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‘The Blaze’ Writer Trashes Governor Palin for Writing Trig Article – Update

Monday, a writer for Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze, took upon himself to trash Governor Palin for writing that beautiful article that was published over the weekend on the Daily Beast. Quite frankly, Beck’s writer shocked me with his tone and lack of reason for posting the piece. So why did The Blaze host this nauseating garbage? Why did Beck’s editors permit someone (a small man who writes just like a "progressive™" btw) to attack Governor Palin in this fashion, on this website?

The writer, who goes by the name "Eddie Scarry" wrote:

What’s the first thing that came to mind when you heard that Rick Santorum‘s special needs child was in the hospital with pneumonia late last month? I bet all of Mitt Romney‘s money it wasn’t Sarah Palin unless you are Sarah Palin.

He clearly tries to suggest that Governor Palin used the Santorums troubles to bring attention to herself. A disgraceful suggestion, especially since the Daily Beast reached out to Governor Palin to write the article, not the other way around. From HuffPo (emphasis):

But a Daily Beast spokesperson says the Palin piece was assigned last week following the news that Rick Santorum’s daughter, Bella, had been hospitalized and he was briefly leaving the campaign trail.

"We asked Sarah Palin if she would like to share her personal story about life with a child with special needs upon learning about Senator Santorum’s decision last week to place his campaign on hold to be with his daughter," the spokesperson emailed.

Scarry continued to embarrass himself by writing:

Of the roughly 900-word article, 123 of them relate to Santorum and his daughter Bella who was born with Trisomy 18, a disability similar to Down syndrome.

It’s all downhill from there. For more perspective, the names “Rick” and “Santorum” appear three times total and are all found in the first paragraph. The word “my,” in reference to Palin herself, appears 15 times throughout the rest. I didn’t bother searching for “I” and “I’ve.”

That would be because the Daily Beast asked her to "share her personal story," Mr. Scarry! And just how is it "downhill from there?" Did he even read her article? If so, does he possess a heart? Only an empty person could read the governor’s words regarding her son and think they were a downhill track to anywhere. It was a touching piece, written from the heart by a mother who loves her son. Something that anyone with a special needs child could truly appreciate.

Which leads me back to Glenn Beck, who also has a child with special needs… He, of all people, should be able to empathize with what Governor Palin wrote in her article. Yet, his website allows this very small human to trash and demean the message she was sending. It’s truly sad, but what else should we expect from website run by a man who once made his money from the Tea Party, and now suggests they’re racists just like the progressives™ do?

Update: John Nolte weighs in over at Big Journalism:

What the Blaze is intentionally doing here, is misleading its readers into believing Governor Palin was supposed to write a piece about the Santorum family and their daughter Bella. Moreover, The Blaze obviously wants their readers to believe that Palin selfishly exploited what happened to the Santorums so that she could write something all about herself.

That’s the only explanation for why the Blaze counts the number of times “Rick” and “Santorum” are used, or why there’s a count of how many words are dedicated to the Santorums. Why would those word counts matter otherwise?

The lie the Blaze tells here, is one of omission. But it’s a lie nonetheless, because the truth happens to be the COMPLETE opposite. Which leads me to a bigger question…

What are we to make of the fall of Glenn Beck when we’re forced to use the Huffington Post to correct his site’s misinformation … about Sarah Palin?

Yes, what just flew past your window was a pig, because today ”the truth has no agenda” at the Huffington Post:

Nolte also mentions the little scuffle I got into with Eddie Scarry yesterday on Twitter, wherein he called me a "whore." I initially left this part out of my piece because I didn’t want to distract readers from my purpose for writing it. That, and I really don’t care what this person calls me. I’ve been called many names in the past for supporting Governor Palin, all by folks who don’t know a thing about me. And I’ll admit that I’m not totally innocent in this either. I did refer to Mr. Scarry as a "jackass." Where I come from, that’s what you call someone for doing something stupid but it’s not an indictment on their character. It turns out that Mr. Scarry is worse than a "jackass" but I’ll refrain from any more name-calling.

The important thing to remember is that as long as Mr. Scarry posts on The Blaze, Glenn Beck is essentially endorsing his words. All of them. The most troubling, of course, were those words used to trash Governor Palin for doing what was asked of her.

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  • PhilipJames

    Another example of the human trash that work with Glenn Beck. Beck is a wack job and his writers are in the same trash can. I do not read that crap site anymore because of the demonic influence of the head narcissist.

