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Steve Schmidt Admits Role in HBO Smear-U-Drama

Last December I wrote about a piece titled Behind the Smears of HBO’s “Game Change.” While writing about the authors of the book that the fictional HBO smear-u-drama is based on, I noted:

They claim to have interviewed over 300 people during their research, but not one of those people are named. Heilemann and Halperin do however, name the people who where present during each instance during the ’08 campaign that they claim happened. I found it interesting that within the Palin chapters of the book, Nicolle Wallace, her husband Mark Wallace, Steve Schmidt, and or the mysterious “famous GOP strategist” are always present.

After reading the book, it was pretty obvious to me that the unnamed sources for the book were primarily Steve Schmidt, Nicolle, and Mark Wallace. That was verified in Saturday’s edition of the Los Angeles Times when Schmidt and Wallace finally signed their names to this deal. Entertainment writer

Schmidt and a chief Palin ’08 aide, Nicolle Wallace, said they found it highly credible. Wallace said the film "captured the spirit and emotion of the campaign."

Of course they did! They sold their souls and their careers to the enemy in an effort to save their sorry reputations. I am happy to see that none of the current GOP presidential candidates were dumb enough to hire any of these losers.

And now here’s proof that Schmidt sold his garbage to two left-leaning book authors, in a publication that essentially glorifies Barack Obama, right after he failed in his job (emphasis):

Schmidt and most of the other top operatives from the McCain campaign gave extended interviews to John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, the book authors. Many of the same sources also spoke to Danny Strong, writer of the film, and to director Jay Roach, who also teamed on the Emmy-winning docudrama "Recount," about the razor’s edge 2000 election finish. Chris Edwards, one of Palin’s 2008 staffers, served as a technical advisor to the filmmakers.

I don’t know who "

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