican establishment of which she is not a part), Palin also reminded the CPAC audience why CPAC was born.

    “Conservatives wanted not so much government but the Republican Party to hear us,” Palin said, in describing the genesis of CPAC.  “At the 1975 CPAC, Ronald Reagan … laid out a blueprint for rebuilding the GOP under a banner of bold colors not pale pastels … And ever since then, CPAC has been a rally for conservative action.”

    Another Great article over at P4A..By Whitney Pitcher … Palin, Reagan, Thatcher, and the Political
    Second Coming of 1976…

    SarahAmerica 2012 Not 4 Sale…

    • CharterOakie

      Good morning, inde.  Confident that you enjoyed your birthday yesterday!

      • indemind

        Thanks Charter, and Brianus…. How could I not, with family here in Carlsbad, and Sarah Awesome Speech … WOW….Man oh man… Even with a neck brace on (Old Line of Duty Injury) … I had a GREAT Time… and the weekend not over…. *_*

        By the way Charter your up late or early….

        SarahAmerica 2012

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, Bro!!!

      I hope you had a great celebration yesterday!!

      SarahAmerica 2012 …Not 4 Sale!!!

  • CharterOakie


    Gracias a Dios!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Muchissimas gracias!!!!

  • technopeasant

    The 10 questions that should be asked and answered going forward into the primary season, with answers provided in the way of a phrase, idiom or analogy:

    1) Can Mitt Romney recover from his terrible showing this week, including his upset loss in Colorado and still win the nomination?

    Mitt is in the same position as a wife giving her alcoholic husband one more chance to stop drinking in that if he continues on losing ways and loses Michigan and/or Ohio he might be in a boatload of trouble with the perception that he can’t close the deal. 

    He still has a clear advantage in money and organization and could stay in till the convention.But he now has to leverage that advantage or he risks losing his mojo, that he is inevitable or that he is the most electable against Obama.

    There is only one sure-fired way of getting back in the game and beating back the Santorum surge: Just win baby, win! I win, Rick loses. Rick wins, i lose. Zero-sum game.

    The Santorum trifecta will either seen by historians as a bump in the road on the way to the nomination for Mitt or the start of Romney’s spectacular political downfall. 

    2) How real is the current Santorum surge?

    It depends who you’re talking to.

    If you go by the 5 day Gallup daily tracking poll of the GOP contenders, Romney is now 10 points ahead of Santorum. But if you go by the PPP national poll Santorum is ahead by 15 points. And if you go by the latest two days of the Fox News poll they are tied at 30% apiece.

    Objectively, Santorum is now a serious contender. The question is not if his surge is real but how long can he maintain it?

    3) Can Santorum maintain his momentum?

    Does he have skeletons in the closet or did he break the law? Does he have a FATAL FLAW? Will he make a catastrophic unforced error?

    If not, yes he can maintain the momentum, but eventually he’ll hit some rough patches in the road and bleeding will occur in his support, so the question then becomes how does Rick handle adversity while dealing with the normal pressures of a presidential campaign? And dollars to donuts there will be plenty of adversity to deal with supplied by his political enemies and the media who are out for his political blood.

    The big advantage that Santorum has: It is unlikely there will be any late entrants, at least serious entrants into the race. Rick probably won’t need to peek over his shoulder and feel threatened. 

    4) Can Newt Gingrich rebound?

    Perhaps the better question to ask is, "Can Newt win again?" Lost in the hoopla of the Santorum surge and Romney’s double-digit win in Florida is that Gingrich has only won once in 9 attempts.

    Newt’s campaign could become a chicken vs egg scenario. If the rumors are true and his fundraising is not going as well as a month ago and his poll numbers continue to slide, can Newt right the ship and stop it from running aground? If his poll numbers continue to slide, fewer people will want to donate, which in turn cause more slippage in his poll numbers because of his lack of ability to compete with his better-funded opponents which in turn will lower donations. I think you get the idea.

