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GrizzlyFest starts today at 1 PM EST. Here is the list of scheduled guests. There may be surprise guests. We’ll have a livestream and chat available on this blog starting at around 11:30 A.M. EST.

In case you missed it, the Governor wrote the following Facebook post about energy and encouraged everyone to watch the latest Stossel special.

McCain needs to broaden his attack on the Democrat Party to include his aides who continue to lie about the Governor.

Check out the headline that the Middleton Press in Middelton, CT used for its headline to the AP story on the Governor’s e-mails.

Alaska Republican hack Mike Hawker was so angry at C4P that he sent e-mails to the Governor claiming that "your [sic] folks are going to pay hell for this crap" and that we were a "paid blog site with shadowy funding."

The Iron Dog concludes today in Fairbanks. The Palin/Davis team is either fourth or fifth.

Here’s a great video from the Earthquake group:


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  • Jean_A

    Good morning, C4P!

    I stand with Sarah Palin.

  • Dan C

    Had she not been saddled with the loser McShame, Sarah would be the nominee and President.

    I am sure of it. She would have finished her term as governor with record high ratings and then would have run for President on her terms without the McShame backstabbers on her staff. Can you imagine how great that would have been? She would have controlled everything in her campaign and running against these clowns? WOW.

    It makes me so sad just thinking about what we missed out on.

    • Richard Dunnell

      She took all the heat that McNasty should have gotten and received no thanks or loyalty from this self-serving fraud. One of these days the truth about his stay at Hanoi Hilton will emerge. Of all the returnees, he was the only one denied the two-rank promotion that all the others received.

      • exodus2011

        Is it possible that John McCain himself refused to take the 2-rank promotion because he believed that he had, in some way, let the others down? When you say ‘he was denied’ … do you say that because it was not given to him … could it be that he made clear that he wouldn’t accept a 2-rank promotion, and therefore he was excluded?

        I don’t know any of the details, I am just thinking out loud …

        • Guest

          McCain himself said they broke him once. The pain and shame in his voice was immeasurable. Like Romney, there’s stuff we can slap McCain silly about, let’s leave his service to this country alone.

          • Mountain

            ABSOLUTELY!  MOST people, if subjected to the crap HE was, would ALSO break down, as he admits freely that he sadly did!

            Good night, we don’t have to reject a person for EVERYTHING he did in his past, just because we can’t stand him nowadays—–especially when he in the past was being TOR-TURED!

            There’s a thought….

      • Leroy Whitby

        You have any links about the two rank promotion? First time I’ve heard of it.

        • Mountain

          And don’t forget:

          McCain COULD have COMPLETELY "ratted out," by leaving the Hanoi Hilton when he was offered a chance to do so—-because his Dad was a powerful pol.
          He rejected that offer, and was stuck there for…..  what?  Another year or two?  And he KNEW it might be that long before they were ALL sent home! 

          BACK OFF the heroes who caved under torture.

          • Leroy Whitby

            I’m afraid I don’t understand your post.

    • colint

      No. She is FAR FAR more ahead in becoming POTUS at some time by being the VP nominee than if she had remained unknown in Alaska until completing her term in Jan 2011. She would probably have run for a second term. She would have had little if any involvement in the Republicans taking over the House, if indeed they could of done that without her help. She may not have written her books. Bannon may not have made THE Undefeated. Yes. She would not have been vilified by the media which may have gained her many supporters

      • WardR

        I agree.  Say what you will about John McCain but the fact is that his decision to name her as his vice-presidential nominee brought her to national prominence.  Let’s face facts: Alaska is a magnificent state, but it’s not a place from which one mounts a presidential run.  Because of her selection, she got her gig with Fox News.  She got material for her best-selling book.  She was picked for the Learning Channel’s series on Alaska that reportedly paid $1-million per episode.

        Let’s keep in mind that several times in her career — not least her resignation as governor — Sarah made career moves that were contrary to the economic interest of her family.  She resigned, in part, because she and Todd had already piled up legal bills totaling more than half a million dollars… with no way of paying them.  Ironically, she was trapped by the very ethics laws she was so instrumental in putting on the books.

  • palin45potus

    Morning All.

    I’m looking forward to today’s Grizzlyfest-The 2nd hour with Luigi Zingales and Peter Schweizer intrigues me.

    I had hoped that Sarah might call in, but she’ll be in Fairbanks, cheering on Todd to the finish!