    • Guest

      Glenn Beck is a Romney supporter and he just did with that article  what Romney and his supporters do best.  They are lower than liberals. Like Romney, Glenn let his minions do the dirty work for him (with his blessing of course). Don’t forget the "comedian" he allowed on GBTV to trash Sarah Palin and her family.

      • Leroy Whitby

        Is Beck a Romney supporter now? How ridiculous.

        • Guest

          "How ridiculous."

          That is what people said when I said last year that Trump and Romney are working together and that he will end up endorsing Romney. I posted it here on C4P.

          They were also upset when I said that Rubio and Haley are Romney supporters, long before others have said that.

          Re: Glenn:

          I have been listening to his coverage of the campaigns and vetting of the candidates and that is what I base my conclusion on. Others may come to a different conclusion. No problem, but just don’t think because he does not say he is a Romney supporter that it means he isn’t. He has to keep up the appearance of being objective and teaparty. The Santorum-thing is just a cover, IMO.

      • palintologist

        No, he’s not a Romney supporter.  He’s big on Santorum.

        • Guest

          Santorum is just a cover, IMO.

    • Mountain

      That’s just not true.  I know well someone who is friends with a top employee of Beck’s:  that employee is a wonderful man, with excellent character.
      So, while I can’t speak for Beck, I know at least ONE of his TOP level employees is very decent.

      This article against Gov. Palin, though, is disgusting.  It plays right into the leftist meme that all Gov. Palin thinks about is herself and her label.  HOW DISGUSTING!

      While modern believers do not righteously curse others, as occurs in the Bible, it’s still the case that evil-doers bring curses upon themselves—-and Beck and some on his staff should WATCH IT—-in Jesus’ Name!

    • Sue Lynn

      I cancelled GBTV just now because of this. I will not pay to have Sarah Palin lied about and not respected as she sooo deserves.

      • Mountain

        Good going!!!!

  • Lynda

    Very sad…This very little man, you really have to wonder if he read the article…if he did then he has no heart….the article I read was written by loving mother…and I would say through tears…a mother if you read her words … may have given up a chance to become president of the United States…

    Glen BECK seems to have lost his way…there is a video of him admiring her in 2008 right after Trig was born …

    God Bless Trig and the mother and daddy God gave him..

  • Mary Beth House

    Good work Stacy!

    If I were to share with y’all how this made me feel, I’d have to violate not only the terms of this website, but countless others as well.

    And perhaps even a few international treaties.

    Suffice it to say…I’m not a fan of scary Eddie Scarry.

    • Reynolds88

      Mary Beth, I commend your level of personal restraint!  Ordinary Barbarians tend to rise to the occasion in every respect!

  • blueniner

    Glenn Beck is a hypocrite and a crackpot. Its a good thing he got fired from FOX, dont have to hear this egomaniac anymore!

  • John_Frank

    Excellent response Stacy. Thank you!

  • RichardNC

    Thanks Stacy. Outstanding as usual.

    I was hoping you would respond to this garbage.

    I know you will get the obligatory calls to ignore people like this, but I think their words and actions need to be exposed.

    That goes for Glenn Beck as well as ‘Eddie Scarry’.

    There is no doubt that ‘Palin Derangement Syndrome’ crosses party and ideological lines and is a bipartisan disorder.

  • Jesse_Cornish

    I have always had an opinion of Glenn Beck I rather not share, but this is beneath the pale. Glenn Beck is responsible for all the content that goes up on The Blaze. This should be retracted ASAP if he considers himself a friend of the Palins.

    • Budvarakbar

       What about being friends to his own special needs child — ?

    • Guest

      He held Ron Paul responsible for what was written in his (Paul’s) newsletter.  Let’s see if he will take responsibility for what happens on GBTV and the Blaze.

  • aaron66krohn

    This piece of DNA trash……..obviously has NOT……..

    read Going Rogue…..especially the many parts with Trig in them!!

    seen the video of her April 16, 2009 speech in Evansville…..
    when she spoke of Trig so emotionally, it makes me cry EVERY time I watch it!!

    seen that episode of SPA, when she, HERSELF CRYING, speaks so beautifully about her cousin Ina’s child, Matthew, who has Down Syndrome also, in relation to her feelings about Trig!!!

    watched the MANY videos of her speeches where she speaks lovingly and eloquently about Trig and the entire Special Needs community, or of the need to be pro-life!!

    seen, or even MET, Little Trig himself….in person!!!  How can one say ANYTHING bad about such a wonderful PERFECT child??!!