    Like Romney, Newt needs a victory in the worse way and the sooner the better. If he doesn’t get enough of them, Newt’s campaign will go the way of every other past campaign who has faced the same situation: he will have to call a press conference and announce he is suspending his campaign.

    Super Tuesday will tell us a lot to say about Newt’s political future. Can he hold off Santorum from poaching a lot of delegates in his southern stronghold and from making deep inroads?

    5) If polls are clearly showing that Santorum is coalescing the conservative/evangelical base, will Romney take steps to keep Gingnch in the race, perhaps by offering him the VP slot?

    Given the carpet-bombing on Newt by Mitt in Florida, how desperate would Romney have to be to contemplate such a move? Wouldn’t that be about equivalent to selling your soul to the devil?

    Remember politics makes strange bedfellows.

    6) Could Gingrich and Santorum sign a non-aggression pact similar to what Germany and Russia signed in 1939 to not to attack each other and to agree on which state they will focus their attention on (eg Santorum in Michigan and Gingrich in Arizona) in order to stop the Romney train of inevitability?

    In theory it sounds feasible. From a money point of view it would make sense to use scarce resources against Romney instead of each other. 

    For Newt this arrangement would be ideal as he seeks to bring in more money and makes it easier for him to win.. But for Santorum it may not be ideal. Would Santorum want to sacrifice his opportunity to bury Newt and make the race a two-man race between him and Romney and virtually assure himself of the nomination? The PPP poll in that scenario has Santorum at 56% and Romney at 32%. Is Rick that stupid to accommodate Newt?

    7) What is the possibility of newcomers entering the race?

    Anything is possible, but probable that’s a different story. I could see Romney trying perhaps to create a new conservative stalking-horse as some sort of Hail Mary pass but the problem he has is would the base of the party buy it? Would they defect from Santorum in such large numbers so again the conservative vote would be splintered? Are conservatives/evangelicals/TP supporters that stupid to fall for such a political ploy?

    Would the GOP establishment be so bold to contemplate replacing Romney if he falters big-time with another establishment type? I don’t think so at this late stage but who knows?

    Of course the wild card is Sarah Palin, the top 3 candidates all know if she enters the ring they are all toast. That is each candidate’s nightmare scenario.

    8) Will the White House begin to pay attention and attack Santorum directly or will they continue to save their fire for Romney?

    For now Obama and the Left will stick to the script of assuming Romney will be the nominee but is currently preparing to take Santorum seriously if he wins Michigan and/or Ohio and continues his climb up the ladder. Give a chance to the GOP establishment to destroy him first.

    9) What are the chances of a brokered convention?

    The same chance that a six round draft choice in the year 2000 could eventually become of the greatest QB’s in NFL history and go to the Hall of Fame.

    Having said that it bols down to simple math. If none of the candidates garners 50% of the delegates awarded over the course of the primary season, then it goes to the convention who decides the nominee.

    I suspect we’ll be able to predict better by end of winter the odds of a brokered convention or not.

    10) Who would a brokered convention most favor?

    Let’s start who it would not favor: Newt Gingrich. He has already burned his bridges with the GOP establishment and conservatives and evangelicals would probably like to go with someone who is more conservative.

    Mitt Romney imho needs to win the primary outright or at least hold at least 45% of the delegates to assure he would get the nod at a brokered convention. If he is not in the lead or is sitting somewhere close to 35% it would become a free-for-all imho. And there is no way that conservatives and evangelicals who have worked 9-10 months to stop the Romney express would now turn around and hand Romney the keys to kingdom. And these folks usually make up at least 50% of the delegates at a GOP convention.

    As for Rick Santorum if he is leading the pack, he stands a better chance of getting the nomination but if like Romney he is only polling at 35%, then anything goes.

    Obviously no candidate favors a brokered convention as no football head coach wants the game to be settled in the vagaries of overtime. Too much is left to chance.

    Sarah Palin could well indeed become a compromise candidate. And it is reported Jeb Bush could put his name forward as well. 

