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What’s going on this morning? The Michigan GOP primary is tonight.

Six pollsters have gone in the field in Michigan over the last two days. Three show Romney leading, three show Santorum leading. The one thing they all seem to have in common is that the momentum is with Santorum after he apparently collapsed at the debate. I suspect that his "snob" remark worked and that Romney’s Ford Field moment hurt him. The reason why gaffes hurt Romney more than they hurt Santorum is because the former is arguing that we should vote for him because he’s electable while the latter isn’t (likewise, past liberalism hurts Santorum more than it hurts Romney because the former is arguing we should vote for him because he’s the most conservative while the latter isn’t).

Here are the polls:

Public Policy Polling: Santorum 39, Romney 34 (Romney led 39-37 on Sunday)
Mitchell/Rosetta Stone: Santorum 37, Romney 35 (Romney led 36-33 on Wednesday)
Foster McCollum White and Associates: Romney 38, Santorum 36 (Romney led 39-31 on Wednesday)
Rasmussen: Romney 38, Santorum 36 (Romney led 40-34 on Wednesday)
ARG: Santorum 36, Romney 35
We Ask America: Romney 37, Santorum 33


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