    And as for Beck………I have one thing to say to him……

    What HAPPENED to you, guy?????
    (As the article notes, there was that interview in June (??) 2008, where Beck PRAISED Sarah for giving birth to Trig, and the way she’d handled it!!!)

    Sick, sick, SICK!!!!!!

    • Guest

      "What HAPPENED to you, guy?????"

      Romney is what happened to Glenn Beck. 

    • Mountain

      Beck is in the middle of a vortex, because of huge changes he is making in his life.
      Please PRAY for him. 
      Please DON’T feed the Evil One with hatred of him (even though it seems warranted!).

      Please pray for his family, wife, his work—-that GOD can reach them and Beck with healing.
      Thank you.

  • Lakerfanalways

    I lost respect for Glenn Beck a long time ago..the crying that he would always do, I knew was fake!! He’s a pretty good actor I give him that, maybe not soap opera kind of acting but good enough. He is a Romneybot yet he would always go after progressives, funny how now he supports one! The fact that he would allow this smut on his site shows more about Glenn Beck then the idiot writer who posted such utter filth

  • TEXs

    In a way it’s good.

    Drama Queen,the snake in the grass is done in Palin book.

    Should’ve happen long,long time ago.Good riddance!!!


     a clown is funny…beck is a false prophet….that’s dangerous…..i stopped listening to him a long time ago….

    • PCR1


      That is why I compared him to Elmer Gantry, the fictional religious fraud who preyed on good

      Christian folk to profit himself.

  • wiskeyjack

    This manchild in Glen Beck seemed to become more obvious at the outset of the anti climax of his famous DC rally.    He just didn’t seem to have a second act.  He then seemed to increasingly cow to O’Reilly and every other rino hack at FOX as time went on. I recall on occasion he would reach out to Sarah Palin for support but seldom returned the favor.  Where was Beck for Sarah when Tuscon became an issue a while back?

    What made his character weaknesses more apparent for me was recalling that it was he who asked Sarah, as a favor, to attend the DC rally – the success of which he mainly takes credit for even today.  When at the rally,  death threats had been reported:  Glen’s wife had insisted on he wearing bullet proof clothing;  Sarah can be seen praying before entering the stage;  and Martin Luther King’s neice, another invite by Glen,  broke down and almost decided not to go on stage – understandably so.   Still, Sarah went out and gave yet another unforgettable speech.  So Glen repays the extraordinary courage of the Governor with unrequited loyalty.  This is how I will remember Glen Beck.

    That he presumably allows scum journalism on his website to attack Sarah Palin betrays an integrity level which sets him squarely in league with other such establishment belly- crawlers as Tucker Carlson, Will, Krahthammer and O’Reilly in addition, but not limited to, those other cheap shot artists on FOX who seldom seem to miss a chance to pile on the Governor due to their own miserable professional shortcomings.

    The good news is the Governor with such regal skills at controlling the narrative is a text book study on how to handle these digs with grace and class and whereby she subsequently renders to all prospective rino’s and liberal’s a flailing fixating with her, rent free, in their otherwise vacuous little minds.

    • cudaforever

      Nice !! Very well-stated. Thanks wiskeyjack !!

    • Reynolds88

      It’s true though.  I like to study Sarah Palin since she tends to swim effortlessly through this kind of BS.  Always like the serene duck on the pond, moving with grace and ease but no doubt moving her little feet faster than anyone would imagine!

      • hope4palins

        Me too.  Although it is sometimes frustrating and saddening as the tide of events goes back and forth, I feel privileged to be alive to observe what I believe in the end will be the emergence of one of the three or four iconic giants of our civilization’s history.  I just hope that I’m allowed to live long enough to see that process come to its full fruition, to see her perceived by the country for who and what she really is instead of the grotesque caricature she has to battle against.  Pick your favorite from history:  Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, they each went through a period where no one thought they had any kind of future in their Nation’s affairs.  I feel like we are at that point with her now:  A few or perhaps several years away from fulfilling their political destinies, putting their stamp on history.