    But sometimes fate intevenes.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, techno.

      What a time this is to be alive!!!!!

      For me, as I think of my life as a sports fan, it is like the 70s, when my Raiders were contending every year, with Pittsburgh and Miami in particular, for the ultimate prize in football; when my Athletics were winning the World Series; and when my Warriors won their only NBA title … heady times at the top.

      Now, my teams are not very good, but my candidate is right up there, fighting, with a servant’s heart,  for the prize of the salvation of America!!!

      We all have our opinions, our analyses, our passions, our angles, our perspectives.

      We will fight like H*** for Sarah and for America, and to topple the Marxist usurper from his "throne."

      In the end, however, the Lord will decide.

      And who knows what His gracious verdict may be?

      Who could have predicted the Cardinals’ World Series win last September, when they trailed distantly in the playoff hunt?

      Who could have predicted the NY Giants’ Super Bowl victory when they were mired in the mediocrity of a 7-7 record?

      Who could have predicted the rise of Sarah Palin on 28 August, 2008, the day before Dayton; the day before Sarah Palin Day; the day before America changed forever?

      God bless.

      • technopeasant

        Yes indeed BB. Yes indeed.

    • colliemum

      ‘sometimes, fate intervenes’ – indeed it does, technopeasant.

      Since you ar so well versed in sports, here’s an example I recalled when I read your remark about Sarah being the wild card:

      In 1985, a very young, unseeded player got into the Wimbledon championship draw. Unseeded, that is like a wild card entry. All who know about tennis remember what happened next.
      He won the title.

      Unconventional entry, given no chance by the tennis pundits … but he fought and fought and won.

      So – who’s to say that Sarah can’t do it, the unconventional, the fighter’s way?

      Obviously we don’t know what will happen in the next few months. But if we expect the unexpected, then we better step away from the conventional analyses and look towards the unconventional.

      After all – as in sport and in life generally, there’s always a First Time!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Amen, colliemum!!

  • independents4palin

    Gov Palin gave a fantastic speech at CPAC !! Looked on Yahoo, there were over 2,000 comments, proberly way now, but it brought out the haters which means she knocked it out of the park. She is number 8 on the list of most searchs on yahoo.

  • independents4palin

    About Mitt Romney winning the Maine Caucus, thats nothing to brag about, it was 39% to Ron Pauls 36%, and both Paul and Romney won the same number of delegates. Mitt Romney should have done better. Its in New England, which is his back yard, or one of his back yards, Romney can spin this all he wants, but it was not something to brag about.

    • Budvarakbar

       Kind of like the hoopla over the 8 vote "win" in Iowa — they were already trying to declare the race over — then it turns out that the certification process showed that Santorum had actually won — and mysteriously there were still (I believe) 8 counties that couldn’t be certified? talk about WTF  — it would be interesting to know if those counties had trended toward Santorum and if so what Santorum’s true winning vote margin was.

  • technopeasant

    Winston Churchill said, " I have always felt that a politician is to be judged by the animosities he excites among his opponents."

    Think about it: Sarah Palin is not running for anything, does not hold public office at the moment but invokes such hostility and ill will from her enemies.

    I have said it from day one: Palin is the only politician capable of neutralizing the Left’s socialist agenda and implementing a broad conservative blueprint that will keep the Left from office for years to come.

    The Left knows it all too well. Unfortunately our side is slow to wake up to that reality.

    I hate to quote John Ziegler but he said it best: "While the Left approaches every political campaign as going to war, our side looks at it as a picnic."

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Exactly, techno.

      These thugs and traitors have FEARED the FEARLESS SARAH from Day One!!!

    • Bill589

      Going by Winston Churchhill’s standards, Sarah Palin must be an exceptionally good politician.

  • exodus2011

    On the day of Gov Palin’s 48th birthday, Whitney Houston dies at age 48

    one of those peculiar, coinicidental items of trivia, and in this case, tragic also

    we remember Whitney’s family and close friends who will be sorely grieving, and heartsick tonight at such a loss

    May they turn to the right One for Comfort, Truth and Peace during this ordeal

    • BrianusBerkleianus


    • sodakhic

      Steve Jobs on Oct 5th and now Whitney Houston on Feb 11th.