  • Journeymen

    I’m praying for that "miracle" to happen. We need the game changer, the real game changer Sarah Palin. God bless her and may God continue the bless the United States, HE is not through with you yet.

  • JLAdevelop

    If want to lift your spirits please read the comments at Free Republic to the AP report on the emails and the relentless attacks on Sarah and her family. The first 20 comments made me think I was at C4P. In total the comments represent a moving tribute to Sarah and how she touched the hearts of so many conservatives. God Bless Sarah Palin.

    • blueniner

      The comments were awesome, unlike Mediate, Gretawire, FOX nation, Politico,etc.

    • USMAgrandma

      Good for the Freepers, I wore my Freeper Jacket yesterday!

  • MJosephSheppard
    To give Senator McCain credit for doing the honorable thing-he has condemned the "unrelenting and merciless attacks on Sarah. he did  not mention the HBO hto job but referred to the latest release of emails and the subsequent MSM feeding frenzy. he was fulsome in praising her which does him credit.


      Mr Sheppard, I don’t care about McCain’s "half-a$$ed" condemnation.
      He didn’t even mention one thing about that garbage movie when he should be screaming the truth from the rooftops….shame on him.

      What little respect I have for him is waning very quickly and at this time, even with the most heartfelt support for Sarah, I doubt that respect will ever come back.

      • Kalena

         At the very least, he needs to call a national press conference and denounce the movie and his aids that spewed the lies.

        • connservative

          Beyond that.  A NYTimes/Washington Post/WSJ Editorial.  Go on the record and take the attack back at them.  McCain should say "he" never recognized what a treasure she is – and that he deeply regrets the decisions that he and his campaign made restraining her and not listening to her political guidance.  His time is long past due – will he own it like a true man and publicly acknowledge his culpability?  Doubtful.

  • Quang Do

    Before becoming president, didn’t Obama promise that ENERGY will
    necessarily ‘SKYROCKET’ under his STUPID socialist/liberal energy plan?

    America, is this the ‘hope/change’ you can believe in?

    Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm.

    • Budvarakbar

       more like – grunt, grunt, grunt

    • Suki Pero

       Yes, he did.  Thanks for the reminder on that.  Sounds like a good campaign commercial for Palin.

    • Guest

      Obama told the country what he was going to do, and people were stupid enough to think he didn’t mean it.

  • JLAdevelop

    Ironically the emails may be the best explanation for why Sarah "quit" the governorship position. They clearly demonstrate, in way that can’t be seen as self serving, the tremendous burden the ethical complaints were having on her, her family, her administration and the state. The emails may make some of her doubters see her in a more sympathetic light. Not the impact Mother Jones and MSNBC hoped for when they demanded the release of the emails.


      You’re right JLA….the emails kind of makes it seem like we’re there. 

    • Lynda

      If you read them that what the show…any fool could and should understand why she had to leave the governor’s job…but they want…they will see what the want and twist the words to fit their needs…it all just sad

    • Guest

      Yes, I’ve seen comments from people like, nobody stays with a job when that job is going to cost you money to do it. I don’t know what opinion those people had of The Guv before, but I do know that people understand the economic incentive behind the resignation. However, there were the usual Robamney trolls out there spinning that she could t take the heat.


    Daaang….lots of things in that video ?

    -I’ll never forget little Piper flattening down Trig’s hair with good old fashioned spit…, so cute. How many of us moms have done that?
    -Perry "man-handling" Sarah at the Governor’s convention. urgggh…….it was a thorn in my side then and always will be. 
    -Sarah biting her tongue when she was on with Geraldine Ferraro……what a class act.
    -Nothing sexier than a gal with a gun, IMHO….oops, that’s my girl crush leaking out.
    -Iowa State Fair….just makes me smile.

    Saved the best for last…..
    -Sarah with Allen West at the motorcycle rally….nothing more needs to be said.  *sigh*

    • Mountain

      I still spit nails when I recall Perry’s YANKING Gov. Palin off the stage……

    • Leroy Whitby

      Heh. Thing about West that I remind myself of is his little moment with the muslim terrorist in the field. All the macho stuff with West isn’t bravado. He really will go all the way. We have a lot of returning soldiers that are the real deal from these endless neocon wars. Hope they rise and help this nation, cause we need it.

