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Quinnipiac Poll: Palin at 20% as Alternate Candidate Choice

Guest Submission by Jose R. Gonzalez

I was actually watching CNN last night and they mentioned a poll from Quinnipiac University Polling Institute where Sarah Palin and Jeb Bush were tied at 20 percent as an alternate choice in the GOP race.  Mitch Daniels polled at 15 percent.  The candidate leading in the race was actually Gov. Chris Christie.

When voters were just asked to choose between Santorum and Romney, the margin between the two candidates expanded. Santorum had the support of 50% of likely Republican voters, compared to 37% who went for Romney.

Most respondents, 54%, said it was not likely at all a candidate not currently in the race would wind up becoming the 2012 Republican presidential nominee

But if such a candidate emerged, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would be the most popular, with the support of 33% of likely Republican voters. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush were at 20% and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels stood at 15%.

Forty-eight percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents said having a candidate not currently in the race become the nominee would be bad for the GOP, compared to 37% who said it would be good for the party. (Read full article)

Christie has repeatedly denied his intentions to run (even had a press conference to repeat himself) and he has already endorsed Gov. Romney and been a very active surrogate for Romney.  As a result, that leaves Palin and Bush as the leading alternate choices.  Jeb is another member of the Establishment, as is Daniels, a former George W. Bush administration official.  Less than half of the polled believed an alternate choice would hurt the party and nearly 40 percent believed it would actually help.

The Establishment bosses have already pushed Jeb  Bush and Mitch Daniels as their choices.  Palin IS the people’s choice.  She has suggested she would accept the nomination if asked of her at a brokered convention.  I’m still holding hope for an "unconventional" campaign where the good governor still at least runs and helps invigorate our democratic process and inspire the base.

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  • SonOfOriginalTed

    If the GOP ends up w/Romney, it’s goin the way of the Whigs.

    There WILL be a third party.

    • gwspfan

      I am ready for it in 2014. The midterms would give a conservative party time to work out the kinks and gain support before the election in 2016….if we have one.

      • Kalena

         If Sarah is in the White House, we can primary ALL of the RINOS in 2014 and clean sweep them OUT.

    • StandProudNow

       I agree. But not a party competing in the 2012 election. No one on the right would want to be the reason for obummahs re-election.

    • USMAgrandma

      SOOT, this post is the first one I’ve seen of yours that was not positive that Sarah would be the nominee.  I too am upset with the news Rush is revealing that Romney and Paul have cut a deal to either name Rand orPaul, himself as VP.  If Paul gives his delegates to Romney I fear he can run the table.  I would like your take on this..

      • friskyness

        I agree paul has been in it all along to help Romney. That’s why he keeps saying he wants as many delegates as possible.  Now if Santorum and Newt would come together and one drop out, then Romney can be defeated.

  • PCR1

    I said long ago that a brokered convention presents  the only chance for Governor Sarah Palin to be our

    nominee, given  that she did not run.

    However, a brokered convention is still a long shot, highly improbable, though not entirely out of the


    As much as I find it distasteful, the likliest endresult of this nomination battle is that Mitt Romney will

    be the nominee.

    If so, Romney had better wake up to the fact that he will have a very difficult time besting Obama.

    One must not underestimate Obama, not when 49.5% in this country pay no taxes!

    Those government dependents are his constituents.

    That leaves Obama only 0.6% to win over, and he is reelected!

    If Romney is the nominee, a significant number of conservatives are going to stay home, and every

    Republican vote not cast is a vote for Obama.

    What I am saying is that whoever is the nominee of the present runners, he’d better have someone at

    his side, as VP nominee, who will get those conservatives to go out and cast their vote on election day.

    There is only one person who can virtually guarantee that, and that is Governor Sarah Palin.

    From whatever perspective one looks at it, the key to victory, the winning cards, are all  her hands.

    She’s the 800lb (Mama) Grizzly in the middle of this thing.


    • Bill Carpenter Sr.

      My suspicions are that a brokered convention is exactly what Sarah had in mind when she 
      spoke of an unconventional primary.  She is smart enough not to mud wrestle everyone that
      comes along. She’s ready for the championship bout.

  • indemind

    The Fat Boy won’t have a leg to stand on, once vetted… Just a Big Mouth Bully …


    • Bill Carpenter Sr.