  • exodus2011

    RAM is now following Americans For Prosperity (within last few hours)

    • TexS2012

      is Ram on twitter? I’d like to follow her there.

      • exodus2011

        yes, here is her profile page – she hasn’t tweeted since May last year, but she does follow people again now (since beginning of the year I noticed her being active again) and she also ‘favorites’ one or two tweets from time-to-time!/RAMansour

  • royroyo

    Palin at CPAC – Photos – Update V


    • BrianusBerkleianus


  • royroyo

    Palin at CPAC: Videos – Update


  • CharterOakie

    Good morning, gang.  God bless.

    Nowhere near enough sleep, but too excited not to get up!

    Despite our ongoing family ordeal, I drove to D.C. Friday to attend the meet-up / birthday party.  I did assume that the Guv would show up and was very disappointed to learn that she was still in flight and would not be there.  Still, it was great to reconnect with so many C4Peeps.

    And I had the joy and privilege of signing the birthday greeting book, COL O.P. Ditch’s Happy Birthday banner, as well as a greeting book for RAM.

    As I retired for the night, I thought:  well, the important thing is her speech at CPAC (which I would not be able to stay to attend).  Praise God, I was able to get home in time to watch it live via C-Span.  

    Oh, what a glorious speech!

    I still have to chuckle a bit that so many heard the words "will not seek the GOP nomination AT THIS TIME" on Levin’s show and concluded that she was not running and all was lost.  Perhaps we’re all prisoners of the boxes outside of which we cannot think.  So many have assumed that the only path is the traditional one:  sell out to powerful interests in return for campaign cash; hire expensive beltway politicos; run in the GOP primaries; hope for friendly lamestream media coverage; etc, etc, etc.

    Yet there was NOTHING in Sarah Palin’s political history to indicate that she would take that path.  In fact the experience of the past 3.5 years confirmed that she would be foolish to try to take that fruitless path.  

    And Sarah Palin is NOBODY’s fool.

    I commented once or twice in months past that I believed she was playing rope-a-dope with the elites.  Thanks to one of our favorite new acronyms, that can now be updated:

    She’s been playing Rope-a-GOPe!

    And I’ll add that I also believe when the dust settles, many will owe MIchele Bachmann an apology for the incessant, gratuitous slander.  Notice that Bachmann has not endorsed anyone…yet.  Can people not imagine that it was strategically useful for Mittens and his money donors to be given the false confidence that the conservative electorate would be splintered in the early contests, allowing them to claim his "inevitability"?  (Inevitable until SC, that is!)

    Palin said the word, and Bachmann bowed out.  She spoke again, and Perry packed it in.

    (I too enjoy alliteration, irishcoins!)

    Ach, Du lieber Gott!  So many other things to say, but perhaps better left until later (after a bit more sleep!)

    This much I know:  Sarah loves America, and America loves Sarah.

    Palin or bust.  Accept no substitute.

    May God continue to bless and keep her and all near and dear to her.

    "The door is open!"

    Praise God Almighty.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Beautiful, Brother: Thanks for sharing.

      The Lord is truly, I believe, leading her along a miraculous path … and He is accomplishing this work through that marvelous conjunction by which He directs ALL FREE HUMAN BEINGS: A marriage of Divine Wisdom and human sagacity.

      Blessed are we to be living in the Days of Sarah!!!

      God bless!!

      • Nichama

        Indeed.  I now have a glorious quest. 

        Thank you God, for our earthly leader Sarah Palin.

        She’s made better my life, as she has the country’s life, as she will the world.

        God’s Will Be Done.

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          Amen, Nichama!!

    • exodus2011

      Multiple High Fives!


    • Leroy Whitby


    • sodakhic

      Amazing observations.