      Palin is just as real, just as much a fighter in her own way as West. Plus, and no insult to West, but Palin is just so on right now, in terms of her clarity. Really seeing the whole field. As she was a basketball player, maybe I should say that she is really seeing the whole court. No pun intended towards the court jesters in Congress and the Administarion. Regardless, I love to watch her play!

  • Lynda

    Today I read over 500 e-mails 
    ….I read one that talked about a blog…and conservatives 4 palin…
    but in the ones I read I found 3 things …1. the people that worked for
    her had total respect for her….2. she worked for the people of Alaska
    right to the end…3. Todd Palin had said in an interview "I watch her
    walk out of the house every morning going to work handcuffed" … as you
    read them you find this to be so true… she worried about the cost to
    the state from the Ethic complains…the FOIA but she also had to be
    concerned that she was $500,000 in debt and was facing personal
    bankrupt…in one e-mail she say" I cc Todd on this as it is his money
    that will have to pay the bill…I read one that said it all for me, she
    is talking about all that is going on and she…"I cannot take it
    anymore" .

    The lady from Alaska has taken more than any human should every have to take…

    • Min Max

      And you know what? She never once asked for help to pay off that debt. Instead, she wrote a best seller and got a job at fox.

      • Suki Pero

        Yes, and there is a world of difference between making money through people knowingly buying your book vs the influence peddling and cronyism of other politicians while in office.  The left doesn’t understand this difference but we need to hammer that point when they are bashing!

      • Ory Hebert

        I like how she made sure the State stopped writing per diem checks for her kids because she never cashed them…even though legally, she could.

        • Min Max

          She has done so much for Alaska; some politicians who have done much, expect much. Not Sarah.
          So it pains me as I’m sure it does all of us, to see her reputation smeared and her record falsified, that more Alaskans aren’t standing up against this BS. How can they forget so easily?

          Sometimes, in my more cynical moments, I can understand why Machiavelli would say “it is much safer to be feared than loved because …love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage;"

      • CBDenver

        Yep, that is true.  I remember when she finished her book it was ahead of schedule.  I knew then that what drove her to get the book done quickly was paying off the legal debts from the bogus ethics complaints. 

        The last straw leading to her resignation was probably the recommendation disallowing her legal defense fund — that was probably a light at the end of the tunnel that got snuffed out by a Democrat-connected legal consultant for the state Ethics Panel.

    • Kalena

       What I love about her is how she outsmarted them by "reloading" when she resigned and chose to fight them on HER turf, the people’s turf.  She knew we would step up and support her.

  • technopeasant

    I’m not going to repeat the entire post I just wrote in the previous open thread but here in essence is why Obama could be re-elected:

    Over the last 40 years the Left has dedicated itself to three things:

    a) Taking over the American education system and teaching secular humanist values

    b) Controlling the Zeitgeist through controlling the media and media content and changing it to suit its political purposes

    c) To equate the pursuit of happiness with sexual freedom

    Imho, the Left saw a huge opening in (c). With regards to sexual activity, the Right is all about injunction (rules), timing, and prohibition and not about pursuing one’s happiness through sexual activity. Or at least that is the perception.

    What the Left has done a masterful job of taking the phrase "the right to pursue happiness" from the Declaration of Independence and advocated that Americans do have the right to unlimited sexual expression and the Right is simply a thorn in their side, a party pooper, the moral police whose raison d’etre is to stop you from having fun and to stop you from having sex or at least lay down rules when you can have sex.

    But where the Left really shines is that it has taken this one concept of unlimited sexual freedom and activity and together with advances in technology able to now advocate that not only can you pursue your happiness through sex anytime you want,  you can also have your cake and eat it to. And that is why abortion is so important to the Left’s agenda. Without abortion the Left can no longer make that claim.

    And you may think that the Left was most upset at Rick Santorum for speaking on the issue of contraceptives. On the contrary, they were cheering every speech he gave on the subject, but then he strayed into territory that did alarm the Left: he cited evidence that contraceptives don’t always work. In that moment Santorum did cross the line and become a direct threat to Leftist orthodoxy. How can you have your cake and eat it to if contraceptives aren’t one hundred percent full-proof?

    I strongly believe Obama is going to run on a platform of you can have your cake and eat it to. And many Narcissistic, self-serving Americans are going to vote for the man who will make sure it continues and even flourishes.

    Fortunately personal survival for most voters comes before sexual pleasure. But if Obama can guarantee personal survival through increased government intervention, then he can make a case he is the ultimate defender of the new Zeitgeist and our GOP nominee is a killjoy whose goal is to deny you your right to pursue your own happiness anyway you want.