      The guy is totally over rated

    • palinsupporter2012

      The problem is if Christie, Bush or Daniels would be selected in a convention, how would there be time to have them vetted? I choose Palin and she is already vetted.

    • sno_warrior

      He said himself that "he wasn’t in the physical condition he needed to be in, to run for a national campaign." … He mentioned this in an interview a few  months ago.

      • bucky321

        i just pray cristy doesn’t have to climb any steps

  • ProudAmerican247

    President Sarah Palin.

    Sounds good to me.

  • Julia

    It’s wonderful Sarah has that support….but how do we turn that support into a victory?  The devil is in the details.  Even Sarah has expressed doubt that she would be advocated by the establishment in a brokered convention.  The big question becomes….how do we ENSURE that Sarah is endorsed for a brokered convention?  What is the process?  Who do we need to convince, and how do we get her there?

    • Kalena

       WE THE PEOPLE.  ALL OF US.  We need to talk her up to everyone we know.

      • alien4palin

        I agree!!!

  • palinpatriot2012

    I think it is very possible. There should be a way of getting as many Palinistas going to the convention as delegates and the rest of the delegates need to be Palinized so if a brokered convention happens, Gov. Palin will be on everybody’s mind. 

    • derised1

      My thoughts exactly. We need to flood Tampa with Palin peeps or she stands little chance against the GOP establishment. Romney will be cutting deals left and right.

  • Charles Kienast

    Yes, let’s support Sarah Palin for President with all our hearts, but don’t run away from the Republican Party if Romney wins, etc. We need to reform the party from within and I believe that that is what Sarah Palin is trying to do. If Palin is not nominated or not run, let’s help her to make sure that our Republican candidate and our Republican Party continue to go back to its more conservative roots. Let’s hold our candidate and party to our time-honored values and principles of limited gov’t, democracy, capitalism, liberties from gov’t controls, etc. Third party will not help us but hurt us. Only turn away from the Republican Party if "IT" turns totally away from its limited government and conservative values. Pls. remember that we need to show all Americans that our Conservative values and principles are the best for all Americans AND not turn our backs when they all don’t agree with us – esp. right now. It is our "actions" that speak loudly – not our shrill voices of protests that some people are not all Conservatives right now. Cuck

    • Leroy Whitby

      I’m losing confidence in the Republican party. May be time to put a bullet in the lame horse and move on. I don’t think it is easy to kill a party without pain and chaos, but it may be necessary nonetheless. The left is pushing us to a tipping point. If the Republican party can’t push back, then they are an obstacle, not a help to the people.

      • sno_warrior

        Gov. Palin may have already ‘named’ this party… It’s called the "Freedom Party"! But I also suggest that is a long-shot to. She knows the hazzards of a third party.

      • Kalena

         We need to save that bullet until after November 2012.  After we get Obama defeated, we can then put the GOP out of its misery.

    • ConservativeBearCA

      Take your crazy talk elsewhere!!  First, Sarah is the one we want.  Sarah is the one we’ll support.  Period.

      Secondly, I don’t think I can get behind Romney given what Sarah herself has said about him.

      Finally, Romney is NOT going to win the nomination.  It’s obvious we’re going to a brokered convention because a majority doesn’t find any of the existing candidates to be worthy of the Republican nomination.  Sarah is the only option our party has.  I’m sure the majority will come around and see that.  Sarah WILL be the nominee.  Maybe a Romney supporter like you should get on board with us now.

  • Patriot Games

    I’m surprised that more Republicans think it would hurt if someone outside the Failed Four becomes the candidate. Why? That would happen because the Four aren’t cutting it.  It could only mean that the newcomer would be stronger. Too many Republicans are fearful and just want to hide. Otherwise there would have been a party-wide explosion of passion to get behind Palin from the start. "Oh please, let’s not offend Obama, insane Nancy Pelosi or Bill Maher and other foul-mouthed anti-Americans. Let’s nominate a token and stick our heads in the sand for another four years."

    I reject the Obama, anti-American propaganda that Palin was too damaged by left-wing filthmongers to run. And if she believed it, she isn’t the woman I think she is. You defeat lies only one way–with the truth. Otherwise, hold out your hands for the slave chains.