    • susiepuma

      welcome to the club………………………………………………………….

      • CharterOakie

        susie – I’m not a new member of that club.  But thanks.

  • IsraeliCojones

    Of course I’m still awake after a full night shift, of course I’m trying to get up with the threads here and at HA, and thus I will comment later on this motherfreakin’ speech.

    But this line at HA made me laugh out loud:

    Help us Sarahwan Palinobi, your our only hope!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, IC!!

  • technopeasant

    As many of you know I am leaning towards Rick Santorum. In that spirit, if any of his prominent supporters read my post on what I recommend Rick do in the coming weeks, I hope you will consider these ideas as serious ideas. I will NOT do the same for Newt Gingrich. One of his supporters at C4P can do that. It will be interesting to compare the recommendations.

    Anyway here are my 10 recommendations:

    1) If you don’t already have a pollster on your payroll, get one. Rick, you’re in the big leagues now. In addition you will be able to counter the false polling that is bound to come out showing you losing support. And improve your web site–with the money now rolling in you can now afford it.

    2) Start talking in terms of what you would do if you were elected President–similar to what Newt laid out in his speech at CPAC. You don’t have to give us the blow by blow description of every initiative but you have to show you have the knowledge, the clarity and the vision to proceed to implement a conservative agenda once you assume office.

    3) Focus on the economy and fiscal matters; your supporters and potential supporters already know who you are and what you believe in terms of social conservatism. But SC represents only one leg of the stool. I’m not suggesting you completely abandon talking about social issues but to keep the three stools of fiscal conservatism, national security conservatism and social conservatism in perspective.

    Let the media ask you about social conservative issues which they will. Why do you need any extra time to make your point in speeches?

    4) Pound away on Obamacare without mentioning Romney or Romneycare. You will need Romney’s moderates in the fall to beat Obama. Always keep a long-term perspective. Point out the Rasmussen poll that for the last two years around 54% of Americans favor its repeal and only about 40% oppose its repeal. In other words you have proof that you are on the right side of the issue and some voters need that reassurance that your position is not based simply on ideology but reality as well.

    5) Schedule an interview with Rush Limbaugh. Why Rush? Because he doesn’t do guests. If you get on with him you’re somebody. Plus he has the largest talk show listening audience in the country. Don’t be stupid like McCain was and treat Rush like he is the enemy.

    6) Focus on Obama; keep being aggressive; above all don’t rest on your laurels or think you need to become more conservative because you are now in the catbird seat. And please don’t call Obama misguided or incompetent or out of his league. Instead focus on assailing his policies and that Obama knows what he is doing but you fundamentally disagree with his policies.

    From General Patton in the movie Patton to General Omar Bradley: " In war you have to guard against being too conservative." Politics is no different.

    7) Don’t take questions from reporters or speak off the cuff when you are tired or run-down. I like it that you’re only 54 but at  these moments is when huge UNFORCED ERRORS can occur. And the media is just waiting for you to say something silly or embarrassing and  fall flat on your face.

    And by the way if you haven’t already, instruct your children on what to expect from the media and how to conduct themselves in public if you haven’t already. The media will go after your kids like they went after the Palin children. You can count on that.

    8) Arrange a meeting or conversation with Governor Sarah Palin ASAP to mend any fences that have been strained or broken. I’ll tell you right now Rick you will not win the nomination if she is your enemy. She may not endorse you but please don’t antagonize her either by talking about her in a dismissive or supercilious manner. You’re on top now. You can afford to be magnanimous especially with someone who is so influential in conservative circles. 

    9) Give a major speech on foreign affairs in the next two weeks to prove you’re more than a one-trick pony, 

    10) And finally clarify your past statements on "female" issues ASAP or any outstanding issues that you feel might become controversial.. If you don’t do it, then your opponents, enemies or the media will do it for you and you know what happens then. Get ahead of the curve.

    • wpmwindsong

      Anyone who needs this much advice from a blogger is not the right person.  You can’t put a 12 hour brisket in the oven 4 hours before dinner.  There’s some things that you just can speed up.   