    • hope4palins

      Thank you for putting into words what I couldn’t, validating my own opinions.  I thought his interview of her was creepy in terms of his body language, was shocked at his unprofessionalism (sp?) in shrieking at a caller to his radio show (and I do literally mean shrieking) and his coziness to the Ted Baxter (in Rush’s words) of FOX News.  Thank you so much for this.  I only wish that Beck had enough character to be shamed by it.

  • cudaforever

    There is more than a trend here. Glenn "It’s all about me" Beck has been going out of his way to belittle our Sarah. Frankly, I’m sick of it and I’m done with this self-promoter !!

  • Reynolds88

    Interestingly, Glenn Beck has children with learning diabilities that he used to talk about on his lost 5PM show. 

    Also,  Sarah Palin is doing the key note (last speech) at CPAC this year and that is the same slot that Beck did in 2010.  Beck in 2010 obtained a kind of mixed bag response since he tends to do that indictment of Republicans and Democrats being an "independent" and all. 

    Beck is a lightweight phony who tends to use people like Sarah to increase his audience, then backhands them in not so subtle ways.  More than anything that is going to decrease his overall popularity (for which he lives). 

    Now he has his own $25Million/yr money-making machine with "luminaries" like SE Cupp who put her name to a column that projected on Gringrich her sense of being an intemperate teenage girl. It was a Meggie McCain level article.   Beck and his shock-jock act are more ready for Gawker and Wonkette (who take unabashed pot shots at the children themselves) than any actual serious news outfit.

  • DougBrady

    Great piece, Stacy. I can’t help but wonder if this POS
    running on Beck’s website has anything to do with Governor Palin’s
    semi-endorsement of Newt. It’s certainly plausible.With Beck, who knows? In any event, Beck has
    certainly become a crackpot. On the rare occasion I listen to his show, I’m
    told I need to buy a whole bunch of food and bury it in my backyard or something to get
    ready for the coming apocalypse, among other things. This is not rational thought.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    I am appalled. I have all but forgotten about Glen Beck, and maybe this is his way of drawing attention back to himself. It would not be the first time that a has-been has trashed the Palins for his own benefit (e,g, Joe McGinness). Beck has placed himself in the same company.

    Trig’s story is heartwarming and inspirational. He is a credit and a joy to his parents and an inspiration to all those who adhere to a culture of life. Sarah’s article is touching and authentic. Scarry, whoever he is, was disgraceful and repulsive in his sick, blatantly malicious approach.   

    I know he’s not, but Beck should be ashamed.

  • cudaforever

    Glenn Beck’s new "buddy" seems to be Ann Coulter. I hope Sarah totally distances herself from this charlatan !!

  • ramorywebb

    Based on the quotes, The Blaze story and author do not deserve the attention they are getting by focusing on this story. 

    It is rubbish. Leave it in the trash can called The Blaze.

    • Guest

      They deserve to be exposed for the low-lifes that they really are.

      "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"

      • ramorywebb

        Wisdom is knowing which battle to fight. 

        • Guest

          What is so unwise about fighting the smears against the mother of a little down syndrome baby, whose only crime was to express the love and joy  her little son brought into their lives?

          "And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me"  Matthew 25:20

          • ramorywebb

            I hear you. 

            Time to move on….

          • Mountain

            Gov. Palin is correct to fight to preserve the lives of the unborn AND the disabled (actually for ALL of us:  we ALL deserve life and liberty!).

            WE are right to fight to preserve HER reputation—-something that, if she did so directly by herself, would make her look "whiney" to those who don’t know a lot about her character and goodness.

            • Guest

              I do not want her to do something about it. Just so you know.  

              What we are doing here, exposinng them,  and  with the emails we sent them, that is the battle worth fighting that I am talking about.

              • Mountain

                Nope, I wasn’t worried one bit about YOU, melory!
                Others might misunderstand, and I wrote to THEM!
                Got your back, kiddo……

  • gahanson

    I’m not a bit surprised that Beck would run this piece of filth on his website.  I stopped visiting The Blaze about a year ago because he used his website to run with every single anti-Palin bit of "news" that came along.  Beck was on BOR several times agreeing with anything negative BOR had to say about her. 

  • BHappy

    The scary thing to me as a mother of a severly disabled young adult, is the disregard for the disabled.
    As Obamacare begins to be put in place, more and more I hear the disabled being belittled and their parents told they are throw-aways. I fear what comes next from these godless, heartless people.

    • Mountain

      Rejoice in all circumstances, though, BHappy!

      God will use this mess to reach Beck’s heart—-you wait and see……

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