Something’s Happening Here…

Guest Submission by Super Yoni

Something’s happening here,
What it is ain’t exactly clear…
– Buffalo Springfield, 1967

The N.Y. Times headline today reads, “In Santorum’s Sweep, Sign of G.O.P. Unease with Romney.” No kidding! After months and months of endless campaigns, millions of dollars of positive and negative ads, and too many primaries and caucuses, no one is emerging as the obvious and acceptable Republican Party nominee to go against President Obama. All these elections may turn out to be completely stalemated and meaningless in selecting the nominee. The question is, who will come out from all of this?

We don’t know what Governor Palin will say at the CPAC conference this Saturday, but one this is clear. She saw this coming all along. Iowa and beyond turned out to be a circus with no determination, and she was correct not to want to participate in it. The more we learned about each of these candidates, the lesser we liked or wanted any of them. And after last night, no one is emerging. Romney is unacceptable to conservative Republican voters, and Ron Paul, Santorum, and Gingrich are all unelectable. Where does that leave us? Looking for someone else.

And there she is — right where she has always been –the perfect conservative Republican candidate just waiting to be asked to carry the banner into the November election. Without actually declaring her candidacy this Saturday, I hope Gov. Palin makes it very clear to the American public that their process so far has been a complete failure, and that she is the only acceptable conservative who can also beat Obama.

My prediction is this. If the race is still stalemated after Super Tuesday, the whole primary process will collapse, and Republicans will then turn to Gov. Palin en masse. They will realize that this is too important to play around with anymore. Thank you, Gov. Palin, for hanging in there and remaining above the fray. This is going to turn out fine after all.

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