    Sex and sexual activity is a powerful agent of individual expression. Could it become a primary motivating force for an individual to vote to re-elect Obama? I wonder. 

    • Suki Pero

      If this is the route, I hope someone can articulate the fact that if the government gives you the right to contraception it is just a small step to them telling you how many children you can have, or maybe none at all. 
      I think Obama is going to focus on the "right" to have a little money, a home, a car, insurance, education.  Mr.Share the wealth is going to go full bore on class warfare and how it is others keeping all from having some.  We need someone who can speak truth against all this crap.

    • CBDenver

      While it is true that the left has been successful in infiltrating the schools and media to promote their agenda of sexual freedom, sometimes there are unexpected results.  I recall listening to some self-centered woman going on about an abortion in her past.  As she self-indulgently told the story, her 10-year old daughter was sitting right beside her.  The daughter began to weep uncontrollably.  After a good long while the girl regained her composure.  Someone asked her what was it that made her cry.  She said quietly, "It could have been me".

      Many young people born after 1973 know that they had other brothers and sisters who were never given a chance to live.  Many know that their parent’s reasons for aborting their siblings are weak — the vague "we just weren’t ready for children yet" or some such self-centered nonsense. 

      I don’t think that young people’s support for abortion is as solid as you seem to think.

  • ZH100

    Good morning all.

    The emails confirms what Gov.Palin has said all along.

    Reading the emails my respect has only grown for Gov.Palin; we can not imagine what the Palin family has been through.

    This video says it all.

  • technopeasant

    If you want to understand how insidious the modern Left is, here is a piece on Edward Bernays whose beliefs on how modern mass-market advertising techniques and media propaganda and the manufacturing of consent could shape a society and become the model on which Herman Goebbels designed Nazi Propaganda and I believe is used by Obama and the current regime.

    Here is a key takeaway: 

    "…Bernay’s belief that educated newspaper/news readers are the most easily misled by clever, subtle propaganda. He says clever news stories and opinion pieces that cite certain facts or are endorsed or put forth by certain authorities can impress these folks the most. Even more so, a mere matter-of-fact piece that states the current factual situation as XYZ (when in fact it could be ABC). He says he finds it amusing to see people debating the nature of a political problem or foreign affairs issue that he, himself, largely constructed out of thin air. He may have found it amusing, but reading it, I am horrified."

    Another idea pioneered by Bernays: the realization that DIRECT PERSUASION fails with maybe 90% of the population. He says that when you try to debate them or persuade them with FACTS, they become combative and fight you, EVEN IF IT IS IN THEIR DIRECT INTEREST TO AGREE. Instead he suggests using humor or entertainment…WWI, most people were opposed to the war, but by having the Germans stereotyped as monsters in various news-reels, or by spreading clever, racist, anti-German ethnic jokes, he…was able to increase public support for US intervention on the behalf of the British Empire."

    • technopeasant

      Next to Walter Lippman, the father of progressivism, I consider Bernays the next most important figure in the advancement of the Obama agenda.

    • blueniner

      Vely Intadesting……….

    • marvin hill

      REgards your arguement…This could explain a long way why the "most conservative possible gambit" of the SoCons is THE second most likely scenario to fail, but I digress…

      The Romney proposition, that fixing the numbers-which even to the infantile selfish nature of the left who have sincere desires that the government care for them and cater to their indulgence of  sex without guilt, money without working, and happiness without satisfaction(they are after all else always seeking more- like greedy little birds)…anyway…I was saying even these can
      see a threat to their access to the government teat and recognize an austerity program when they see it…Romney is not a threat by being a conservative, he is a threat by being a numbers first kind of guy…to him victims are unintended/collateral damage, and not his responsibility…
        THey dont stand a chance with him at the helm and will be energized to defeat him. They will not underestimate Romney, and Romney has no strengths he is a paper tiger.