    I believe what I read recently about Harold Ickes, the NON-politically correct liberal attack dog for Bill and Hillary Clinton, who wanted to blow Obama out of the water in the 2008 Dem primaries by going full blast after the racist and antisemitic filth of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s mentor. But the Clintons were too self-serving, thinking it better for their rotten political futures if they laid off the truth about the black Messiah who is actually th world’s biggest fraud.

    So what did McCain and Steve Schmidt do? The same as the Clintons. And punished Palin for daring to speak of Obama’s partnerships with racists, terrorists and crooks. Even prevented her from campaigning in Michigan, which badly needed some fresh air after years of Democrat/Islamic abuse.

    This nation is in big trouble. I think that’s why Sarah seems to favor Gingrich. He has the wits and the personality to lay into Obama full force. So of course, the GOP has turned from away from him to Santorum.

    • HuntingMoose

      don’t confuse the fact that they are dwarfs compared to Palin as them being a failure.

      they all are infinite better than Obama.

  • cuttingboardblues

    If she were to jump in it would immediately go up in to the 40% area.  Possibly above.  Do you think most of these voters are voting for Mitt or Santorum because they greatly support them, or are they looking at the ballot and voting for a distant second choice because Sarah didn’t run?

    • ConservativeBearCA

      Polls have already shown that most Republicans, even those that voted for Romney or Santorum, want someone else.  Once it’s clear she’s an option people are going to flock to her in droves.  They’re certainly not going for Bush, Daniels or Christie.

      • bucky321

        but sarah has to want it and i am not sure she does. the fire in belly has got to be real, and not just a warm glow. we can’t do everything, she needs to go on a tear.

      • fb274

        Well shoot!  Even Huntsman who endorsed Romney is now calling for a third party.  Wonder who else will admit Romney is not the best choice?

  • Bill Carpenter Sr.

    My suspicions are that a brokered convention is exactly what Sarah had in mind when she 
    spoke of an unconventional primary.  She is smart enough not to mud wrestle everyone that
    comes along. She’s ready for the championship bout.

    • ConservativeBearCA

      Absolutely!!  She is a master tactician.  No one, not even someone like me who’s fanatical about Sarah, saw this coming.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Why is this story C4P-worthy? 

    • Hyman Roth

      Do you know what the C, 4, and P stand for?

      • RefudiateGOPe

         Yes, I do.  And this poll is worthless.  What’s your point?

        • Bill589

          Some think the poll is worth something.

          For instance, 20% is way better than the, ‘irrelevant’ claim of the left.

  • Jelayne Sessler

    I’m all for a BC featuring SP. 

  • Hyman Roth



    • derised1

      LoL :D

  • JamesColumbiaMo

    If Palin were a Democrat, she would be more popular than Hillary and Obama.  The Left did a magnificent job of destroying her in 2008-2009.  I am not sure if she can overcome that to win a Presidential election, but I do think she has the charisma and the brains to pull it off.  People need to see the real Palin, not the caricature spun by Obama’s lamestream media. 

  • ConservativeBearCA

    This is a BS poll.  Any Republican with a brain can see there is only ONE candidate that can defeat Obama in November.  This will come out very quickly once we get to the brokered convention.

  • patnatasha

    enough with the bushes please!!!

  • Dittohead1

    I hope the GOP convention is brokered and won by Sarah. I am now pulling hard for Santorum, whjo was my Senator. I will vote for Romney, but I am very leery of his true intentions.

  • LadyMams

    While I don’t give a flip about polls….Christie is just a bully and media hog and FOX has switched support from Romney to him.  Just look at their websites….all Christie. Sarah is smarter than ALL of them and us.

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      Fox can be read like an open book. When they worry we should celebrate. They, like we, saw each candidate give a speech at CPAC. It was no contest! So now we get Christie rolled out again. He was the establishment’s hopeful Palin crusher and would have entered the race if she got in. It is too late now. Clever Spin Zone Bill is running a poll for VP choice. First one ever since it is meaningless, not voted on, and he knows it will be Rubio. That is the result he will announce. He may even have his man Rasmussen run a highest disfavorables poll soon. Read them like a book.

    • fb274

      Christi is a stroke or heart attack waiting to happen.  No way could he ever keep up with national campaigning as a pres candidate or even VP.

  • Freempg
  • Vicki

    This is not a very useful poll. People aren’t going to respond how they really feel as long as everything is unsettled. It would be wise to be truthful and admit that the numbers aren’t that great for Gov Palin at this point. They’re not bad but not particularly good.

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