      • section9


        Santorum either has it or he doesn’t.

        People forget that he is still the same Rick Santorum who got beaten like a rented mule by a Cigar Store Indian in 2006.

        You can’t teach what a candidate doesn’t have inside.

        You can’t make Rick Santorum into Sarah Palin.

        • Sharon May

          AMEN SECTION9 Sarah said it herself you can not teach and you have to have the fire and none of them have it including RICK

    • TravelinThru

      Good suggestions, techno. But I think Santorum’s focus – which he emphasized on his CPAC speech, and repeated in campaign stumps – are more foundational issues:

      “This campaign is going to be about who we are as Americans, because in essence that’s what’s at stake. This is the most important election in your lifetime. It’s an election about what kind of country you’re going to leave to the next generation. Are we going to be a country that believes, as our Founders did, that our rights don’t come from the government, they come from a much higher authority?”

      The article below compared the themes of Newt’s and Rick’s campaigns, based on their CPAC speeches.


      Constitutionalist with a real chance to win the nomination
      Santorum Makes the Case—And Means It

      That is the nub of it, and his final point is no mere hyperbole. The 2012 presidential election is not about government inefficiency; it is not about job-creation; it is not about “how Washington operates.” This election is about whether a nation that has already begun to step off the cliff into the bottomless pit of collectivist bickering over who gets first dibs on the government crumbs can finally pivot on its one planted leg and, turning around, catch a far-off glimpse, once more, of the haven of hope, self-reliance and individual dignity that she has left behind. Government healthcare, as Santorum argues, renders forever futile the fight for freedom.

      • Betsey_Ross

        Ok, he’s on the right track.  He’ll get the tea party with all of that.  It’s interesting that he appears to be getting  his voice.  He just hasn’t been covered by the media.  The word is out to the states in which he has campaigned.  The people are beginning to listen.  Sarah’s correct in prolonging this as long as possible.  We need to see how these guys accept adversity and how they overcome it.  Debates aren’t going to do it all especially when they are held by indolent journalists.

    • susiepuma

      Good suggestions but if he doesn’t have the brains or understanding already of what he needs to say or do, it is kinda too late IMO –

      His attitude towards women doesn’t surprise me – it seems to be the modus operandi of the GOPE (all of them talk big but can’t walk the walk) – no wonder they are considered neanderthals – MacCain’s pick of the Guv to be his running mate in 2008 now seems to really be an aberration to me now – at the time I thought wow – the GOP is finally in the 21st century and even tho they lost, I assumed (wrongly) that the Guv would be the natural nominee for 2010 according to the Republican way – Nope – women don’t count, especially this particular woman who could, would, and should win this 2012 election – wake up women, the GOPE is using women just like the Dems do – we are still considered too dumb, too frail, too unenlightened to be able to run a country (states – maybe) but only a man can be President………………………

      Rise up Grizzlies – rise up………………..(remember this too, women comprise over 50% of the population)……………………………………..

      • OldPat

        Susiepuma, do you file the head of your hammer flat?  Only a real carpenter could hit a nail as square on the head as you hit that.

        I once threatened to dip the GOP in formaldehyde and stick them in a corner of the Smithsonian, but I’ve flipped my flop.

        Instead, I’m going to sit on my rump and watch the misogynistic old fools Alinsky themselves into oblivion.

        And then, We the People – with Sarah’s help – will clean up their mess and save ourselves from BO and the Commies.

      • colliemum

        You know, looking back, I think McCain choose Sarah for the wrong reasons! 
        I think he choose her because, as a relatively unknown young Governor, he reckoned she’d be a sort of glamour foil to him,  but no political threat. His own neanderthal attitude to women made him to totally underestimate her, as did his campaign staff. And those campaign managers are still around …Gawd, was he wrong!I just loved it when Sarah said yesterday that these managers, who tell the candidates how to spin in order to win, hadn’t even run for dog catcher themselves. 

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