      The Santorum program is fiscally Romney lite, austerity…waiting indefinitely for manufacturing to return by majik…HE is less threatening fiscally, but will browbeat and shame them for the scum they are…he will allow the church to escape the guillotine once again, and torment them for not being productive citizens, The worst threat Santorum’s SoCon philosophy represents is the possible elimination of the free and legal abortion – their get out of jail free for any bad decisions made along the way, by accident or consciously. If you were to analize their support for ObamaCare,you would most likely find it doesnt reduce costs, isnt going to be free…THEY are attracted most by the free and legal abortions…life without guilt or responsibility.
        THey wont like the idea of austerity under Santorum any better than Romney, They wont be as stimulated to react to the fiscal threat because Santorum doesnt have the managerial skills to make it work properly, and he will run out of ideas shortly after taking office…but he does promise to overturn ObamaCare and threatens legal and free abortion, they will rise in great numbers to oppose this man. No arguement against this will be heard by them..*ODD that they so willingly agree to what is essentially the most basic of ‘population control’ and have no consideration of the door opened to the next step in this EVIL plan…
      forced sterilization, births by government permission, early termination when no longer productive to the state….THEY wont hear the argument because they wont listen over or past the social judgement of their current pattern of behavior by the right.

      Both of these guys signal Years of pain and contraction, with small ideas, they make the light at the end of the tunnel seem far away, and unreachable…although they are energetic to convince, no one is even taking the time to analyze their plans.  Faced with an up or down vote and no intellectual support…I expect they will be rebuffed and rejected.

      Contrast the Alternative…

      The Palin/Gingrich program offers redemption for America, by returning to God as OUR center
      they immediately restore the inalienable rights to the people, life and individuals are weighed in
      God’s eyes…they offer MORE freedom, not less, and the catch is tiny- personal responsibility before self respect is assumed.   They get government out of the way and allow American Exceptionalism to solve the problems almost immediately…Simply by changing the paradigm
      Americans can be proud and Free  IF they will VOTE FOR IT…
        In the Palin/Gingrich program you dont spend your money attacking other ideas- it they are good ideas, you absorb them into the program. You dont spend your money attacking your opponents because you respect all ideas and your objective is to Unite all constituencies.This makes
      for a cohesive, strong and healthy diversity – A NATION – presently this bucks all trends toward the NWO, but does not rule out the NWO changing its direction under the NEW PARADIGM…
      Free and Exceptional peoples over the whole globe.
        In the Palin/Gingrich Program, you educate your constituency to the Possibilities, and LET them choose the direction…success breeds success and actual sustainable growth becomes both spontaineous and
      inevitable…ITS SUPPLY SIDE FREEDOM…and it is cheap- you BUY it by VOTING
        In the Palin/Gingrich Program there is no effort to suppress the vote…YOU encourage it.
      The people who VOTE have skin in the game.  Each success of an individual can flow into the
      success of a chain of others, NO Death tax, so you pass success to the next generation, and
      the American Dream is reborn

      Which would you rather vote for?…Which beats Slavery to the State Hands Down?

      • Mountain

        Review the stark contrast between these two worldviews, and acknowledge the absolute NECESSITY of electing a true conservative to the presidency in 2012.

        If Sarah Palin knows she can’t win on a Republican ticket, and a third-party ticket most likely would fail as well, then I hope she finds a solid, reliable conservative she CAN trust and endorse, although it will in the short term break her supporters’ hearts….
        BUT it would save our republic.

        Lord, we are praying for Your supernatural power to help her—-and us.  Have mercy, heal, empower, and strengthen us for this task!—-especially the Palin family.  AMEN

  • Guest

    Gingrich at CPAC 2008 prophesying the problems for RNC against Obama or Clinton. Long but very insightful:     

  • frank

    Absolutely incredible.

    Mitt Romney is criticizing Santorum for supporting No Child Left Behind while Mitt supported it. Mitt even called for the doubling of the Education Department in 2006.

    On the other hand it shows how incompetent Santorum is. There are so many things to hit Mitt on. The big money that he gets from insiders and lobbyists, global warming flip flops, tax increases just to name a few.

    I can’t stand Mitt and if he is the nominee, I will not support him. 4 years of Obama looks better than 8 years of Mitt Romney.

    • blueniner

      If Romney is the candidate it will pose a problem, with  all this vetting we are learning alot of things about Romney and they sure aint flattering.

    • Suki Pero

       I don’t think you’ll need to worry about voting for Romney.  He can’t beat Obama with or without your vote so we might as well all sleep good and send a big loud message to the GOP that they’ve blown it for the last time.  I know Palin said she’d never run 3rd party, but it is a woman’s prerogative. :-)

  • John B. Hefmier

    Excellent Def Leppard song for the "Sarah Palin Undefeated" video.  :^)

  • ZH100

    Gov.Palin said this in a interview with the Daily Caller:

    “I said, ‘Enough. Political adversaries and their political friends in the media will not destroy my State, my administration, nor my family. Enough.’ I knew if I didn’t play their game any longer, they could not win. I would not retreat, I would instead reload, and I would fight for what is right from a different plane.”

    And that was exactly what she did; she continued to fight form a different plane without the ‘shackles’ of the frivolous ethic complaints.

    Joel B. Pollak wrote this:

    Form the article:

    "After the election, when the Republican establishment began to self-destruct, Palin rallied the conservative base yet again. She became an important voice in the burgeoning Tea Party movement. She helped lead Republicans to the greatest congressional victory in several generations. Her success stopped the Obama agenda dead in its tracks".

    • ProudAmerican247

      This is an EXCELLENT post, ZH!

      Hits the nail on the head!  The Numbskulls Lost!!!

      Sarah proved how tough she could be; she took ‘em all on and WON!

      I admire the tenacity she possesses as a person, and that’s who I want as my President!

      Never Give Up!

      PALIN POWER is here to stay!!!!!

      Go Sarah! 2012!

  • blueniner

    When I read these e-mails, It really tells the story of what the left as well as the right wanted to do, and that is destroy Sarah Palin. If Romney wins the nomination, do we have to take one for the team?

    • ZH100

      "the left as well as the right wanted to do"


    • Dr. Leroy Shitslinger

      NO, NO, NO!!!

      What we need to do is vote for all of the down ticket races to load up the Senate and House, then vote NOT INTERESTED when it comes to the Mutt.
      That will show the Rove Gang that we are MAD AS HELL and not going to take it anymore.
      Leave the Porch Monkey Policy Center to Oskidmark with ZERO support and he will fade into the obscurity he so rightly deserves.

  • Suki Pero

    That NewsMax article w/ McCain is garbage, and my thoughts about McCain are about the same.  NewsMax writes:
     Those challenges caused Palin both monetary and personal pain, according
    to the emails which mostly spanned the period between October 2008 and
    July 2009, when Palin stepped down as governor. They also revealed that
    Palin was considering a divorce from her husband, Todd.

    They do not give up do they?  I am so ready for Sarah Palin to announce, start filling stadiums and for all good men and women of this country to stand up.  They attack her as they attack this country and all of us.

    • ZH100

      The  atlanticwire got it right.

      Form the article:

      "The press is stirring up rumors of a near-divorce between Sarah Palin and her husband Todd but it looks like the "lamestream" media missed the joke".

      • senator20526

        " Divorce Todd? Have you seen Todd?"

    • Leroy Whitby

      Newsmax got sucked into that? Even Huffpo issued an apology and retraction for taking Palin’s sarcasm and playing it as if it were a real statement about the divorce. Newsmax is trash, but geez.

      • ProudAmerican247

        "Even Huffpo issued an apology and retraction for taking Palin’s sarcasm and playing it as if it were a real statement about the divorce."

        Anyone with half a brain knows it was sarcasm about a "divorce".

        But then, the Left has always been in constant denial and in lying mode.

        LOGIC…they have NONE.

        Will they EVER grow up??!!


        Palin! 2012!

  • technopeasant

    Georgia poll on GOP contenders:

    Landmark Communications/Rosetta Stone

    Gingrich                     38% (36)

    Santorum                   25% (26)

    Romney                     19% (16)

    Paul                             5% (5)

    Undecided               13% (18)

    Brackets Feb 9

    Poll conducted Feb 23 of 1300 LIKELY GOP primary voters

    The Georgia polls are all over the map:

    Insider Advantage had Newt at 26% after showing him at 36% in the previous poll and Rasmussen had Newt at 33% and Santorum at 28%.

    • Kalena

       I think the polls are going to be very fluid over the next few days.  The debate, peeps waiting to see the MI and AZ results, etc.  However, the media won’t truthfully report how MI allocates its delegates – by who wins each congressional district.  At this time, Mitt is not polling ahead of Santorum in most districts.

    • V

      The main take away from most of these Southern polls is how poorly Romney performs.

      The candidate whom the GOPe is pushing could well lose some of these states in an election against Obama.

      • technopeasant

        I pegged Georgia as the key state. McCain only won it by 5.2%. The other states in the Deep South he won by double digits.

        And we know Obama won Florida by a 51 to 48 margin.

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